Cheaply get to your airport

If you're traveling this holiday season, get ready for it, because it's suppose to be the busiest season in 9 years. Assuming you've already purchased your airline ticket and know what to pack for your ride home, we're going to offer some suggestions on how to get to your airport in the most cost effective way.

1. Carpool

Carpooling is the tried and tested approach, and it's still the most cost effective. Having someone else drive you to the airport is always a win! If you're traveling from an area that's new to you, it's time to get creative. Waze offers a carpool feature that allows you to find people driving the route you're going. You can also always put out a Facebook post to see if any of your friends are headed to the airport. Desperate? Pay $5 for a Facebook Ad with you and a frowny face, and see if you can get some sympathy.

2. Uber (or Lyft)

Uber and Lyft are competing, and that's awesome! It's time to let it cash in for you. See what Uber and Lyft are offering in your area for holiday specials, and see if they have any shared rides. Uber has even gone so far as to give away free rides from the airport. Want something more reliable, personal, and timely? Give Wingz a try. If you haven't used any of these services- we don't believe you. But if you really haven't.. make sure to Google "free [COMPANY NAME] promo code for first time use". You'll at least get $10 in free credits.

3. Parking

Ahh.. the shameless plug. Yes, there are still ways to park without spending all of your holiday gift money. And surprise surprise we know just the place. Here at Top Airport Parking we negotiate Cheap Park Deals for our travelers like you that are trying to travel on a budget. Once you purchase through our site , you'll be paired with a 5 star parking facility.