Best Michelin Restaurants near Secaucus, New Jersey.

Secaucus is big on sport and food, sitting along the Husdon river straight across from Manhattan, the streets are filled with enough delis, restaurants, and food trucks to fill a stadium, all with the delicious flavors that you would expect for the area. Currently, there are no Michelin rated restaurants in Secaucus, or even in New Jersey for that matter, so until the Michelin guide makes its way to the Garden State, we have found the best-rated restaurants in the area according to Yelp, instead – so read on to discover the places you should be hitting up whenever you are in town!

Bareli’s Restaurant & Bar

This classic Italian joint is upscale but not pretentious; they manage to provide excellent service, a delightful setting, and mouth-watering food, without you overpaying for the privilege. Bareli’s is often voted as the best Italian restaurant for Secaucus and the surrounding areas, and after you have seen its award-winning menu, you will understand why. Choosing your meal is not an easy task, as each dish sounds as inviting and appetizing as the previous, and the smells of the flavors coming from the kitchen are positively distracting. Not only do Bareli’s score high points with their food, but they create a perfect environment with a nice open dining space, outside patio, and quite often unobnoxious live music. Oh, and don’t forget to have a look at the cocktail menu, there is a drink for everyone’s tastes! While you don’t need a reservation, it is better to be on the safe side as it is a popular place, and you can’t be guaranteed entrance, especially at the weekends, you can make your booking on their website and find out for yourself what makes diners frequently return to Bareli’s –

Blackjack Mulligans

It should be of no surprise that an Irish pub has made the list; the atmosphere that all Irish pubs offer is one that is hard to recreate in other places, it is a feeling of being at home, like you belong there, and it is the perfect way to spend time with your family or friends while also enjoying fantastic food, and drinks. The food available, which may seem like typical food at first, always has an innovative twist with an extra flavor or ingredient added, that deviates from the classic dish just enough to make it unique but still unbelievably delicious. There is also an extensive drinks selection on hand, and Blackjack Mulligans provides a bar area separate to the main restaurant if you fancy popping in just for the music and a good time. They often hold different events for live music, and sports, or private events, which are listed on their website.

Bonefish Grill

As the name suggests Bonefish Grill specializes in seafood, using seasonal and only fresh ingredients, they make seafood other restaurants would be envious of. It is obvious the chef knows what they are doing, and the quality and attention to detail of the food you receive is a lot higher than you would expect. From start to finish it is a great experience, from the quick service, comfortable dining area, and a fantastic menu, if you are a seafood lover, this is not a place to be missed. In fact, you will most certainly be planning what you will be eating the next time you visit Bonefish Grill before you have left.

The variety of cuisine on offer in Secaucus means that no matter your preferences, you will always be able to find something that you love; well, with the number of restaurants available, you will happily be able to find several places that you love.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Orlando, Florida

Michelin Star Restaurants offer some of the best foods you’ll ever taste. Thankfully, some eateries in Orlando have managed to collect many stars in their constellation. Here is a round-up of the best Michelin Star Restaurants near Orlando FL.

The H Cuisine

The H Cuisine boasts of casual fine dining with a Mediterranean twist. Their menu is prepared by professional chefs who have traveled around the world to study different tastes. When you enter the open kitchen, you can watch the chefs prepare exclusive menu items. Enjoy the various styles of cooking like smoked dishes, slow-cooked barbecue, and charcoal-grilled dishes. Of course, the meze dishes will win the hearts of vegetarians. The lunch and dinner menu consists of appetizers, seafood, side dishes, and desserts. There’s also an impressive selection of high-end wines and cocktails with impressive flavors.

Hemisphere restaurant

This eatery is located on the 9th floor of Hyatt Regency Orlando International airport. This means that you can enjoy your favorite dishes in a spectacular view. And once you step into the hotel, you can engage your senses with culinary delights. Inside the restaurant, the walls are illuminated making it the perfect place for intimate dinner. Their menu features seasonal ingredients and international flavors. Depending on your preference, you can pair the foods with wine or cocktail.

When you place an order, your food will be prepared by Jeffrey Powell, a trained chef, and nutritionist. Rather than serve individual starters and main courses, the restaurant brings the dishes on the table continuously throughout the meal. Some of the signature dishes include seafood, grilled octopus, shrimp, oysters, and Tempura Vegetables. The salads and soups include celery leaves, pickled ramps, smoked almonds, and saffron cream sauce. You can also choose different drinks like white wine, red wine, beers, and cocktails.

Victoria and Albert’s

This is arguably one of the best Michelin Star Restaurants in Orlando. It features American cuisines prepared using herbs and fresh ingredients. The talented culinary team prepares foods with vivid colors, aromatic flavors, and exciting textures. Each dish exhibits delectable flavors created with a high level of culinary skill. As you take your meal, enjoy the melodies from a live harpist. When it comes to personalized service, this restaurant is in its own league. If your heart is set on dining here, you should make your reservations early.


Norman’s cuisines combine foods with American, Caribbean, and Latin Flavors. Whether you want to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner, the menu will surely impress. Enjoy central Florida staples like shrimp, Havana pork, and conch. They also offer a variety of desserts with tropical flavors like pineapple, coconut, and key lime. If you want to eat dinner, you can try smoked lamb with tomato salsa, Colombian oxtail, red shrimp, pan-seared filet, chicken breast, etc. Keep in mind that the menu changes on major holidays like Christmas and New Year. Norman’s also offers a four-course meal and wine to guests on a round table.

Tabla Restaurant

This eatery offers Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisines in a refined atmosphere. The menu consists of appetizers, side dishes, rice and noodles, soups and salads, Chinese Thai, Indian curry, and desserts. If you want to hold meetings and parties, you can take advantage of the grand ballroom. It has a capacity of 200 people and a buffet space. At any given time, you’ll find food with classic and modern touches.

If you’re interested in Michelin-starred foods, the above restaurants will meet and exceed your expectations.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Manhattan, New York.

You can’t visit one of the most famous cities in the world without experiencing some of the fantastically extravagant food it has to offer; and the borough of Manhattan is a hub for all things food-related, so check out our guide of the best Michelin star restaurants you will find on your travels in this wonderful place.

Per Se

Chef and owner, Thomas Keller, has created a restaurant that is astoundingly impressive; after opening in 2004 it was only two years until Per Se received a three Michelin star rating (the highest Michelin award), and has maintained that honor ever since, 13 years of retaining three stars is rare indeed. Consistently winning various awards in the restaurant industry, Per Se is frequently highly praised by food critics and patrons alike, and with a spectacular view of central park and an open dining space, the ambiance is one of awe and romance. The menu is a modern American and French mix that manages to hit all the right spots, whether it be the lobster, oysters or the black winter truffles, the attention to detail and delicate tastes are unforgettable across the whole menu, and you will leave wondering how such beautiful flavors could be possible. Head to their website to secure yourself a table at one of the finest restaurants in New York.


For outstanding Japanese food, you can not go wrong with Masa; for a few years, after opening in 2004, this restaurant held 2 Michelin stars but was upgraded to the 3-star award in 2009, where it has hung on this position ever since. The menu has been designed by chef and owner, Masa Takayama, and he has ensured that it has seasonal changes to accommodate the freshest of ingredients and the most exotic fruits. While Masa has an exceptional reputation, it is often categorized as the most expensive sushi restaurant in the world; however, with a sushi bar made of rare Japanese hinoki wood (only one other sushi restaurant in North America has this feature), and fish flown in from Japan, you can understand why the prices are on the steeper side. The food served to you is always selected by the chef, to make sure you get the most out of your visit and get to taste the true authentic specialist Japanese food. Masa is, of course, reservation only, and you can do this here –

Eleven Madison Park

With another 3 Michelin star restaurant, it is impossible to choose the number one place in Manhattan, but Eleven Madison Park makes for a great contender as it has previously been voted the best restaurant in the world back in 2017. The contemporary American multi-course menu hones in on specifically New York culinary traditions, and offers flavors that are impeccable and addictive, from the crispy duck to the rich cheesecake, you struggle to choose your favorite course of the night. The staff are attentive but not overbearing which creates a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere, it is a dining event not to be missed, so book your spot as soon as you can –

The food in Manhattan is as trendy and desirable as the area itself; to be honest, these are just a few of the absolute best, not many cities have as many award-winning, and Michelin star restaurants as Manhattan does, outside of this list there are plenty more fine-dining experiences waiting for you, so you could find yourself ticking a new one-off every week.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants near New York City, New York

New York City currently holds the record for the city with the highest number of Michelin star restaurants in the United States, so you are completely spoiled for choice! There some daring and innovative foods out there waiting for you to find them, and we have made this process a little easier for you by compiling a list of a few of the highest-rated Michelin restaurants in New York City.

Le Bernardin, Manhattan

This French seafood fusion restaurant has held a 3 Michelin star rating for the past 13 years, a feat achieved by few other places in the world, on top of this it has frequently won awards and has often been included in critics’ lists of top restaurants in the world. The inside is as you would expect, there is a certain elegance and charm, topped off with soft background music which adds to the overall ambiance. The head chef, Eric Ripert, has also been the winner of awards in his fields, and deserve all the praise he receives; he has truly brought a taste of Paris to New York, with the smoky flavors and delicate textures of each dish. There are several menus to choose from, including a chef’s tasting menu, which is a great choice if you are not sure what to choose, as you will get to experience the best of the best. Le Bernardin is a place of excellence, but with a welcoming feel that puts you at ease, the prices are certainly reasonable for a 3 Micheline star restaurant, you can have a fine-dining evening without it costing an arm and a leg. Le Bernardin isn’t reservation only, however, it is always better to book in advance to avoid disappointment, you can explore their menus more and make a reservation here –

Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare, Manhattan

Another restaurant worthy of the hype that surrounds it is this top quality Japanese spot; previously located in Brooklyn, it managed to be the only restaurant outside of Manhattan to have a 3 Michelin star rating, and although it moved to Hell’s Kitchen a few years ago, the 3 star rating is still firmly in place. The restaurant itself says they focus on the freshness of ingredients, to always provide simple but delicious food. The restaurant has an open kitchen, and diners sit around the bar in a square, which make seem unusual at first, but it provides an open yet intimate setting. Watching the chef prepare the food is like watching a show, it is very skillfully prepared, and you find yourself feeling ever-increasing hunger as the copious amounts of smells head your way. The drinks choices are varied, including non-alcoholic, and you can ask for recommendations depending on what you are eating. Chef’s Table At Brooklyn Fare is the height of sophistication, and worth a visit, go to their website to make your reservation.

Gabriel Kreuther, Manhattan

After holding on to a 1 Michelin star rating for three years, in 2019 Gabriel Kreuther was upgraded to a 2 Michelin star restaurant. The menu specializes in German cuisine but with a French and American fusion, the flavors are complex and bold, to say the least, but there is no denying that it works, and it works well. While it is a Haute cuisine standard place, they take a more relaxed approached when it comes to the dress code, of course, dress well, but don’t feel like you need to go ut and rent a tux, they say themselves that they want patrons to feel comfortable. The interior is ultra-modern, making it feel impeccably clean, and even just the bar is a nice place to sit. As a bonus, they offer a cheaper menu called the pre-theatre menu, perfect for if you want to grab a bite on your way to a show, check out the variety on offer and reserve your table here –

New York City is absolutely bursting with great food, and memorable fine-dining experiences, so whatever you are in the mood for, you will find a restaurant to blow your mind.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Oakland, California

Back in 2007, the San Francisco Bay Area was only the second North American city chosen to have its own Michelin Guide, an honor wanted by many; the guide includes all the major cities in the Bay Area, and it was until 2019 that the guide went under expansion to include the whole of California. However, the Bay Area was a great place for them to start, with plenty of Michelin worthy restaurants around, and below we have taken a look at a few of the top ones for your pleasure.

Commis, Oakland

A 2 Michelin star restaurant, Commis is part of the colorful Piedmont Avenue, serving modern American cuisine which is exquisitely prepared by head chef, James Syhabout, and his team; the constant flow of customers is a testament to the quality of the food and consistent hard work from Syhabout. The eight-course tasting menu packs in a lot of thrilling and rich flavors from locally sourced produce. There is also a set drinks menu to match the food, so you can have the perfect combinations throughout your evening. The soft music and modern setting create a wonderful atmosphere, and the restaurant manages to find the balance between relaxed but not too casual. Commis is a genuine fine-dining experience, but an experience that must be booked in advance, you can do this on their website.

Atelier Crenn, Cow Hollow

French head chef and owner, Dominique Crenn, opened Atelier Crenn in 2011 and was the first female chef in the United States to earn a 2 Michelin star award for her restaurant in 2013, and continued her almighty success when a 3 Michelin star award was given in 2018, which she has kept hold of. As expected, the food is French cuisine, in the style of a tasting menu, with each dish being presented as a work of art, even the menu is written as poetry. The offerings such as black truffles, grassy oysters, and seabass are all divine in looks and flavor, and to finish the evening you have a delicious choice of desserts from the resident pastry chef. Atelier Crenn plan for bookings a couple of months in advance, so you have to plan ahead if you want to take part in this French feast, booking numbers and available dates can be found on their website –

Lazy Bear, Mission

Lazy Bear describes itself as a modern American dinner party, and once you are inside and are a part of the eating event, you can see why. This 2 Michelin star restaurant, has created a structure in their dining that is rather extraordinary; one tasting menu is served to guests, in two seatings, you have the option to be there and start at 6pm, or take part in the second offering at 8:30pm. This happens each night, Tuesday through Saturday, with the courses being served on a long communal table where the guests are served each one at the same time. This really is fine-dining with a twist, you have the fantastic variety of flavors that is prepared so well, at the quality and refinement you would expect from a Michelin restaurant, but you also have the layout to be just like a dinner party with friends; but don’t worry, it works. It is actually a great twist and keeps the night intimate and interesting, rather than awkward. The modern American menu means you get plenty of familiar flavors, that are just simply better. Tickets must be purchased around a month in advance which can be done here –

Back in 2007 when the Bay Area was included to have their own guide, it may have upset some major neighboring cities, however, given that the majority of restaurants who were award Michelin stars back then, still have them today is proof that the area is fully deserving of it.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Newark, New Jersey

New Jersey has not yet been graced with the honor of the Michelin inspectors, therefore, as of right now there are no Michelin star restaurants in the state; however, there are still plenty of high-quality cuisines for you to sample, and as you will read in our list of top-rated restaurants according to Yelp, Newark has a glorious Western Mediterranean theme.

Casa d’Paco

Spanish food is the name of the game in Casa d’Paco, and it is a game in which they truly excel; this tapas bar and restaurant brings an authentic taste of Spain to Newark with classic dishes such as squid, empanadas, chorizo, patatas bravas and so much more. Chef and owner, Angel Leston, says that his aim is to give his customers what they deserve with fresh ingredients and dynamic cooking, taking inspiration from his parents who were masters of the industry when he was a child; Angel takes just as much pleasure from preparing the food as his diners do eating it. It is a perfect restaurant with old-school hospitality that makes you feel at home, the whole experience in Casa d’Paco is a fine one. Reservations are not needed but you can read more about Angel’s story and see the menu available on their website.

Fornos de Spain

Fornos de Spain it a true little gem to find; it may not be Michelin but that doesn’t mean that one day it can’t be, it is an upscale restaurant steeped in elegance, providing all the delicacies you would find in Spain, with all the same deep flavors. Their award-winning menu has a lot of options, so it is advisable to go hungry as you will want to try as much as possible, although they don’t skimp on portion sizes so be careful not to over order! All the food is seasoned to perfection and deserves the fantastic reviews it receives both from diners and local critics. As a nice touch, they also serve the Spanish branded drinks you would find in your local in any Spanish town. You can see the full menus and their photo gallery on their website here –

Sabor Unido

Moving a little to the west in Europe, you will find Portgual; a country, much like Spain, famous for its unbelievably good food, well, fortunately, Sabor Unido manage to replicate it, and even do it justice. After opening, they were met with great success and a large clientele, so a couple of years ago they added a few traditional Brazillian dishes to their menu, too, and have combined the two cultures perfectly in both the food and restaurant interior. It is definitely a solid option if you love this cuisine, but also a fantastic option if you have never tried it before, in fact, it is the best place to be if you want to experience authentic Portuguese and Brazillian food. Seeing the menu is enough to make you want to visit, so check it out on their website and be sure to pop in next time you’re around –

When the majority of restaurants in an area focus on a limited number of types of cuisine, it can be hard to choose where to go, especially since all the Mediterranean restaurants in Newark are highly praised. However, see it as a bonus, that regardless of where you go to eat, you can be guaranteed to have an exceptional time.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburg is a wonderful place, and packed into this city is a whole heap of history, museums, and glorious food. We have made a list comprised of some of the best-rated restaurants in the city, according to Yelp, as unfortunately, the Michelin guide hasn’t expanded its star rating awards to the state of Pennsylvania; nevertheless, there are still fantastic restaurants for you to try.

Meat & Potatoes

Meat and Potatoes entered the market as the city’s first gastro-pub, taking a risk with a style that hadn’t been seen in the area before, however, the risk paid off and this gastro-pub is now the hight-rated and most recommended eatery in Pittsburgh. Meat & Potatoes is effortlessly trendy, with a menu featuring classic American dishes in a simple and comforting way. There are major flavors in every mouthful, and chef and owner, Richard DeShantz, does well to keep a simple approach that makes for a satisfying outcome. The food leaves you with a warm and cozy feeling and their classic of steak and potatoes guarantees this feeling. There are separate menus depending on lunch or dinner, and a host of delicious cocktails are on hand to accompany your meal; all menus can be found on their website, where you can also make a reservation, it’s not essential but it is a popular place so it is recommended.


If it would be considered brave to have a restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian and Mexican cuisine, then Tako is brave because this is exactly what they offer; think of a Korean taco, for example. You probably can’t, because these are not cuisines that usually mix, but Tako do it mighty well, they make it work; it is bold, it is different, but boy, it truly works. Their signature dishes include Asian tacos, street corn, and tres leches, and are a constant hit with anyone who tries them. The inside has a friendly and laid back environment, and again, it is unusual, but it is a fun place to be. On their website, you can read more about their story, view a gallery of dishes, and check out the bravest menu around.

Gaucho Parrilla Argentina

Situated on Pittsburgh’s famous strip, you will find the exotic smells and succulent tastes of Argentina; Gaucho makes food that is such a pleasure to eat, cooking their meat in a classic woodfire style, making for a juicy steak and bringing out all the flavors you could ever want. Anything you choose will be a good choice, from the empanadas or chorizo, or even just the bread, it is all outstanding. They provide plenty of handmade sauces to accompany your dishes, which is a beautiful addition as it delivers even more to the rich and flavorsome cuisine. You won’t find a better Argentinian restaurant in the area, but after you have been to Gaucho’s you won’t even be looking for another one. Check out their menu and see more information here –

There is a massive variety of national and international dining experiences on hand in Pittsburgh, and with the quality being so high in each place, it might just be easier to choose at random, you can’t pick a bad one.

Best Michelin Restaurants near Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city that resembles a Hollywood production, it is easy to get caught up in the buzz of the atmosphere and you start to realize why some people find it hard to leave; however, regardless of what entertainment you get involved in, you’ll still want to eat, so if you are celebrating a big win, or commiserating a loss, check out our guide of the top Michelin restaurants in Vegas, for you do just that.

Joël Robuchon Restaurant, MGM Grand

Have the ultimate dining pleasure at the only 3 star (the highest Michelin award) rated restaurant in Las Vegas; the French gourmet menu is a culinary delight, and an explosion of flavors, that excels itself in so many ways, even down to the bread and cheese, with the menu having been created by Frenchman Joël Robuchon himself, who has been acknowledged as one of the greatest chefs of the last century. This restaurant has a very sophisticated feel, not only in the food options but also with the decor, it has a strict dress code and is one of the most exclusive restaurants, only having 12 dining tables. Booking well in advance is an absolute must, and you can do this and find out more on the website.

Guy Savoy Restaurant, Caeser’s Palace

Partons come from far and wide to dine at this unique restaurant, where the setting is full of romance and the menu packed with imagination. Following the French theme, Guy Savoy has created some of the richest tasting new-age French food you will ever encounter, where the setting and quality could easily have you believe you are in Paris. Head chef and owner, Savoy, has produced a well-deserving two Michelin star restaurant, and while he splits his time between this place, and his restaurant in Paris, even in his absence the quality is upheld. The menu is inspiring, from the toasted mushroom brioche to the peanut crust quail breast, every dish is a work of art. Check out – – to make your reservation.

Aureole, Mandalay Bay

Aureole is a one Michelin star restaurant, and after reading of the restaurants with higher accolades, it may not seem as impressive anymore, but keep in mind that it is still in an exclusive club with only a couple of thousand restaurants in the world, holding this title. The menu at Aureole is described as progressive American cuisine, which includes an extremely popular dessert sampler menu, and particular attention is paid to a mouthwatering seafood selection; the seafood options change throughout the year depending on the season, in order to keep the flavors as fresh and intense as possible. The modern interior is a sight to behold, where you can not help but stare at the 42-foot-high wine tower in the center, which holds ten thousand bottles of wine; you certainly cannot visit Aureole and not find the perfect wine to accompany your meal. It is a truly extravagant evening, and one you won’t forget in a hurry, head to their website to see more and book your table.

You may feel more restricted in your choice of Michelin restaurants in Las Vegas, as French cuisine is common in all the greatest choices, even the ones not on the list, however, if you ignore everything you have ever heard about French food, then you will be in for a fantastic surprise; hold off your judgements until after you have had the opportunity to experience what phenomenal food it is.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Denver, Colorado

Michelin Star Restaurants are the hallmark of fine dining. They boast of highly palatable dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients. Here is a rundown of the best Michelin Star Restaurants near Denver CO.


Sahara restaurant serves authentic Moroccan and Lebanese cuisines to customers in Denver. Their exquisite menu consists of appetizers, entrees, and salads. Some of the common dishes include salmon and shrimp, chicken tagine, and other seafood. All meat and entrees are served with saffron rice and sauce. Keep in mind that the menu keeps changing, so you’ll always find something new. For more than two decades, this eatery has been serving Middle Eastern Foods. When it comes to the décor, Sahara restaurant will exceed your expectations.


Fruition restaurant is perennially honored as one of the top restaurants in Denver. Every dish is prepared with simplicity and features the freshest ingredients. Once you place your order, Chef Alex will prepare seasonally-inspired dishes with inherent flavors. The menu consists of starters and main courses. At any given time, you’ll find dishes like duck breast, grilled steak, and chicken roulade. And depending on your preference, you can enjoy your favorite American cuisine in a casual dining atmosphere. You can also have a taste of the local wine and handcrafted cocktails.

Sushi Den

Sushi Den is a restaurant in Denver popular for Japanese-inspired cuisines. Beyond the traditional rolls, you can enjoy other dishes prepared to perfection. The finger-licking sauces are topped with secret ingredients, so you’ll keep coming for more. What makes Sushi Den unique is that it serves foods prepared to perfection. If you’re dining alone or with colleagues, there are plenty of options to choose from. During the happy hour, you can try Sushi rolls, wines, beer, and cocktails. On special occasions, the restaurant offers catering services at pocket-friendly prices. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, or casual get-together, you can be sure the eatery will meet your expectations.


Beckon is a great Michelin Star restaurant where you can have an exceptional dining experience. The multi-course tasting menu changing seasonally, so you’ll find something new in every visit. Explore the traditional cooking techniques influenced by America and distinctive European regions. Unlike other restaurants in Denver, every dish comes with wine. The menu consists of five dishes, snacks, and desserts. During the dinner, you can eat Colorado trout, monkfish, quail, rhubarb, and variety of soups. Another distinctive feature about this restaurant is that no single ingredient is repeated in the meals. When it comes to drinks, you can try the local wines and cocktails – it’s a temptation you can’t resist. If you love traditional meals, the competent team will make everything you order. Since the seats are few, you should make your reservations early.


This is a family-friendly restaurant that offers contemporary American Cuisines, hand-picked artisan wines, beers, and cocktails. Acorn’s inspiration comes from the oak-fired oven and grill. Guests can choose their favorite cuisines from the ever-changing menu. The lunch menu consists of Candied Pecans, Pork Rinds, kale and apple salad, red shrimp, Monkfish, Fried chicken, and more. This restaurant has an open kitchen where you can place an order to professional chefs. Alternatively, you can sit in the mezzanine table overlooking the main dining room.

Without a doubt, the above restaurants will surely satiate the buds of all food lovers.

Best Michelin Star Restaurants near Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is a great place to be if you want to experience fine dining; currently, there are a total of twenty-two restaurants that have Michelin stars, with many of these restaurants retaining their Michelin status from the previous year. Read our guide to help you navigate the best of the best.


Alinea, in the Lincoln Park area, was awarded three Michelin stars (the highest Michelin award possible) back in 2010, and 9 years later, it is the only restaurant in Chicago to still hold this honor. The menu has been described by critics as thrilling and full of tricks almost like a theatrical event that includes some preparations being done at the table side, food being made like a science experiment or meals delivered via balloon; it is a dining experience full of high intrigue, taste, and pleasure, with a large variety of options. Chef and owner, Grant Achatz, has also been the winner of many prestigious awards including Best Chef in the U.S a few years after opening Alinea. If you wish to have your own night in one of the world’s top restaurants, you can find more information and make a reservation on their website –


Situated in the West Loop area, Smyth has been a two-star Michelin restaurant for the last two years, and given that it has only been open since 2016, it is quite the achievement; it is a humbling place that many would think was rather ordinary when first stepping inside, but what the place lacks in extravagant interior design, it more than makes up for in the quality of the food. While the menu focuses more on an Asian theme, their burgers are frequently talked about, and always come highly recommended. The owners use a lot of food that is grown and fermented from a nearby farm, making the freshness and flavors of the foods extraordinary. The atmosphere only adds to the great things people say about the restaurant which leaves us in no doubt that you will not have anything other than a remarkable evening, head to – – for more.


There are only three two-star Micheline restaurants in Chicago, and the West Loop has two of them; Oriole concentrates on a contemporary theme of American and international food in their exclusively tasting menus. The open kitchen provides a perfect relaxed environment and allows dinners to get the full effect of the wonderful and distinct smells of the spices and citrus fruits used to give the food its delightful flavors, where they can make something as simple a bread taste like nothing you have eaten before. The restaurant also offers a well thought out drinks list with alcoholic and non-alcoholic suggestions available to provide you with the best food and drink combinations possible. It is no surprise that Oriole is often fully-booked, so check out their website in order to book a date with one of the leading restaurants in town –

So, if you are in the Chicago, Illinois area and want to have the full gourmet experience,