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$14.99 Koreatown Manhattan Parking


$14.99 Cheap Koreatown Manhattan New York Parking Park Near The Empire State Building

$14.99 Cheap Koreatown Manhattan New York Parking

Park Near The Empire State Building

Are you searching for cheap parking in Koreatown Midtown Manhattan?

This is as close as you can get to the enclave and for only $14.99/day*. You’ll be parking in Koreatown and be a stone’s throw away from your favorite restaurants like K-Town BBQ, miss KOREA BBQ, and Soju Haus! 

This parking deal comes with FREE cancellations, up to start date.  Reserve as many parking days as you need!

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*Prices start at $14.99 and are subject to change based on available inventory and holiday charges.

Cheap Koreatown Manhattan Parking

Have you ever been to a Koreatown? The one in Midtown Manhattan is no different from the Koreatowns of Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Seattle.

Despite being so much smaller in size, Koreatown NYC boasts an ever-growing list of restaurants offering everything from traditional Korean BBQ to inventive Korean desserts like hotteok, which is a sweet Korean pancake with a heaping of cinnamon and walnuts.

If you ever find yourself craving for Korean food, you’ll love our parking deal in Koreatown for only $14.99/day*.

For that price you won’t regret spending too much on parking and start saving more of your hard-earned money.

What's Nearby

Want to know what else is nearby this parking facility? Here’s a shortlist of establishments:

Empire State Building

28 Street Broadway Subway Station

Hotel Wolcott

Hyatt Herald Square New York

1250 Broadway

Baekjong NYC

BCD Tofu House

Mandoo Bar

Need help reserving city parking in Koreatown Manhattan?

Reserve parking now in Koreatown Manhattan on your preferred dates! 

Need to cancel your reservation? No problem. Call our parking reservation specialist team at 424-532-8940  from 10am to 7pm ET. We offer FREE cancellations, up to start date, on all our parking deals. 

Share with us your experience! Let us know how we can make parking in Koreatown easier for you, and how we can get you around New York simpler and cheaper.

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