Best Coffee Shops in Columbus Circle Manhattan NY

While it usually seems easier to head into a known chain coffee shop for your morning pick-me-up because you know what to expect, often it is the little hidden cafes or the ones we walk past without trying that have the best coffee and atmosphere, and Columbus Circle in Manhattan has its fair share of these. So, the next time you are in the neighborhood and fancy a coffee then head to one of the places below on our list of the best coffee shops in Columbus Circle and see what you are missing out on.

Breads Bakery

Breaks Bakery, unsurprisingly, sells the most delicious breads in the neighborhood. The ingredients used are fresh, natural, and often organic, with the baking methods being traditional and unrushed in order to ensure quality. The back counter also sells coffee, sandwiches, soups, desserts and more, again using only the finest of ingredients leaving the products bursting with flavor.

Address: 1890 Broadway

New York, NY 10023


Bng Bar

This setting is extremely casual, with bar high tables rather than a seating area, but that doesn’t take away from the quality of food and drink served here. This place is a classic gem of a find with yummy drinks and cheap street eats that are full of flavor. The service is quick, prices are low, and it is the ideal solution to grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat on your way to work. It is possible you have never noticed them before, so check them out at the address below the next time you are nearby.

Address: 10 Columbus Cir

Fl 3, New York, NY 10023

Bouchon Bakery & Cafe

Bouchon Bakery & Cafe is a French vibe cafe offering all the delights of France and a little taste of Paris right here in New York. They specialize in classic French sweet treats such as macarons and croissants, and serve a range of mean tasting coffees. This is the perfect place for a taste of something that you wouldn’t normally have, and they get it spot on every time. If you love macarons then do not miss out on going here, they are the most popular place in the area for this particular item.

Address: 10 Columbus Cir

3rd Flr, New York, NY 10019


Birch Coffee

Visit Birch for a guaranteed cup of freshly brewed perfect coffee (or whatever else on the menu takes your fancy). For the are the prices are very reasonable, and the service offers a personal touch that makes you feel good. Watch the world go by as you sit by one of their window and take in the sights that you probably hurry past every day. Birch Coffee is in a convenient location and worth a visit.

Address: 884 9th Ave

New York, NY 10019


The next time you are feeling overwhelmed by the New York traffic and noise, pop in the one of the places above and have a moment to yourself as you sip on some of the city’s finest coffee.

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Best Coffee Shops in Tampa FL

Head straight to Tampa’s finest coffeehouses with our list below giving you an insight into the best coffee shops in Tampa so you need not have a bad coffee again!

Spaddy’s Coffee

Situated in the Seminole Heights community, Spaddy’s started as a mobile coffee bar making specialist coffees and teas around the city, until recently when the owner decided to set up a permanent residence after being so warmly received by the local community. The owner pours all the love and passion he has for people and coffee into every cup, and he truly has some of the finest coffee in the area. What’s more, an area next to his cart has been turned in to a peaceful and beautiful courtyard making the perfect setting for your break.

Address: 5206 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33603


The Independent

Striving to bring customers a unique selection of world-class beers and wines, delicious locally roasted coffees, and local gourmet

teas, The Independent has truly won over the city and has thrived in the industry since opening more than ten years ago. Thought and quality are put into everything that is made and served and their reputation speaks for them. Check out this coffee shop and catch some music while you are there.

Address: 5016 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33603

Urban Bungalow

Urban Bungalow is retro in a thousand different ways, and for a coffee shop to create such a cool vibe without being overbearing makes for a nice change. They don’t just serve gourmet and unique coffee, everything they sell is like so including gifts, cookbooks, and even furnishings. This is a coffee shop with a personality like no other and is not only the perfect spot to try a lavender latte or some other drink that you may have never had before, but it is also the perfect place to come and pick up gifts. If you know someone who is notoriously hard to buy for, just come here and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Address: 6500 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33604


The Blind Tiger Cafe

The atmosphere of a speakeasy combined with the love of coffee is the tagline at this luscious coffee house. The owners wanted to sell coffee so good, so rich, and so high in quality that it would seem illegal. This place is a great combination of a cafe come bar, with a very stylish yet casual vibe. This is definitely not a place to miss.

Address: 4304 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33604


Bula Kavananda

Serving kava, coffee, and botanical teas, this coffee shop is family-run with love and joy. Offering customers a delectable cup of whatever they want every time, the aim of this place was to bring happiness to everyone in the community. Check out their story at the link below.

Address: 5803 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33604


There are not many things better in life than sipping a fresh cup of coffee in the sunshine, and with the Florida sun and our list above, you can always have both!

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Best Coffee Shops in Port of Tampa Bay FL

If you are looking for the only guide you will need for the best coffee shops in the Port of Tampa Bay, FL, then you can stop looking because that is exactly what we have for you down below, read on for more!

Yolk White & Associates

Yolk White & Associates is a food cart downtown owned by one guy who single-handedly manages to serve perfection every time. The coffee is always freshly brewed and roasted well, and the food will reach above expectations. The owner has a passion for making customers happy with his products and this shows in the quality of the ingredients he uses. People from the area often go out of their way for some of Yolk White’s coffee and breakfast items.

Address: 100 N Ashley Dr

Tampa, FL 33602

Ginger Bread Coffee

Quality over quantity is the name of the game at Ginger Bread Coffee, and as such there are only four options for coffee on the menu, brewed coffee, espresso, espresso with milk, and nitro infused cold brew coffee, but as they say, quality over quantity so you are sure to get the freshest most flavorful cup each time. They are also Tampa’s first cold brew nitro bar and definitely have some expertise in this area. Additionally, they also have a supply of donuts each day which are freshly made by a local bakery, which always makes the perfect accompaniment to a coffee.

Address: 51208 E Kennedy Blvd

Ste 112, Tampa, FL 33602

TeBella Tea Company

TeBella Tea Company is a local, family-owned specialty tea retail shop featuring more than one hundred varieties of premium loose leaf teas and a wide array of accessories. You can buy the tea leaves to take away or order from their menu and try one of their many flavors hot or cold. There is also a range of sweet treats that are locally made and always fresh, including cookies, biscotti, and macarons. Stop by and see a whole new world of tea the next time you are nearby.

Address: 227 E Davis Blvd

Tampa, FL 33606


The Portico Cafe

This cafe has a mission, not only to serve the local community via the joy that we all experience when we have a fine cup of coffee and a delicious pastry to start the day but also to help the local homeless and vulnerable in the community. This coffee shop gives the folks who are recovering from addiction, homeless, or out of prison, a chance at employment, a chance to change their lives and create the kind of life we all hope for. The Portico Cafe takes great steps to help the kind of people that the everyday person might not be able to and make a real difference in their lives. It is always a nice feeling to know that your daily coffee is going further than you could ever imagine to help those who need it.

Address: 1001 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33602


Chain coffee shops are good but they are by no means the best, head on over to one of the above to see just how good other coffee shops can be.

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Best Coffee Shops in Port Everglades Fort Lauderdale FL

America may have one of the highest numbers of coffee shops in the world as a nation, but that doesn’t mean they are all worth your time. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best coffee shops in Port Everglades, Fort Lauderdale, FL, for those of you in this area for your convenience; we have done the research so you don’t have to.

Expresso Coffee

This coffee shop has been around for longer than a lot of us have been alive, and it is as popular as ever, proving that you don’t need to be a big brand name to forge a successful career in the coffee business. Their drip coffee and espresso drinks are made with the utmost care and attention to detail and all the cakes, pastries, and sandwiches are freshly prepared each day.

Address: 1900 S Andrews Ave

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Press & Grind Cafe

Press and grind is called so because they press your juices and grind your coffee from scratch using the freshest of products each day. This locally owned business partners with other local independent businesses to ensure they only serve food and drinks which are a cut above the rest and sourced from the finest of places.

Address: 474 N Federal Hwy

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Ann’s Florist and Coffee Bar

As I’m sure you have guessed this is a combination of a florists and a coffee shop and it pleasantly different from the usual cafe set up. The decor is extremely aesthetically pleasing and the smells of the coffee and fresh flowers fill the air. For great coffee, delicious food options, and a look around the area’s most beautiful flowers then this is the place to go, it will certainly make a change from something you might be used to.

Address: 1001 E Las Olas Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


Sip Java

For an experience of the art and science behind coffee, the owner turned his fascination with the coffee-making process into a career and went on to open Sip Java in order to share the finest coffee with other people who appreciate quality coffee. As a bonus, their range of sweet treats and pastries ow include gluten-free and vegan options so there really is something for everyone here.

Address: 638 N Federal Hwy

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


Java & Jam

It may be a newcomer having only been open the less than a year, but in just that short time Java & Jam has built up a following of regular customers popping in each day for their morning boost. This place is perfect for those who want quick and efficient service and a product you know you can rely on.

Address: 301 E Las Olas Blvd

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301


The next time you need to stop and take a break during a busy day or just feel like sipping a cold brew in the sunshine, head to one of the above places and we are sure they will have just what you are looking for.

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Best Coffee Shops in Pennsylvania Station New York NY

Pennsylvania Station, NY, is one of the busiest areas in the whole city with hundreds of thousands of people coming in and out of the station every day, the demand for coffee shops in the area is high as people rush by for a coffee to go or to sit down before making their journey. But, with so many to choose from, it can be hard to know where to go, therefore, we have put together a guide below of the best coffee shops in Pennsylvania Station so you can head straight the right ones.


This is one of the more unique coffee shops in the city but for all the right reasons. The owner has brought a taste of Turkey to New York via his coffee shop serving up delicious fresh Turkish coffee made using the traditional methods of hot sand. Watch them make your drink in front of you and learn all about the Turkish ways and how they manage to make coffee taste better than you have ever tasted it before. And if you are feeling peckish, chow down on some traditional Turkish treats and desserts and open your mind to a whole new coffee shop experience, you are sure to keep coming back for more.

Address: 59 W 30th St

New York, NY 10001

Best Bagel & Coffee

Being in New York you are sure to have had bagels before, and you may even think you have found your top bagel spot, but before you commit to that place, give Best Bagel & Coffee a try and you might just be amazed. All of their bagels are made fresh daily, and they use only the freshest of ingredients as the fillings to give you the finest bagels in the city, and their coffee is pretty infamous as well.

Address: 225 W 35th St

New York, NY 10001

Made by Pauline

What started as a way to help her husband stop missing his native France through French cooking, turned into a hugely popular spot for people to grab a drink and a treat as they pass by. Made by Pauline specializes in authentic macarons with many people commenting they are the best in the city. So, the next time you are in the area pick up a coffee and a macaron and see if people are right.

Address: 151 W 34th St

New York, NY 10001


Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Having a coffee shop who turns their obsession for creating the best coffee in the world into a business is good for everyone who visits. This place has spent years perfecting the ultimate cup of coffee while also only using ethical and just practices for sourcing the best beans in the world. Have a cup of the finest coffee in the city completely guilt-free.

Address: 20 W 29th St

The Ace Hotel, New York, NY 10001


For the best caffeine fix in the city, you can’t go wrong with one of the recommendations above all of which have built up positive reputations and show on a daily basis that independent coffee shops are better than a chain.

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Best Coffee Shops in NoMad Manhattan NY

Read on for a comprehensive list of the best coffee shops in Nomad, Manhattan, and have yourself the perfect coffee experience the next time you need to escape the busy city streets.

King’s Street Coffee

Like all great coffee shops this one was opened because of a love of coffee, and wanting to share that love with other people. It is satisfying to drink a fine cup of coffee, but itis even more satisfying to serve the finest cup of coffee. Specialty tea and coffee drinks are the highest quality and all the baked goods are sourced locally and fresh every day for the perfect start of the day for anyone who visits. Check them out at the address below and see their range of top-class goods.

Address: 121 W 30th St

New York, NY 10001

A Little Taste

A Little Taste is a European, boutique style cafe that brings all those Euro vibes directly to New York. The owner paired up with one of New York’s best coffee roaster and together created a coffee shop where id the ultimate goal is to serve coffee of the highest degree and bespoke European style drinks. This place is a breath of fresh air and something different from the usual coffee shop style.

Address: 148 W 28th St

New York, NY 10001

Felix Roasting Co

The Felix mission is as follows; to pull out all the stops, every time, to treat guests to the most thoughtful experience and a most superb product, and to remain humble hosts in the process. Only you can judge if they are succeeding in this mission, however, with the great reputation they have built and local following it is safe to say that they are succeeding. Perhaps Felix Roasting Co will win you over like it has so many others who visit, read more about their story at the link below.

Address: 450 Park Ave S

New York, NY 10016


Casa Nomad

This is the place to be for anyone that loves to visit coffee shops or go to lunch with friends but also likes to keep things healthy. Casa Nomad is one of the healthiest coffee shops you will ever set foot in, with all of the dishes using natural and healthy foods making each plate look as colorful as the last. Pop in for a hearty and delicious brunch and choose a drink from their extensive coffee program.

Address: 1204 Broadway

New York, NY 10001


Luna Coffee Shop

Luna Coffee Shop has been around for the last seven years and goes from strength to strength each year. The secret behind their great-tasting coffee is that every product is tried and tested beforehand, only the best will be accepted. Grad one of the infamous cold brews and give yourself a much-needed boost.

Address: 121 W 29th St

New York, NY 10001


There are so many excellent coffee shops to choose from, you are surely spoiled for choice, so give them a go and see which one is your new favorite place to hang out.

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Best Coffee Shops in Midway Chicago IL

The streets of Midway, Chicago are busy, to say the least, and with so many people pounding those pavements every day, the demand for coffee shops is high, so you have plenty of options. Therefore, below we have put together a list of the best coffee shops in Midway, Chicago, for your convenience.

A Cup of Joe

With a name like this, you would expect them to know their stuff, and fortunately, they do. A Cup of Joe is a prime example of a coffee shop, serving fantastic drinks including some of the city’s best cold brew, excellent cakes, and fresh pastries, and an atmosphere that makes you feel like you are in your own home. A Cup of Joe has the coffee shop formula sussed and pulls it off perfectly.

Address: 6806 W Archer Ave

Chicago, IL 60638


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love churros? Especially if they are hot and fresh and every bit as good as they should be. Like donuts, churros go hand in hand with coffee and are the ideal addition to your morning cuppa. Their variety of flavors means there is something for everyone, but you will probably keep coming back to work your way through the menu anyway. Check them out at the address below the next time you are in town.

Address: 5646 W 63rd St

Chicago, IL 60638

Rolling Chicago Cafe

A coffee shop that specializes in making you feel at home – this cafe has a menu bigger than anything you will have seen before, and they truly serve everything you could ever want in a coffee shop. Their beverages are a mix of coffees, teas, smoothies, and juices, all of which are made using fresh produces. They also serve crepes, paninis, ice cream and more, with everything being made to order and full of flavor.

Address: 3904 W 47th St

Chicago, IL 60632


Sweet Honey Tea

A tea lovers paradise, Sweet Honey Tea is here to serve you their leading range of real fruit-flavored teas, each with their own unique names and tastes. As a bonus, if you love nachos also, then I am sure you will never go anywhere else, as they also specialize in nachos making your lunch break that little bit better. Swing by for a hot cup of tea and a try of their delicious nachos at the address below.

Address: 7501-7601 S Cicero Ave

Chicago, IL 60459

Los Pekes Ice Cream & Coffee

For ice cream, coffee, and frozen yogurt then head to Los Pekes Ice Cream & Coffee where you will find any flavor you could imagine, and plenty more that you have never heard of. These guys are experts in their field and are always on hand to make a recommendation if the amount of options becomes a little too overwhelming.

Address: 3742 W 63rd St

Chicago, IL 60629

The next time you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders, treat yourself to some of the city’s finest coffee and give yourself the break you deserve.

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Best Coffee Shops in Manhattan Cruise Terminal NY

If you are in search of the best coffee shops in Manhattan Cruise Terminal, NY, then you can stop your search because we have just what you are looking for here – read on for the guide of the best below.

Frisson Espresso

According to Frisson Espresso, their coffees are as unreserved and vibrant as the city itself, and when they say their beans have harmonies between chocolate, spice and mild fruity acidity, along with a robust, full-body, then it easy to see why they can make such a bold claim. Their Guatemalan coffee is something to be inspired by, and it is surely an experience to try something that sounds even better than coffee should.

Address: 326 W 47th St

New York, NY 10036

Bibble & Sip

The products on offer here at Bibble & Sip are French confectionery inspired by Asian flavors It may not sound like something that should work, but given their huge popularity, they must have found something quite special. Along with the infusion of baked goods, they also serve gourmet coffee including lattes that are served with syrups made in house giving the richest flavors possible. Check them out at the address below.

Address: 253 W 51st St

New York, NY 10019

The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar

For drip and cold brew coffee, The Jolly Goat Coffee Bar roasts their own coffee ensuring the freshest and finest sip every single time. They also serve Stumptown Coffee Roasters for their espresso and teas from Tea Pigs. Their pastries are also sourced locally and made fresh every day from a top supplier so you can never go wrong when it comes to your morning coffee and muffin. These guys only serve the kind of quality that will have people coming back time and time again.

Address: 515 W 47th St

New York, NY 10036



This coffee shop might be small and cozy, but that doesn’t stop hundreds of people from coming every day. This is the perfect little neighborhood hang out spot and will quickly make an impression on you if you haven’t visited here already. Choice from a range of hot and cold drinks, a selection of food including freshly baked cakes, bread, and made to order sandwiches.

Address: 864 10th Ave

New York, NY 10019



The decor, atmosphere, and products are all inspired by the Velebit Mountains on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia and leave you feeling like you are in another country. Everything about this place in beautiful and is a sure-fire way to help you relax ahead of your busy day; this is the place to go for a Euro vibe.

Address: 716 10th Ave

New York, NY 10019

You don’t always need a reason to stop for a coffee, so the next time you are in the area pop into one of the above and you might just discover the kind of coffee shop you have been looking for all along.

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Best Coffee Shops in Hudson Yards New York NY

Pull up a seat and sip some of Hudson Yards’ finest coffee with our complete guide of the best coffee shops in Hudson Yards, NY, putting you in the loop of where to go in order to get your day started in the best possible way.

Old Country Coffee

The tagline here is ‘Old Country grace, New World taste!’, and it doesn’t disappoint. Started by a group of friends who dreamed of opening a cafe in the city and serving only the best of the best to the locals, this coffee shop has thrived since it opened four years ago. A combination of the exceptional products, customer service, and atmosphere has made this a go-to stop for many in the area.

Address: 455 W 34th St

New York, NY 10001


The Zodiac Room

Brace yourself for an afternoon tea that would rival any coffee shops’ in England. The Zodia Room is the only cafe in the area to go if you want to experience first-hand the true meaning of afternoon tea. This place is sleek and modern, but not pretentious and is the perfect place to stop after a morning of shopping or exploring. Visit them at the address below, and have an afternoon to remember.

Address: 20 Hudson Blvd

Level 7, Neiman Marcus

New York, NY 10001

Finn’s Bagels

You’ve probably had great bagels before, and you’ve probably had great coffee before, but you haven’t had Finn’s Bagels or coffee, and if you had you would be a regular visitor anyway. At Finn’s, you will be blown away by both the range of options and fresh flavors. This place will no doubt become your first choice for a morning coffee ad bagel as you prepare for the day ahead.

Address: 477 10th Ave

New York, NY 10018


Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle are experts at what they do, they know what the customer wants when it comes to coffee and they have worked hard in order to make sure that your expectations are always met. Blue Bottle has a policy of only serving coffee beans that have been roasted within the previous forty-eight hours thus ensuring that you will have the most flavorful coffee you can possibly have and leave you will the feeling of wanting to come back for more. There is a range of drinks and snacks available, all of which are superb, but coffee is where this place really stands out from the crowd.

Address: 20 Hudson Yards

Ste 228, New York, NY 10001

TEAK Tearoom

TEAK Tearoom is slightly pricier than other coffee shops in the area but it is great to come as a treat when you can. The food and drinks served are consistently impressive, and clearly shows why this place is always so busy. The smells that come from this coffee shop are wonderful, and will probably be enough to entice you in if you were to walk past anyway. Check out more about them below.

Address: 10 Hudson Yards

Ste 112, New York, NY 10001


Now you know exactly where to go to get some of the finest coffee in the city, you will never have a bad experience again.

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Best Coffee Shops in Tribeca Lower Manhattan NY

If you are looking for your ideal coffee shop as you browse the streets of lower Manhattan, then we have just the list you are looking for. We have put together our top recommendations for the best coffee shops in Tribeca so you can head straight to the right place next time you are in need of a fresh cup of coffee or a sit down while in the neighborhood.

Interlude Coffee and Tea

The simplicity of this coffee shop is what makes it so highly rated, it is clean, modern, and minimal. The focus is on serving great tasting coffee, other drinks, and food, without the need to be flouncy or in your face. Sometimes you just need a coffee shop to be a coffee shop, not a show, and Interlude gets it just right.

Address: 145 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013


Laughing Man Coffee & Tea

It is always special to know that a business gives back to those in need, and this is what Laughing Man does. Started by an entrepreneur, the owner pledge to open a coffee shop for the sole purposes of donating all the profits to the Laughing Man Foundation, a foundation that supports coffee farmers and their families in an abundance of ways. Since 2011 this coffee shop has been serving the finest quality coffee and food to keep the customers returning in order to generate more profit for the foundation. This coffee shop is a real feel-good place and is a great way to get a coffee and help an organization in the process. Read more about the ways that this coffee shop owner is helping others by clicking the link below.

Address: 184 Duane St

New York, NY 10013



It doesn’t matter whether you are here for coffee, breakfast, brunch, or lunch, Gotan has you covered. This coffee shop makes the ideal coffee by constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to the art of coffee and coffee culture, and they make perfect food by only using fresh and in-season produce. If Gotan can’t be sure that you won’t receive the finest quality of food or drink then it doesn’t go on the menu. This coffee shop invests a lot into keeping the customer happy and delivering the best always.

Address: 130 Franklin St

New York, NY 10013

Cafe Atelier

The atmosphere is a big part of the coffee shop experience, and Cafe Atelier has created a wonderful atmosphere in their space. Filled with fresh flowers and unique pieces of furniture, you feel like you are in a home away from home. On top of the warm environment, you can expect to receive excellent service and drinks, and although this place is a little more expensive than other coffee shops in the area, the calm, clean, and relaxing space is worth paying a little more for.

Address: 1112 Hudson St

New York, NY 10013


Feel the warmth of the people of Tribeca and of a fresh cup of coffee by visiting one of the neighborhood’s best coffee shops!

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