Things to Do for Mother’s Day in Washington, DC

Mother’s Day is coming up next month! The moms in our lives work so hard and give so much, so it’s important to take a day to make them feel special. Whether you’re celebrating your own mother, a step-mother, the mother of your children, or a friend who is a mom, here are some ideas of wonderful things to do with her.

Le Diplomate

Since Mother’s Day always falls on a Sunday, it’s traditional for many people to take their mom out for brunch. This is always a winning idea, and in Washington, DC, there’s no better place for an upscale brunch than Le Diplomate. This elegant French brasserie serves up classy brunch fare like cheeses, oysters, croissants, lobster omelets, eggs benedict, and more. They also offer outdoor seating if you’d prefer limiting time spent indoors without a mask on near other people!

Georgetown Waterfront Park

May is the beginning of picnic season! The weather is warming up, trees and flowers are blooming, and outdoor celebrations are a safe option during COVID-19. A great place to take your mom for a picnic locally is Georgetown Waterfront Park. This national park site is a lovely spot to relax or stroll beside the Potomac River. After you’re done eating, go check out the labyrinth in the park, or the Georgetown Historic District right beside it.

Afternoon Tea

If you want something unique to do with your mom, take her out for a refined afternoon tea experience! At the Four Seasons, they’re serving elegant English-style high tea with a modern twist. Set to a live soundtrack by Violetta, you’ll sip tea, champagne, and tea-infused martinis while enjoying a selection of sweet and savory treats. The food options include cucumber sandwiches, scones, macarons, tartlets, opera cake, smoked salmon sandwiches, and more.

United States Botanical Garden

A lot of people get their mom flowers for Mother’s Day – but how about taking her to see thousands of blooming flowers? The United States Botanical Garden is a lovely place to spend Mother’s Day with your special someone. And while the gated sections of the park are currently closed due to COVID, Bartholdi Park and the Terrace Gardens remain open. Bartholdi Park is considered a well-kept secret among locals and contains 2 acres of trees, plants, and flowers surrounding a lovely fountain.


If your mom is more of the traditional type, you might want to treat her to a classy night out. Consider Masseria, which is the proud holder of a Michelin star. Be prepared to splurge when dining at this high-end Italian restaurant, but we can assure you, it’s worth it. They offer full meals on their prix-fixe menu as well as the Courtyard Experience – which includes a collection of savory bites followed by sweet bites with drinks in the courtyard. Should you choose to stay home due to the pandemic, they offer to-go meals from Wednesday through Sunday for curbside pickup.

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Best Car Washes in Washington, D.C.

If you’re looking for a place to wash your car and get the best service for your money, we have a few great suggestions for you in the city of Washington, D.C. It doesn’t matter if it’s your own car or a rental car, clean or dirty, old or new, whether you’re on vacation or close to home, these car washes and detailers are guaranteed to make your vehicle look like a million bucks. These guys have seen it all. Don’t be afraid to show up with your cookie crumbs, your beach sand, or your toddler’s fast-food mess into the shop. You’ll be amazed at your car’s transformation! Let’s take a closer look at what car washes Washington, D.C. has to offer.

First, we recommend District Detail. This shop services vehicles of all types, from cars to trucks, from SUV’s to vans and minivans, and from exotic to classic. Whatever you drive, they can detail. At District Detail, you can buy your detailing packages per year. How often do you have your car washed and detailed? Protect your investment and keep it looking like new by buying their year-long packages and take it in whenever you feel like it. Go online to get yourself a quote, or to book your appointment. This shop guarantees your vehicle will be detailed on time and you’ll be back on the road in no time with your car looking like you just drove it off the showroom floor.

Second, we suggest Extreme Detail. This shop offers Ceramic Pro, paint protection film, Ceramic IR, and they even offer window tinting if you’re so inclined. They pride themselves on being eco-friendly, which means they are a green company. They use steam clean technology to minimize the amount of water they use in their washes. They offer several different packages, from the mini detail to the luxury detail and the premium detail, depending on your budget and your car’s needs. They service all vehicle types, from cars to SUV’s to trucks and vans. Whatever you drive, come on down. Call or go online to book your appointment.

Finally, Sharp Detail Washington, D.C. might just be what you’re looking for. This shop is mobile, which means they’ll come to you! It doesn’t matter if you’re at home or the office, wherever you happen to be, Sharp Detail will be more than happy to service your car. Services include cleaning tires and rims, waxing, polishing mirrors and windows, conditioning leather seats, clay bar, odor elimination, and pet hair removal. Prices fluctuate depending on the size of your car. Gift certificates are available as well for the perfect gift for that perfect someone.

If you’re on a time crunch and looking for a quick drive through car wash in Atlanta, you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Flagship Car Wash Center on Connecticut Ave. NW, the Express Car Wash on Georgia Ave. NW, or Inside out Express Car Wash on C St. In a pinch, these drive through car washes will help keep you looking good until you can get that detailing done.

Wherever you decide to go, your car will be well taken care of. In the great city of Washington, D.C., you’ll find detailers who truly care about their work and, most importantly, your car. With our recommendations, you’ll be in excellent hands.

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Pet-Friendly Hotels Around Washington, DC

Those of us with pets know it can be hard to travel. You have to arrange for a pet sitter, spend extra money paying them, stock up on food and supplies before you leave, and deal with guilt for leaving your furry friend behind.

One solution that works well for easy-going or adventurous is bringing them along with you! So, if you’re planning a trip to Washington, DC and want to (or have to) bring your fur baby along for the ride, you’ll need accommodations that are pet-friendly. To give you a jumpstart, we’ve analyzed a few of the very best hotels and B&Bs in Washington, DC that accept pets. All are highly rated and we’ve included a variety of options from budget-friendly to luxurious. Read on and choose the one that best serves your needs!

Riggs Washington DC

For the ultimate luxury experience, check yourself into the Riggs Hotel. Located in a historic former bank, the rooms and suites are designed to be an homage to safe deposit boxes and there are playful accents around the hotel that wink at the golden age of banking. While you’re not lounging in the comfort of your room, borrow a custom bike to explore the city or work out in the state-of-the-art, 24-hour fitness center. While the hotel only accepts small dogs (under 35 pounds), if that applies to you, your pet will be treated like a VIP. Pet pampering includes a luxury bed, food and water bowls, toys your pet can keep, and courtesy clean-up bags. There is a $100 one-time pet fee per stay.

The Darcy Hotel

Bringing more than just your pet along with you? A fun place to stay is The Darcy Hotel, which makes a point of being super family-friendly. You can choose to add on the Capital Kiddos package, which includes a play tent for your room and homemade ice cream sandwiches! The Darcy has a kids’ program which includes curated adventures around the city for kids. You can choose a themed backpack like Mini Monet or Wild in the City that comes with supplies and maps kids will need for their adventure.  A stay here will be luxurious for adults in your party, too, due to amenities like personal concierge service, valet laundry service, infused water in the lobby, a fitness center, and 24-hour room service. Pets that weigh 75 lbs. or less are allowed and there is no pet fee.

Airbnb – Studio

If you’re just looking for an affordable and private place to crash near the airport, this Airbnb studio is just minutes from IAD Airport! This basement studio includes a private entrance & private bathroom, free street parking, Wi-Fi, and a work area. There’s also a fenced-in yard that’s perfect for pets and a nice patio that’s perfect for you! The host, Emma, is an animal lover herself and owns a dog and a three-legged cat.

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What to do in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a fantastic place to be if you’re bored and wondering what to do. It is a city steeped in the history of the United States, as well as the seat of our government. Some iconic points of interest are closed until further notice, but we have found a few things that are sure to give you a fun-filled day while on your stay in the District of Columbia. Let’s take a look at what Washington, DC has to offer.

First, we recommend visiting the Lincoln Memorial. Abraham Lincoln was president during the Civil War and is touted as the “Savior of the Union”. This memorial aims to remember this central figure of the most pivotal time of our nation’s history. The memorial is built to resemble the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, the birthplace of democracy, as a fitting tribute to the man who upheld democracy. It was upon these very steps Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his historic “I Have a Dream” speech.

Second, the Arlington National Cemetery will let you pay your respects to those who have fought and died for our country. Located here is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is dedicated to all those who have fallen unnamed, but never forgotten. John F. Kennedy is buried here, one of only two American presidents to be buried at Arlington. The other is William Howard Taft. An eternal flame burns at his grave, lit by Mrs. Kennedy herself during his funeral and it has never gone out.

All of the Smithsonian museums are temporarily closed in Washington, DC, however, the Smithsonian Gardens are open to the public with no entrance fee. These gardens include a pollination garden, a WWII vegetable garden, a formal parterre, and much more. Current exhibitions include the Urban Bird Habitat Garde, the Native American Landscape, the Victory Garden, and the Kathrine Dulin Folger Rose Garden. There is plenty to see while you’re here and the sights and colors are sure to delight one and all. Come and take a walk through these magnificent and beautiful gardens.

Finally, we suggest having a walk around the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. Thomas Jefferson is famous for being the author of the Declaration of Independence, as well as the 3rd president of the United States. It was under Thomas Jefferson that Lewis and Clark began their expedition to find the Northwest Passage. Four quotations from Jefferson are etched into the walls of the memorial, a statue of Jefferson is prominent within the rotunda, and the walls and floors are made with marble.

Many museums around Washington, DC are closed to the public, including the Capitol Building, making it difficult to explore the vast history of this city. However, the memorials and the Mall are open to all, which make for wandering Washington, DC by foot the best thing you can do to have a great time while you’re here.


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Arlington National Cemetery –!/

Smithsonian Gardens –

Thomas Jefferson Memorial –

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International Meals for Delivery in Washington, DC to Quell Your #Wanderlust

Most of us are experiencing major wanderlust these days as the pandemic has prevented everyone from traveling as much as they would like. A creative way to explore other countries without even leaving your apartment is by delving into authentic cuisine. If you’re located in Washington, DC, you probably already know you’re surrounded by amazing international food options. Here are some restaurants with pickup and delivery options so you can sample the world’s many flavors and stay safe from COVID, too:

Japan: Daikaya

There’s not much more comforting in these winter months than a warm bowl of soup, and if you want to add international flavor, get some ramen. Daikaya offers a selection of comforting broths, noodles, and add-ons and they even have instructions for combining and reheating your takeout ramen order here!

Spain: Jaleo

Are you a night owl? Then you’ll want to make like the Spanish do and eat dinner LATE. Open for delivery until 9 pm, Jaleo has you covered for tapas, paella, chorizo, olives, and sangria. Since opening Jaleo in 1993, Chef José Andrés has been capturing Spanish flavors with traditional ingredients and cutting-edge techniques. The hard work has paid off, as the restaurant has been featured in the 2018 Michelin Guide.

The Caribbean: Cane

In these dark days of winter, we all want to be on a beach sipping rum. But when you can’t do that, you can still sip rum on your couch and enjoy traditional Caribbean roti tiffin boxes of curry, jerk, and slaw. Cane is owned and operated by a brother and sister from Trinidad and Tobago who are bringing the diverse tastes of their home island -influenced by African, Indian, Spanish, French, and East Asian foods- to you!

The Middle East: Maydān

Can’t decide on a particular country -or even continent? How about enjoying the varied flavors of the Middle East and North Africa? You’ll enjoy a meal centered around bread baked in clay ovens that you can enjoy with a variety of roasted vegetables, dips, spreads, meats, and salads. Check out their special to-go menu, which includes wine and cocktails.

The Philippines: Bad Saint

This tiny restaurant packs a real flavor punch! And now you can sample their creative Filipino dishes and craft cocktails at home. Delicious options include roast pork with steamed buns, chilled octopus salad, and vegetable stew in peanut sauce. In case you want more goodies to enjoy later, they also have an online “pantry” where you can get house-made sauces, CSA boxes, and Filipino grocery items.

Mexico: Taqueria Habanero

Taco Tuesday called, and it misses you. Luckily, Taqueria Habanero has 14 different taco options daily! You’ll be supporting a family-owned business while eating true Mexican food cooked by Chef Dio Montero, who is from Puebla, Mexico then immigrated to the US 15 years ago, and worked his way up from dishwasher to line cook to restaurant owner. So, get your Mexican fix with authentic food, fresh tortillas, and -if you want to go all out- to-go margaritas.

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Best Legitimate Places to get Vaccinated near IAD

There are currently three vaccines that have been approved for emergency use by the US government—Pfizer/BioTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson.  Depending on what region of the country you live in will determine which brand will be available to you.

If you are considering receiving the vaccine, it is advised that you look around for a distribution center and make an appointment.  Many of the centers that are administering the vaccine do require patients to have an appointment ahead of time.

Places To Receive The Vaccine

When looking to receive the COVID vaccine, you can contact the local public health department to set up an appointment. 

Loudon County Health Department

102 Heritage Way NE STE 100

Leesburg, VA 20176


Hours: Monday – Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Several Dulles retailers are authorized to distribute the vaccine as well.  It is suggested that you call ahead of time, as an appointment may be necessary.

·         Giant Food

·         Safeway

·         Wegman’s Food Markets

·         Walmart

·         CVS

·         Harris Teeter

·         Sam’s Club

There are several hospitals and clinics offering vaccinations.  It is suggested to call ahead of time as appointments are required.

·         Inova Urgent Care – Dulles South

·         StoneSprings Hospital Center

·         Veterans Affairs

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Spring Celebrations and Events Near IAD

Washington DC parking at IAH, has the best rates.

As the days get longer and winter gives its last hurrah, our mind turns towards sunshine-filled warmer days.  With spring just around the corner, we can begin looking forward to spring days filled with celebrations and festivals. 

In anticipation of the fun times ahead, to be enjoyed with family and friends, we have gathered some ideas on celebrations and events of interest near Dulles, VA.

National Cherry Blossom Festival

March 20, 2021 12am – April 12, 2021 12am

Washington, DC

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is an annual three-week-long event in Washington, D.C. that honors a historical gift of Japanese cherry trees from Tokyo to Washington in 1912. With dozens of giant helium balloons, marching bands, live music, and performances, it is recognized as one of the most colorful​ festivals in the U.S. capital. Over 700,000 people visit the city during the cherry blossom festival to marvel at the blossoming trees and participate in the festivities.

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