Luxurious Experiences in Chicago, Illinois

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Hello and welcome to the page that will provide all events and things to plan that are luxurious within the city of Chicago. Chicago is a city full of fascinating culture, fancy food options, and splendid city life. If you haven’t experienced the city as if you were a king or queen, then this article will be sure to change that. Sip on wine with your significant other among the skyscrapers that light up the night, see some incredible sights that will be sure to fill your camera roll up with pictures, and experience the city of Chicago like never before. Here in this article will be a list of luxurious events to plan out while visiting Chicago. Pack your bags, bring some fancy clothes, and worry no more about searching the endless void of the internet for your answers to what luxurious things there are to do in Chicago. 

Luxury Hotels in Chicago 

Our first item on the agenda of all things luxury in Chicago is to find a hotel that exceeds all expectations. Looking for sophistication and comfort with a splash of luxury and higher standards? Perhaps you are visiting Chicago with a loved one and want to spend some romantic time together in a hotel that will be sure to deliver unforgettable memories. Whatever the case may be this part of the article will lay out some of the best and divine hotels in the Chicago area. Feel free to follow the links provided to further your planning and find the perfect hotel for you.

The Langham Chicago

Wooden décor in every room, marble fixtures in every bathroom, deep soaking bathtubs, and luxurious amenities for all to enjoy. Located just a couple of blocks away from amazing shopping, dining, and entertainment is The Langham Chicago Hotel. Forget the averageness you are used to with other hotels because this one exceeds all expectations. Want to take this stay to the next level? I highly recommend reserving the Infinity Suite that is huge and decorated with delightful city views and luxury fixtures. 

The Peninsula Chicago

Located at Water Tower Park near Michigan Avenue is the prestigious Peninsula Chicago Hotel. Take luxury to the next level and enjoy their Z bar, The Lobby Restaurant, and their Shanghai Terrace eateries. With food for all to enjoy and some of the most beautiful views of the city this hotel is a must stay when visiting the city of Chicago. I highly recommend reserving The Water Tower Suite that is 2,561 square feet and has some amazing marble designs within the room. Live like royalty and spare no expense when staying at The Peninsula Chicago Hotel. 

Luxurious Events in Chicago

Time to plan some luxurious events while in the city of Chicago. Of course, there are some divine places to stay at, but there are also some events and destinations that are perfect for those seeking a luxurious getaway from the averageness of life. Explore the city of Chicago with class and put on your nice clothes because the last thing you’d want is to be underdressed for these occasions. 

Gold Coast Neighborhood

Welcome to one of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Chicago. Walk the streets that many celebrities enjoy, view the amazing neighborhood and all its picture-perfect houses, eat at some fancy restaurants that offer higher standards for food, and shop at some amazing stores that will be sure to take this trip to the next level. The streets are lined with historic mansions, designer boutiques, hotels, bars, and restaurants that all shine with elegance. For an even more luxurious trip make sure to check out the International Museum of Surgical Science that is located along the neighborhood. I hope you brought your camera because this sight is one that you will want to post about. 

Fine Dining Chicago

Time to throw on some nice clothes and grab your beautiful or handsome date because we are going to be eating at some of the most luxurious restaurants in Chicago.


The winner of a two-star Michelin award and restaurant that serves beyond quality food for all to enjoy. Have the date of a lifetime with your significant other and dine like royalty at the Oriole restaurant that is located on 661 W Walnut St. Dim lighting, modern structure, and an overall heavenly ambiance. 


Another award-winning restaurant that offers fine dining like never before is the amazing Goosefoot located on 2656 W Lawrence Ave. Modern, approachable, and elegant are the words best used to describe the diligent design of the interior. The restaurant serves picture-perfect foods on fine china and the flavors of each dish are out of this world. 

There you have it! Chicago is a beautiful city that offers luxurious delights for all to splurge in the higher standards of living. Make sure to travel with class and check out some of the items listed above if you wish to take your visit to the next level when in Chicago.  

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