What is open in Phoenix AZ during the coronavirus?

For the better part of the year, the country has been a bit upside down, and it’s understandable if you are struggling to keep up with what’s going on and where you’re allowed to visit. So, to help you out a little, we have put together a snippet of what is open in Phoenix, AZ during the coronavirus to give you a better understanding.


One of the handful of museums that are back open in the city is the Heard Museum, like the other museums in Phoenix, this is a great learning experience and a fantastic way to spend the day out. The Heard Museums focuses on Native American History, American Indian art, and how advancements can be made in these areas. There is social distancing in place here, you will also have to wear a mask, and call ahead of time to see if you need to reserve a time slot.


Demand for fast food has been just as high as before the virus came, a combination of people being more stressed and most of the main restaurants open has kept the customers coming back. All fast food outlets are open but only for takeout and delivery, so keep this in mind the next time you want to order.


Most of the gyms are currently still closed, however, Planet Fitness is taking the lead and staying open for all of their customers. The owner believes that fitness is part of the way that people can combat the coronavirus, so he has decided to keep as many gyms open as possible and introduce safety measures instead, in the way of extra cleaning, smaller classes, and outdoor training. There are plenty of ways to exercise safely and it’s clear they are putting clients first.


If you are still the kind of person who prefers to have a real book in your hand rather than on a tablet, then you will be pleased with the latest opening of the bookstores in the area. Check out stores such as Changing Hands Bookstore, and Books Gallery and enjoy the sights and smells of a classic bookstore like before.


Now that more restaurants are starting to open in the city, people can finally give themselves a night off from the constant home cooking. Dealing with the stress of daily life is hard enough without having to think about cooking and cleaning every night. So, the next time you need a break, check out one of the top-rated restaurants below, but be sure to check with them if they are dine-in, or takeout and delivery only.

  • Binkleys Restaurant
  • Chelsea’s Kitchen
  • POMO Pizzeria
  • Different Pointe of View
  • Switch Restaurant
  • Tarbell’s
  • Barrio Cafe
  • Pizzeria Bianco
  • Steak 44
  • Matt’s Big Breakfast

As always, the most important thing for everyone’s sake whenever you are visiting a business of any kind is that you follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe. There are definitely some adjustments to be made but by working together, the city can reopen more and more.

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What is open in Philadelphia PA during the coronavirus?

If you are looking for what is open in Philadelphia, PA, during the coronavirus, then we may be able to help. Of course, in a city, there are a huge amount of businesses, and as they start to reopen, we cannot name them all, however, we can pick a few top ones to give you a better idea.


Also known as Philly from the top, this observation deck reaching heights of nearly 900 feet will give you the most stunning and breathtaking views of the city. If you are wanting to experience the city like never before, then be sure to call ahead to make sure there is room for you as limited capacity is in place.


Unfortunately, things still go wrong even when we are already dealing with one crisis, and I’m sure there have been many people who have needed construction work or other services to fix parts of their home and haven’t been able to. Happily, these types of services are now reopened, so you can start getting your home back to normal.


The rules and severity of reopening are different from state to state, so a business open here, may not necessarily be open in another state. Coffee shops are a great example of this, as in many parts of the country, coffee shops, particularly the small ones that only do dine in are still closed. In Philadelphia, however, they are opening bit by bit, and you can go get your caffeine fix at places like Shot Tower Coffee, or Menagerie Coffee.


These types of trusty shops aren’t closing anytime soon – due to them being classed as essential business, it doesn’t matter what happens during the coronavirus, they will still be open. You can do your weekly shop, pick up your favorite treats, or just window shop as you go by. Stores like this are obviously implementing rules, so if you go, always wear a mask, and ensure you are keeping a distance from other shoppers, or you may not be allowed to enter.


Cooking can be a joyful experience, but it can also feel like the worst chore in the world when you are stressed and tired, and would rather be doing anything other than cooking for yourself or your family. Having to cook at home so much recently has certainly been difficult, especially for anyone who is still juggling work and family, but you can finally start taking a break. We have chosen some of the top restaurants in the city that are now reopened; and even though most are only able to provide delivery or take out, it still means you don’t have to cook.

  • Vernick Food & Drink
  • Zahav
  • Vedge
  • Vetri Cucina
  • Parc
  • Talula’s Garden
  • Suraya Restaurant
  • Barclay Prime
  • Bibou
  • Morimoto

Staying safe and keeping those around you safe is always the most important thing, so when you are out and about doing your shopping and visiting any businesses or attractions, do your best to follow the new guidelines at all times.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Philadelphia PA

Grab a picnic basket full of your favorite food, and your favorite book and head on in the great outdoors for a picnic in the beaming sunshine in one of the best picnic spots near Philadelphia, PA. Below you can find a detailed list of some of our top recommendations so you know exactly where to go the next time you want to head out for a picnic.


Located along the Delaware River on the western bank, the Penn Treaty Park is there to provide all your perfect picnic day out needs. This park is small but quiet, and the gorgeous views along the riverfront make this little gem of a park easily make it into our top five. For the kids, there is a play area, and for picnic time there are benches. Despite it being smaller than most parks, there are also live music events scheduled here throughout the year which can make a fabulous ending to your day out. It is worth a visit here just for a picnic along the river alone, but the surrounding flora and quiet atmosphere are what make it even better.


Azalea Garden is the very definition of a beauty spot; all throughout the gardens there are stunning views in every direction. When you stop for a picnic you can use the park’s benches, or sprawl out in the shade under the cover of the trees. The ambiance here is extremely peaceful, and this garden is the perfect way to spend a few tranquil hours for your picnic.


Belmont Plateau is a huge hit with the locals, with many saying this is their favorite spot in the city for picnics. As well as picnics, there are also spaces for barbecues and lots of open lawn areas where you can really relax in peace. Belmont Plateau is in an easily accessible location just outside the city, but in some parts of the park, you can catch a little glimpse of the city.


At FDR Park – Picnic Area 2, you can picnic, play tennis, grill, use the playgrounds, or use the open lawns to play whatever games or sports you want. This picnic area has it all covered, and it is impossible to not have a good time when spending the day here. It is kid-friendly, and dog friendly, meaning that everyone in the family is welcome to come, and kick back with a basket full of great food.


At more than two thousand acres, Fairmount Park is the biggest park in Philadelphia. The park itself is separated into two sections, the east side and the west side, with the Schuylkill River running through both sides. The river, the blossoming trees, the walking paths, and other natural attractions make this park one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the city.

There is an untold amount of stunning scenery all over this city, most of it provides a wonderful backdrop to your idyllic picnic, so get outside and discover which picnic spot near the city is your favorite.

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Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Philadelphia, PA

For the last fifty years, cities and towns all over the world have organized events and marches in honor of the LGBT community during the month of June. This is a time for people who are part of the LGBT community, or allies of the community to celebrate and recognize the visibility and equality of those who are part of this group.

The city of Philadelphia is no exception and celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Philadelphia, PA, has been a regular occurrence since the 1970’s. Read on for more information about how it started in the city of Brotherly Love, and how those involved celebrate each year.


The first city in the country to have a gay Pride March was New York City back in 1970, however, Philadelphia wasn’t too far behind and began organizing their own annual celebrations from 1972, making it among the first cities in America to do so. At the time, it was still a new concept that had very little support and by 1977 the pride events had stopped; although small gatherings still took place each year.

Finally, in 1988 there was a spontaneous but extremely successful pride parade in Love Park, and this event earned enough support among the community and its leaders, that it officially marked the beginning of the annual parade through Philadelphia.


There are gatherings, parties, and events throughout most of the city during June. Some of the most popular ways for people to celebrate are;


The Gayborhood is situated inThe Washington West neighborhood, and it is the neighborhood that is responsible for kicking off the first weekend’s activities. Here, you can buy beers, cocktails, dance with your friends, and enjoy a lively and welcoming street party; this is also the location of where the parade march begins.


The parade from above makes its way through the streets and ends at Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing; here is where the festival begins. Around 25,000 people will be part of this festival, and it is the perfect place to dance, buy street food, and take part in games that are there for both adults and kids.


During two nights of the month (the dates change each year), there are light displays at some of the city’s top spots, including the Boathouse Row and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge as well as others. Here, you can gather around watch the buildings and landmarks light up with the pride’s colors.


The city has a vast amount of LGBT bars and clubs, all of which get involved by hosting events and organizing parties during June. Yuu will find a lot of them along the route that the pride parade takes, but a few are a little further afield but still within walking distance. There are too many to list, but if you are new to town then head to a few of our recommendations below that are in the parade area, and are the ideal places to hang out and get involved.


Of course, these are just some of the main events you will find throughout the city as there are a hundred things to choose from. Wherever you go, you won’t pass a street corner without finding something fun to do.

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Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia, PA, is a famous place to visit with its valuable history and delicious food. Therefore, if you find yourself being able to soak up the history and cuisine of this radiant city, you will most likely want to pick up a few souvenirs before you head home as a reminder of a fabulous trip. Due to this, we have put together a list below of the top spots of where to buy souvenirs in Philadelphia, so you can keep the memories forever.

Souvenir Philadelphia

Our top recommendation is also a firm favorite with tourists and locals alike. The owner has been running this store single-handedly for years and has built up a great reputation not only for his friendly and welcoming attitude but also because of his great prices. There are plenty of souvenirs and gifts to choose from and you won’t pay over the odds for any of them.

Address: 307 Arch St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City

Philly Souvenir

Philly Souvenir has been around for the last five years and continues to grow each year. The owner was previously a manager for Hallmark for more than two decades before deciding to start his own business selling souvenirs and gifts from the city. He has managed to make it a success, and it is a great place to stop and grab a few bits before you leave.

Address: 64 N 3rd St Philadelphia

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City

Old City T-Shirts and Souvenirs

For more than forty years Old City T-Shirts and Souvenirs have been wowing customers with their high-quality goods and low prices. This store started as a small business and soon turned into one of the most popular in the city selling its goods to local hotels and other businesses. There is a fantastic range of souvenirs for your trip, but you can also pick up a customer t-shirt for five dollars, have it personalized your way in less than thirty seconds! Check them out and fall in love with this little store at the address below.

Address: 233 Church St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City

Xenos Candy ‘N’ Gifts

Xenos Candy ‘N’ Gifts carries a wide selection of Philadelphia souvenirs, Cat’s Meow Village, and delightful Asher’s

chocolates. They specialize in gift baskets and packaging, specially made by hand to keep every customer happy. Everything in this store is Philly themed from pens, to chocolates, to rubber ducks, and everything in between. A great place to stop and explore some unique souvenirs.

Address: 231 Chestnut St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City

Philadelphia Old City Souvenirs

Philadelphia Old City Souvenirs is smaller than other souvenir shops, but it is worth heading inside so make sure you keep an eye out for it. They have a plentiful range of gifts and goods all at decent prices.

Address: 305 Market St

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Old City

We have made it easier than ever to find where to buy souvenirs in Philadelphia, so you need not worry about going home empty-handed!

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Best Coffee Shops in Philadelphia PA

As a country, America is number one in the world when it comes to the amount of coffee drunk on a daily basis, and with coffee in such high demand, there is also a huge quantity of coffee shops across the country as well. So, we have done the research on your behalf to bring you the best coffee shops in Philadelphia, in order for you to have the coffee you deserve when you need it.

J’aime French Bakery

This coffee shop is in an ideal location, has excellent food, lovely customer service, and affordable prices. J’amie French Bakery ticks all the boxes and takes the number one spot because they over-deliver on all counts. Pop by and try one of their freshly baked pastries, or sip on their smooth coffee – read more about them at the link below.

Address: 212 S 12th St

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Website: jaimefrenchbakery.com

Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books

This coffee shop is quirky and fun, the space inside is big enough that you can catch up on work or studying, or sit down with one of the cafe’s books and get lost in the story as you relax. Uncle Bobbie’s has a varied menu, with all products being high-quality and fresh tasting. Sometimes, the best thing in life is to read a good book with a coffee and a slice of cake, and ignore the real world for a few hours – and this is exactly the place to come to do just that.

Address: 5445 Germantown Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19144

Website: nclebobbies.com

Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

As the name suggests, this is a cafe combined with a comic book store. Browse the comics, of which there are quite literally thousands, and experience one of their specialty drinks. This coffee shop is a comic book lovers dream and is a great combination of comics and coffee.

Address: 2578 Frankford Ave

Philadelphia, PA 19125


Rival Bros Coffee

Rival Bros is a very cool place, it has a great atmosphere with a relaxing vibe, making it ideal to come and study or catch up with friends. Rival has a selection of house-roasted blends and seasonal beans that have been carefully sourced and specially roasted to provide only the finest tasting coffee. A lot of dedication goes into the running of this coffee shop, and they deserve their reputation.

Address: 2400 Lombard St

Philadelphia, PA 19146

Website: rivalbros.com

Greenstreet Coffee Co.

The owners traveled extensively before opening this coffee shop, in order to source the best ingredients and finest coffee beans to ensure they were going to provide customers with only faultless tasting food and coffee. Everything on the menu has been carefully chosen, and the coffee, which is their specialty, is some of the best in the state. Read more on their story, and their passion for providing the perfect cup of coffee every time at the link below.

Address: 1101 Spruce St

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Website: greenstreetcoffee.com

The next time you find yourself in need of a break, or a place to be with the ones you love, then hit up one of our recommendations, and you will never be disappointed.

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