What is open in Washington DC during the coronavirus?

Like the vast majority of cities in the country, Washington D.C and its businesses were impacted by the coronavirus, and while some businesses have been forced to close during this time, others have been able to stay open. In order to help give you a snippet of what is open in Washington D.C during the coronavirus, check out the list below for more information.


A lot of America’s greatest history and landmarks are just in D.C alone, and for this reason, hop on bus tours are extremely popular. Big Bus Tours are still operating so you can partake in a guided tour around some of the country’s most recognizable sights. The tours are taking place currently between Thursdays to Mondays, with increased cleaning and distancing regulations in place.


This historical landmark not only includes the federal-style mansion, but also a vast beautiful garden alongside it. The guided tours are currently on hold, but you can take a self-tour of just the gardens instead. You must book tickets in advance to get a timeslot and all tickets are free.


For a day out of fun for everyone check out the National Zoo in Washington D.C. As always, here you will be able to see all kinds of animals from pandas, and lions, to lemurs, and leopards. The zoo is open from 8am until 4pm every day, you must book tickets in advance, and anyone over the age of six is now required to wear a face mask.


Currently, the National Air and Space Museum and the Zoo are the only Smithsonian establishments open during this time. The museum is free to enter, but groups no larger than six are allowed and masks are to be worn at all times. This is no doubt one of the best stops in the country for all things space-related, and a great day out for all ages. The Smithsonian are doing everything they can to ensure all visitors are safe, so you can have a fun day out without worry.


Eating out is definitely one of life’s pleasures, and for most people, it may have been many months since the last time they were able to enjoy a meal outside their home. Well, a lot of restaurants in and around D.C are still open during this time, and we have listed some of the top spots below to help you decide. Just remember that some may only be available for takeout or have a limited capacity , therefore, you should always call ahead rather than just turning up unannounced in order to avoid disappointment.

  • Bistro Aracosia
  • The Dabney
  • Kinship
  • Old Ebbitt Grill
  • The Capital Grille
  • 1400 North
  • Rose’s Luxury
  • Estadio
  • Zaytinya
  • Keren Cafe & Restaurant

Daily life can be full of frustrations right now, you may feel like you are spending far too much time at home and it’s affecting your sanity; well, with the knowledge above, you can take steps to visit different businesses in the area, but, of course, be safe!

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What is open in Times Square New York NY during the coronavirus?

What is open in Times Square, NY, during the coronavirus? Well, this is a great question. Of course, at the moment life is a little different, and the businesses we were once used to being open day and night are suddenly closed. However, there are still businesses that are open in the city, and below we have gone through a few of them to give you a better understanding of where you can shop and visit during this time.


While a lot of places, especially in the entertainment industry, are closed, Madame Tussauds is back and still as great ever. Take a tour around some of the world’s most famous people, and have pictures with the life-like waxwork figures (you might even be able to fool your friends that you met a celebrity during your day out!). Due to the coronavirus, you have to now book tickets in advance, and ensure that you are wearing a mask inside at all times.


There is cautious optimism with nail salons being back open, and there are plenty in measures in place to keep clients safe. All salons are required to undergo frequent and extensive cleaning, there is a cap on how many customers can be in the salon at once, and face masks must always be worn. If you are needing your nails done, check out a salon in Times Square such as Ivy Nail & Spa, or Nams Nail Spa.


Despite the number of coffee shops currently closed, Starbucks is hanging in there and still providing the city with their daily coffee fix. There is currently one Starbucks open in Times Square which you can find in the Times Square shopping center. Currently, they are only able to serve coffee as a takeaway with delivery or sit down options on hold for the moment. However, a takeaway coffee is what most people are after anyway, so you can still get your favorite drink every day.


Everyone knows that New York City has some of the best places in the world to eat, and having so many of them closed has been a big adjustment for many people. Fortunately, though, a lot of restaurants have been able to reopen, albeit with a few restrictions, and we have put some of the top restaurants in Times Square below. Not all the restaurants are able to accommodate diners so it is best to check whether they are offering takeout or delivery only.

  • Times Square Diner & Grill
  • Virgil’s Real BBQ – Times Square
  • Havana Central Times Square
  • Tony’s Di Napoli
  • Los Tacos No.1
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Margon
  • The Capital Grille
  • P.S. Kitchen
  • R Lounge

The acts of kindness, teamwork, and great attitude displayed by those who live and work in New York City has been a great example to the rest of the country – the safety of everyone is the priority. If you are unsure about any of the rules or regulations in place at the moment then you can head to your city’s website to read the guidelines or find the relevant contact numbers.

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What is open in Seattle WA during the coronavirus?

If you are looking for what is open in Seattle, WA, during the coronavirus, then you have come to the right place. We are not able to name them all for you, but we can give you a sample of the main ones to help you get a better idea about what is going on in the city.


Because most coffee shops are not run by a chain, it is an excellent way to support small businesses in your local community. A lot of smaller cafes haven’t been able to reopen just yet, as coffee shops must serve coffee as takeaway or delivery only, but there are still a few to choose from that you can visit the next time you need a cup of coffee; Moore Coffee Shop and La Marzocco Cafe are just two of the great options in the city.


With the demand for fast food still being as high, but people not being able to go inside fast-food restaurants in person, most of the big named brands have plowed enormous sums of money into their apps to make it easier and faster than ever to get your favorite fast food delivered straight to your door.


For a fun day out and a break from the reality of daily life right now, head to the Space Needle and experience the most enviable views in the city. While this may not be seen as a business by many in the same way coffee shops or florists are, it is a great addition for people to bear in mind so they can start exploring their city again.


Given that Home Depot sells materials and goods that are essential to both basic and serious home repairs, it would be a disaster if they were ever to close. Because of this, they have vowed to never close, but have stated several times that during the coronavirus they will work harder than ever to ensure that all customers are safe, and everyone can still get the essential goods they need. If you visit, be aware of social distancing and always wear a mask in the store.


Most people are crying out for a break from cooking, suddenly having to deal with cooking and cleaning every night for yourself, or family, and still having to deal with the regular stress of work and daily life has certainly been tough. However, restaurants are starting to open again so you can have a break. Not all restaurants are able to open their inside areas, but rather are only offering takeout or delivery, this means you still don’t have to cook though so it’s not all bad – here are a few top-rated restaurants in the city for your convenience.

  • Canlis
  • Spinasse
  • The Pink Door
  • Altura
  • Marseille
  • Six Seven Restaurant
  • Nue
  • Shiro’s Sushi
  • The Capital Grille
  • Il Corvo

If you have any questions or want to familiarize yourself with the new guidelines for when you visit a business, then check out your city’s website where you will be able to read the relevant information and keep on top of any new updates.

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What is open in San Francisco CA during the coronavirus?

If you feel a bit lost with the rules and regulations now put in place due to the coronavirus, don’t worry, most people are feeling the same. It is hard to keep up with the changes, especially when it comes to knowing which businesses are still open and which are not. With this in mind, we have put together a guide on what is open in San Francisco, CA, during the coronavirus; while we cannot name them all, we can give you an idea of a few places you can go at the moment.


At 2545 Powell Street you will find one of the only segway tour companies still open at the moment. What better way to explore this beautiful city than a guided tour that is both informative and fun. Anyone can join a tour, even if you have never ridden a segway before, the staff will be on hand to make sure you are always safe. In the words of the tour company – you will have the ride of your life.


If you are still the kind of person who prefers to have a real book in your hand rather than on a tablet, then you will be pleased with the latest opening of the bookstores in the area. Check out stores such as Dog Eared Books, Green Apple Books, or Alexander Book Company, and enjoy the sights and smells of a classic bookstore like before.


The combination of the glorious weather in California and the fantastic wine makes for the ultimate day out at one of San Francisco’s wineries. The tours and wine tastings are back open during this time, so if you need a break away from the reality of life then head on over to one of the local wineries and spend a day relaxing in the sun with a glass of vino in hand. The tours have limited capacity so book ahead, and expect to wear a face mask during your visit.


With so many restaurants having closed for large periods of time, the majority of people have had to learn to cook or adapt to having to cook night after night with no break. Suddenly, this luxury of eating out that many took for granted was taken away. However, things have turned around, and a lot of restaurants in San Francisco are back open – we have listed a few top choices below. Bear in mind that not every restaurant can cater to dine-in at the moment, so call them to check if they currently only have takeout and delivery options in place.

  • Liholiho Yacht Club
  • Lazy Bear
  • La Ciccia
  • Acquerello
  • Kokkari Estiatorio
  • Rich Table
  • Quince
  • Californios
  • House of Prime Rib
  • Mourad

Of course, while it is great to be able to still support businesses no matter how big or small they are, it is crucial that you follow any policies in place during these visits in order to keep everyone and yourself safe during these times!

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What is open in Sacramento CA during the coronavirus?

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on the majority of people’s lives; with people losing jobs, and businesses closing. However, things are seemingly starting to get a little better week by week, this includes businesses that are allowed to be open during this time. To give you an idea of what types of businesses are open in Sacramento, CA, during the coronavirus, we have listed some below.


As it is an essential business, pharmacies are allowed to be open during this time, while this is good news for anyone who needs medication, it is important to remember to stay safe when you are visiting. Pucci’s does have an in-store pick up, and while they observe social distancing and extensive cleaning, you also must wear a face mask if you are going inside.


Starbucks is here to save the day for anyone who enjoys a coffee or two throughout the day. There are three locations in Sacramento, namely; 1401 Alhambra Blvd, 8231 Timberlake Way #140, and 8240 Calvine Rd. However, all three of these options are delivery or drive-thru, you can’t dine-in right now. They do have their regular extensive menu in place though, and you will still be able to get your favorite drink as always.


Like other businesses, some tattoo parlors have stayed open and some haven’t. One factor for this includes making sure each parlor is able to follow the correct regulations, therefore, if a parlor is open, you know for certain that they are doing everything that they need to keep its clients safe. Therefore, if you do want to go ahead with any plans you have for a tattoo then head on to one of those that are open such as the Royal Peacock Tattoo Parlor, or Sacramento Tattoo & Piercing.


Home Depot is incredibly necessary from time to time in everyone’s lives, with the goods they sell including vital things such as plumbing, electric, and heating equipment, it would be disastrous for many if Home Depot were to close. Fortunately, Home Depot has stated that they will never close during the coronavirus, but rather they have increased cleaning and sanitization to keep customers safe.


Eating out is one of the pleasures of life, and I’m sure everyone is eager to get out of the kitchen and test out some of the top restaurants in the area. Below we have listed a few of these for you, just bear in mind that even though many restaurants are now allowed to open, not all of them can currently accommodate for dinners, and can only serve takeout or delivery, so you should always call ahead of time to any restaurant you want to visit so you are not left disappointed.

  • Firehouse
  • Mulvaney’s B&L
  • Kru Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
  • Bacon & Butter
  • South
  • Cafeteria 15L
  • Mayahuel
  • Bangkok@12 Thai
  • Tres Hermanas
  • Woodlake Tavern

Being able to get out and about is definitely something that we would have all understandably taken for granted until recently, so it is important that when you do go out, you are following guidelines in place so everyone can stay safe!

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What is open in Phoenix AZ during the coronavirus?

For the better part of the year, the country has been a bit upside down, and it’s understandable if you are struggling to keep up with what’s going on and where you’re allowed to visit. So, to help you out a little, we have put together a snippet of what is open in Phoenix, AZ during the coronavirus to give you a better understanding.


One of the handful of museums that are back open in the city is the Heard Museum, like the other museums in Phoenix, this is a great learning experience and a fantastic way to spend the day out. The Heard Museums focuses on Native American History, American Indian art, and how advancements can be made in these areas. There is social distancing in place here, you will also have to wear a mask, and call ahead of time to see if you need to reserve a time slot.


Demand for fast food has been just as high as before the virus came, a combination of people being more stressed and most of the main restaurants open has kept the customers coming back. All fast food outlets are open but only for takeout and delivery, so keep this in mind the next time you want to order.


Most of the gyms are currently still closed, however, Planet Fitness is taking the lead and staying open for all of their customers. The owner believes that fitness is part of the way that people can combat the coronavirus, so he has decided to keep as many gyms open as possible and introduce safety measures instead, in the way of extra cleaning, smaller classes, and outdoor training. There are plenty of ways to exercise safely and it’s clear they are putting clients first.


If you are still the kind of person who prefers to have a real book in your hand rather than on a tablet, then you will be pleased with the latest opening of the bookstores in the area. Check out stores such as Changing Hands Bookstore, and Books Gallery and enjoy the sights and smells of a classic bookstore like before.


Now that more restaurants are starting to open in the city, people can finally give themselves a night off from the constant home cooking. Dealing with the stress of daily life is hard enough without having to think about cooking and cleaning every night. So, the next time you need a break, check out one of the top-rated restaurants below, but be sure to check with them if they are dine-in, or takeout and delivery only.

  • Binkleys Restaurant
  • Chelsea’s Kitchen
  • POMO Pizzeria
  • Different Pointe of View
  • Switch Restaurant
  • Tarbell’s
  • Barrio Cafe
  • Pizzeria Bianco
  • Steak 44
  • Matt’s Big Breakfast

As always, the most important thing for everyone’s sake whenever you are visiting a business of any kind is that you follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe. There are definitely some adjustments to be made but by working together, the city can reopen more and more.

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What is open in Philadelphia PA during the coronavirus?

If you are looking for what is open in Philadelphia, PA, during the coronavirus, then we may be able to help. Of course, in a city, there are a huge amount of businesses, and as they start to reopen, we cannot name them all, however, we can pick a few top ones to give you a better idea.


Also known as Philly from the top, this observation deck reaching heights of nearly 900 feet will give you the most stunning and breathtaking views of the city. If you are wanting to experience the city like never before, then be sure to call ahead to make sure there is room for you as limited capacity is in place.


Unfortunately, things still go wrong even when we are already dealing with one crisis, and I’m sure there have been many people who have needed construction work or other services to fix parts of their home and haven’t been able to. Happily, these types of services are now reopened, so you can start getting your home back to normal.


The rules and severity of reopening are different from state to state, so a business open here, may not necessarily be open in another state. Coffee shops are a great example of this, as in many parts of the country, coffee shops, particularly the small ones that only do dine in are still closed. In Philadelphia, however, they are opening bit by bit, and you can go get your caffeine fix at places like Shot Tower Coffee, or Menagerie Coffee.


These types of trusty shops aren’t closing anytime soon – due to them being classed as essential business, it doesn’t matter what happens during the coronavirus, they will still be open. You can do your weekly shop, pick up your favorite treats, or just window shop as you go by. Stores like this are obviously implementing rules, so if you go, always wear a mask, and ensure you are keeping a distance from other shoppers, or you may not be allowed to enter.


Cooking can be a joyful experience, but it can also feel like the worst chore in the world when you are stressed and tired, and would rather be doing anything other than cooking for yourself or your family. Having to cook at home so much recently has certainly been difficult, especially for anyone who is still juggling work and family, but you can finally start taking a break. We have chosen some of the top restaurants in the city that are now reopened; and even though most are only able to provide delivery or take out, it still means you don’t have to cook.

  • Vernick Food & Drink
  • Zahav
  • Vedge
  • Vetri Cucina
  • Parc
  • Talula’s Garden
  • Suraya Restaurant
  • Barclay Prime
  • Bibou
  • Morimoto

Staying safe and keeping those around you safe is always the most important thing, so when you are out and about doing your shopping and visiting any businesses or attractions, do your best to follow the new guidelines at all times.

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What is open in Pennsylvania Station New York NY during the coronavirus?

In order to give you a glimpse into what is open in Pennsylvania Station, New York, NY, during the coronavirus, we have put together a list of some of the main businesses that you can now visit, albeit with new practices in place. While we cannot list them all, we can give you a head start in knowing where you can shop.


Now is the time more than ever to support small businesses, and shop locally as much as possible. This does all depend on what is open and what’s available, but florists are a great example of a typical small business that is now open. It’s good to keep this in mind the next time you want to send a friend or family a gift or want a beautiful new bouquet for your office.


Now is as good a time as any to get that tattoo you’ve been waiting for. Tattoo parlors are opening again with extremely strict hygiene and cleaning standards, and of course, limited capacity and masks. There are plenty of parlors int eh city open, and you can be sure they are doing all they can to keep people safe.


Using a chain for your daily coffee isn’t a nice thought for everyone, and we understand why it’s far better and more rewarding to shop local and use small businesses as much as possible. Unfortunately, smaller coffee shops are struggling to reopen as diners cannot be inside, and these small cafes can’t organize delivery options. That leaves us with big chains like Starbucks who have the resources to accommodate delivery coffee.

  1. GYMS

Due to the nature of gyms, most have been closed during the coronavirus and still are now. However, one exception to this has been planet Fitness. This nationwide gym chain has kept as many gyms open during this whole time across the country. If you are a member you can still work out but you will notice changes such as rigorous cleaning, smaller classes, and outdoor classes.


As fun as cooking at home can be, and even rewarding if you are able to learn a new skill, everyone needs a night off. It has been hard having to deal with daily life being more stressful than ever, and still have to think about cooking at home night after night. Happily, a lot of restaurants are opening again, and we have selected some of the top ones in the area to give you a great choice – bear in mind not all can offer dine-in again just yet so call ahead first.

  • The Cinnamon Snail
  • Penn & Sushi
  • Shake Shack
  • Pennsylvania 6 NYC
  • NY Pizza Suprema
  • Daily Burger
  • Versa
  • Juniper Bar
  • Charleys Philly Steaks

On your city’s website, you will find more information about what restrictions are in place in other areas, what the current guidelines are, what is coming up in the near future, and contact numbers for the relevant team if you have any queries or worries.

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What is open in Orlando FL during the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, not even the great weather in Orlando, Fl, could stop the coronavirus from descending upon the city. For much of the year, people have experienced different rules, or quarantines, or business closures depending on where they are living. Because it can feel a bit complicated at times, we have put together a list of a few businesses in the area, to help give you some idea as to what is open in Orlando, FL, during the coronavirus.


It may come as a surprise but Disney Springs is still open to all! Disney Springs is an outdoor entertainment, shopping, and dining complex within the grounds of Walt Disney World, and while the opening of Walt Disney World has been muddled, to say the least during this time, it’s business as usual for Disney Springs. If you visit, remember you will need to wear a face mask at all times, social distance, and expect capacity limits.


This factory adventure tour takes you through an interactive journey of the beginnings of a chocolate bean right up through the chocolate-making process. Here you will learn about everything that is involved to make chocolate look and taste the way it does, as well as how they produce different colors and flavors. Tours need to be booked in advance at their website, and you need to wear masks, but you will still have a great chocolatey experience.


Zipline through the trees just like Tarzan! Because Orlando is a tourist city, a lot of the businesses open during this time are part of the tourist or entertainment industry, not that we’re complaining! Overcome the obstacles in the treetops and swing your way through to the end.


Hang out with some of the most famous celebrities in the world for the day (or at least a wax figure anyway), and have photos with all your favorites! Book tickets beforehand online, and be sure to check with them what specifics restrictions they have in place for the day you visit.


You have most probably found yourself cooking most nights during the last few months, with so many restaurants closing it became harder to be able to have a regular meal out, or even in some cases get delivery. Fortunately, a fair amount of restaurants in Orlando have been allowed to now open during the coronavirus, and offer dine-in, takeout, or delivery – you will have to call the restaurant to see what restrictions they have in place. Here are a few of the best restaurants in the area so you can have a night away from the kitchen.

  • Kadence
  • Kres Chophouse
  • Border Grill Fresh-Mex
  • Mrs Potato Restaurant
  • Fresco Cucina Italiana
  • Santiago’s Bodega
  • Domu
  • Black Rooster Taqueria
  • Sticky Rice
  • Café Tu Tu Tango

As you can see, there are still a number of businesses open in the city, and this is just a few of our top choices, there are plenty more on top of this. If you have any doubts about what rules or business regulations then head to your city’s website where you can get more information and contact numbers.

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What is open in Oakland CA during the coronavirus?

Don’t worry if you are struggling to keep up with what’s open and what’s not during the coronavirus; with so many different restrictions and rules that are varying by state as well as even city in some cases, you are not alone. In order to give you little insight into this further, below we have put together a guide of a few options of what is open in Oakland, CA, during the coronavirus.


One of the most visited attractions in Oakland is the zoo; this is an incredible place to see the most exotic and spectacular animals such as tigers, lions, camels, and hyenas just to name a few. Here you can also explore exhibits, learn about the animal conservation work that Oakland Zoo is involved in, and attend one of their interactive programs. The whole family is welcome, but you do need to book your tickets in advance to get a time slot, anyone over the age of 3 must wear a face mask, and groups can only consist of members of the same household.


What is a day out in Oakland without exploring one of the area’s wineries at least once? Tours are back open at the wineries in the city, book a tour and taste some of the state’s most well-known wines at one of the three options in the area; find them at Brooklyn West Winery, Rosenblum Cellars, or Dashe Cellars, and have a fabulous day out in the sunshine.


The vast majority of gyms are closed all over the country, and the gyms in Oakland are no exception to this. However, Urban Fitness Gym is back open, albeit slightly differently to normal. This gym has set up its equipment outside and is currently holding fitness classes and allowing members to work out as normal, just outside the gym instead of inside. Exercising outside means that a safe distance can be kept and the gym can keep all of its members safe.


Undoubtedly, restaurants were one of the hardest-hit at the start of the new rules and guidelines, however, in better news, a lot of restaurants have been allowed to reopen. Granted, in most cases, it is only for takeout or delivery, but this is still good enough to give you a night away from your own kitchen. Below we have listed a selection of the best restaurants in the Oakland area that are currently open; be sure to call them in order to check if they are allowing dine-in with a limited capacity.

  • Commis
  • Shakewell
  • Belotti Ristorante E Bottega
  • Homeroom
  • À Côté Restaurant
  • Marica Restaurant
  • Cholita Linda
  • Shan Dong
  • Mockingbird
  • Shinmai

It is certainly frustrating making so many adjustments in our daily lives, and even more frustrating to not know when things will be back to normal again, but one thing’s for sure, keeping yourself and others safe at all times is the priority, so be sure to keep this in mind whenever you venture out.

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