Spending Cryptocurrency in Atlanta, Georgia

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What is cryptocurrency? Simply put, it is a form of currency that is traded online for both services and goods. It can also be earned for profit. One of the more popular cryptocurrencies you’ve likely heard of is Bitcoin. These currencies are gaining ground in popularity all around the country for their ease of use and their draw of being the currency of the future. Who accepts cryptocurrency in Atlanta? Let’s find out!

Want to go to the gym? A martial arts studio named Atlanta Kick accepts digital currency and was one of the premier places in Atlanta to do so. After attending a 2012 conference on cryptocurrency in Europe, co-owner Jeff Thompson decided Bitcoin was going somewhere and began accepting it as proper payment. While not a lot of business uses this form of currency, Thompson firmly believes Bitcoin is here to stay.

Need a haircut? Gino’s Classic Barber Shoppe is another example of a business taking cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This barbershop claims to be the first of its kind to accept Bitcoins. For owner Alex Teyf, accepting Bitcoin eases the hit he takes in the 2 to 3 percent charge for accepting credit cards. Because of this, Bitcoin is a no-risk currency for his business.

Need dental work? The Atlanta Dental Spa prides themselves on being premier in the field of both dental technology and cryptocurrency. They are among one of the first dental offices in the nation to accept digital currency. This allows them to stay on the forefront of new and exciting currencies, as well as giving more options to their customers.

Want to eat? The BratPlatz food truck accepts Bitcoin only a few months after opening his business. The owner, Johnathan Sanford, accepts cryptocurrency through BitPay as a way to reduce his fees to credit card companies, thus saving him money. When accepting Bitcoin in vast quantities, this could save upwards of thousands of dollars for the BratPlatz overall.

There are also several Bitcoin ATMs all across Atlanta, allowing you to purchase Bitcoin with either cash or debit card. You’ll need a Bitcoin wallet to scan the QR code with the ATM scanner. Once you insert your cash, the machine will process your transaction.

Bitcoin is just beginning to take hold in Atlanta, Georgia. If you want to buy, sell, or spend your Bitcoin in Atlanta, you’ll have absolutely no problem, as Bitcoin ATM’s are everywhere, and already a small handful of businesses accepts cryptocurrency. It’s only a matter of time before more and more shops and businesses catch on. By using your Bitcoins, you are a part of the solution to save small businesses money from credit card merchant fees. Not only is this a win-win situation, but it is also helping to promote the money of the future, completely online and with virtually no risk.

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