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Birmingham Airport – Cheap Parking Outside Premises with 24/7 Free Shuttle

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Are you looking for cheap Birmingham Airport parking?

Airport car parks at Birmingham Airport got nothing on our cheap airport parking deal with free airport shuttle service.

Park near Birmingham Airport for only $4.49/day — this is a car parking deal exclusive here at On Air Parking. We offer the cheapest car parking rates anywhere online!

Birmingham Airport Parking

Do you hate spending for car parking at Birmingham Airport?
We do!

The car parking rates at Birmingham Airport can be costly, even on the economy lot.
If you fly out of Birmingham Airport frequently, you’d know that car parking fees at the airport quickly add up.
This is why instead of bringing your car to the airport, you might think of riding the train, or booking an Uber. You might even consider valet parking at Birmingham Airport.
Whether you fly out weekly, or only a handful of times from Birmingham Airport, it still pays to know the car parking options available to you.

Our airport parking deal for Birmingham Airport costs only $4.49/day, with FREE airport shuttle rides to and from Birmingham Airport — a ridiculously cheap deal for guaranteed parking near Birmingham Airport.

Parking your car at Birmingham Airport for day? A week or an entire month?

We’ve taken a look at how much it will cost you to take public transportation to get to Birmingham Airport, and if you avail of ride sharing services. We also compared the car parking fees for on airport parking and other off airport parking facilities near Birmingham Airport.

We’ve done all the legwork for you to find the cheapest parking option for whenever you need to go to Birmingham Airport.


What's the address of your parking lot?
You should receive an e-mail within 10 minutes of your purchase with the address and name of the parking facility at which you'll be parking. If it's hard to pull up the address on your GPS or maps, we suggest checking out our partner facilities’ website (by Googling their name), or by calling their number provided in your reservation.

What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate you giving us a chance, and know this isn't how you're used to purchasing parking. That's why we offer free cancellations at any time — no questions asked.

More FAQs

Public Transportation

There’s a door to door airport shuttle service for Birmingham Airport but it costs $60 to $150.

Another similar service in Birmingham charges $65 one way.
If you avail round trip tickets to get to and from Birmingham Airport, you get a tiny discount, the final fee amounting to $125.

Taken as a one-time expense to get to and from Birmingham Airport, these figures may still be well within your budget.

But what if you fly from Birmingham Airport once a month? Every two weeks or every week?
You’ll be spending a thousand dollars for transportation faster than you realize.
And who wants to spend a thousand dollars just to get to and from Birmingham Airport?
No one!

For $60, the price of a one-time convenience with other services, you can get almost two weeks of guaranteed car parking with our off airport parking deal for Birmingham Airport.
Sure, choosing door to door is fast and there are many pick-up points for Birmingham, but that price isn’t acceptable for those on a tight budget.

This is why we’re excited to offer you an airport parking deal for Birmingham Airport for a great price!
For only $4.49/day, you’ll be able to stretch your budget and reserve more days for airport parking at Birmingham.

What’s more, this is a cheap off airport parking deal that comes with other incentives at no added cost:
FREE airport shuttle rides to and from Birmingham Airport.
FREE cancellations on your airport parking reservation.
And A+ customer service for your car parking concerns near Birmingham Airport.

Public Transportation


Ride Sharing

Now ride sharing is great when you don’t want to bring your car to the airport car parks or economy lot of Birmingham Airport.
It’s saves you time wasted looking for airport parking.
You just book an Uber or Lyft and off you go without worry about airport parking or your car.

But in the same way door to door airport shuttle services are fast and convenient, ride sharing is costly if you fly from Birmingham Airport often.

For example, if you’re coming from the vicinity of Hatchet Avenue, an Uber will cost $14 to $20 each way to go to Birmingham Airport.

Booking a Lyft is cheaper from the same distance, amounting to $8 to $10 each way, but it still doesn’t come close to our off airport parking rate for Birmingham Airport.

We guarantee car parking at a professionally-run parking facility near Birmingham Airport for only $4.49/day!

Ride Sharing


On Airport Parking at Birmingham Airport

What about if you park your car at Birmingham Airport? How much will it cost to park your car on the airport premises?

The economy lot at Birmingham Airport right now costs $10/day for parking. That’s $1 per hour of car parking for a maximum of $10/day. The economy lot is located on Airline Drive near the airport terminal. This is as affordable as it gets for parking on Birmingham Airport and its airport car parks.

Birmingham Airport also has a daily lot that charges $12/day. That’s $1 per hour of car parking for a maximum of $12/day. You can park your car here if you’ll be parking for more than 4 hours at Birmingham Airport.

Meanwhile, if you know exactly how long you’ll need car parking for at Birmingham Airport, you can budget car parking by the hour.

With hourly car parking at Birmingham Airport, an entire day of car parking will amount to $24. That’s $1 per hour of car parking for a maximum of $24/day. If you’ll be parking your car for less than 4 hours at Birmingham Airport, hourly parking can work out great.

Finally, for those last-minute car parking emergencies, Birmingham Airport has valet parking.
Valet parking at Birmingham Airport costs $16.95/day. This is the most convenient option when you have to catch a flight out of Birmingham Airport, or when you want to get off the plane and into your car quickly. Curbside valet parking at Birmingham Airport is convenience at a premium price.

Again, this isn’t an everyday option for those needing to park their car at Birmingham Airport for cheap.

On Airport Parking


Off Airport Parking near Birmingham Airport

On Air Parking guarantees the cheapest car parking price anywhere online for Birmingham Airport.
Our $4.49/day off airport parking deal is the best choice with FREE airport shuttle rides to and from Birmingham Airport at no additional charge.

The airport shuttle leaves every 10 minutes and the car parking facility we’ve partnered with is within 10 minutes from Birmingham Airport.

This is why we’re confident you’ll give our car parking price near Birmingham Airport and customer service a perfect 10 out of 10.

Off Airport Parking


Why Choose On Air Parking for Airport Parking at Birmingham?

The airport parking rates at Birmingham may be affordable but there’s another thing to consider with airport car parks.
You’re competing for parking space with other travelers who have the same airport car parking concerns as you.
That is, they want guaranteed car parking at a reasonable cost.

They want to park their car as close to the airport terminals of Birmingham as possible.
Birmingham Airport has 5,000 car parking spaces available for hourly and daily parking. Meanwhile, the airport economy lot has just over 700 car parking spaces.
That’s not a lot of car parking space for the thousands of travellers passing through Birmingham Airport at any given time.
That’s why we’re confident you’ll love our off airport parking deal for Birmingham.

For only $4.49/day, you get guaranteed parking space at Birmingham for your car at a professional parking facility.
You get to ride a 24/7 airport shuttle to and from Birmingham Airport for FREE.
You can cancel your airport parking reservation for whatever reason for FREE.
You can purchase off airport parking for your car for as many days as needed.
All for only $4.49/day here at On Air Parking.

For $4.49/day, you get to give yourself a whole lot of flexibility in Birmingham for those unanticipated car parking emergencies where you might need to extend.
For $4.49/day, you know just how much you’re spending for car parking at Birmingham.
For $4.49/day, you get top notch quality, price, and service.

Corporate/Business Travel Off Airport Parking Lots for Birmingham Airport

Are you flying from Birmingham for business?
We know you’re running on a different time zone, one that is going much faster.
We also know convenience is the No. 1 thing you’re looking for when it comes to parking at Birmingham Airport, whether in or outside the airport premises.

This is why we only tap professional car parking facilities for your off airport parking needs.
Located within 10 minutes of Birmingham Airport, the parking facility offers a safe and secure space for parking your car. The airport shuttle leaves every 10 minutes to and from Birmingham Airport and runs 24/7.

Personal Travel Off Airport Parking Lots for Birmingham Airport

It pays to stay updated with the car parking rates at Birmingham Airport.
If not for you, then for the sake of your wallet.

Going on vacation costs money, so we’d love nothing more than to see you spend less on Birmingham Airport parking, and more on having a good time.
Why spend more for airport parking at Birmingham when you can have guaranteed car parking for so much less?

Purchase our $4.49/day car parking deal today for Birmingham Airport before we sell out!

Got a question about parking your car at Birmingham Airport?

Do you need help with your Birmingham Airport car parking reservation?
Our phone lines are open and our customer care team is ready to assist you!

If you need to cancel your Birmingham Airport car parking reservation, just contact us at 415-545-8017 from 9am to 5pm PST.

We’d love to hear how we can make car parking near Birmingham Airport easier for you, and how we can get you to Birmingham Airport simpler and cheaper.