Our Favorite Things to Do on New Year’s Eve in Chicago, IL

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A city that truly needs no introduction, if you’ve chosen Chicago as your destination for the New Year, you’ve chosen well. Every year, over fifty million tourists come from far for the myriad of experiences offered among its skyscrapers. Foodies, theatre kids, musicians or sports fans (or if you / your group are all of the above), there’s so much to see for everyone in Chicago. Read on for some of our highlights of New Year’s Eve here around The Windy City.

New Year’s Eve Party

The Windy City has a number of parties in every theme and rendition for the New Year! For visitors and locals alike, you can choose between costume events, packed dance floors, black-tie events, family friendly events or do it all! Step back in time with a number of disco, eighties and roaring twenties themed flapper parties- or dress up for the black-tie festivities around the city’s hotels. Between the W, Hard Rock Cafe, and Congress Plaza, there are so many events for partygoers during the New Year. Bring the party out to the city and attend a number of New Year’s Events and dance, sing and move into January with style.

Fireworks at Navy Pier

One of Chicago’s premier waterfront attractions, Navy Pier steals the show for the New Year with its Lakefront firework display! Enjoy rides, live food and music, Biergartens, markets, photo opportunities and top it all off. The nighttime cruises are also a versatile option for travelers of all ages and parties, a way to see many of Chicago’s brilliant landmarks and the fireworks of the New Year from a unique and memorable view. Make a night out on Navy Pier, whether for a couple’s night out, a group activity or a solo travelers’ trip.

New Year’s Concerts

Whether as a formal affair, a community-centered get-together or in the crowd banging heads to the local Drill scene, Chicago’s long and storied musical history is on full display at the start of each year. Electrifying performances by the Blue Man Group and more underground artists perform along the lake, while Blues and Jazz scenes are tucked away in their own corner of the city, for visitors who search for a more specific experience. 

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