How Much is Parking at Pennsylvania Airport Long Term and Short Term?

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How Much is Parking at Pennsylvania Airport Long Term and Short Term?

Harrisburg International Airport. Gateway to the South and the largest cities on the East Coast for the Harrisburg community, you might favour a flight out of Harrisburg as opposed to a lengthy road trip for your next holiday. Whether for a longer trip or a short trip, you might have questions about how much parking at the Harrisburg International Airport will cost you. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered – read on for our detailed guide about parking here at Harrisburg International and all costs. 

Step by step

Upon arriving at Harrisburg International Airport, enter the appropriate lot for you, whether a member of a specific loyalty program, only parking short term or parking longer term, or even for a very short amount of time. Once you’ve parked your car, you shouldn’t need to pay until your return and you are exiting the lot with your car. This can be either with an electronic kiosk similar to many garages, or with cash / a personal touch at a manned kiosk. For frequent flyers, there is a special card to be used with the system, and for those visitors who idled / stayed in the cell phone lot, there is no charge – you may leave when you want without paying. 

Very short term parking

Indeed, before considering the cost of parking at Harrisburg International Airport, you should probably consider first if you even need to park in the first place. For really quick pick ups, drop offs or if you have someone to take the car home for you, you may want to consider just stopping very quickly at the curbside in front of the airport. This is the designated area for these speedy drop offs and pick ups if the driver does not need to get out of the car to say ‘ goodbye ‘  or ‘ welcome ‘. Not only does this help save time and is incredibly efficient, but also puts your passengers much closer to the ticket counter if you’re tight for time. It is also completely free. 

Short term parking

For those visits where you do need to park the car but will not be staying for too long, parking for up to 30 minutes is only three dollars. This is great for those goodbyes you’d rather have further into the airport, or when needing to help your flyer check in and move luggage. Be wary of time however, since an additional five dollar charge is applied for the 31st minute to the 60th minute. 

Medium term parking 

For those slightly longer visits where you might need to help your flyers / visitors a little bit more at the desk or for a longer goodbye, the hourly rate becomes a lot more reasonable after the first hour. After the first 30 minutes ( 3 dollar total ) and the first hour ( 8 dollar total ), each subsequent hour is only two dollars. The daily maximum is 20 dollars for the garage parking, but you do not start to earn effectively ” free ” hours after seven hours of parking. It is unlikely you’ll need this much, so for most visits to the airport under one day, paying by the hour will still be the most economical option. 

Long term parking

For long term trips, there is actually a dedicated long term parking lot with a flat rate of 10 dollars for every 24 hours. There is no maximum limit to how long you can park in the long term parking lot, so whether it’s only for a few days or parking for a weeks long vacation, both are okay here at Harrisburg International Airport. The same charges also apply for this parking lot as for the first 30 minutes and same hour for the garage – therefore you actually get your money’s worth once you park for longer than 2 hours. For those visits that are only around a couple of hours long but not nearly a day long, this might be a slightly better option to save money instead of the garage. The only disadvantage : you’ll be taking a shuttle to and from this lot as opposed to easily walking to the airport. But a small disadvantage for those who really want to save anywhere possible. 

Very long term parking and alternatives 

For those extremely long trips, you may park at the long term parking, or if you really prioritise ease of access – parking in the garage since there is no maximum limit to how many days you may park there. However, 10 and 20 dollars a day can add up very quickly for those month or more long trips, so browsing for a third party option and shuttle may be much more economical. Apps and websites such as, Onairparking and SpotHero offer plenty of choice for those travellers who not only want to save big on their parking, but also seek specialised services. Through these apps, travellers can find parking services specialised in specific languages, parking locations with enhanced security, or just parking locations with incredibly low rates. They also have different integrations and other perks depending on the website you use, including packages for other rentals and insurance with, an abundance of spots and a google-maps-esque navigation system with spothero, and a vast collection of local gems and travel tips with onairparking. If you’ll be parking for a very long trip, we highly recommend browsing around third party websites – even a small difference in the daily rate can add up to a pretty significant saving. 

Extra Tips for parking at Harrisburg International Airport

Tip 1 : Take full advantage of the free services 

Unlike other airports where you might come back to an unfortunate last hurdle before finally getting home, Harrisburg International Airport provides a number of very convenient services ! These include jump starting batteries if your battery dies while you are gone, changing any flat tires, communication with local locksmiths if you had locked yourself out of your car, and most importantly, help locating your vehicle ! No need for a detailed memo or picture record of where you parked here at Harrisburg International Airport with this incredibly useful service. ( Although these definitely help make things easier ). 

Tip 2  : Enrolling in the XpressPark program

For those travellers who frequently fly out of the Harrisburg area, joining the Xpress Park program may be a great way to not only save on parking, but saving on parking to work towards the most advantageous spots ! This is a points – reward program that accumulates with every dollar spent on parking, really adding up quickly for those frequent travellers, and can be a major asset to your parking experience here at the Harrisburg International Airport. 

Tip 3 : Ignore parking with a ticket altogether 

For those who arrive with a bit more time before their flight or really do not mind showing up well before the flight, there is also an additional ticketless credit card payment method ! If travellers insert their credit card upon entry, they can actually forgo the need to take a ticket and can simply put their credit card back into the machine when leaving for a very quick and convenient exit. This is great for those who don’t want to worry about losing their ticket, those who really prioritise speed, or those travellers who like to minimise waste whenever they can, even if it’s the really small things.