6 Tips to Save Money on Parking in NYC

Finding parking in any city can become our worst nightmare if not prepared in advance. Whether it’s difficult to find any parking or when you do end up discovering some parking the price for it is severely overpriced. Nothing troubles travelers and individuals more than looking for parking and only having overpriced options to pick from. After driving around searching for parking for what seems like forever, the average person most likely settles for the expensive options, due to the lack of other well-priced options and patience remaining. Luckily for you here in this article we here at On Air Parking have taken the time and done the due diligence to compose some of the best tips and tricks to save money on parking no matter what city you find yourself in. In this article we will be covering 6 tips to save you money on parking in New York City. Feel free to absorb the information we have collected and be better prepared for future parking hassles. No more settling for less and with the help of this article you will park like a pro and never pay too much for parking in any city. 

Tip #1: On Air Parking (Cheapest and Most Convenient)

First tip is an obvious one. Looking for parking in the city you are visiting? Not wanting to waste time to find it when you arrive? Need the cheapest monthly rates for parking? Look no further because On Air Parking is the best way to not only save money on parking, but also save valuable time on finding it. Simply enter the location you are visiting, and our website will email you a list of parking options near that area. They are safe, clean, affordable, and very convenient. Have your trip set and your parking reserved. For example, if you are traveling to the great city of New York for a week or a month and wish to find some great parking in the city. Simply enter the location you are traveling to, how long you will need parking, and some great options appear right before your eyes. On Air Parking offers prices as low as $12.99 daily packages compared to others that offer $30.00 and over. Need I say more? Of course, On Air Parking offers the best way to save money and time on Parking. To get started on your money saving parking options follow the link above. 

Tip #2: Book in Advance

Waiting to find parking till the moment you touch down in NYC is not a smart move. Not only will the prices skyrocketed, but you’ll have no choice but to settle for spending more money than you need to. On Air Parking allows you to book and reserve a parking spot in very popular spots around the city. Looking for parking in Times Square? On Air has options for as low as $14.99 if you book in advance to your trip. This tip is crucial to saving money. Always plan in advance and do yourself the favor of booking with On Air.

Tip #3: Find Street Parking When You Can

Looking to not pay any money at all, or maybe just feed a meter just a few cents? Finding street parking in New York is most definitely a challenge. One that could break even the most patient person. However, if you do manage to find it, secure it with quickness and save some money by parking on the streets. Parking on the street might not be the safest and best option, so if you are looking for more secure options make sure to be willing to pay some sort of daily fee. As stated On Air Parking offers the lowest rates. 

Tip #4: Be Willing to Walk

This one might seem a bit obvious, but it is the best way to save money. If you are attending an event in New York, the closer you try and park, the more expensive the prices will be. Instead, park a few blocks away and be willing to walk a small distance in order to save money. Don’t be stubborn and be hellbent on getting that front row parking. Park a few blocks away and enjoy a nice stroll down the streets of New York. 

Tip #5: Follow the Parking Rules

Paying for parking is already an expense you don’t want to commit to. We get it. However, when parking make sure to abide by the street signs and make sure you are aware of the parking times available and rules following your parking location. The last thing you would want is to pay a ticket fee on top of a parking fee. This tip is an easy one to follow but can be overlooked by so many. Save yourself money and the trouble of getting a parking ticket. Parking in big cities like New York, it is easy to find yourself under a pile of parking fees. Do not be that person and make sure to keep your eyes open for street signs that list when parking is allowed and when it isn’t. 

Tip #6: Find a Hotel that Provides Parking

Last tip on the list of tips that will help you save money in the city of New York is to find a hotel that offers long term parking. If your hotel doesn’t offer parking, that can add more to your list to plan when traveling. Save yourself the time and money and make sure your hotel accommodates your parking. Even if it is a small fee added to your bill, this tip will most likely be a better option than parking a distance from where you are staying. If your hotel doesn’t offer parking, do not be worried. Simply head down to On Air Parking’s website and see if we provide parking near you. On Air Parking is the best option to save money on parking in the big and busy city of New York. 

How to Get a Good Price on Airport Parking

Traveling to faraway lands can be a dream come true, but finding affordable, safe, and reliable parking can be your worst nightmare. If you are trying to find cheap parking in an airport near you the odds are that rates are going to be high if you do not do your due diligence and search for the best rates beforehand. However, extensively searching the vast internet for options near you is a job in itself that no one wants to do. Luckily for you the team at On Air Parking does that hard work for you. Need to find airport parking or city parking near you or the destination you are traveling to? No need to worry even in the slightest because all you have to do is head over to On Air Parking and type the destination you are traveling to, how long you are staying, and we will find the best parking rates for you. On Air Parking partners with some of the highest rated facilities to bring you top notch parking at very low prices. Safety, convenience, time saving, and money saving all in one with On Air Parking. Here in this article, we will be covering the topic of How to Get a Good Price on Airport Parking. Feel free to follow the links below and make sure to plan ahead. Safe travels fellow explorer. 

Tips on Finding Cheap Airport Parking

If you need to leave your car at the airport before you travel this can be a huge inconvenience due to the high prices and little to no other options to choose from. Paying ungodly rates for airport parking not only puts negative energy on our trip but also is an unnecessary stressor on us. We have all done this and settled to pay high rates in order to carry on with your trip. However, there are now more ways than ever to escape the expensive option and find better and affordable long-term parking. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind before you go on your next trip.

Tip #1: Long-Term Airport Hotel Parking

If driving quite a way to your airport, it might come in handy if you find a hotel that is within a couple minutes from the airport that offers long-term parking. The rates can be significantly lower, and they will even offer shuttle options to take you to the airport. Simply head one day earlier to the airport, stay one night, and make sure to lock your car. The rates will be much lower than the airport and thus allow you to stress less over this factor of your trip. If you are wondering how you can find these better hotel options then simply head down to On Air Parking, click on the airport option, fill out your destination, time you will be needing parking, and right before your eyes you will have more options for affordable parking than you could ever imagine. For example, if you are traveling from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport there are plenty of options for Airport Hotel parking as low as $5.00 a day, all with over 4-star rating. 

Tip #2: Parking Nearby

This tip is an obvious one. Sometimes the only way to save money is to ditch airport parking all together and find another means. When it comes to saving money, you must be ready to make some compromises. Luckily for you, On Air Parking takes the goal of saving you money very seriously and finds nearby parking lots that are more affordable, safer, and easier to reserve. On Air Parking’s website is simple to navigate and one of the best ways to find parking near the airport of your choosing for the lowest monthly rates. Go to the website, click the city option, and find one of the parking lots we offer. We have the best rates you will find anywhere and provide the best long-term parking available. Here at On Air Parking, we aim to save you money on parking so you can spend it on having bigger and better adventures. 

Tip #3: Airport Parking

 If you can’t ditch the airport parking lot and have to park in the airport parking lot, then this part of the article is crucial for you. Sometimes, whether we like it or not, parking in the airport parking lots is the best option we have. It’s closer to the airport, more convenient for getting on and off the plane, and so much less of a hassle. If you must use airport parking, then do it the right way. On Air Parking offers some of the lowest rates for airport parking as well. We do all the searching for you and provide some of the best rates you will ever find, no matter what city you are in. 

These next tips are a bit smaller in significance, but still offer some great benefits for those looking for easy ways to save money on airport parking. The first one is rideshare. Have your car stay at home and have one of your close friends or family drive you to the airport. This saves money and is great given you have the option for a friend or family member who will happily drive you to the airport. However, if this is not an option then give Uber or Lyft a try. Of course, you have heard of this rideshare service. They have driven the modern taxicab to the brink of extinction and for good reason. You can order one from your phone and have them pick you up from your house or location of your choosing for a very low cost. 

Overall, finding better alternatives for airport parking is not too difficult. All it really requires is some diligent searching and time. For the sake of saving you not just money, but time as well, On Air Parking has done the searching for you and has provided you with the best mechanism for searching for the cheapest parking anywhere you find yourself. 

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Cheap Airport Parking Near You

Airport parking is a hassle, to say the least. No one enjoys paying absurd fees for parking, and most of the time we are forced to settle for it because we have little information on what else is available. Luckily, we live in a technologically advanced society and there are endless amounts of information at our fingertips. No more settling for expensive parking, no more spending unnecessary amounts of money on things that should be cheap, and no more stressing over things that should involve little effort to do. Parking is the first thing a traveler has to address when heading out of town or the country, and most travelers have to leave their car somewhere while away. Therefore, the importance of finding cheap, safe, and convenient parking is a must before any travel adventure. In this article we will cover all the ways to find cheap airport parking near you. Finding the cheapest options that not only save you money but also time. Feel free to explore the links provided and be sure to use this information the next time you find yourself looking for cheap airport parking near you. As always, safe travels fellow explorers.

Cheap Airport Parking Near You

First tip is an obvious one. Head over to On Air Parking and find some of the best, cheapest, and most convenient parking anywhere you are going. Looking for hotel parking near your airport, or maybe you are looking for the best options for airport parking? No need to worry any longer, because On Air Parking has you covered. Simply set your destination, how long you will need parking for, and watch On Air Parking list multiple affordable options for you to choose from. Seriously parking has never been so stress-free and convenient. For example, if you are needing airport parking in Los Angeles (LAX Airport) there are multiple options that On Air Parking provides for you to choose from. Airport parking is as low as $14.00 a day and super safe and convenient. The same goes if you are looking for hotel parking that is close to your airport and offers shuttle rides to and from the hotel, so that you can leave your car in a safer and cheaper destination instead of using airport parking. 

Earn Money While your Car is Parked

This tip is for the people that want to earn money back and trust the goodwill of others. If you wish to park your car, but also want to make some money out of it at the same time there are multiple options for renting out your car to travelers from the airport you parked at. Obviously, this money earning tactic is not for everyone. However, for those of you that this sounds like a great opportunity to make some money back while traveling, then here are some sites that offer this. Head over to GetAround that offers some of the best car sharing opportunities that are completely safe and reliable. The company covers insurance worries and makes sure your car is taken with great care, so if you have enough trust you could make some great money back while you are traveling. Not a tip for everyone, but a great one for the travelers that take every opportunity to make and save some extra dollars. Make sure to head over to the link provided above to find out how you can do this the next time you are traveling and don’t want to leave your car unused and sitting in a parking lot. 

Parking Garages Near the Airport

This tip is an obvious one. Sometimes the only way to save money is to ditch airport parking all together and find some great parking garage options near the airport of your choosing. When it comes to saving money, you must be ready to make some compromises. Luckily for you, On Air Parking takes the goal of saving you money very seriously and finds nearby parking lots, garages, and more that are more affordable, safer, and easier to reserve. On Air Parking’s website is simple to navigate and one of the best ways to find parking near the airport of your choosing for the lowest monthly rates. Go to the website, click the city option, and find one of the parking lots we offer. We have the best rates you will find anywhere and provide the best long-term parking available. Here at On Air Parking, we aim to save you money on parking so you can spend it on having bigger and better adventures. Once you have found a parking reservation near the airport, simply take an Uber or Lyft to the airport and do the same when you arrive back in town and need a ride back to your car. Most cities have great ride share programs that are as easy as downloading and app and ordering a car to pick you up. 

For example, if you were looking for airport parking in Los Angeles the prices can be as high as $17.00 a day whereas if you parked in nearby parking options the prices would be as low as $10.00 a day. The answer is simple, sometimes you just have to look a bit outside of the box to find some better alternatives that save you money. On Air Parking does that searching for you. 

Overall finding cheap airport parking near you is an extensive search that the team at On Air Parking has taken very seriously. We search more so that you can save time and money and spend it on the more important things. Why worry about parking when you can rely on us to find the best options for you. We worry about the little things and you worry about spending time with your family making memories that will last forever. Next time you find yourself stressing over finding long term parking make sure to give On Air Parking a try and watch your worries disappear. 

Finding the Right Parking Spot can be a Hassle Try On Air Parking

Finding the perfect parking spot while on a travel expenditure can be a difficult task that stresses even the calmest individuals. We have all been there. Driving around a city that we most likely are unfamiliar with, frantically searching for an open spot to allow us to get out and enjoy the city we are visiting. No one enjoys the endless search for a parking spot that is not only available, but also safe and affordable. Paying a significant amount for a parking spot in some parking garage is what most have to settle for, and the fun of the trip gets taken down a few notches when we settle for undesirable parking situations. What if I was to tell you that there is a very easy way to find parking in any city you are visiting? Not only is it easy, but affordable, professional, and of the utmost safest options you will ever find. Good news, there is such a way of finding desirable parking in any city you are visiting. With On Air Parking you can search a destination you are visiting, plug in the dates you will need parking, and the team at On Air Parking does the rest of the work for you. It provides the best/lowest prices for parking no matter what city you find yourself in. Simply add the destination of your choosing, set the dates, and watch multiple options for parking pop up right before your eyes. There is no question that On Air Parking provides the cheapest and best parking everywhere. A huge added positive is that you can reserve parking through the website and be set to go before you are in the city. No more driving around endlessly and stressed trying to find the right parking spot. On Air Parking takes care of the stressful part of the trip and sets you up for nothing but good times exploring the city of your choosing. Finding the right parking spot is a hassle, but not anymore thanks to On Air Parking. Where finding parking can be as easy as pressing a few buttons.

Traveling to New York?

Here is a great example of how to find the right parking spot while on a trip. In this example we will be using the destination of New York, which is a very popular tourist destination. Let’s say you need to find parking within New York city that keeps you within walking distance from some of your favorite attractions and is safe and affordable. Simply add the destination (New York), then add your desired stay dates, and watch the options pop up right before your eyes. Options such as Financial District parking that are as low as $24.99 daily parking, Manhattan parking as low as $40.00 daily parking, Murray Hill parking as low as $14.99, Penn Station parking as low as $14.99 daily, and so many more options. When traveling to a big city such as this one it is important to find parking beforehand and set yourself up for a successful trip without the stress of parking weighing you down. On Air Parking takes care of all your parking worries for the great city of New York.

Traveling to Portland?

Another great example of a popular city that is very difficult to find parking in is Portland Oregon. This beautiful green and populous city is overrun with locals and visitors that jam pack the streets and leave you with little to no options for safe, affordable, and accessible parking destinations. Would you rather drive around the city for hours looking for parking only to find the most expensive lots available, or would you rather plan ahead and use On Air Parking to do the searching for you and reserve a great, affordable, and professional parking spot before you enter the city? The answer is simple. All of us would much rather find and secure a parking spot beforehand. Especially when visiting a popular and busy city like this one. Simply enter the destination (Portland, OR) and the dates you desire to reserve a parking spot and watch the options appear. Options like PDX airport parking as low as $5.25 daily rate, and many more. 

When it comes to searching for parking, why wait and stress yourself out when you can use On Air Parking to do the dirty work for you. The answer is simple. No more searching endlessly. No more driving around the block to hopefully find someone leaving their spot so you can take it. No more unnecessary stress when it comes to parking. On Air Parking is the simplest, easiest, cheapest, and safest option to finding and reserving parking for any city you find yourself visiting. Even if you are leaving one city to fly to another and need to find cheap airport parking to leave your car safe and sound. On Air Parking even supplies you with some of the best and cheapest airport parking spots available from whatever city you are flying from. Go ahead and head over to On Air Parking to reserve your parking situation. We have the lowest prices for daily or monthly parking reservations. 

Over here at On Air Parking we take traveling and experiencing the beauty of new cities and places very seriously. We understand that finding parking is a huge and unnecessary expense to anyone and everyone while traveling. We find parking for you so that you can spend more time exploring, adventuring, and making memories with your loved ones while traveling. Not only do we save you time, but we also save you money by providing the best and most affordable price ranges for daily and monthly parking situations. The above examples of New York and Portland parking are just a few options of the endless list of parking availability we provide within any and every city you seek to visit. Simply head down to On Air Parking to find out. 

Make Your Next Parking Experience Luxurious and Enjoyable

When most think of parking situations the last thing they think about is the words luxurious and enjoyable. We understand the thinking process about parking more than anyone and sympathize with your not so enjoyable views of parking situations. The truth of the matter is that when looking for parking most are just looking for availability and low prices. Those who drive around the city for longer than expected have luxury and enjoyment at the back of their minds when it comes to parking. Find the open spot, suffer with whatever costs it throws at you, and forget about the stress finding parking just caused you. No one likes this process. So, the big question is how to we make parking experiences luxurious and enjoyable? Not an easy question to answer since there is already such negative prejudice on parking, but the team here at On Air Parking has the answer. Here in this article, we will discover and list a few ways to make parking less of a stressful encounter and transform it into something that requires little effort, better prices, luxurious, and more enjoyable. Feel free to follow the links provided to deepen your search for answers.


What is the first step to making parking more luxurious and less of a draining experience? When looking for parking proximity is of utmost importance. Why park a mile away from your destination if you don’t have to? Why park in an undesirable neighborhood when you don’t have to? Why settle for less in the first place when it comes to parking? The truth is that most people, when searching for parking, lower their standards in order to find the first available parking spot to avoid long amounts of time spent driving around town searching. Most of the time the available parking will be significantly far away from your chosen destination. Proximity is a luxury that many just forget about with parking. Here at On Air Parking, we provide you the best destinations for parking. Need a close parking garage or lot that is within a few steps of your destination? No problem. Head over to On Air Parking where we provide close proximity parking and the lowest prices everywhere.

Cleanliness and Safety

The next step to making parking a better and more enjoyable experience is cleanliness. Most parking garages are untidy and leave customers feeling stressed about the safety of their vehicles. They park their car and then while at dinner or the event they are visiting they are unconsciously stressing about the safety and wellbeing of their vehicle. An unnecessary stressor and negative situation if you ask us. Why add more stress to your plate when you can search for cleaner and better parking spots that will take care of your vehicle as if it was their own. This goes back to the fact that most don’t think about luxury or enjoyment when searching for parking. Find the first available parking spot and suffering through the stress has been the common method of parking that so many to this day still apply. Here at On Air Parking, we provide 5-star parking spots that certify your cars safety and keep their sites clear of untidiness. 

Low Prices

Luxury and low prices are two words you will hardly see together in the same sentence. What a shame it is that in today’s world the only way to enjoy luxurious things is through the willingness of spending high amounts of money. On Air Parking believes differently and has begun to shift the perspectives of luxury around when it comes to parking. No more settling for less, and certainly no more spending outrageous amounts of money for below par parking that isn’t even safe in the first place. Enjoy some of the best options for parking anywhere you are visiting and enjoy the lowest prices for daily and monthly parking situations. On Air Parking provides you with a list of luxury parking spots and the lowest prices. Just reserve your parking ahead of time and let your parking experience be wonderful with low prices. 

Reservation of Parking

Finding parking at the last minute is like gambling. You roll the dice and see if you win big or lose big. When attempting to find parking it is a shot in the dark. You will either find it right away or drive around the block for half an hour wasting your valuable time. We have all been there. Running late for an event or dinner only to be stalled even longer trying to find parking. Our time is being wasted and our stress levels are increasing by the minute. If you are really unlucky you will wait for someone to pull out only to have your parking spot stolen by a quick and arrogant driver that has no sense of moral judgment. Don’t let yourself fall victim to these unnecessary factors ever again. Want to be able to reserve a parking spot ahead of time? Want to be able to pay the lowest prices? Want to find great monthly parking spots with best prices? Make sure to head over to On Air Parking where we allow you to reserve parking anywhere and everywhere before you get on the road. No more last-minute parking crises. No more unnecessary stress. Simply enter your desired destination, how long you will need parking for, and watch the vast number of options that are low prices, safe, clean, luxurious, and within close proximity to where you want to go. Next time you find yourself heading to a new city make sure to use On Air Parking to reserve some of the best parking you will ever find. 

On Air Parking provides the lowest monthly and daily parking prices. No more settling for less and no more paying ungodly amounts for parking that is below par. On Air Parking takes the trouble out of parking for you and provides you with the best options for parking. 

Know what Type of Off-Airport Parking is Best for You

Know what Type of Off-Airport Parking is Best for You

The varied world of off-airport parking. If you’re reading this, we both know you are definitely a more cautious, detail oriented traveler who really wants to economize and make the most of your travels. Off-airport parking is a popular option due to the cost savings and wide range in services, but with such a range it can be hard to pick the best option for you. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our brief summary of how to know what type of Off-Airport Parking is best for you.

This guide is more a summary of each type of off-airport parking, highlighting the strengths and covering the main cons for each type. Each traveler will have different preferences and needs, so we advise to pick and compare the top two that seem to match your needs the most to use this guide most effectively.

Hotel Parking

While this might seem a bit confounding, hotels are actually a very frequent partner with off airport parking services and happily rent out unused lots to maximize their profits. Hotels close to the airport may also provide shuttle service to the airport from their location even if you are not staying the night there and only parking. Hotels offer 24/7 on-site support with at least one member in the lobby at all times for any questions, and usually have local and corporate support numbers to contact. Not to mention, they usually have very well lit parking lots and CCTV. This is great when considering your car’s safety. Really, it’s the availability, and the relative ease in location that make parking at a hotel a very attractive option. However, parking at a hotel sometimes may not come with a shuttle to the airport, or it may be difficult to have inquiries/problems surrounding parking answered in a timely manner. For this reason, we might recommend parking at a hotel with a known reputation for their parking services and customer service.

Third Party Uncovered Lot

As you might ascertain from the description, there is one extremely straightforward benefit to this option-price. These by far are going to be the cheapest option, very good for those longer term trips, where each daily difference in price can add up to a large difference in the total. However, you do get what you pay for, and many of the other amenities such as jump starts, car location, CCTV and protection from the elements are foregone with the price tag. Those travelers willing to look a bit farther might find an incredibly cheap lot that does also provide some of these services, but it might not be so easy to find at first. In summary, you’ll save the most with this option, but it is usually incredibly barebones.


Well lit, usually with at least one staff member on sight, sheltered from the rain, heat and wind, and sometimes with CCTV, this is usually a good decision between location, price and amenities. While you might not have the absolute best in any of those aforementioned categories, you have a place to park your car that is a jack-of-all-trades of sorts. Reliable, providing security and documentation, usually not incredibly far and also not the most expensive option.

Private lot/rented

If you prefer a lot with more robust communication, no question on availability and privacy-renting directly from a private owner might be an option you consider. With far fewer people renting alongside you, generally communication with the lot owner should be the most direct-something to note if you are a traveler who really values strong communication with your parking space service. These also provide for parking in a more private location, can also be a great asset in recourse should your car be damaged, being able to work individual to individual. However, the largest obstacle that comes with a private lot is probably going to be the logistics of how you get to and from the airport to your lot. Transportation may not be provided by the renter, and the use of services such as Uber, Lyft or a private rideshare can be costly. 

Specialized Garage, Shuttle, Auto Service

Whether for reasons of accessibility, sensitivity to a certain community or wanting to operate in a preferred language, a preferred garage/parking lot, shuttle and auto service might be the preferred method. These may not run competitive rates and can vary widely in quality, but do give a more personable touch to your travels, as well as specialized and in-depth understanding for travelers who have needs that aren’t well accommodated for with those more widely advertised services. You may have travelers who have accessibility issues who really need the extra support in logistics around the airport, lot and with moving luggage, or travelers who really want to travel in their preferred language, or maybe an identity/faith-centered service. Especially in larger metropolitan areas, you will be able to find services of these types and more. The main disadvantage against the strong specialization here, is going to be a wide variety in quality and having to use more subjective forums such as social media to read reviews of these services.

Through a major website

For those travelers who really like operating paperless, or with integration with other mobile applications and online services, booking a parking spot through a major website might be the way to go. Whether with a website such as Way.com, SpotHero or On Air Parking, these are great one-stop solutions eliminating the need to track down a printer or dig through your luggage/bags when at the lot. Great for the more tech-savvy or environmentally conscious travelers. However, because these are going to be online, those travelers who struggle with technology or with directions regarding technology might not prefer this method, as some lots even forgo the on-site kiosk with booking. Great for streamlined and sleek service, but maybe not the first option if you’re guiding an elderly relative through their travel itinerary.

10 Possible Reasons Why You Should Choose Airport Parking

10 Possible Reasons Why You Should Choose Airport Parking

If you’re comparing different options to park during your next trip, you might wonder what the benefit is with parking at the airport compared to getting a ride, or parking off-site. Indeed, while these locations might be a tad more expensive or competitive, there are still many merits to considering parking at the airport. Read on for ten reasons to keep airport parking on the table for your next journey.

Airport parking is more reliable

Of all the options for parking, few places are more reliable than the airport’s own lots and garages! This is for many reasons, whether that reliable parking is a big amenity and service for the airport’s reputation, to ensure that the most regular staff and flyers can get to their gates on time, or that the airport’s lots and garages are usually much better funded and equipped than off-site options. Airport parking usually comes with massive lots and large capacities, cameras, and plenty of full-time, around-the-clock staff dedicated just to the operations and maintenance of the garages and security. 

It is closer to the gate

Maybe more accurately, we should say that airport parking is closest to the gate, as you will very rarely find parking closer to your check-in than at the airport itself! This is a very big draw for those who choose to park at the airport, and it’s easy to understand why. For one, proximity to the airport cuts out a whole additional leg from the terminal to your car as one might face when parking off location, and also gets you to your gate faster! This can mean more flexibility, leeway with traffic, or even sleeping in that little bit more since the airport is just a short walk from your parking spot.

Interpreter and translation services 

Yes, while some select third parties might offer extensive service in a language other than English, and there are apps such as Google Translate and Bing Translate available-few beat the service provided by a personable and professional translator on location. Airports, especially those major airports around the nation frequently have translators not only in Spanish but in many world languages such as Mandarin, French, Punjabi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Tagalog, and more! This is a very good service to consider if you’re drafting travel plans for family or friends who have limited English, and can make all the difference when traveling. 

Less time in traffic

Again, this ties back to not having to make that extra journey between an off-site lot and the airport. Even if the lot is close to the airport, not having to transfer, nor waiting on a shuttle and only having to fight through peak traffic once can make a huge difference on your arrival time-another useful thing to consider if you are a traveler who frequently cuts it close with your flights. 

Better connections with other travel resources

Whether it’s hotels, resort packages, language-specific travel services, or other specifically travel-related items, airports are also much more likely to have these in a wider number and variety compared to even the largest off-site lots. This is another note worthy of consideration whether you’re a traveler who likes to check all of their boxes in one area, or just want to be most privy to local deals and other very useful resources for tourists and frequent business flyers.

On-site services

Aside from the interpretation/translation note we mentioned earlier, many airports also offer a large number of incredibly useful services for last-minute car troubles. One of these is car location either on foot with one or more employees or via vehicle-useful for when you forget where exactly you parked. There is also battery assistance, tire repair and air for your tires, more incredibly useful services for the unexpected after a long flight home. In addition, many airports also offer more lavish services such as full-auto service, detailing and washes while you’re away-meaning you can even come back home to a car in even better condition than before! Off site lots rarely match these latter services, especially in the capacity and professionalism at airport garages.

Easier to navigate

If you’re a first-time flier or just a nervous traveler, the streamlined layout and process of parking at an airport garage is probably the better option. With more visible, larger signage and electronic controls, as well as more information readily available about airport layout online, those who fear getting lost in the mix should consider an airport garage over the varying layouts and operations of off location lots.

Better security 

While off site locations can be safe, airports usually have a substantially larger amount of resources and personnel dedicated exclusively to security, whether it is airport police, security and patrols just for the garages and lots, and extensive CCTV, you can expect a much lower risk of random burglary, vandalisation or auto theft at an airport compared to other parking locations. This is both due to the much larger scale of airports compared to off site lots, as well as the generally high priority of security and safety at American airports-this vigilance extends to the garages too. Airports with their higher level of cameras, coverage, and patrons also make for more numerous eyewitnesses, angles of recording, and easier recourse if your car is damaged while you’re away.

Easier to research 

Airports also generally see much higher numbers of usage and thus will have much more information available regarding traffic patterns, layout, maps, pricing, procedures, and even on-site businesses and quirks. This is not as true for even the most popular of lots, who are less frequently the subjects of blog posts, reviews, vlogs and reviews compared to airports. This is good to consider if you are a traveler who really likes to weigh public opinion and personal reviews in your decisions while drafting travel plans.

Ease of contact

And finally, tying into our previous item and also with the translation services, airports are usually much easier to contact than the administration of some off-site lots. This can be that off-site lots have limited contact or customer service information, while the opposite is generally true for airports, especially large airports. Whether this is in person at one of the many kiosks and desks, or calling dedicated numbers, a traveler who also really prioritizes contact with their parking location might favor parking at an airport for this reason. 

How to Select the Best Airport Parking Service for Your Car

How to Select the Best Airport Parking Service for Your Car

Between renting a private lot, going with an off-site lot, an airport garage, or valet service, the many options for parking your car during your next trip can be quite confusing. With so many different merits, it can be hard to choose between these options. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide on how to select the best Airport Parking service for your car.

Before we dive in, this is categorized by attribute/service instead of by type, as to better streamline picking an option for yourself. Whichever of these services are most important to you, just note which types are listed most frequently with the service you desire, and that is likely going to be your best option. 

Location Concerns/Distance to Airport

Indeed, one of the most pertinent concerns with parking is distance to the airport. Whether it is to cut down time before arriving at the gate, or just buying you a little more time sleeping in/having breakfast at home, location is absolutely one of the most paramount concerns of any traveler’s parking spot. With this in mind, the absolute best option for distance to the airport/distance to your gate is understandably going to be airport parking. This is probably in the form of parking at an airport garage or a nearby airport lot serviced by a people-mover/monorail. For those who really want to prioritize distance to the airport/time to the airport, valet parking is an even better option, as you’ll be on your way to the gate without the struggle and hassle of hunting down parking-sometimes a very time-consuming affair.

Security Concerns

For those who place their safety and the safety of their vehicle at the top of their priorities, again, we recommend either the airport again. For airports, the level of security is hard to beat, and this is already a given with the high level of security in all parts of the airport, but also extends to the garages and lots. At the airport, you can expect not only a much more numerous security team, airport police force but also regular patrols by staff, maintenance and security, as well as extensive CCTV and camera coverage. Not to mention, the sheer number of people going in and out of the area make any serious crime to your car even more difficult to execute unnoticed. 

Fiscal Concerns

If saving money and economizing on your parking fees is the priority for selecting your parking location, we recommend either going with a private lot or an off site lot. While these lots may not have as many amenities and services as a large hotel lot or the airport, these will commonly be much cheaper, both for shorter trips and for long-term parking. Even the long-term lots at airports frequently come out as slightly more expensive per day, adding up to a big difference over a long term trip. 

Integration with other services 

This one will vary depending on the exact website or application you use, but generally speaking, off-site and hotel lots will have more integration with mobile applications and other travel-oriented services. This is important to consider if you are a traveler who prefers to have their plans with one application, traveling paperless, or just don’t want as many moving parts with your travel plans. Especially pertinent are applications such as SpotHero or Way.com, which offer packages with other services.

Auto Services

Speaking of other auto services, if auto care is your priority while gone on your travels, we actually recommend the airport, again! You get what you pay for, and airports frequently offer detailing, repairs, paint and car washes to care for your car while you’re gone! These services, even if offered elsewhere on a third-party application, are still exceptionally rare with private lots or with off-location lots. The auto services may be a little more costly at the airport, but it is truly a convenient choice. A welcome sight at the end of your long journey-with the car in even nicer condition than how you left it. 


This one will vary greatly with airport and private lot alike, so for this one, we advise that you actually find one with an explicit advertisement of services for those travelers with difficulties moving/lifting heavy objects. Airports will generally provide this due to their numerous and diverse clientele, but it is not always guaranteed. Likewise, community forums for travelers with difficulties and additional need for accessibility are also great places to look when searching for a friendly and accommodating place to park your car, whether traveling as a group or in one vehicle. 

Language Services

You may not be planning a journey for yourself, but for family or friends who have a hard time communicating in English. Whether they prefer to sign, or much prefer speaking in another language, there are plenty of options if this is a paramount concern. Those travelers who really want to be able to sign should also look to community forums for proven and backed resources and lots to park at, while those who have a specific language in mind might weigh the airport or a specific lot/travel service. Generally speaking, travelers who want to use a larger language will have better luck being provided on-site interpretation/translation, whether it is Mandarin, French, Arabic, Hindi and especially Spanish. Those travelers who want to operate in a language with less speakers might favor working with a private lot + shuttle service that specializes in a specific language community-usually more available in larger cities but should be an option anywhere with a sizable number of said language’s speakers, whether it is Hmong, Haitian Creole, Khmer or Armenian. In any case, especially with larger cities, know that you will have plenty of options, as interpretation is a very common service at airports and with private parking lots.

8 Travel Hacks to Make Your Holiday Experience Great

8 Travel Hacks to Make Your Holiday Experience Great

Holidays can be a massive undertaking, we know this well. Managing lodging, activities, the travel itself, parking, navigating the airport, exchange rates, etc., it is a mountain of a task. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first time flier, there are plenty of great travel hacks to really make the most of your next journey. Read on for eight of our favorite travel tips and how to make your holiday experience great.

Make/consult a local friend 

At the very top of our list is one of the best things you can do, especially if it is a faraway or very unknown destination—have a local on your journey! Nobody knows the best sights, best bites, attractions, experiences and secrets like a local, and this is a great way for travelers to get to know and meet a side of your destination usually missed out on by travelers. Whether you’ve got diverse circles and a local in your midst or you’re open to reaching out and making friends with a local, this is a sure way to not only really see all the insider secrets, but also add a human touch to your holiday.

Don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path 

This more so applies for safer locations, as unfortunately, it is best to stick to the tourist areas in some destinations. But, for those safer locations, wandering, exploring and really seeing what’s out there and outside the travel guide is another great way to experience your trip. This is better for slightly longer journeys where you’ll have time to recharge and commit to exploration, and especially for those who don’t prefer a detailed itinerary. Plenty of hidden sights, flavors and experiences are around the corner from the largest tourist attractions in many destinations, and are a great and memorable way to take the holiday on your own terms.

Prioritize new experiences 

If you’ll be traveling somewhere similar to home, it might be tempting to actually end up doing many of the same things you do at home. It could be going out eating delicious food, shopping for clothes, going out clubbing, it’s your vacation in the end, but the really unique experiences are going to be those things you really can’t see or do at home. For this reason, we recommend really prioritizing those sights and experiences, whether it’s an ornate, ancient palace, a lively live market and performances with rare foods, trekking along a river with endemic and exotic wildlife or a dying art form. 

Ranked choice voting when with a group/a picky bunch

Indeed, whether you’re just traveling with one other incredibly picky person, or in a large group, it can be hard to plan an itinerary that everyone will be happy with! Our neat solution to this is ranked choice voting. The concept is simple, you’ve got however many attractions on your holiday—each person in your group picks their top 5–10 items, and you rank the items. Higher votes count more, and the inverse is true. The result is you are left with a good idea of what people want to see the most, want to see only some and don’t care at all. An incredibly useful tool when planning with a group. (A massive task in itself). You can also modify the method by allowing for one guaranteed pick if you are concerned that one person’s number one pick might be not interesting to anyone else.

Go for a themed vacation

A novel strategy, maybe your holiday can center around a specific interest you have. Whether this is local gastronomy, a local sport, art form, material, animal, or phenomenon, this can be an easy way to completely change the layout of your vacation, and allow you to really dive deep into a certain topic of interest in limited time. This might be preferred for locations where you’re fairly confident you’ll return in the future, or for locations so dense in activities/attractions that you’ll not miss out.

Challenge yourself with the language

If you’ll be traveling somewhere where you do not know the language, another good and highly rewarding item is challenging yourself with learning the language! This is an especially good thing to do in advance of those trips far in the future, as you’ll have more time to learn more of the language. This can equip you to navigate independently during your holiday, really satisfying and memorable for the solo traveler, or for those travelers who enjoy being “behind the wheel.” Aside from this, learning the language can also open a world of possibilities for your trip, whether it’s inevitably learning cultural nuances and customs, making local friends or discovering other attractions/aspects of the culture that you can explore/better understand during your trip. For those travelers up for the challenge and have a dream destination they’re very invested in, learning the language is very much worth the work. 

Location, location, location

Unless you have a specific destination in mind or really prefer long walks/quiet, making sure you’ve booked a location with prime distance to restaurants, attractions, nightlife, and transportation is a very important item to have checked prior to your vacation. An out of the way and very lifeless area for your lodging can make all the difference during your next vacation, and extra paid to stay closer to the action can be well worth it.

Have transportation accounted for 

Some destinations have incredibly poor public transport and thus a car will be an important item to have on your vacation. Failing to book one or forgoing one can eat up a lot of time in a place with no public transport, either spending lots of time waiting on underfunded bus systems, or spending lots of money on taxis, uber, and lyft! Before you head out, be sure you know which method of transport you’ll be using to get around—it can save so much time on your next vacation. 

Is it Safe to Book Off-Airport Parking in Georgia?

Is it Safe to Book Off-Airport Parking in Georgia?

Off-airport parking. Despite the many moving parts and variability of parking off-airport, it remains a safe and effective option to consider for your next trip. Whether you’ve parked in many arrangements around the airport and are comparing your options, or want to learn more about this highly economical option, we’re here to quell your fears. Read on for our coverage of the ins-and-outs of parking outside the airport, and how the most common concerns are accounted for when you park off-airport here around the Peach State.

Physical Safety to the Traveler

Yes, whether parking around massive Hartsfield-Jackson or charming Savannah, one of the primary concerns with the question “is it safe?” is not with the vehicle, but also with the traveler themself! Travelers will be delighted to find that many of the lots that work with off-airport parking are easily searchable, and have many quality controls—especially those working with the larger websites. This information is easily available either on Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook or even on the booking websites themselves. In addition, many of these lots provide cameras/CCTV, staff on location, security or all of the above. Some of the more frequent lots at larger airports also have such a number of people coming and going via shuttle service that you’re less likely to be alone (Great note for those frequent solo flyers). As mentioned, all of these can be provided by the lot, or just as a part of a larger facility, many of these lots that provide parking off-site for flyers will notice that they are actually hotels too! This helps in that there will be an employee physically available to reach and consult 24/7, as well as further CCTV coverage. With these many precautions and easy contact to staff, parking off-airport is a safe option.

Safety for the vehicle 

Indeed, the other half to the question “is it safe?” is also concerning safety for your vehicle! Coming back to a damaged car, burglary or an expensive gash is something no traveler wants after a long flight—these are reasonable and common worries. Thankfully, because of this, many lots not only prioritize your safety but also the safety of your vehicle, from serious intrusions to costly and unsightly scratches. As mentioned earlier, many lots whether as part of a hotel or just as a standalone lot, will advertise and provide CCTV coverage. Some of the lots even include regular patrols by staff/security! This means, even if a crime is committed against your car, small or large, you will typically have recourse with documentation of the offending party. Aside from recording and surveillance, an even better outcome would just be for the damage not to occur at all, and many lots also take this into consideration with which spaces they rent. Plenty of lots will be sure to have those larger vehicles on their own side of the car park, will be vigilant as to not overbook, and rarely have squeezes for individual lot sizes. This means the lot should not be packed as the airport may be during peak travel season, and you’re not struggling to fit a larger vehicle into a compact space/parking your compact vehicle between two giants. 

Are these websites/companies legitimate?

Another very common question around parking off-airport is “is it legitimate?” Indeed, the concern of fiscal security and making sure you aren’t paying a very shady or fraudulent company is another real concern. Again, with many of the larger websites, these concerns can easily be researched either through a robust community of reviews, or even checked by another service such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, and even local community boards on other social media. Your safest bet is going with the largest websites backed by third-party certifications such as the better business bureau or newspapers, fair practice associations, as well as services commonly advertised in airports and nearby hotels. Fraudulent lots and businesses are less likely to earn these distinctions and have the opportunity to advertise in these areas. In addition, with the sheer number of travelers through Hartsfield-Jackson and even the smaller regional airports around the state such as in Savannah and Columbus, any foul play will quickly catch wind. For this reason, we might also recommend parking with a more established or older lot. If the information about a certain lot is incredibly limited, new or published with the same sources/writing style, it’s better not to risk it and park with a proven safe lot. But in short, yes, there are plenty of legitimate services and lots available, and travelers frequently have the ability to check with reviews to vet their options.

Is it accessible ?

While this might not be the first question to many, another very important question for travelers in groups is “is it accessible?” This is an especially pertinent question for the safety and well-being of those travelers with difficulties moving, whether for reasons of health or other causes. Travelers will be delighted to know that many of these lots not only provide transportation to and from the airport via shuttles, but that these shuttles frequently accommodate those traveling with wheelchairs. In addition, many lots also provide for on – site support whether it’s locating your vehicle after a long trip, or even with movement around the lot itself! This can be a great utility for those exceptionally large lots. Finally, those lots that are staffed or affiliated with an airport also regularly provide those extra services for travelers with difficulties moving and lifting heavy objects, whether it’s loading and packing wheelchairs, luggage just below the weight limit or more. And as always, travelers always have the option to check in via phone or email a lot ahead of time to find out exactly which of these services they provide. These are also frequently advertised and listed services on many booking websites and search engines.