Best Coffee Shops in Dallas TX

For many of us, there is no better way to start the day with a cup of coffee, in fact, for some of us, we can feel totally unprepared it face the day without it. The feeling of a hot coffee running through your body, especially on a cold morning, is like no other; so obviously, you want to have the best coffee there is for such moments. Well, for those of you in Dallas, we can help – we have put together a list of our top recommendations for the best coffee shops in Dallas so you start your day right.

Sip Stir Coffee

The whole experience of going in for a drink at Sip Stir is a wonderful one from beginning to end. From the warm and friendly atmosphere that has been created in order to connect the community, to the skilled and friendly baristas who are experts at what they do. This is the ideal coffee place to come and disconnect from the outside world, as you listen to calming music and sip on one of their many crafted coffees. It is certainly a memorable place, and you can find out more or pop by with the information below.

Address: 3800 McKinney Avenue

Ste 180, Dallas, TX 75204


LDU Coffee

LDU serve fantastic coffee at equally fantastic prices, the modern setting is the ultimate place to relax, and take in the surrounding views. This coffee shop ticks all the boxes, and as the owner says, he is just making seriously good coffee all the while having a laugh. It is a sweet place to check out and see for yourself how much better it can make your day.

Address: 2650 N Fitzhugh Avenue

Ste 100, Dallas, TX 75206


Merit Coffee

Merit goes to great lengths to ensure that the customer gets exactly what they want in terms of coffee and service. This is taken so seriously, in fact, that at Merit all the baristas are certified as professional coffee stewards in order to guarantee that they can provide the people of Dallas with the best coffee in Texas on a daily basis. Merit evolves their blends and menu as the customer evolves thus leaving everyone happy with every cup poured.

Address: 2639 Main Street

Ste 140, Dallas, TX 75226

Stupid Good Coffee

The motto at Stupid Good Coffee is ‘if it’s not stupid good, then it’s just plain stupid’, and to be fair they have a point. Their coffee is so good that people have been known to keep this place a secret just so that it doesn’t become a tourist trap. However, with coffee this good, word eventually spreads, and Stupid Good Coffee has earned a reputation for its, well, really good coffee. The menu has lots of choices and blends, but if you are stuck on what to order, just go with the house blend special and you will not be disappointed!

Address: 1910 Pacific Avenue

Ste 2060, Dallas, TX 75201


The next time you’re in Dallas and need your coffee fix, head to one of the places listed above and have yourself a coffee that you’ll end up wanting every day.

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Best Coffee Shops in Birmingham AL

On average around one hundred and fifty million adult Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day, and if you are here then you are most probably part of that statistic. Coffee has the power to lift us up throughout the day and help us relax when we are feeling overwhelmed; it is a drink for all occasions and one that is loved the world over. In light of this, we have created a guide of the best coffee shops in Birmingham, AL, to make sure you have a great cup of coffee whenever you need it.

Seeds Coffee

Seeds Coffee aims to create an experience for anyone who comes into their shop, this trendy joint is both open and welcoming where they have utilized all the space and made it a place to stay and get comfortable. Seeds Coffee is known locally for its blends with the espresso being a particular customer favorite. Seeds Coffee delves deep into the process of coffee making, with a desire to tell the story from the farmer to the bean.

Address: 174 Oxmoor Road

Birmingham, AL 35209


Magic City Sweet Ice

From the outside, you will get the impression that this place specializes in authentic Italian ice cream and desserts, and in fairness it does. However, they take those authentic Italian methods used for creating their ravishingly good sweet treats and use them for making their coffee as well. The perfectly blended Italian coffees are a little taste of Italy right here in the south. Check out their information below.

Address: 715 Oak Grove Road

Homewood, AL 35209


Woodlawn Cycle Cafe

Woodlawn is slightly more upmarket than you might expect for a cafe, but don’t let that put you off. The inside may be overly stylish, but the coffee is still humble. Among their signature food dishes and wine options, they also have an espresso bar where they serve some of the best coffee in the city. The prices here are a little more than you might find in other places, but Woodlawn goes above and beyond with service, atmosphere, and quality. If you fancy something that is a little more luxury then this is the place to go.

Address: 5530 1st Avenue South

Birmingham, AL 35212

ThirsTea Cafe

One of the first of its kind, the owner of ThirsTea opened specifically to bring the trendy bubble tea and smoothie options from the west coast over to Birmingham. Fortunately, the idea was well received and six years later the business has managed to build a great reputation. Among the list of teas and juices that you may be unfamiliar with, you will find the coffee that you will definitely be familiar with. Their coffee is as delicious as everything else on the menu and they are well worth the visit, especially if you want to discover something new.

Address: 170 Inverness Plaza

Birmingham, AL 35242

The coffee shop culture isn’t always as popular in the south as it is on the coasts, but with so many delightful coffee houses to choose from, you can always fantastic quality.

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Best Coffee Shops in Port of Miami FL

What better way to soak up the sun, take in the beautiful views, and prepare yourself for the day ahead, or unwind from a long day, than with a top-quality cup of coffee that will leave you refreshed with every sip. Miami has the perfect atmosphere to relax, and you can make it even better with the right coffee, so read on for the best coffee shops in Port of Miami.

Suite Habana Cafe

For the most authentic and gourmet Cuban coffee you will ever experience head to Suite Habana Cafe, where they know exactly how to make the most exquisite blend. The whole vibe of the coffee house is one for relaxing and being in comfort and style, the owner calls her job a passion rather than work, and her passion for good tasting coffee can be felt in every cup. This is a real game-changer in the area and one that deserves its popularity.

Address: 2609 North Miami Avenue

Miami, FL 33127

Tostada Cafe

For another hit of high-quality Cuban coffee, pop into Tostada Cafe, this charming little cafe that prioritizes quality in everything they sell. For the more conventional options for coffee and the more specialist, Tostada has them all, including coffee varieties not found anywhere else in the area. It is also the ideal place to pick up some freshly made Cuban treats that are all made by the trained chef and owner – everything about Tostada Cafe hits the spot. Try some of their famous cakes and coffee at affordable prices the next time you are nearby.

Address: 28 West Flagler Street

Ste 100, Miami, FL 33130


The Salty Donut

I think we can all agree that the perfect accompaniment of a coffee is a donut, and the Salty Donut knows that better than anyone! This artisanal coffee house focuses on quality in their ingredients and customer service. Throughout the day fresh batches of a variety of donuts are made inhouse by the specially trained chef and are the ideal partner for one of their unique roasted blends that are crafted by the best baristas around. The Salty Donut has worked hard to build a great reputation, and they bring something different and special with their artisanal methods that you cannot find in the Miami area otherwise. Read more about their craft and story by clicking the link below.

Address: 50 NW 23rd Street

Ste 112, Miami, FL 33127

Vice City Bean

This cafe exclusively serves Madcap coffee beans that are sourced from Massachusetts and give of some of the smoothest and richest tastes you can have from a coffee bean. They have found the secret to a guaranteed great cup, and are running with it. For the last four years, Vice City has served the local area, and has made waves in the industry due to their mouthwatering coffee and pastries.

Address: 1657 North Miami Avenue

Ste C, Miami, FL 33136


The next time you feel like stopping to take in the views and the sunshine, relax in the best way possible with a coffee from one of Miami’s top picks.

Best Coffee Shops in Atlanta GA

Atlanta is a popular place not just for visitors but for people passing through briefly while waiting for travel connections. Due to so many people coming in and out of the city each day, the demand for coffee is high, and in turn, there are plenty of coffee shops available. But, with so many to choose from how do you pick the right one? Well, we have put together a list of the best coffee shops in Atlanta, to aid in your decision!

Good Karma Coffee House

This is one coffee house not to be missed and therefore takes our top spot! This family-run coffee shop has been around for the last eight years, and during that time they have been up a great reputation not only for their coffee and cakes but for their warm and welcoming atmosphere as well. They have deliciously rich coffee and a heap of food options that include gluten-free and vegan. They work their hardest to accommodate to every customer and go above and beyond for quality and service – check out more information below.

Address: 31 North Avondale Plaza

Avondale Estates, GA 30002

Cultivate Food and Coffee

On the trendier end of the scale, we have Cultivate whose whole foundation was built on it being organic, fresh and feel-good food, drinks and atmosphere. The search for the best brunch spot and the best coffee spot led to the inception of this masterpiece of a coffee house. Whatever drink you choose, whatever food you choose, you will never be disappointed and you will always be wanting to go back for more. The next time you are in the area, check them out and have a coffee (or a cocktail) that will blow your mind.

Address: 1952 Howell Mill Road NW

Ste 200, Atlanta, GA 30318


Golden Drops Cafe

This is truly one of the best coffee joints in the whole state. The owner, Victor, is deeply passionate about coffee, and that is exactly the kind of person you need to be when you are trying to be successful in this industry. Success was immediate for Victor and the last four years have seen word spread about how tasty this Latino inspired coffee is, making it some of the best in the country.

Address: 1788 Clairmont Road

Decatur, GA 30033

Moonbird Coffee

This independent coffee shop is a little gem, and well worth the visit. They have a range of perfectly blended coffees like you have never tried before. The motto at Moonbird is ‘Quality Ingredients, Thoughtfully Prepared’, and the proof of this is in the tasting. You can’t go wrong with any coffee order here, Moonbird gets it right every time. Check out their menu and find out more information using the link below.

Address: 5394 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, GA 30341


We can all take five minutes out of the day to squeeze in a tasty cup of Joe, so the next time you need to get your coffee needs fulfilled, pop into one of the shops listed above and be prepared for some truly great coffee.

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Best Coffee Shops in Washington D.C.

American is a nation of coffee lovers, and let’s face who of us doesn’t automatically reach for the coffee pot after waking up or stopping to grab a coffee to go on the way to work. Coffee, especially in the morning, is a routine part of the day for millions of people – it doesn’t matter what your order, as long as it tastes good, everyone is happy. So, for those who are living in or visiting the D.C area and are in search of your perfect cup, then check out the list below for the best coffee shops in Washington D.C.

Calabash Tea and Tonic

Do not be thrown off by the name, we assure you that they just as much coffee as they do tea. Okay, so they might have started as a tea shop more than forty years ago, but since then they have evolved into more than just tea. In fact, they currently have more than a hundred different blends of tea and coffee to choose from, you are truly spoiled for choice, and each blend is as delicious as the last. Pop in for a cup and discover your new favorite coffee, and read about their specialty blends on their website below.

Address: 2701 12th Street NE

Washington, DC 20018


This family-run local coffee shop has been serving the community for the last ten years, and during this time, their reputation has become so good that everyday people drive out of their way in order to visit. They have all the coffee you could want, including plenty of creations you might never have heard of before, and if you are feeling like treating yourself, then you can pick up something from their bakery that is packed with freshly made goods. Visit them in person or on their website using the information below.

Address: 1025 North Fillmore Street

Arlington, VA 22201

Büna Coffeehouse

Even the fussiest of coffee drinkers will be bowled over by the drinks available at Büna, with their smooth blends and wonderful combinations. Their rich Ethiopian coffee beans make for a powerful coffee every time that will kick start your day like no other; and as a bonus, their beans are all ethically sourced! Read more on them or swing by to check them out below.

Address: 4400 Georgia Avenue NW

Washington, DC 20011

Dua Coffee

Dua coffee gives its customers a new experience with each visit; Dua specializes in coffee that is grown on various islands of Indonesia, with each island growing a unique tasting bean that opens your world to a whole new flavor. Whether you choose from one of their signature coffees or something more standard such as an espresso, the end result is always mouthwateringly good. Grab yourself a cup the next time you are in the area.

Address: 923 15th St NW

Washington, DC 20005

There are plenty of fantastic coffee shops in the D.C area, you don’t have to go to a chain to find the best coffee, in fact, the places you’ve never noticed before are usually the ones that leave you wanting more.

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Best Coffee Shops in Carnegie Hall Manhattan NY

If you love to get your coffee fix each day then you are no exception, in America alone, more than four hundred million cups of coffee are sold on a daily basis. There is a reason that coffee is so popular because it is just that tasty… most of the time. Coffee can be the better part of your day sometimes, so it is important that you are going to the right places to get the top quality for your money. With that in mind check out our list of recommendations below for the best coffee shops in Carnegie Hall, Manhattan, and start your day in the greatest way possible.

OCD Cafe

Coffee is taken seriously at OCD cafe, and only the finest of beans are used in their drinks. The highest quality Arabica beans are imported from around the world to make sure you are getting the most deliciously brewed coffee in every sip. The fresh taste and heavenly smells make for a dreamy coffee, and despite the high quality, OCD Cafe keeps the prices low, so you can enjoy it even more often. Swing by and pick up a sweet treat to accompany your brew and find out exactly why OCD Cafe is so popular.

Address: 1196 Avenue of the Americas

Unit 1, New York, NY 10036

Bibble & Sip

The team at Bibble & Sip takes pride in their work in order to bring the customer top-class service and drinks. The coffee served is gourmet using beans from around the world that have been blended to perfection. As well as the standard coffee options, Bibble & Sip also have a range of specialty coffees that are infused with various flavors of syrups, all of which are made in house. Not only are they known locally for their coffee but also for their mouthwatering baked goods made by highly trained chefs. Bibble & Sip offer the whole package when it comes to coffee time – check them out by visiting them in person or find out more on their website.

Address: 253 West 51st Street

New York, NY 10019


Ground Central

Ground Central has all your needs covered; a great location, efficient service, friendly staff, cool interior, and of course, beautiful coffee. This place ranks highly because they have literally everything covered. They make picking up a coffee to be more than just a grab-and-go impersonal experience, at Ground Central you actually want to stay and take the time to relax and enjoy every moment. It is a great place to stop for a break and remove yourself from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, and their menu has so many options that there is something for everyone.

Address: 888 8th Avenue

New York, NY 10019

Coffee is an ideal way to help you get through the day, especially on days where you think you’ll never have a minute to yourself. Well, there is always time to stop for a moment and treat yourself to one of the area’s most flavorful cups of coffee.

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Best Coffee Shops in East Village New York NY

The East Village has more than its fair share of coffee shops, but that doesn’t mean that you can stop on any of the sidewalk cafes for a decent cup; like all cities, there are good places to go for coffee, and ones to be avoided. In order to make sure you always get the coffee you want and never have to suffer through a tepid cup of weak coffee that ruins your morning, we have put together some recommendations of the best coffee shops in the East Village, New York so you can get the coffee you need!

Coffee Project New York

In just five years the owners of Coffee Project have managed to open three locations across New York City thanks to their huge popularity and infamous coffees. Their aim was to provide coffee that was just better than everyone else’s and they succeeded, in just a short time they earned a multitude of awards in the industry for their blends, brews, and their highly talked about the deconstructed latte. Their coffees are an experience in themselves, and their brewing methods are known all over the city. This is one of the best coffees you will ever find and is the perfect definition of a hole in the wall. Read more on their project and success using the link below.

Address: 239 East 5th Street

New York, NY 10003

Saltwater Coffee

There is a big difference in coffee shop culture between America and Australia; in America, it is very rushed and busy, everyone comes as quickly as they go running off to the next place they have to be, whereas in Australia the coffee shops are laid back, it is a place to go and relax, to catch up with friends or talk to the other customers. Australian coffee shops have a communal vibe that is absent from American shops. Well, the Australian owners of Saltwater Coffee missed this atmosphere after they relocating to New York, and after much thought, they decided to open a coffee shop in keeping with Australian culture. Not only does this place sell delicious coffee, but it is the perfect place to go to experience coffee in a way where the setting is also an important part. Take a real break out of your day, and sit back and relax with one of Saltwater’s tasty blends.

Address: 345 East 12th Street

New York, NY 10003


Three Seat Espresso

This coffee shop is in a beautiful location facing the park, it is bright, airy and spacious making it a great place to work, and the range of top-class coffee and great tasting food is just another reason to visit and stay. They have a very good choice of coffee blends that smell as wonderful as they taste, and the consistent service with a smile means you always feel welcome here.

Address: 137 Avenue A

New York, NY 10009

There are plenty of mind-blowing cups of coffee to be had in the Eat Village as long as you know where to go, so now that you do know exactly where to go, you’ll never have a bad cup again!

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Best Coffee Shops in Boston MA

The weather on the East Coast can often leave you feeling like you can only warm up with a cup of coffee, in fact, when the cold winds come and the temperature drops, sometimes the only way to get through the day is with a roasted cup of Joe. Therefore, in order to help you get through the chilly winters and the barely-there summers, we have compiled a list of the best coffee shops in Boston, so you always have a place to get yourself ready for the day!

Polcari’s Coffee

For nearly ninety years Polcari’s has served Boston and the surrounding areas, providing some of the most special and memorable coffee you will ever come across. The smell as you enter Polcari’s is unforgettable in itself, and you get to bathe in the rich smells of the huge variety of beans as you make your choice. You see, Polcari’s don’t just sell cups of coffee, they sell the beans too, beans that have come from all over the world, containing flavors that you will never have experienced before. Once you head to Polcari’s you will struggle to stop going. So, grab a coffee, a bag of beans, and a homemade sweet Italian treat while you’re there because your day won’t be the same without them. Read more about this incredible place below.

Address: 105 Salem Street

Boston, MA 02113

The Well Coffee House

The Well Coffee House deserves a spot on our list, not only because they serve some of the best coffee in the state, but because they are a non-profit coffee shop who use all the funds from coffee sales to help out organizations and people in need, it is the absolutely perfect way to justify buying a coffee each day; you get a coffee, and your money is used for good things. All the baristas are volunteers, and their friendly and smiley attitude is a breath of fresh air. The whole atmosphere in Well Coffee House is something to be talked about, and the cheap and good coffee is a dream. Read more on their story, or pass by and get them a try yourself with the information below.

Address: 2 S Station, Ste A6

Boston, MA 02011

The Coffee Trike

For something completely different, check out the coffee from the Coffee Trike, and start your day away from the usual pushing and shoving found in most coffee shops around the country each day. The Coffee Trike is a one-man band who has been providing the people of Boston with his freshly brewed coffee since 2012. All the beans are locally sourced from Massachusetts, as is all of the milk used, so you are not only supporting a local bushiness but in turn, supporting local businesses further up the line.

Address: The Coffee Trike moves throughout the city, serving mainly China Town, you can see their website for updates, and also a live update of their daily location can be found on their Twitter page – @thecoffeetrike

Keep yourself warm, and your mind ready to go with some of the best coffee you can find in the country right on your doorstep!

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Best Coffee Shops in San Francisco CA

When it comes to the number of coffee shops per person, San Francisco is in the top three cities in the whole country. With the city being such a hub for tech workers who are constantly pulling all-nighters and all-dayers, there is a huge demand for coffee in the area. However, you may not be in that situation, but rather you just want a more than a decent cup of coffee while you’re in the area. Well, whatever you need, we can help you find the perfect cup for your day; read on for the best coffee shops in San Francisco.

The Coffee Movement

The very reasonably priced coffee shop combines the wonderful flavors of coffee, and a community atmosphere all in one. You might come for the coffee, but you will stay for the good vibes. The Coffee Movement is the true definition of a hidden gem, and it is a place that quickly becomes a customer favorite. Come and experience the delicious coffee and the friendly and fantastic service at a fraction of the price that you will find elsewhere – check out more information on them below.

Address: 1030 Washington Street

San Francisco, CA 94108


The range of coffee at CoffeeShop is so wide, that you might actually struggle to make a choice. They use beans from all over the world including Brazil, Peru, and Ethiopia in order to ensure that they have the exact blend and flavor that each customer comes in for. There’s regular coffee, ice coffee, barrel-aged coffee, their infamous bulletproof coffee, just to name a few, you cannot ask for more variety from one place. But don’t worry if, on the day, coffee just isn’t what you are wanting after all, they also have a range of teas and specialty cold drinks so there is always something for everyone. Pop in the next time you are in the area and find yourself the perfect blend.

Address: 3139 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Golden Goat Coffee

Owned by a pair of brothers who don’t take life too seriously, except when it comes to coffee. The brothers go above and beyond to ensure that every cup of coffee made is absolute perfection, using their temple beans which are an instant favorite for anyone who tries them, you get a guaranteed delicious coffee with every visit. The place is slightly hidden away in an alley so you might be surprised to know this is there, but the contrast once you walk inside makes you feel completely at home, and the service with a genuine smile is just the cherry on top of the cake – for more information use the link below.

Address: 599 3rd Street

San Francisco, CA 94107

San Francisco is truly a place that never sleeps, everyone has a hundred things to do every day, and sometimes the only thing that can keep you going is the right cup of coffee. Well, follow any of our recommendations and you will never have a bad coffee in the area again!

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Best Coffee Shops in Denver CO

Americans are the biggest consumers of coffee in the whole world, there is nothing the average American loves more than starting their morning with a tasty cup of coffee. It is easy to see why the drink is so popular, and its popularity certainly isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. But, when the demand is high, it means there going to be an abundance of places to choose from, so where should you go? Or more specifically, where should you go in Denver? Check out our guide below for the best coffee shops in Denver and have a great cup every day!

Rivers and Roads Coffee

Our top pick for you is Rivers and Roads coffee, who have created a coffee shop not just for people to dash in and grab a cup to then dash back out, but for people who want to take their time and sit down with a drink and be part of the community. Making people feel welcome is a huge part of this coffee shop; as they say, they believe in placing love above everything else, and the easiest and nicest way to build a community is through delicious food and coffee. Their coffees are brewed perfectly, and their baked goods are always fresh and astoundingly good. This is an excellent place to come because you always feel like you are part of something more than just sitting in a cafe. Read more on their philosophy, or pop by using the information below.

Address: 2539 E Bruce Randolph Avenue

Denver, CO 80205


Welton Room

This trendy coffee house come bar is well worth the visit. They have two main focuses here, that is high-quality cocktails and memorable coffee. In the same way that they have mixologists ensuring every customer has the cocktail of their dreams, they also have baristas who have as much passion for the coffee that they serve. In fact, if you can’t decide on a coffee or a cocktail, then combine the two and have one of their infamous espresso martinis – check out more information below.

Address: 2590 Welton Street

Ste 103, The Lydian

Denver, CO 80205


Blue Sparrow Coffee

A big part of visiting a coffee shop is the service you receive, good coffee can leave a bitter taste in your mouth if the staff are not what you would expect. Well, fortunately, Blue Sparrow pride themselves on their customer service and their helpful and friendly manner makes a huge difference. Blue Sparrow is less contemporary than other coffee shops, not only in their decor but also in their menu. Sure, you can order a latte or an espresso and such if you want, but if you fancy something a little different then check out their specialty drinks including nitro cold brew, CBD iced coffee, and even Japanese brew. They have some wondrous delights that also cover tea and beer for anyone wanting to have a day off coffee!

Address: 3070 Blake Street

Unit 180, Denver, CO 80205

Now you are in the know about the top spots in Denver, you can have great coffee every single time!

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