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Guaranteed Parking Near The Atlanta Airport (ATL) With Free Shuttles, Free Cancellations

Atlanta Airport Parking ATL

We can get you Atlanta ATL Airport parking service for a great price - starting at $3.25 a daySearching for parking at the airport is a waste of time. This is why we offer guaranteed parking service near the Atlanta Airport at cheap parking rates. Our near airport parking deal comes with a FREE shuttle to and from the Atlanta Airport International terminalReserve parking now before we run out of this limited parking deal!

***Parking prices start at $3.25 per day. Holiday, covered, and extra inventory parking charges may apply***

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How much is parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport (ATL)?

PER UPDATED May 2021 rates: It costs $14/day for parking at the Economy Parking Lots. Meanwhile, Hourly Parking for short-term parking emergencies can add up to $36/day. The Daily Parking Lot costs $19/day and the International Terminal Parking Lots charge $14 to $36/day for parking.


How much is long term parking at the Atlanta Airport?

If you need long-term parking at ATL, you can avail our parking deal starting at $3.25/day*. Here's why it's the best parking deal for ATL:

  1. A reserved parking space waiting for you when you arrive
  2. Free shuttle services that leave our economy parking center every 10 minutes to and from the Atlanta Airport
  3. Secured economy parking facility for your car
  4. Our economy parking facilities are open Mon-Sun 24/7

How do you park at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport?

You have several accessible service options for parking at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. The parking fares range from $3 per hour in Economy Parking up to $36 for covered parking per day. To save on ATL parking, you can park your vehicle near Hartsfield with our parking service deal.

What are the rates at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport?

The table below contains the updated April 2021 ATL airport vehicle parking service rates at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport International terminal.

Hourly Short Term Parking$3 for first 1-2 hours$4 for 3-6 hours$36/day maximum
Daily Parking (Covered Deck)$3/hour
-$19/day maximum
Economy Uncovered Parking$3/hour
-$14/day maximum
Park-Ride Lot A$3/hour
-$10/day maximum
Park-Ride Lot C
-$10/day maximum
International Terminal Hourly$3 for first 1-2 hours
$4 for 3-6 hours
$36/day maximum
International Terminal Park and Ride$3/hour-$14/day maximum

Cheap ATL Airport Parking Starting At $3.25/Day*

Whether you're parking at the Atlanta Airport International terminal or elsewhere, finding parking service shouldn't have to be a problem. We offer daily near airport parking for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport starting at $3.25 per day*. This is a cheap ATL parking deal exclusive here at On Air Parking for Atlanta International Airport parking!

***Parking prices start at $3.25 per day. Holiday, covered, and extra inventory parking charges may apply***


What's the address of your parking lot?
For your information, you should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking service facility at which you'll be parking your vehicle. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner airport parking service facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your parking reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free airport parking service cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

How much does it cost to park at the Atlanta Airport?

It is $10 per day in the park-n-ride lots, up to $36 per day at the International Terminal Hourly lot.

What means Economy Parking?

The Economy Lot is the cheapest, most economical parking lot for ATL parking and will save you the most money.

Can Atlanta Airport parking be reserved?


More FAQs

Public Transportation

If you want to save money on airport parking service, it’s likely you’ll first consider taking public transportation to get to the Atlanta Airport International terminal.

Currently, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA charges $9 for a one day pass on its buses. Taking the Greyhound Flightlink Bus has its advantages because it links Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead to the airport. The bus costs $16.50 per person.

Ride Sharing

Feeling lazy to bring your vehicle to the ATL and the parking lots? We’re huge fans of ride sharing services ourselves, but the costs of Uber and Lyft add up quickly. We did a rough calculation of the costs.

Around the vicinity of Washington Avenue, East Point, the cost of booking an Uber amounts anywhere from $10 to $44 each way. Meanwhile, a Lyft will cost $9 to $12 each way. It’s not as expensive as booking an Uber but it’s expensive just the same.

With these figures, you can book several days of parking near the Atlanta Airport International terminal. And just like we mentioned, our off airport parking service deal for the Atlanta Airport comes with a FREE shuttle every 10 minutes to and from the airport. Cancelling your parking reservation is also FREE.


Personal Travel Off Airport Parking Lot Reservations

Now even those on personal travel may also lock in our parking service rates. They can enjoy the same convenience of parking only 10 minutes away with a free shuttle to the Atlanta Airport. Starting at $3.25/day*, this is a parking bargain that will start your vacation on a high note.  

No more driving around in circles searching for ATL airport parking. No more long, indecisive moments choosing between the airport's parking cost or comfort. Simply park and take the shuttle.

If you have your kids in tow, no more long walking or hailing a cab to ATL. With our shuttle, no more lugging around your heavy bags to the Atlanta Airport. No more worrying about following signs or parking to fly at the airport parking lots. We’ve addressed these pain points for you and your family. Now all you have to think about is how to please your family while on vacation.

Have an Atlanta Airport parking problem?

Do you need help with Atlanta Airport parking rates? Maybe there’s information you want to clarify about your parking service reservation near the Atlanta Airport.

We’'re here to listen when you call! If you wish to call and cancel your parking purchase for the Atlanta Airport, we can assist you with that too! Feel free to call us at 404-994-2988 from 9am to 7pm ET or email Our corporate office is 3707 Main Street College Park, Atlanta, GA 30337

We’d love to hear how we can make Atlanta Airport parking easier for you, and how we can please you by parking at ATL simpler and cheaper

Looking for Indoor Covered Parking with a Shuttle?

We've got you covered, pun intended!  For just $1 more per day at a $4.25 daily parking rate the extra convenience with a shuttle is worth it.  With indoor parking lots, you have extra security and don't need to worry about the elements with your vehicle! 

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Fun Facts

It may be well known that Georgia is famous for its peaches, peanuts, and even sometimes their success in the Major League Soccer (MLS), but what might please and surprise you to learn is that within the state's capital of Atlanta, you will find the busiest airport in the world; for more than twenty years Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has held onto the top spot for having more passengers fly through its gates than any other airport.

In 1925, the Mayor at the time, Walter Sims signed a lease agreement to take over a disused racecourse, with the intention of it being developed into an airfield. In a little over a year, the site was being used for the first commercial flight, and due to the growing popularity, in 1929 the City officially named the airport Atlanta Municipal Airport.

By the middle of June 1930, Delta Airlines started to add more permanent routes to the schedule using the airport, and when the end of the year came, and despite only having around 16 flights leaving and departing daily, the airport was now the third busiest in the U.S.

During the second world war, the airport was also used as a military base, and this coupled with the fact that in 1941 Delta moved their headquarters to Atlanta, means by the end of the war, the airport has doubled in size and now has the capacity for around seventeen hundred flights a day and is now the busiest airport in America. In May 1948, plane hangers left over from the war have to be used for commercial planes, while a plan is drawn up for the construction of a terminal to be built to keep up with passenger demand.

Finally, in 1957 work began on the new terminal, and four years later in 1961, the largest terminal in the country is opened, with the capacity to handle six million travelers per year. However, over time it is established that the terminal is not enough, the steady growth of the airport not only by land area, but also flight numbers meant that at the beginning of 1977, work is started on a second even bigger terminal with came with an estimated cost of $500 million; but, in the end, it was completed 13 years later, under budget. Atlanta International now had a second terminal that was capable of accommodating 55 million travelers per year.

Over the following years, money is consistently invested in making the airport spacious, organized and user-friendly, and after the airport is declared the busiest in the world in 1998 (a record it has achieved every year since), a fifth and final runway is built in celebration, being named as the most important runway in the whole of America at its inauguration in 2006. In the early 2000s money is spent on adding body screening for passenger safety, a technology that is used to scan passengers for explosives or weapons; and the decade also sees money used to add various forms of entertainment, WiFi, and lounge areas to please passengers and give them comfort. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International airport currently comprises of two terminals, five runways, and 192 gates.

Why is Atlanta International the busiest airport in the world?

There are several factors involved; most importantly is the location, Atlanta is within a two-hour flight away from around 80% of the population of the U.S, meaning it is not only a major entry point of the country, but it also just makes sense to be the main layover site for domestic travelers. On top of this, it is the only airport option in Atlanta, and the only major airport in the whole state, so whereas big cities around the world have several airports servicing the city, the next closest major airport is in another state about 250 miles away. The popularity of Hartfield-Jackson is further increased due to the fact that Delta Airlines has its headquarters in Atlanta, and its largest hub at Atlanta International making for a greater number than average flights daily.

Why is the airport called Hartsfield-Jackson?

The names come from two previous Mayors who served the city; William B. Hartsfield was the first to have his name added just days after his death, he is largely credit with having an important involvement in the development of the airport, and was honored for his achievements and love toward his city, with his name being added in 1971. More than thirty years later Maynard Jackson, Atlanta's first black Mayor, was honored shortly after his death, with his name being added in 2003 to recognize his services to his city and people where he had a heavy hand in bringing communities together, and his work in the expansion of the airport.

How many planes take off from Atlanta International Airport each day?

While the day to day number will vary, over the course of the year it averages out to be around 2,500 flights a day, which also equates to more than a quarter of a million people passing through the airport daily to fly to various destinations.

What entertainment is available on site at Atlanta International Airport?

If you find yourself at the airport for a layover or fancy getting there a little early so you can explore the terminals, please know there are lots of peachy things for you to do while you wait; if you are interested in art or music there are art displays all around the airport, and local musicians sure to please are often found to be performing in the atrium. For the shoppers among us, there are bookstores, electronic stores, and lots of boutiques with the likes of Coach and Sean John. Alternatively, if you need some time to unwind before your flight you have the option of hitting the spa for a range of massages and stress treatments, or head over to Concourse B where you can rent a sleeping cabin to get in a quick nap before you leave.

Entering Atlanta International Airport is like stepping into a city of its own, the design and scale of it is breathtaking, but don't worry, the modern layout makes it easy to navigate, easy to please, and spending time there feels more like a day out than a chore.