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Chicago O'Hare Airport Off Airport Parking Guide:

Modern Affordable Parking Facilities with Round the Clock Shuttles



How to Find Cheap O'Hare Airport Parking


Chicago O’Hare Airport parking has become such an inconvenience that many travelers nowadays might prefer to take an Uber or Lyft regardless of lot rates, just to rid themselves the problem of figuring out where to park at the Chicago airport economy lots.

As Chicago O'Hare airport parking rates continue to increase — so does rates at other Chicago airports and the rates of their airport parking lots. This is why On Air Parking has bargained for cheap Chicago airport parking rates for you!

Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of spending their precious dollars on ride sharing services’ expensive rates every single time they have to go to Chicago O’Hare Airport, and so budget-conscious travelers might think of the ways with which they can get to Chicago O’Hare Airport quickly and hassle-free WHILE saving money at the same time.

Among taking public transportation, ride sharing services, on airport parking, and off airport parking, we did all of the math for you, so you can ascertain why On Air Parking's low, low rate of $5.99/day for off airport parking makes the most economical sense when you need to go to Chicago O'Hare Airport. 

Here's how the figures of Chicago airport parking matchup:


Public Transportation


Ride Sharing


On Airport Parking


Off Airport Parking


By almost every metric, off airport parking through On Air Parking is clearly the best option.


Corporate/ Business Travel Off Airport Parking Lots

Business travelers don't have to worry about the costs of parking at Chicago O'Hare Airport as they don't pay out of their pocket. Our years in the business tell us that what they are most concerned about is convenience.

On Air Parking provides convenience by vetting and working ONLY with parking facilities that have shuttles running every 5-10 minutes and at locations within 10 minutes from the airport — that's the same level of service business travelers can get with indoor valet parking, but at less than half the price! Now that's a business decision business travelers can get behind for the best interests of their company whenever they have to go to the Chicago O’Hare Airport.


Personal Travel Off Airport Parking Lots

Now when it comes to personal vacations at Chicago O’Hare airport, the convenience of on airport parking takes a back seat for parking rates. Cost at the economy lots or other airport parking lots outside Chicago airports really matters for these travelers.

On Air Parking's competitive off airport parking rates, including $5.99/day at Chicago O'Hare Airport is the best value you can find anywhere for off airport parking rates. Now those on personal travel can afford cheap Chicago airport parking!

Imagine, with our off airport parking rates for Chicago airport parking, you just drive to your airport parking slot and then be on your merry way, and you get to keep more of your hard-earned dollars from the low rates to prepare for your next trip.

Parking rates near Chicago airport doesn’t get cheaper than this! Purchase our off Chicago airport parking deal now and say goodbye to expensive parking rates.