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Atlanta Off Airport Parking 


Atlanta Airport Parking ATL

Guaranteed Parking Near Atlanta Airport With Free Shuttles, Free Cancellations

On a tight budget? We’ll get you to Atlanta Airport for a great price at the parking lots near Atlanta Airport!
Looking for parking lots at the airport is a waste of time. This is why we offer guaranteed parking near Atlanta Airport at cheap parking rates.
Our off airport parking deal also comes with a FREE shuttle to Atlanta Airport.

Off Atlanta Airport Parking for Only $2.75/Day

Whether you're parking at Atlanta Airport or any other airport, finding airport parking shouldn't have to be a problem. You’re already paying expensive parking rates so finding parking should be easier. Good thing, there are now ATL airport parking solutions available to you that save you time and money. We make ATL Airport parking hassle-free!

If you've been looking for such parking services for quite some time now for Atlanta Airport, the search for affordable parking lots ends here.

We offer off airport parking at ATL for only $2.75/day. This is a cheap off Atlanta Airport parking deal exclusive here at On Air Parking!


What's the address of your parking lot?
You should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking facility at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

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Why Purchase Our Off Atlanta Airport Parking Deal

Let us ask you this:

Do you take public transportation to go to Atlanta airport? How about ride sharing services? Or do you prefer parking at Atlanta Airport’s premises, such as the economy parking lots?

We compared our parking rates to all of these options, and our off airport parking deal in Atlanta is proving to be pretty hard to beat. Here’s why:

Public Transportation

If you want to save money on airport parking, it’s likely you’ll first consider taking public transportation to get to Atlanta Airport.

Currently, the Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or MARTA charges $9 for a one day pass on its buses. Yes, this is affordable, but compared to our parking rates for parking near Atlanta Airport, this is expensive. For the same amount of parking you can purchase from On Air Parking, you’ll have parking near Atlanta Airport for 3 days and spend ZERO getting to ATL because of the FREE shuttle service.

Let’s compare our ATL parking rates with another example.

Taking the Greyhound Flightlink Bus has its advantages because it links Downtown, Midtown, and Buckhead to the airport. But at what cost? They charge $16.50 per person!

For that amount, you can lock in parking near Atlanta Airport for 6 days here at On Air Parking. And this is just the cost side of things — we haven’t yet talked about convenience and ease of getting to and from Atlanta Airport.

What if you have a lot of luggage to carry with you to Atlanta Airport? The savings you can get with taking public transportation in Atlanta suddenly doesn’t seem worth the trouble, is it?

We hear you!

That’s why we’re a great choice for parking near Atlanta Airport! For only $2.75/day, you can have parking for longer near Atlanta Airport. Our parking facility has shuttles every 10 minutes. Plus, you can cancel your parking reservation for FREE.

What’s not to love about our off airport parking deal for Atlanta Airport?

Public Transportation


Ride Sharing

Feeling lazy to bring your car to Atlanta Airport and the parking lots?

We know! The hassles of finding airport parking, not to mention pricey parking rates, aren’t helping either.

We’re huge fans of ride sharing services ourselves, but the costs really do add up quickly. Maybe we’ll book an Uber or Lyft on those days we’re feeling extra but on others?

We’ll gladly take the cheap parking rates for Atlanta Airport. And we’re confident you will too, with our great parking rates! We offer only $2.75/day for parking near Atlanta Airport.

We did a rough calculation of the costs.

Around the vicinity of Washington Avenue, East Point, the cost of booking an Uber amounts anywhere from $10 to $44 each way. Book an Uber too often and your wallet will hate you for it.

How about a Lyft? Roughly, a Lyft will cost $9 to $12 each way. It’s not as expensive as booking an Uber but it’s expensive just the same.

With these figures, you can book several days of parking near Atlanta Airport. And just like we mentioned, our off airport parking deal for Atlanta Airport comes with FREE shuttles every 10 minutes to and from Atlanta Airport. Cancelling your parking reservation is also FREE.

Ride Sharing


On Atlanta Airport Parking

Maybe you’re used to parking on the airport premises, on the parking lots of Atlanta Airport. If so, then you might just be putting up with the rising parking rates.

Because you didn’t know there are cheaper parking rates out there, like what we’re offering for off airport parking at Atlanta Airport.

As of this writing, it costs $14/day for parking at the Economy Parking Lots. That’s economy — the “cheapest” option! But for the same amount, we’ll give you 5 days of parking near Atlanta Airport, with the FREE shuttles to and from ATL, and FREE cancellations like we mentioned.

How about Hourly Parking for short-term parking emergencies? This lot is the closest to each airport terminal but parking here can add up to $36/day.

The Daily Lot at Atlanta Airport? It’s $19/day. The daily parking lot at Atlanta Airport has a covered deck across each terminal.

Now what if you have an international flight? The International Parking Lots charge $14 to $36/day for parking.

Finally, valet parking at Atlanta Airport. Valet service will cost $40/day. For those parking emergencies, valet is usually reserved as a last minute airport parking option.

But our parking rates for ATL are fixed — for an entire day it’s only $2.75!

On Airport Parking


Off Atlanta Airport Parking

We guarantee the lowest parking rates you’ll find online for parking near Atlanta Airport.

Compared to other off airport parking options, our parking rates are 50% cheaper for Atlanta Airport!

Though you won’t know right off the bat where you’re parking exactly in Atlanta with our off airport parking deal, we assure you you’ll get nothing less than an A+ parking location and service.

Cheap, Cheap Off Atlanta Airport Parking

We spent a considerable amount of time hunting for these Atlanta Airport parking deals.

We negotiated aggressively to lock in these rates just for you. In our search, we discovered that there are many vacant parking lots. You might wonder why these parking lots are empty despite the need for more Atlanta Airport parking spaces. The short and simple answer is, it’s because of cost.

What do we mean?

There’s no one standard rate for airport parking. The price at the airport is what you get. Often, rates in the surrounding areas vary. This depends on how far or near the facility is to the airport.

Travelers have to strike the perfect balance between cost and comfort.

Should they park near or on the airport at expensive rates and save time? Or should they park farther for a more affordable rate but waste more time getting to the airport?

Some days you choose one or the other. On other days, you wish you can have both.

For those who frequent the airport, the costs of choosing the former can add up. But even if you only go to the airport a couple of times a year, finding parking for your car is never fun. Sometimes you’re not even sure if there’s any space left.

The good news is, the choice isn’t so black and white with On Airport Parking.

With our cheap off Atlanta Airport parking deals, you can have both! These are affordable Atlanta Airport parking rates that are conveniently located near the airport. For added convenience, there are FREE shuttles to ATL you can ride.

Now you might be thinking what’s the catch? How can we give away such affordable Atlanta Airport parking deals? Is it too good to be true?

For your peace of mind, know that we partner with professional parking facilities only.

On Air Parking values your trust. We always vet whom we do business with. We make it affordable by removing the brand — an unnecessary and added cost to you.

This is why we reveal where you’re parking after you’ve locked in our Atlanta Airport parking deals. We understand this can be unsettling, so we try to be as detailed as possible with the parking location.

If you take a quick look at Google Maps, you can get a good idea of the possible parking options. Again, we only partner with professionally run establishments who offer FREE shuttles for your convenience. We won’t offer a deal that doesn’t make sense to you, whether in terms of cost or convenience. We also keep in mind the safety of your car.

Off Airport Parking


Corporate/ Business Travel Off Airport Parking Lots

With the thousands upon thousands of business travelers we’ve helped, we can say with certainty that the No. 1 thing they're after is convenience. Business travelers highly value their time. After all, they have a plane to catch and a business objective to accomplish. They can’t afford to waste a single minute looking for Atlanta Airport parking. But we do!

We partnered with a professionally run parking facility only 10 minutes away from Atlanta Airport with shuttles leaving every 10 minutes — a winning solution to on and off airport Atlanta Airport parking woes.

If you’re a business traveler, here’s what you get for only $2.75/day:
A reserved Atlanta Airport parking space just for you that will be 100% available when you arrive
Free shuttle services that leave every 10 minutes to and from Atlanta Airport
Secured parking facility for your car

Now consider this: with the brand or not, the benefits are the same. You still get to park at a professionally run facility. So why pay more when you can get the space for less? It’s our business to look for these incredible deals for you.

Personal Travel Off Airport Parking Lots

Now even those on personal travel may also lock in our rates. They can enjoy the same convenience of parking only 10 minutes away with a free shuttle to Atlanta Airport. For the same rate of $2.75/day, this is a bargain that will start your vacation on a high note.

No more driving around in circles looking for Atlanta Airport parking. No more indecisive moments choosing between cost or comfort.

If you have your kids in tow, no more walking or hailing a cab to Atlanta Airport. No more lugging around your heavy bags to Atlanta Airport. No more worrying about this or that at the airport. We’ve addressed these pain points for you and your family. Now all you have to think about is your vacation.

Have an Atlanta Airport parking problem?

Do you need help with Atlanta Airport parking? Maybe there’s something you want to clarify about your parking reservation near Atlanta Airport.

We’re here to listen!

If you wish to cancel your parking purchase for Atlanta Airport, we can assist you with that too!

Feel free to contact us at 415-545-8017 from 9am to 7pm ET.

We’d love to hear how we can make Atlanta Airport parking easier for you, and how we can get you to Atlanta Airport simpler and cheaper.