Flight Delay in Chicago, IL

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O’Hare International Airport. The world’s sixth-busiest airport, servicing over 83 million passengers in 2018, averaging over 2520 flights a day to six continents, this is truly one of the world’s busiest crossroads. Whether due to inclement weather, repairs or waiting on loading, if you’ve arrived at O’Hare International Airport and have a delay, worry not. There is more than meets the eye here. Read on for some of our favorite highlights in dining, relaxation and shopping here at O’Hare International Airport.


With over eighty restaurants, eateries and kitchens to choose from, visitors of every craving and every itinerary are truly spoiled for options here at O’Hare International Airport. Indeed, the chefs here at one of the world’s busiest airports have rose to the occasion, offering elaborate sit-down service ranging from the choices in wine at Beaudevin Wine Bar (Terminal 1), hearty German fare at Berghoff Cafe (Terminal 1), steaks at Tuscany Cafe (Terminal 1), Wicker Park Seafood and Sushi Bar (Terminal 1, 2), picturesque pastries at Summer House Santa Monica (Terminal 2), or proud local fare at Stanley’s Blackhawks Kitchen and Tap (Terminal 2). For those travelers who want to grab something to eat on-the-go, there is Wolfgang Puck Express (Terminal 1, 3), Tortas Frontera by Rick Bayless (Terminal 1, 3, 5),  Reggio’s Pizza (Terminal 1, 3), and Great American Bagel Company (Terminal 1, 3).


Places to read, study, work

For those travelers who want to take the layover to get some work done, study, unwind with a book or documentary, or simply take a nice nap, O’Hare has numerous options for a variety of experiences in all areas of the airport. For those travelers who are looking for something simple, free and accessible counter space equipped AC outlets to charge laptops, cellphones, tablets, and a wide range of electronic devices, look no further than the convenient workstations! These are located all throughout Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 5, and also are serviced with complimentary airport wi-fi. For those wanting a more private experience, there are also the numerous lounges including spacious seating, food and drink, including the United Club (Terminal 1, 2), United Polaris Lounge (Terminal 1), American/JAL/Iberia Admiral’s Club (Terminal 3), American Flagship Lounge (Terminal 3), Swissport Lounge (Terminal 5) and the Delta Sky Club (Terminal 2). If you are not a member of any airline frequent flier/loyalty programs, no worries. United and American Airlines also offer the option to purchase a One-Time Pass for those traveling with their airlines, and partnered/alliance airlines. In addition to these lounges and workstations, the Hilton Chicago O’ Hare Airport Hotel is a further option for those travelers who want to rest in their private room.


Shopping and Entertainment

Souvenirs, fashion, cosmetics, books, travel supplies, and tech are just some of the selections travelers will find on sale here at O’Hare. From Vosges Haut-Chocolat (Terminal 1, 3) to MAC Cosmetics (Terminal 2), InMotion (Terminal 1, 3), I Love Chicago (Terminal 5), and Brooks Brothers (Terminal 3), travelers can shop until they drop during their flight delay. Aside from the shopping, there is also the Terminal Getaway Spa (Terminal 1, 3) and Family Lounge (Terminal 2).


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