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$14.99 Carnegie Hill Parking


$14.99 Carnegie Hill/Upper East Side Manhattan Parking - Cheap Parking Near 86 Street Station

$14.99 Carnegie Hill/Upper East Side Manhattan Parking - Cheap Parking Near 86 Street Station

Are you searching for cheap parking in Upper East Side Manhattan?

We have parking in Carnegie Hill starting at $14.99/day*! This deal gets you parking near 86 Street Station!

Cancel for free, up to start date and reserve as many parking days as you need! Grab this parking deal while we have guaranteed space for you and your car.

*Prices start at $14.99 and are subject to change based on available inventory and holiday charges.

Cheap Carnegie Hill Parking

Nothing screams rich or elite than having an address in the Upper East Side.

Carnegie Hill, for instance, with all its limestone mansions and Civil War-era apartment buildings offers proximity and a spectacular view to beloved Central Park. Who wouldn't want Central Park as their backyard?

And now you can come and go as you need to in this part of the neighborhood without worrying about parking with our limited deal. You too can park at this historic neighborhood like the rich do.

What’s Nearby

Want to know what else is nearby this parking facility? Here’s a shortlist of establishments:

The Dalton School

Naruto Ramen

Best Buy

Whole Foods Market

Shake Shack

Park Avenue Synagogue

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

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