Is it Safe to Book Off-Airport Parking in Georgia?

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Is it Safe to Book Off-Airport Parking in Georgia?

Off-airport parking. Despite the many moving parts and variability of parking off-airport, it remains a safe and effective option to consider for your next trip. Whether you’ve parked in many arrangements around the airport and are comparing your options, or want to learn more about this highly economical option, we’re here to quell your fears. Read on for our coverage of the ins-and-outs of parking outside the airport, and how the most common concerns are accounted for when you park off-airport here around the Peach State.

Physical Safety to the Traveler

Yes, whether parking around massive Hartsfield-Jackson or charming Savannah, one of the primary concerns with the question “is it safe?” is not with the vehicle, but also with the traveler themself! Travelers will be delighted to find that many of the lots that work with off-airport parking are easily searchable, and have many quality controls—especially those working with the larger websites. This information is easily available either on Yelp, Google Reviews, Facebook or even on the booking websites themselves. In addition, many of these lots provide cameras/CCTV, staff on location, security or all of the above. Some of the more frequent lots at larger airports also have such a number of people coming and going via shuttle service that you’re less likely to be alone (Great note for those frequent solo flyers). As mentioned, all of these can be provided by the lot, or just as a part of a larger facility, many of these lots that provide parking off-site for flyers will notice that they are actually hotels too! This helps in that there will be an employee physically available to reach and consult 24/7, as well as further CCTV coverage. With these many precautions and easy contact to staff, parking off-airport is a safe option.

Safety for the vehicle 

Indeed, the other half to the question “is it safe?” is also concerning safety for your vehicle! Coming back to a damaged car, burglary or an expensive gash is something no traveler wants after a long flight—these are reasonable and common worries. Thankfully, because of this, many lots not only prioritize your safety but also the safety of your vehicle, from serious intrusions to costly and unsightly scratches. As mentioned earlier, many lots whether as part of a hotel or just as a standalone lot, will advertise and provide CCTV coverage. Some of the lots even include regular patrols by staff/security! This means, even if a crime is committed against your car, small or large, you will typically have recourse with documentation of the offending party. Aside from recording and surveillance, an even better outcome would just be for the damage not to occur at all, and many lots also take this into consideration with which spaces they rent. Plenty of lots will be sure to have those larger vehicles on their own side of the car park, will be vigilant as to not overbook, and rarely have squeezes for individual lot sizes. This means the lot should not be packed as the airport may be during peak travel season, and you’re not struggling to fit a larger vehicle into a compact space/parking your compact vehicle between two giants. 

Are these websites/companies legitimate?

Another very common question around parking off-airport is “is it legitimate?” Indeed, the concern of fiscal security and making sure you aren’t paying a very shady or fraudulent company is another real concern. Again, with many of the larger websites, these concerns can easily be researched either through a robust community of reviews, or even checked by another service such as Yelp, Facebook, Google Reviews, and even local community boards on other social media. Your safest bet is going with the largest websites backed by third-party certifications such as the better business bureau or newspapers, fair practice associations, as well as services commonly advertised in airports and nearby hotels. Fraudulent lots and businesses are less likely to earn these distinctions and have the opportunity to advertise in these areas. In addition, with the sheer number of travelers through Hartsfield-Jackson and even the smaller regional airports around the state such as in Savannah and Columbus, any foul play will quickly catch wind. For this reason, we might also recommend parking with a more established or older lot. If the information about a certain lot is incredibly limited, new or published with the same sources/writing style, it’s better not to risk it and park with a proven safe lot. But in short, yes, there are plenty of legitimate services and lots available, and travelers frequently have the ability to check with reviews to vet their options.

Is it accessible ?

While this might not be the first question to many, another very important question for travelers in groups is “is it accessible?” This is an especially pertinent question for the safety and well-being of those travelers with difficulties moving, whether for reasons of health or other causes. Travelers will be delighted to know that many of these lots not only provide transportation to and from the airport via shuttles, but that these shuttles frequently accommodate those traveling with wheelchairs. In addition, many lots also provide for on – site support whether it’s locating your vehicle after a long trip, or even with movement around the lot itself! This can be a great utility for those exceptionally large lots. Finally, those lots that are staffed or affiliated with an airport also regularly provide those extra services for travelers with difficulties moving and lifting heavy objects, whether it’s loading and packing wheelchairs, luggage just below the weight limit or more. And as always, travelers always have the option to check in via phone or email a lot ahead of time to find out exactly which of these services they provide. These are also frequently advertised and listed services on many booking websites and search engines.