7 Ways To Generate Money While Enjoying A Vacation

Travelling is such fun we wish we can have non-stop vacations! If only we can do it without going broke. Usually, we save up some generous amount of money in our travel fund to be able to afford a decent vacation. Once we go back home, it may feel like we’re back at the first level and we need to work hard again so we can travel once more.

You may see a couple of your social media friends who may seem to travel all year-round and you wonder, “How can they sustain that kind of enchanting lifestyle?” Ask no more because today, we are dropping seven ways to generate money while you travel around the world.

1. Travel for free and learn about farming (WWOOFing).

If you’re into volunteering, it would be nice to use it while you travel. World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farming or WWOOF connects volunteers with organic farm owners, farmers, and gardeners who are looking for some volunteer farm work in exchange for food, accommodation, and new farming knowledge.

The organization has a vast network of organic farmers all around the globe. This allows volunteers to travel and receive free home and food while they help grow the organic agriculture.

2. Teach English online.

With the continuous rise of various online and mobile job opportunities, travelling while working is made even more possible. Out of all the vast role choices out there, teaching the English language will be the best role you can get that you can enjoy, spend little time with, and earn some decent money from.

Many people around the world are desperate to learn how to use the English language. You may either teach online or in person, but both will guarantee some proper income to get you going while you travel.

3. Share your experiences to the world through blogging/vlogging.

Sharing your travel experiences through blogs and video blogs may be your extension hobby on top of travelling. Additionally, you can earn some bucks through many ways such as advertisements. Starting out might be a little too hard since there are millions of existing blogs and vlogs out there. To overcome this, be sure to post high-quality content and be consistent in doing it.

4. Write a book.

If you have a passion for writing, you can consider writing your own book and publishing them through Amazon. You can write about almost all genres but some of the most-sought after genres are young adult, new adult, romance, thriller, and horror. You may not see cash flowing to your account really quick after finishing a book but the income will eventually build up.

5. Trade cryptocurrencies.

Crypto market is a free market that can offer huge profit opportunities to anybody. However, since most cryptocurrencies are operated with little to no regulations, increasing its investment risk level. If you are an aggressive investor, you may try trading cryptocurrencies as you travel.

Most people say that cryptocurrencies will play a huge role in the future and it might just be the case. For example, way back 2009, a crypto called Bitcoin is worth basically nothing. As time passes by and more people keep utilizing Bitcoin, its value surged and is now valued around $5,000.

6. Consider putting up an online store or an Amazon store.

If you’re the merchant or entrepreneur-type of person, you can consider entering the world of ecommerce to earn some income to fund your travels. You may build a personalized website to present your store and products or you may utilize Fulfilment by Amazon program. The former may need you to have a physical warehouse and accounts with shipping carriers, but you can man it virtually. If you don’t want to be bothered with building websites, you may sign up for a seller account in Amazon and enroll for its Fulfilment by Amazon program where you’ll only worry about what products to sell and where to source them from.

7. Trade or invest in stock market.

If you think no one gets rich through stock trading, go ask Warren Buffett. Kidding aside, learning how to do stock trading may feel overwhelming with so much information in the internet. You do not need to hop immediately and learn the Benjamin Graham principles, but you can start learning from beginner-friendly sites such as Investopedia.

Once you’re confident that you learned something through research, engage yourself and invest a little amount. This will test you if stock trading is the right way for you to invest money and earn from it in the future. You can always do it on your free time when travelling.

You can now enjoy unlimited travels now that you’re aware of more ways to generate money while travelling. We advise you to try all these out and pick out the best ones that are in line with your passion and interest! Happy earning and travelling!

7 Best Mobile Apps For Much Easier Travel

The new generation of travelers might be clueless how their folks were able to travel around without as much to guide them.

In the past, it was the norm to carry around cameras, maps, and even compasses!

Nowadays, these can be installed in our mobile phones, but with so many listed apps out there, it can get too overwhelming to choose which to download.

We picked only the best ones for you and came up with the 7 best mobile apps to make traveling so much easier!

#1. Kayak, your itinerary creator.

Kayak is a travel search engine similar to Google Flights created to provide travel options on-the-go. We picked this out of other competitions since it has a very user-friendly interface both in-app and its website version.

Best deals as well as travel times for different types of accommodations, flights, cruises, trains, vacation packages, and even rental cars, are swiftly shown along with its prices.

This app also offers mobile-exclusive deals as well as offline utilization and flight status notifications. If you’re just planning, you can just save some items in your searches first and the app will notify you for any price-drops!

#2. AirBnb, your cheap but safe lodging.

If you’re looking for some cheaper-than-hotel-rate rooms with some much-better-privacy than hostels, then AirBnb should be your first bet.

Last year, AirBnb reported to have listings in 191 countries with a total of 4 million listings around the globe.

At last, you can travel and live like a local but AirBnb makes sure that you still have the privacy and a comfortable space you deserve at the end of the day.

#3. Monitor your flight with FlightRadar24.

FlightRadar24 is your best gateway to know real time air traffic updates. In fact, its site and app show live air traffic from all around the world. Through their app or site, you can search for a flight using its flight number, callsign, or registration.

If you want to, for any reason, you may playback past flights using the mobile apps, but the free access only offers a limited playback choices.

#4. Enjoy world-class GPS navigation using Sygic.

Sygic lets you navigate even without internet connection. It’s currently loaded with high-quality maps of over 200 countries. This awesome app also provides you the shortest and less-trafficked way to your destination as well as parking spaces if there are any around it.

Save money while you travel when you use Sygic since this app also notifies you with up-to-date fuel prices and lets you choose the petrol stations with the lowest price. The premium access also comes with another feature that will alert you should you drive above the speed limit in the current area.

#5. Get going with Rome2Rio.

Rome2Rio is a little bit similar with Kayak except that it lets you see how you can get from Point A to Point B using planes, trains, buses, ferries, and cars. All you need to do is enter your Points A and B through their app and the app will automatically show you options on how to get to Point B from Point A.

Additionally, it will also let you choose and book plane, bus, and train tickets so you can get to your destination quicker and cheaper!

#6. Find the hottest and popular local places around using Yelp.

We’ve always emphasized how interactions with area locals will get you in the best places around. Yelp might be your shortcut for that idea if you’re not into talking with other people but still want to discover the trendiest places around.

Not just places to eat, but Yelp also has listings for other types of businesses such as salons, and other miscellaneous shops and businesses. Be sure to read the reviews for each establishment and you’ll surely learn a thing or two about it!

#7. Currency (by XE), your on-the-go currency converter.

With Currency (by XE), you may now convert your money into any available currencies whenever and wherever you are. You may also use this app as means to transfer money both for personal and business use. XE claims itself as the world’s trusted currency authority.

The company has been operating since 1993 with over 65 million app downloads and 280 million website visitors every year. This is money we’re talking about here, so you need to have it through a trusted entity, right?

We’re sure these apps will help you on your next trip, so don’t forget to have them installed on your phone right away! Thanks to smartphones and developers, we can now get things done in a matter of a minutes!

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7 Travel Hacks to Free More of Your Time and Money for a Stress-Free Vacation

Most of us think of spending more money when we travel which, in turn, exposes us to stress even more. But a stress-free, frugal, and memorable vacation is no longer an enigmatic subject if you know the practical hacks to experience one

We came up with seven travel hacks to help you create more wonderful memories on your travel — accomplish them and compare the differences from your previous journeys!

Hack #1. Carry cash and prepaid cards on your travel.

Out-of-the-country trips will make you convert some of your dollars into the currency of the country you’re travelling to. Before doing so, try to make a little bit of effort to be updated about the conversion rate of dollars to avoid being swindled. In addition, you may want to go slow with the amount of dollars you will convert since you don’t want to walk around a foreign place with an unusually huge amount of cash.

As much as possible, stay away from using your credit/debit cards. If you can’t avoid it, be sure that you have informed your bank about your travel, the place you’ll go to, and how long will be your stay there. By doing so, your bank won’t be alerted by fraudulent card usage 10,000 miles away during the dates you mentioned to them. Informing them will also prevent you from getting restricted to use your own card.

Another smart alternative is to pair up a moderate cash amount with a prepaid card. This way, you won’t expose your own personal card from possible infringements.

Hack #2: Fail-proof your travel and protect yourself through preparation.

We might sound like an insurance broker here but, like many things in life, travels need serious preparation and it involves devising several Plan B’s. As cliché as it may sound, knowing the exact location and contact details of the United States Embassy in the country you’re heading to won’t take much time of your preparation.

Store your embassy’s address and contact details both on your phone and a mini notebook in case the former gets lost or stolen. Once you know your hotel’s location, spend some time to search for nearby key places such as hospitals and police stations, in case an emergency occurs. Jot the contact details and address of these places down on your notebook as well.

Set-up a “Safety Call” with someone you trust from home. Agree with him/her that you will email or call them at a specific time every day while you’re away. Ask them that should they fail to receive your call or email within the specified time, it might be the time to get worried and alert the authorities.

Hack #3: Get along with the local folks.

Before your trip, find someone, like an acquaintance, who is a local to the place you will visit and ask about essential things. It might be a good gesture to learn a few phrases and sentences to express politeness such as “Thank you”, “Good morning/afternoon/evening”, and “Please” in the local language.

Upon your arrival, do not forget to strike a conversation with several local folks. Ask for recommendations and the best, but wallet-friendly places to eat and tour around. Remember, the local knows best! You don’t want to end up getting yourself into some tourist-trap, overcrowded, money-draining places you searched from the internet!

Hack #4: Outsmart the crooks.

We’re not trying to scare you — but robbers and pickpockets are always present in all places. This is one of the reasons you need to pinpoint locations of the nearest police stations around the place/s you’ll go to. While casual clothing may fend off crooks, wearing huge pieces of jewelry will still attract them. Dress as simplest as possible.

Many veteran travelers swear by their fanny packs which are often worn underneath the clothing. You may put ID’s, cards, cash, keys, and other important stuff in here. Have some cash and coins in a separate purse or in your pockets. While wearing fanny packs may still be noticeable, it will be harder to pickpocket. Should your purse or your pocket get mugged, most of your essentials are safe inside your belt bag.

Hack #5: Learn from fellow travelers’ mistakes.

Aside from asking around your friends, a simple Google search of the phrase, “Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to <insert name of the country>” can provide you points to avoid and to take note of about the place you’re planning to visit. As much as possible, you want to collect only the best memories and avoid experiencing the most daunting ones, so it is best to heed the advice of previous travelers.

From weather patterns, worst time and day to visit, and places-to-avoid, you should be able to create a somehow perfect itinerary using other travelers’ firsthand knowledge about the place.

Hack #6: Have fun without having to spend much.

Staying and spending your time at a luxurious overseas hotel and restaurant might not feel different at all from the hotel room back in your city, and it quite defeats the purpose of getting new local and authentic experiences. Expensive hotels and meals in a fine-dining restaurant will more likely break your bank, too! If you want the total experience package for your vacation — like spending less, enjoying more, without compromising the comfort — try to live, eat, travel, and dress like a local!

Instead of getting a hotel room, try searching for a good unit from Airbnb (or other similar apps should it be unavailable inside the country you’ll visit). This guarantees lower rates than standard hotel rooms and you will also get to live like a local. For food, hunt for small eateries who cook and serve local delicacies. Street food might be okay to try but it wouldn’t hurt to be slightly selective of the food that might not appear to satisfy your sanitary requirements. For travel, try going around using public transportation and appreciate the place from different perspectives.

Hack #7: Avoid extra luggage when going home.

Before your trip, you might have been able to pack all your essentials and somehow jam them all into your carry-on bag and one luggage. However, packing your things when it’s time to go home is on a different and higher level.

Souvenirs and other knick-knacks for yourself, family, and some friends may give you a little bit of pain in the head if you try and squeeze them inside an already-full luggage. Instead of buying a new luggage and paying for additional luggage fees, it will be more practical if you just mail them back home along with other luggage items you won’t need on your flight back home. Just be sure to pick the most reliable shipping carrier from that place!

Now that you know about these seven money and time-saving travel hacks for a stress-free vacation, it is time to test them out on your next itinerary!

7 Travel Tips for When You Want to Go Solo

There are a few things that give us a distinct sense of freedom and accomplishment, and one of that is journeying to a far-off place all by ourselves. Solo travels are getting popular these days and an increasing number of travelers are getting more willing to travel on their own. According to a research back in 2015, one out of five already travelled alone.

Solo travels may be frightening to those who haven’t tried it yet. If you belong to those who wish to travel alone for the very first time, here are seven travel tips to help you understand solo-travelling like the back of your own hand.

Hack #1: Let your self-doubt pass.

Before and during the first couple of days into your first-ever solo travel, it’ll be a typical experience if you hear yourself question the choice you just made. It will also be normal to feel the need to bunk off from your plan and head home particularly if you feel lost and alone. Travelling solo is a big leap and a totally different dimension especially if you’ve gone accustomed to traveling in groups with people you know.

The primary thing you should know, whenever you feel a strong amount of hesitation, is that you should trust in yourself more. Just let it pass, carry on with your plans, and enjoy it all the way and it will all get better.

Hack #2: Have somebody know where you are headed.

Relay your plans to someone close, like a family member or a close friend, and provide them with more specific itinerary if possible. If you have the information already, give them the list of contacts on the places you’ll be staying at. Have them know when you’re planning to take-off and when is the estimated time you’ll be back home.

For a safer travel, commit yourself to check in with them every day at a specific time. Do not forget to check in at the agreed time so the person will know you’re safe.

Hack #3: Schedule self-recovery periods.

Travelling alone may sometimes stretch you into your limits since you’re all on your own, both physically and mentally. To avoid fatigue, it is best to set-up a time when you stop wandering around just to relax and recharge.

Ending the day and going to bed very tired may just ruin your plans on the next days so it is best to recover every now and then than let your plans, mind, and body suffer.

Hack #4: Solo trips don’t need to expensive.

Firstly, you should allocate some bucks into your emergency fund should anything unexpected happens like cancelled trains or missed bus trips. Keep a portion of it in cash in case of medical emergencies where you need to pay the expenses upfront.

Consider downloading a budgeting app and make sure to track all expenses so you know where your money is going. Some budgeting apps may also allow you to allocate certain amount to categories, so you’ll know if you’ve spent too much on something.

Lastly, if you have a moderate time allowance in your itinerary, you have more time to consider transportation alternatives. Indirect travels may surprisingly cost you less and it might show you around wonderful places on the way provided you are time rich.

Hack #5: Budget-friendly accommodations? Hostels and Airbnb!

If you’re travelling alone, staying in a hotel room will quickly drain your funds since your usual travel companions won’t be around to shell out for the fees. Thankfully, hostels are almost as common as hotels and you get to share a room with some other people. Hostels are usually home for solo travelers and it would be awesome to share a story or two about solo traveling. 

However, if you’re uncomfortable to share a room with some other strangers, you may look around Airbnb for the most decent private rooms at affordable rates which may be way cheaper than a hotel room.

Hack #6: Stop over-planning everything.

As a solo traveler, you can now practice independence and you may also practice spontaneity! While it is good to have an itinerary, you no longer need to follow it strictly and you may go around according to your preferred pace without looking out for other people.

There are days when you can just wing it and wander around to anywhere your feet take you. However, it is not always applicable to some places, such as locations that require advance bookings and tickets.

Hack #7: Rediscover yourself.

Traveling alone is a brave act and it can also help you rediscover yourself. There will be many times where you will need to step out of your comfort zone and you will get to know a version of yourself that you haven’t realized before. At the same time, your boundaries will be challenged and strengthened that will absolutely make a better person out of you. Make sure to always reflect and learn more about yourself. Afterall, this journey is all about YOU!

Once-in-a-while solo travels are a must-try for everyone. You could meet and get to know lots of people, and you could also keep rediscovering yourself. With these seven travel hacks for solo trips, you’re ready to make your first leap!

Where To Eat And Drink At T.F. Green Airport

When your flight is delayed, you’re often left with no option but to find a place to sit. That can be a great opportunity to grab a meal or a pint of beer. However, in order to have a good time, you may want to know a few spots where the food and drinks are impressive.

Here are some of the best places you can eat and drink at T.F. Green Airport:

1. Budweiser Bowtie

This is a great place to have a rest in the middle of a hectic travel schedule. In addition to the amazing beer selection, you’ll also enjoy the lobster roll and chowder. Many people who frequent this airport stop here to eat and enjoy the beer and cocktail collections. Apart from the food and drinks, you will also be pleased to hear that the prices here are quite reasonable. The service is prompt and friendly which is great when you have only a few minutes to spare before boarding a plane.

2. Donat’s Place

You can’t go wrong with the breakfast served at Donat’s Place. The coffee is amazing and it’s no surprise that this restaurant has been running for such a long time. It’s not just a place for people using the T.F. Green Airport but also those who work in the surrounding areas as well. The food is always fresh and served in good portions. If you have a very early flight, this is a great spot because they open at 4:30 am.

3. Libations Restaurant & Lounge

Another great place to grab something to eat before your flight. From tenderloin to omelets, you will find all types of bistro fare at this casual eatery. Their lobster roll is amazing as are the fries. The restaurant is located at the Radisson Hotel, which makes it easier for people staying at the hotel. They also have some great breakfast options for people taking early flights. As far as the bar is concerned, it’s well stocked and the bartenders are friendly.

4. Iron Works Tavern

This is a nice place to get a taste of tavern food before or after a flight. You will absolutely love the buffalo chicken dip, the Statler chicken as well as the margarita pizza. Although the menu is a bit limited, it’s top quality. They also have an impressive collection of beers and wines with sufficient sitting space at the bar. Some of the items on the menu might be pricey but the quality of service makes this place worthwhile.

5. Wolfgang Puck Express

A lot is said about the quality of airport food but this place that will not disappoint you. Their wild mushroom pizza tastes great – a combination of wild mushrooms, leeks, bacon and garlic cream. They also have some great Asian salad. The staff is friendly and efficient in making service easier for people in a hurry to catch a flight.

6. Wendy’s

Though fast food, the burgers are made with fresh beef. They also have natural cut fries, fresh salads, chicken nuggets and a very meaty Baconator. Although they specialize in burritos, you will also love all the other food varieties at this Wendy’s.

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Where To Eat And Drink At Pittsburgh International Airport

When it comes to quality and customer services, the Pittsburgh International Airport tops the list. The airport is full of social amenities and services such as restaurants and bars. The reason is due to the large space available making it easier to house bars, lounges as well as eateries.

Below is a list of the five places to go to the next time you visit the airport.

1. City of Bridges Café

This is not like any other normal place to eat. It’s designed using well-crafted steel with unique and iconic décor. The café also offers a spectacular view of the airport as you satisfy your pangs inside the open-glass front. After traveling for long hours, you should ask for a strong mixed drink to calm down your nerves. You can as well take the normal Yuengling, which is locally brewed. Don’t drink on an empty stomach so grab either chips, pizza or their burgers.

UPDATE: City of Bridges Cafe has closed operations.

2. Olive Press Lounge

Be careful not to drink too much and forget where you are. Relax after a long day with a full glass of sparkling wine. Watch your favorite local teams or meet and socialize with friends inside the Lounge.

3. T.G.I. Friday’s

The restaurant and bar started back in 1965 at Manhattan. Due to its continuous success, it extended to the Pittsburgh Airport where it has been in operation since 1992. The bar offers the quickest services complemented with the finest drinks. The bar proudly offers local foods with handcrafted cocktails. It’s worth stopping over to have a chat with your longtime friend before catching or after a flight.

The menu list includes favorites like steak and chops. You can also ask for popular drinks in the bar such as the ultimate margarita while munching on their famous burgers.

4. Bar Symon

The bar incorporates French breweries with local cuisine. It achieves that through ingredients offered by local providers such as the Mediterra Bakehouse. Besides serving drinks, the restaurant offers local foods such as cheese and roasted mac.

5. Burgh Sportz Bar

The bar is located at concourse D. A fun watering hole, you can’t miss it since its themed and decorated with countless Steel City collectibles which pay tribute to the Pirates and Steelers. Have a few beers, chomp on their delicious sandwiches and celebrate the city’s professional sports teams.

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Where To Eat And Drink At Oakland International Airport

If you happen to be at an airport a few hours before your scheduled flight, you may want to find a nice place to relax. You may also need to get some food or drinks from one of the restaurants in that airport. That’s why it’s always good to have an idea of where you should go when any of those needs arise.

Here are a few places you can eat and drink at Oakland International Airport:

1. Andale

From their breakfast burrito to the tacos, to the Pozole soup, this is definitely the restaurant to go to for lovers of homemade Mexican food. Located on Terminal 2, Andale is the one spot that will make you forget that you are actually at an airport. Not many places will offer you a free refill on your glass of agua fresca. Well, they do at Andale. There is also a Salsa bar at this restaurant which means you will be thoroughly entertained as you await your flight.

2. Firewood Café

If you happen to be at Oakland International Airport very early in the morning, this is not a bad place to go for breakfast. Their breakfast pizza, made with bacon, scrambled eggs and cheese, is absolutely delicious. If you are not a pizza person, you can opt for their breakfast sandwich which never disappoints. You can also order some beer at this restaurant. The service is good and once you place your order, your meal is served quite fast.

3. Silver Dragon Café

Let’s just call this restaurant an Americanized Chinese spot. If you are looking for a restaurant that has quick and convenient service, this is a good option. Compared to most of the other restaurants at the airport, the lines at this one are relatively shorter. Although the main entrée is Chinese food, you can also get your American breakfast from 4:30 am to 11:00 am. The staff is patient and helpful. If you are in a hurry, this is the place to go for a grab-and-go. The sandwiches are yummy.

4. California Pizza Kitchen

For an airport restaurant, the prices at California Pizza Chicken are quite cheap. What’s even better, the pizza is great. They also serve salmon, sandwiches, fruits, and refreshments. The BBC chicken salad is pre-made and tastes good. If you have never tried the Hawaiian Pizza, you can get it here. It is loaded with pineapple, Canadian Bacon, cheese and tomato sauce. 10 minutes is all it takes for your pizza to be ready. All in all, the food and quality of service is pretty good.

5. Heinold’s First and Last Chance

Their fruit cup comes with a wide variety of fruits which include pineapple, strawberries, melon, grapes and blueberries. The servers are very attentive and provide great service. Music lovers will enjoy the playlist at this restaurant. There is also a bar area with at least eight tables. Right outside the spot, there is a charging station where you can charge your phone free of charge.

6. Gordon Biersch

This is another great spot to grab some food and beer. The 5 huge chicken strips (enough for two people) are worth the $10.50 they cost. Their garlic fries are absolutely top-class. There aren’t many seats available which means that it’s not the place you would want to go to watch a game on TV.

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Where To Eat And Drink At Newark International Airport

Need to grab a quick bite, down a refreshing drink, or a place where you can hang out until the next flight comes?

Here are the top spots on where to eat and drink at Newark International Airport:

1. Daily

When you step into the Daily, which is situated right at Terminal C, you’ll notice its stylish art deco setting. A farm-to-table seasonal menu means you’ll have good reason to visit the restaurant each time you land at the EWR. Some of the best-tasting food include duck wings, calamarata pasta, pan-seared halibut and tomato-and-burrata sandwiches. One bite and you’ll know that the ingredients are really as fresh as they are advertised.

2. Melange Petit Patisserie

Renowned pastry and sweets chef Jacques Torres has made Melange Petit Patisserie the sweetest spot in Newark International Airport. You get the usual “fast” food fares such as salads, sandwiches and crepes, but the stars of the show are the delectable desserts. Buy some hand-made chocolates, cookies and whatnot to eat or to bring home to your family or friends.

3. Saison

Saison is a staple French-style spot where you can order heart-warming and filling food such as pasta, tuna nicoise, quiche, shellfish, onion soup and others. Here you’ll be able to taste choice dishes made by chef supreme Alain Ducasse and wash it all down with plenty of select wines. Service is pretty quick and there’s nary a chair or decor that’s out of place.

4. Tsukiji Fishroom

Sushi in an airport may be the introduction to a good joke, but Tsukiji Fishroom aims to surprise you with its excellently prepared, first class fish. The seafood here is as fresh as any top-class restaurant, thanks to the fact that it’s flown in from the renowned Tsukiji Fish Market via a non-stop United flight. Hungry customers will love the freshness of the fish. Just how fresh? They are consumed within 25 hours of arrival to ensure maximum gastronomical enjoyment.

5. Wanderlust Burger Bar

Wanderlust is the prime choice for meat eaters who want the choicest beef served just the way they like it. The burger bar features the Wander Burger, buffalo chicken sandwich, Kobe beef dogs and more. You order via an iPad and the service is relatively quick. You can also order salads, sides and liquor or refreshing beverages along with your meal.

6. Phillip’s Seafood

Phillip’s Seafood is arguably the best place for a sit-down meal and when you’re not in a hurry. The blue overhead canopy makes you feel like you’re sailing on a boat under a clear blue sky. Seafood staples are in full force here- you can get clam chowder, lobster rolls, fish and chips, Maryland-style crab and standard American fare such as omelets, burgers and sandwiches here. Go for the house amber ale if you want a beer, or signature cocktails to sip as you wait.

7. Salumeria Prima

Get a sample of tasty cheese straight from Murray’s Cheese NY, along with pastries, panini and a host of cured meats presented by Elizabeth Falkner of Orson and Citizen Cake fame. Adults will be sure to enjoy the great selection of cocktails, craft beer and fine wine found in this upbeat, trendy shop.

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Where To Eat And Drink At Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Most people stay away from airport restaurants.

The reason being that most airports offer expensive meals, some of which are terribly cooked.

However, restaurants and bars at the McCarran Airport will prove this notion wrong. The airport is full of must-try food options. Here’s a list of places to eat and drink:

1. Jose Cuervo Tequileria

This is the best place for party lovers. What else do you need to get high than with the popular tequila poppers and shots? The place is also full of varieties of beers. Since a drink cannot be had with an empty stomach, you should order some spicy sala or chips. In addition to that, their menu has tasty combo plates of tacos and burritos to name a few.

2. Sammy’s Beach Bar & Grill

This place serves a menu of American dishes. Who will say no to such an island twist? Imagine rocking with tacos, huge burgers, grilled onions, Quesadillas, spicy fries and many more. You can complement the meals with a glass of cocktails especially the Wabo Tequila. You’re sure to have a memorable flight after filling your pangs with the restaurant’s tasty meals.

3. Wolfgang Puck Express

If there’s a place which cares for the good health of its customers, then Wolfgang Puck stands out. Everything from meals to prices is simple and affordable. Now don’t confuse the affordable prices with plain and terrible meals. The restaurant knows how to blend quality and customer satisfaction. You can order handcrafted pizza, sandwiches, homemade soup, chicken salads and many more.

UPDATE: Wolfgang Puck Express has closed down.

4. Village Pub

The pub embraces the faux-British traditions. You won’t leave the place as you went. One unique feature is they have selective varieties of ciders and beers. In addition, they also accommodate those who love local or foreign beers. With a large menu of local meals, your stomach and taste buds won’t find themselves complaining. There’s television too making the pub a good place to pass time as you wait to catch your flight.

5. Barney’s Lounge

There’s something for everyone at Barney’s Lounge. For smokers, this is the place to be for a quick smoke just before you board your flight. The lounge however has a limited food selection with popular foods like sandwiches. Not so surprisingly, there are countless betting machines as well as slots for you to play.

6. Chophouse & Brewery

This restaurant offers fried steaks, salmon, filet mignon and baked crabs, making it one of the best places to spend your coins. One thing notable about this place is, despite being a steakhouse, they offer huge salads and spicy side-dishes. For those taking morning trips, there’s a breakfast court with the steak and eggs standing out as the real gem. There’s enough space to watch television as you round up your favorite beer. What a perfect place to relax after a busy weekday!

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Where To Eat And Drink At Journal Square, New Jersey

To us, making the most of a trip means looking for the best restaurants in town. Here’s where to eat and drink at Journal Square, New Jersey:

1. Cellar 335

Cellar 335 is a tapas-style restaurant with a homey atmosphere and warm ambiance. Inside the darkened interior, you’ll be served by professional, courteous staff who can recommend food depending on your preference. The menu price is reasonable and there are a few specialties that can’t be found anywhere else. Notable standouts include hummus, crispy duroc ribs, Korean style wings, oysters and fried rice. The theme changes according to the season. Cellar 335 has a rather extensive list of liquors, cocktails and alcoholic beverages to satisfy your thirst.

2. Rumba Cubana

Eating at a family-owned restaurant means the dining tables are spotless, the staff are genuinely friendly and there’s plenty of people hanging around. Such is the case with Rumba Cubana, a casual Carribean-Cuban bar that serves soul food staples and then some. A huge mural of Cuba sets the tone, and the inviting full bar is always open and accommodating for those who crave spirits. Ask around and you’ll find that the most ordered food are the guacamole appetizer, the house steak and the Lanchita De Regla.

3. Spice Spirit

Spice Spirit manages to separate itself from dozens of Chinese eateries due to its masterful cooking. You’re given a huge menu with plenty of gastronomical choices ranging from staples such as won ton, dim sum, noodles and sweet and sour pork to specialties such as vegetarian Dan Dan noodles and cumin style lamb and chicken. The staff is very efficient – soon you’ll have steaming plates of food served in front of you which is great!

4. Hooked JC

Craving for some fresh seafood and original American fare? Hooked JC is located at Communipaw Avenue and has everything you need. Though it’s primarily a seafood specialty restaurant, there are non-seafood goodies as well. Notable selections include the fried oyster poboy with hand-cut fries, the lobster roll platter, fish prepared according to your preference, i.e., grilled, fried or blackened, hush puppies and the fresh catch. The hole’s interior is designed in a quirky manner and yet somehow manages to feel right at home and stimulate your appetite at the same time. Try it and you’ll definitely come back for more!

5. Korai Kitchen

Korai Kitchen is a Bangladeshi buffet style spot where you can get hot, delicious food at an affordable price. The menu changes every day but you can be sure to catch Bengali staples such as various curries, pyaj pakode, eggplant mash, pumpkin with shrimp and rice and daal, among others. The atmosphere is amplified by traditional music blasting from the speakers. Korai Kitchen is the first of its kind in Jersey City and undoubtedly one of the best.

6. Robongi

Robongi will surely satisfy your sushi craving anytime during the day. The rolls are varied and there’s something for everyone. Outstanding choices include the spicy salmon roll, shrimp tempura roll, the crab roll, lobster roll, toro and staples such as yellowtail, salmon and white tuna. It’s a BYOB place, so feel free to bring in your wine or favorite liquor to complement the tasty and fresh seafood.

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