Things You Can Explore This Winter in Atlanta – 2023

Things You Can Explore This Winter in Atlanta – 2023 

One of the best things that you can do for yourself and your family is to take a trip and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. During the winter season, many enjoy this very activity. While some may want to stay and enjoy all that comes with winter such as going out and picking out a Christmas tree, or having a snowball fight, or skiing, or sledding, and so on, others prefer to escape the cold weather by taking a trip to somewhere warmer. 

If you are someone who is in the camp of winter vacations to warm destinations, there are some questions that you should ask yourself before you dive head first out of the snowy weather. Questions include: “where do I want to go?”, “how long do I plan on staying at said destination?”, “how many family members or friends will be joining me?”, “what is my budget?”, and so on. While we may not be able to answer all of those questions specifically, there is one question we can answer. That question is “what is there to do at said destination?”. 

We are more than happy to answer that question and today, we are going to be specifically looking at the city of Atlanta and all that there is to do there during your winter vacation. Atlanta is known for its historic roots, its professional baseball teams, its nightlife, having the busiest Atlanta International Airport in the world, and so much more. It is the last part of that sentence that matters so much because that is exactly what we are going to be looking at today, just how much the city of Atlanta has to offer for you to enjoy your winter vacation in this city. 

The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area 

One place that is worth exploring during your time in Atlanta during this winter season is at the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area. Not far from the city, the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area allows you to experience nature without having to travel too far. The Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area has much to boast of, but one thing that you should try when spending time here is the hiking trails. All of the trails at the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area boast beautiful views and moderately challenging trails, however, most will not have a problem hiking through them. If you are looking to have an outdoor adventure that boasts magnificent views along with excellent hiking trails, then the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area is the place for you.

Historic Fourth Ward Park 

Another excellent place that you can explore during your stay in the city of Atlanta is the Historic Fourth Ward Park.The Historic Fourth Ward Park sits on 17 acres of land that boasts lush greens and beautiful walking paths. The Historic Fourth Ward Park is a perfect place to take the kids to enjoy a peaceful afternoon while they play at the playground and skatepark while you relax at one of the park’s many benches. There is also an outdoor theater that regularly hosts shows as well as beautiful ponds

throughout the park. Unwind and enjoy a peaceful Atlanta afternoon at the Historic Fourth Ward Park.

Piedmont Park 

Another great place to explore in the city of Atlanta is Piedmont Park. Piedmont Park is located in the heart of Atlanta and serves to allow folks to forget about the urban metropolis that surrounds them and instead enjoy the fresh air provided by the trees and greenery in the park. Piedmont Park is great for kids, and once in a great while, has turned into a sledding destination during the winter time. The wonderful thing about Piedmont Park is that even though it is located in the middle of the city of Atlanta, Piedmont Park has an undeniable peacefulness about it. In fact, Piedmont Park is a place where many gather to relax and picnic due to the utter peacefulness that you get when spending time in this lovely park. If you need a place to stretch your legs and take a break from the busy metropolis that the city of Atlanta is, Piedmont Park is here for you.

Atlanta Preservation Center 

Another great place to explore when in the city of Atlanta is the Atlanta Preservation Center. The Atlanta Preservation Center was originally built in the year of 1856. This wonderful mansion preserves some of the city of Atlanta’s deepest history

and is a miracle that it is still standing today after considering all of the neglect and abuse that this mansion has gone through. If you are looking to learn more about the history of this lovely city, the Atlanta Preservation Center is the place to go.

Stone Mountain Park

Another wonderful option that you and your family should take time to explore when in the city of Atlanta during this winter season is Stone Mountain Park. Stone Mountain Park is open all year, but during the winter season, Stone Mountain Park turns into a winter wonderland. There are many different attractions of Stone Mountain Park but the ones that have to be mentioned are the park’s tubing hill that is made through artificial snow as well as Stone Mountain Park’s two golf courses. Visit Stone Mountain Park and treat yourself and your family to some winter fun, without the bitter conditions.

The Fox Theatre 

The Fox Theatre is another option that you should definitely take time to explore when spending time in the city of Atlanta this winter season. The Fox Theatre was established in the year of 1929 and used to be a Shiners Hall and movie theater. The Fox Theatre now serves as a historic site in Atlanta and has an old world charm about it. Take a tour of the Fox Theatre and explore the beautiful architecture and learn more about what life was like during the history of this theater and how it almost was destroyed in the 1970s. If you are a history buff, appreciate architecture, or just someone who would like to learn more about the history of Atlanta, visiting the Fox Theatre is a must.

Decatur Square 

Last but certainly not least, the Decatur Square is an excellent place for you and your family to explore during the winter season. The Decatur Square predates the city of Atlanta and is a nice place to enjoy a fresh drink and relax. The Decatur Square has a small town charm about it and boasts tasty restaurants and art throughout. The Decatur Square allows you to hangout and enjoy one of the most historic areas in the city.

One of the best things that many families look forward to each year is enjoying a wonderful vacation away together. However, one of the most challenging parts of heading out of town and enjoying a vacation elsewhere is planning. We hope that this article helped make planning your vacation to the city of Atlanta a little bit easier.

The 15 Best Things to Do in Texas – 2023

The 15 Best Things to Do in Texas – 2023 

Now that the year is winding down, many people are taking time to plan out their New Year’s resolutions while also taking time to look back on the year they had in 2022. People also tend to plan out their year and what major things they want to do and get done throughout the year. One thing that many people tend to plan once the New Year is here is the vacations that they plan on taking with their families. Planning a vacation is one of the most stressful and fun things that you can do. Hopefully more fun than stressful, planning a vacation gives you and your family something to look forward to as you all tackle what this year has for you. 

In order to reduce the amount of stress you have when looking to take a vacation somewhere, it is always a good idea to have a plan. A good way to have a plan and sort out everything you need too is by asking yourself a multitude of questions on different factors regarding your future vacation. Questions include but are not limited to the following: “where do I plan on going?” “how many people are joining me?”, “where am I going to stay?”, “what is my budget?”, and so on. One question that is obvious but deserves center stage when planning your trip is “what do I plan on doing at said destination?”. While again, this question may be obvious, this question deserves a little more attention than the others because this question defines the entire reason for going on your trip.

While we would love to answer all of these questions for you, it is the very essential question of “what do I plan on doing at said destination?” that we will be answering for you today. The other point of focus is the specific destination that we are focusing on today. That destination is the large state of Texas. Texas is known for many different things, but many people go to Texas to enjoy things such as the state’s delicious BBQ, the live music, and southern charm. However, the state of Texas is not limited to just these specific things, and today we are going to find out the 15 best things to do while you are in the beautiful state of Texas. 

1. The Alamo 

One must visit in the state of Texas is The Alamo. The Alamo is one of the United States most historic structures and one of Texas’s most popular places to visit. The Alamo was a fully utilized fort during the 1800s and held off an army of over 3,000 Mexican soldiers during the Texan War of Independence. If you are a history buff or a warm blooded American, you should definitely visit the Alamo during your stay in Texas. 

2. Museum of Weird 

Located in Austin Texas, the Museum of Weird is a great place to visit when in Texas. The Museum of Weird is a dime-store museum and is a rarity in the western world. This is a great place to visit for history buffs as well as those who enjoy seeing weird and strange exhibits.

3. Space Center Houston 

Another popular place to visit in the state of Texas is the Space Center Houston. The Space Center Houston is your hub for all things space. With artifacts from different missions, moon rocks, and just a great way to educate yourself on all things space, the Space Center Houston is a very cool and fun place to visit. 

4. Palo Duro Canyon 

The Palo Duro Canyon is a beautiful display of geography in Texas. The Palo Duro Canyon is called the Grand Canyon of Texas and for good reason, as this canyon is the 2nd largest and 2nd longest canyon in the United States. Visit the Palo Duro Canyon when in Texas to have a new appreciation for American geography. 

5. The Sixth Floor Museum 

Another great place to visit and indulge in American history is at The Sixth Floor Museum. The Sixth Floor Museum is the very location where Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed president John F. Kennedy. The Sixth Floor Museum serves as a tribute to this beloved president. 

6. Caverns of Sonora

The Caverns of Sonara are another great place to visit when in Texas. The Caverns of Sonora was a cave that was found in the year of 1905 and is known for its natural and stunning rock formations. Visit the Caverns of Sonora to understand the history of cave exploration along with witnessing how stunning the earth is from underground. 

7. Big Bend National Park 

If you are particularly outdoorsy and find yourself in Texas, the Big Bend National Park is a must visit. This National Park is known for its gorgeous views, varying terrain, and different altitudes. Visit the Big Bend National Park and make a weekend out of the great, Texan outdoors. 

8. Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center 

If you are a music lover and are in Texas, the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center is a must visit. Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center houses the talented Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Take that your loved one or family and enjoy some of the best musical talent in the state. 

9. San Antonio RiverWalk 

Another great place to visit is the San Antonio RiverWalk. The San Antonio RiverWalk offers numerous shops and restaurants to take advantage of. There

are also hotels located at the Riverwalk, making for a perfect place to spend a weekend in Texas. 

10. Caddo Lake 

Another great outdoorsy spot in Texas to visit is Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake used to be a place where people would harvest pearls out of mussels during the pearl rush. Now you can enjoy its waters through fishing, kayaking, and more. 

11. Texas State Capitol 

If you are into architecture, the Texas State Capitol is a must visit. Sitting on 22 acres of land, the Texas State Capitol boasts gorgeous gardens, monuments, and of course, the stunning building. Built in the year of 1888, the building still stands and impresses all who visits its grounds 

12. Fort Davis 

Another historic and wonderful place to visit when in Texas is Fort Davis. This lovely frontier was preserved wonderfully and once served as a place to protect travelers from raiders in the year of 1854. Visit Fort Davis and learn a little more about the history of this beautiful state. 

13. Guadalupe Mountains

Another place to visit that shows off the beauty of Texas is the Guadalupe Mountains. These mountains are the tallest mountain peaks in all of Texas. Visit the Guadalupe Mountains to see for yourself. 

14. San Antonio Botanical Garden 

If you are looking for a stunning place to enjoy a walk when in Texas, the San Antonio Botanical Garden is a great option. The San Antonio Botanical Garden sits on 38 acres of beautiful land that boasts a beautiful rose garden, as well as many other plants native to the area. 

15. Fort Worth Stockyards 

Another great and historical place to visit when in Texas is the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Fort Worth Stockyards were once used for auctioning cattle and sits as the very last stockyard of its kind in the United States. There is much to learn and enjoy at the Fort Worth Stockyards and you can find professional cowboys and other guests at the stockyards.

How to Plan Your Winter Vacations in New York

How to Plan Your Winter Vacations in New York 

One thing that many people look forward to throughout the year is a planned vacation. Some folks plan a vacation in the summer time while the kids are off school, some plan a vacation in the winter time to escape the cold weather or visit with family, and others just plan vacations whenever they can take the time off. Whatever camp you fall in, a vacation is something that everyone who is planning one looks forward to. 

In the winter time, many folks plan vacations to somewhere nice and warm in order to escape from the cold weather. Then there are those who take vacations to destinations like New York, where there are some of the largest Christmas and New Years celebrations in the country. It is the state of New York where we will be focusing our attention in this article. The star of the show in the state of New York is New York City. New York City is one of the most iconic cities in the United States and has much to boast of. From historical monuments to famous sports teams, famous districts, delicious food, parades, and more, New York City has it all. During the Christmas and winter season, the entire city is decorated to show holiday cheer and welcome the new year. Visiting New York City during the winter time is one of the best times to do so because of the winter wonderland that the city turns into. 

However, before planning a trip this winter season to New York, you have to consider some questions that you should be asking yourself before making your way to this lovely state. Questions include: “where am I going to leave my car?”, “where are we

going to stay once in New York?”, “what is there to do in New York?”, and so on. Now these may not be all of the questions that you should consider when heading to New York City, these are the questions that we are going to attempt to answer today. 


One thing that is important when you are looking to travel is finding a place to leave your vehicle. One option for you is On Air Parking, is an off airport parking company that specializes in providing you with some of the cheapest parking available and offers parking for many different airports throughout the United States. On Air Parking also offers parking in many different cities including New York City. 

How On Air Parking works is very simple. All you have to do is head to the On Air Parking website, hit whether you would like city parking or airport parking, then type in which city you are visiting or airport and plug in the dates that correspond to the parking time you need. After you have done that, hit the search button to find a parking spot that works for you. After finding a parking spot, you can reserve and pay for your parking all on the website. 

On Air Parking is perfect for you if you are flying to New York and need a place to leave your car. On Air Parking most likely services the airport of which you will be flying out of and gives you the opportunity to save some money and avoid the hefty parking prices that airports are known to charge. If you are driving to New York and need a place to leave your car, On Air Parking has you covered with their New York Airport Parking City parking, all reservable right on the website.


One of the hardest things about taking a trip to New York City is finding a place to stay. With so many different options, it can be a bit intimidating trying to find the right place for you and your family. Let’s have a look at a couple of hotels that you could stay at when in New York City. The first hotel will be a budget friendly hotel and the second hotel will be one that is for those who feel like splurging. 

One of the best options for you when looking for a place to stay in New York City that your wallet will be thanking you for is at the Riu Plaza Hotel. The Riu Plaza Hotel is a hotel located right in Times Square. This lovely hotel boasts many rooms for you and your family at reasonable prices. The Riu Plaza Hotel offers prices that are as low as $79.00 per night and also is very conveniently located at Times Square, allowing you to be able to walk right out of the hotel’s lobby and into the busy streets of New York City. 

On the flip side, if you are looking to stay at one of the most lavish hotels that New York City has to offer, The Mark is an option that fits the bill. The Mark is where many different celebrities can be spotted staying and is very well known throughout the city. The Mark offers a delicious restaurant, as well as a luxurious spa, and a fitness center. The Mark is designed in a very chic and sophisticated way, and each room is well appointed and different from the last. Stay at The Mark and you will understand why this hotel is a mainstay for many those who appreciate lavish luxury. 

Things to Do 

As we said earlier, visiting New York City in the winter time is one of the best times to visit. There are many different things to do during the winter season that you cannot enjoy during any other time of the year.

One thing that you should take advantage of when staying in New York City in the winter time is visiting the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. This tree is a must visit when in New York City during the winter time. This humongous tree is decorated from trunk to tree topper in thousands of twinkling lights and help set the tone for the rest of the city. 

Another thing that you should enjoy when in New York City during this time of the year is the New Year’s Eve celebration. You will have the opportunity to be in the city as the ball is dropping to bring in the New Year. Being around thousands of people and knowing millions more are watching and celebrating with you while you witness the ball drop in person is something truly special. 

To top off the season’s festive fun, another thing that you should take advantage of when in New York City is ice skating. Visiting the Rockefeller Center’s ice skating rink is magical in and of itself. You will certainly feel as if you have been transported into a Hallmark movie, minus the cheesiness. 

Whether you are visiting New York for the holidays or are visiting New York for a winter getaway, there is no denying that during the winter season, New York City is one of the most magical places in all of the United States. We hope that this article serves to help make planning your trip to the Big Apple a little bit easier!

Best Places to Visit Near Los Angeles in Winter

Best Places to Visit Near Los Angeles in Winter

The winter months of the year are very special. The winter months of the year host and welcome the winter season, they are the months that host the most festive time of the year, the winter months of the year are the months that welcome the new year, they are the months of giving, they are the months of twinkling lights and glistening snow, and so much more. The winter months of the year are truly special. 

However, there are many people who prefer to get away from not necessarily all of the festivity and beauty that this season brings, but one of the dreaded things that comes with this magical season, the cold. While some take advantage of the cold and enjoy activities that come with it such as skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snow ball fights, ect, there are those who would rather spend their time in a place that reflects the weather that they know from the months of the summer. Escape to a place that may not be draped in white snow but rather laced with palm trees and sunshine. 

Today, we are going to be focusing on those of us who are looking to take a trip out to the city of Los Angeles in the state of California during this winter season. We are going to be focusing on all the places to visit and things to do in the area of the state that will allow you to make the most out of your trip this winter season. While we may be tempted to talk more about the magnificence of winter and the beauty that it beholds, we will not bore you with that and we will instead jump into what the city of Los Angeles has to offer for you this winter season.

Redondo Beach 

One amazing place to visit in the city of Los Angeles during this winter season is Redondo Beach. Redondo Beach is a beach located near the city of Los Angeles and has a lot more to offer than just a beautiful beach and a place to tan. Visiting Redondo Beach during the winter season is a special time to visit because you will be able to view the whales. During the winter seasons, whales are migrating from Alaska and heading to Mexico to escape the brutal temperatures of Alaska. This gives you the opportunity to view these magnificent creatures as they make their way to Mexico. There are excursions that leave from Redondo Beach to view these migrating whales and are definitely worth seeing, especially if you do not visit Los Angeles during this time of the year very often. If whale watching is not your thing, Redondo Beach is still an excellent place to enjoy some fun in the sun. Redondo Beach also offers many different bars and restaurants that line the beach. Redondo Beach provides the ingredients to forget about the typical cold weather that the winter season brings.

Salt Restaurant 

Another wonderful place to visit when spending time in the city of Los Angeles during the winter season is at the Salt Restaurant. The Salt Restaurant is a restaurant in the city of Los Angeles that sits along the water. This lovely restaurant is the perfect way to spend an afternoon or evening and enjoy tasty food and drinks while you feel the refreshing breeze of the Pacific Ocean against your skin. The Salt Restaurants menu is

full of traditional cuisine that is packed full of flavor and unique twists. The restaurant also has a changing menu, meaning that if you decide to visit the Salt Restaurant again, you may be greeted with a completely different tasty menu, giving you an excuse to visit again and try a different mouth watering dish. The Salt Restaurant also offers real fire places that you can sit next to and feel the warmth while you sip on your favorite cocktail. The Salt Restaurant not only will provide you with excellent food and drinks, but also will help you to further achieve your goal of escaping and forgetting about the bitter cold that the winter season brings. 

Pershing Square 

Another great option for you when visiting the city of Los Angeles during this winter season is at Pershing Square. One of the downsides of visiting somewhere warm during the winter season is that you miss out on some of the fun activities that come with the changing weather. One of those fun activities is ice skating, however, Pershing Square is your solution when looking to enjoy the warm weather of Los Angeles while still taking advantage of one of the fun activities that comes with the season. Opening on January 8th, if you find yourself in Los Angeles during this time, Pershing Square has a fun option for you. Pershing Square is also a super convenient place to enjoy some fun on the ice too, located in the heart of the downtown area. When in Los Angeles, visit Pershing Square and enjoy some cold weather fun, with more fun, and less cold!

Mountain High Resort 

Another great place to visit during your stay in Los Angeles during the winter season is the Mountain High Resort. The Mountain High Resort is a ski resort that is not far from the city of Los Angeles. Now we know that most are visiting the city of Los Angeles during the winter season in order to escape the cold, but if there is anyone at all who wants to maybe spend one day enjoying the cold weather and the activities that come with it, the Mountain High Resort provides you with an excellent option. At the Mountain High Resort, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy real snow that drapes over these California mountains, and provides you with the opportunity to ski, snowboard, build snowmen, and just enjoy just about any cold weather activity that you may miss from home. The best part about the Mountain High Resort is that it is only about an hour and a half away from the heart of downtown Los Angeles, making for a rather convenient way to go from one extreme to the other. We understand that a big reason why you may be visiting the city of Los Angeles during this winter season is to escape the cold weather, but it is nice to know that if you want to maybe take a day to enjoy some of the cold weather activities that you could at home, you can.

There are many of us who enjoy the winter season and all that comes with it. There are probably more of us who would rather escape the weather and temperatures that this season brings given the opportunity. Either way, the city of Los Angeles is a wonderful place to spend the winter season because it not only provides you with the warmth that you surely seek, but also gives you options if you do decide you would like to maybe take a day to enjoy the cold. We hope that this article serves you in a way that helps make your planning for your trip to Los Angeles during this winter season easier.

The Best Southern California Hotels for Your Winter Vacation

The Best Southern California Hotels for Your Winter Vacation 

The winter season brings along many different things that can add both enjoyment and challenge into your life. With the winter season comes snow, slick roads, bitter temperatures, and other unpleasantries. However, there are also many different things that the winter season brings that people enjoy. These things include winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, snowman building. Other things that people enjoy about the winter time is the festive atmosphere with Christmas around the corner. 

There is, however, another activity that many people look forward to during the winter season and that is traveling and enjoying a winter vacation. There are those who enjoy taking their winter vacation to a ski lodge to take full advantage of the weather, but winter vacations are often for people who want to escape from the cold and harshness that the winter season brings. Many people travel to the state of Florida or other warm states in order to forget about the winter season entirely. 

When looking to enjoy a winter vacation, or any vacation for that matter, you need to decide where you will be staying while on your trip. While there are many different options when looking for places to stay, many people search for hotels to stay at when planning a vacation. When looking for a hotel to stay at, you have to ask yourself a few questions. Questions include: “what is my budget?”, “how long do I plan on staying in said hotel?”, “am I looking for a hotel that offers more?”, and so on.

In this article, we are going to be focusing on the state of California and more specifically, Southern California. We are going to be looking at the best hotels that Southern California has to offer so that you can book your stay with confidence! 

The Ritz-Carlton Bacara 

If you are looking for one of the best hotels that you can find in Southern California, The Ritz-Carlton Bacara is an excellent choice for you. The Ritz Carlton Bacara is a 5 star hotel that sits on 78 acres of land that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. This hotel is your one stop shop in all things luxury. The Ritz-Carlton Bacara offers many an array of things to enjoy that truly sets it apart from other hotels such as two of its very own beaches, a luxurious spa, a delicious steak house, and much more. The Ritz-Carlton Bacara is full of lavishly appointed rooms and if you stay at the hotel’s grand suite, you will be treated to private balconies that boast magnificent views, fireplaces, grand and beautiful bathrooms, luxurious linen bedding, and so much more. There are also many different activities that you can enjoy when staying at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara such as horseback riding, walks along the beach, hiking, and of course, much more. Stay at the Ritz-Carlton Bacara and enjoy one of the most luxurious hotel experiences in all of Southern California, but be careful, you might not want to come home! 

Avalon Hotel & Bungalows 

Another great option when looking for a place to stay when looking to enjoy a winter vacation would be at the Avalon Hotel & Bungalows. The Avalon Hotel & Bungalows was founded in the year of 1929 and is considered to be a 4 star hotel. This lovely hotel is a great place to allow thoughts of the harsh winter that you left behind to leave your mind. Relaxing amenities include a hot tub, a sparkling pool, comfy outdoor beds and seating, as well as beautiful gardens. The Avalon Hotel & Bungalows is also pet friendly, making for a great option for those who are looking to bring their furry friends with them. The Avalon Hotel & Bungalows also offers a very nice fitness center that boasts everything you may need such as, weight machines, a sauna, treadmills, dumbbells, a steam room, and much more. There are also yoga classes, meditation classes, and much more. If you are looking for a place to stay that will not only provide you a roof over your head but also a place to detox your mind of all the day to day stresses of the winter season, the Avalon Hotel & Bungalows is an excellent choice. 

Kimpton La Peer Hotel 

Another great place to lay your head when booking a winter vacation in Southern California is at the Kimpton La Peer Hotel. The Kimpton La Peer Hotel opened in the year of 2017 and offers many different luxurious rooms for you to stay at. The Kimpton

La Peer Hotel is a truly luxurious hotel that features all of the amenities that one could ask for. Amenities include an isolated outdoor swimming pool, a fully loaded gym that offers fitness classes, a spa and hair service that brings the salon right to your suite, a limo service, custom made picnic baskets, and much more. With this hotel being fairly new, the Kimpton La Peer Hotel has a very modern feel and is a great option for you if you are looking for the best that Southern California has to offer. 

Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel 

Another excellent hotel option for those who are vacationing in Southern California this winter is at the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel. The Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel is a very popular hotel and boasts 153 different rooms. This lovely hotel was established in the year of 2017, making it a fairly newer hotel. Not only does the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel offer numerous amenities, it also is located in a neighborhood that boasts multiple different restaurants, making it a convenient hotel when looking to find a convenient place to enjoy a bite to eat. The Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel also offers 4 different restaurants on its own grounds, in case you do not feel like walking down the road to one of the nearby restaurants. If you are looking for a luxurious and convenient place to stay, the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel has you covered. 

Hotel Californian 

Another wonderful option for when you are looking for a place to stay when taking a winter vacation to Southern California would be at Hotel Californian. This lovely hotel was also established in the year of 2017 and is considered to be a 5 star hotel. Hotel Californian offers a Moroccan and Spanish theme, making for a unique experience. Speaking of unique experiences, the Hotel Californian offers a library with many different board games and technology such as the Nintendo Switch, a Macbook, a Playstation 4, and much more, making this hotel a particularly good option for kids. Hotel Californian has plenty for you to enjoy as well, such as a lavishly appointed spa that offers different classes in yoga and meditation, as well as luxurious suites that offer breathtaking views. 

We get it, winter is not for everyone, and while your neighbor may be enjoying skiing down the slopes at some ski lodge or enjoying a warm hot chocolate, the cold weather sometimes just needs to be forgotten about. We hope that this list of the best hotels in Southern California was able to give you a route to escape the harshness of this winter, and into a more comfortable, snow free world.

All You Need to Know About New Jersey Airport Parking

All You Need to Know About New Jersey Airport Parking

Newark Liberty International Airport. One of the premier gateways to not only New Jersey, but New York City and the whole tri-state area, this massive landing point is quite the task to navigate. Serving some 29 million passengers in 2021 among fifty carriers on every permanently inhabited continent, the scale of operations here can be quite intimidating and difficult to learn for a first time flyer or someone new to the Newark area. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered – read on for our guide to New Jersey airport parking, and get ready to explore !

Booking options 

Before anything, it’s good to know your options to pay and reserve in advance ! This can greatly speed up getting in, finding a spot sooner and getting to the check in / arrivals faster. A huge benefit for an airport as busy as this one, year round. One of the most important things you can do when paying is prebook ! Unlike many airports where booking a parking spot is a great option in the time and stress you will save in getting in and being able to find a spot, pre booking also greatly reduces the cost of parking ! Newark Liberty International Airport greatly incentivises sorting out your parking ahead of time with pre booking, with notably lower rates when pre booking as opposed to showing up day-of and paying then. Other than this, you may also pay when you arrive with credit card, debit card, NFC payment systems such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay, as well as the E-Z Pass system. If not pre booking, we highly recommend paying with the method with the least amount of contact available to expedite entry and exiting airport parking when it comes time to pay. This is not necessarily a health-conscious decision, but the fact that the methods of payment go from fastest to slowest method as they do from farthest the physically closest. E-Z Pass will read well before you are in range to tap-to-pay, and tap-to-pay will typically be a few seconds faster than swiping or inserting a chip card. 

Parking options 

Due to the sheer size of the airport, it’s no surprise Newark Liberty International Airport offers a wide variety of parking options for every traveller and visitor. There are three short – term parking lots, a daily parking lot and one long term parking lot / economy parking lot. In addition, there are also Premium Reserve parking spaces which are notably closest to the terminals for your convenience, but do come at a bit of an extra cost – hence the name. These spots must be booked online. For those travellers with restricted mobility, there is actually a specially designated parking garage available to rent for all who have an official disabled licence plate or permit to display. 


Parking at any short term garage is $5.25 for the first half hour, and $5.25 for every half hour after. This is not a proportional charge – so if you were to leave in 31 minutes or 59 minutes, you would pay the same price. This means keeping an eye on the half hour to make sure you are not paying for time you aren’t using. After three hours, the price of parking steeply increases, to $10.50 for every half hour after the third hour. There is a 24 hour maximum of $65, and this is slashed to $44 if you book online. The premium terminal spaces are actually not too much more expensive, between $50 and $47 per day. The daily spaces still provide a much better value if you are going to be parking more than one or two hours – with daily parking at $29 a day if booked online, and $41 / day for a premium daily space. Economy spaces are $24 a day for premium economy, and $21 a day for regular economy. 


Also good to consider is the layout of the airport itself. The short-term parking garages will be the most convenient option for most if you are prioritising proximity to the terminals, as they occupy the centre of the airport’s layout. The one exception being the parking garage for those travellers with disabilities which is actually closer to Terminal C’s extreme west end than Short Term Parking Garage C is. The Economy Long – Term Parking like most of its type is located farther away from the airport and is serviced by a shuttle that comes every 5 – 7 minutes. Knowing which Garage to park at is actually very straightforward however – if you are flying domestic or flying to / from Canada, you probably want to park at Garage A. If you are flying anywhere else international, you probably want to park at Garage B, and if you are flying with United Airlines to any destination, you will probably park at Garage C. 

The rare exception being, weighing your options if you or someone in your party has mobility issues – even though the disabled parking is to the left side of Terminal C, if your check in is at Terminal A, you might want to make that small trade to part in Garage A. 

Details to consider when parking 

Be sure to check airport conditions and double check which Terminal your airline operates out of. Listed above is a general guide, but not 100% definitive. You may find rare exceptions at each terminal – but for the sake of brevity we are working with a general description and cannot afford to account for every single possibility with terminal operation.  For this reason,  it is highly recommended to double check where your check in is – the walk from Garage C to Terminal A or vice versa can be quite the time sink ! 

Other services

Also of note are the many free services – in case of any unexpected vehicle trouble leaving the airport after a long journey or just after dropping off a loved one, Newark Liberty International Airport offers flat –  tire assistance, lockout assistance, jumpstarts for dead batteries and even help with car location ! Electric Vehicle owners can also opt to sign up for a program online that allows them to charge their vehicle at Newark Liberty International Airport free of charge. 

Do you need to park ?

Of course, there is one greatest money saver of all : not parking in the first place ! Newark Liberty International Airport also has a series of Cell Phone Lots which are less than five minutes from all terminals and are free to use ! These are great for those really quick pick ups and drop offs that do not require enough time to put money down on a parking spot, but are also a bit too long for the active loading / unloading only curbside. If your arriving friend / family member is not already at the curb and ready to hop in immediately, this might be a great option. In addition, there are also many connections via rail and bus with the Tri-State metropolitan area that could eliminate the need to take a car entirely ! On top of the savings, being able to just proceed directly to receiving your ticket / family member is a huge advantage over the time sink of finding parking, especially in peak travel season. In the line faster means at the desk sooner. 

How Much is Parking at Pennsylvania Airport Long Term and Short Term?

How Much is Parking at Pennsylvania Airport Long Term and Short Term?

Harrisburg International Airport. Gateway to the South and the largest cities on the East Coast for the Harrisburg community, you might favour a flight out of Harrisburg as opposed to a lengthy road trip for your next holiday. Whether for a longer trip or a short trip, you might have questions about how much parking at the Harrisburg International Airport will cost you. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered – read on for our detailed guide about parking here at Harrisburg International and all costs. 

Step by step

Upon arriving at Harrisburg International Airport, enter the appropriate lot for you, whether a member of a specific loyalty program, only parking short term or parking longer term, or even for a very short amount of time. Once you’ve parked your car, you shouldn’t need to pay until your return and you are exiting the lot with your car. This can be either with an electronic kiosk similar to many garages, or with cash / a personal touch at a manned kiosk. For frequent flyers, there is a special card to be used with the system, and for those visitors who idled / stayed in the cell phone lot, there is no charge – you may leave when you want without paying. 

Very short term parking

Indeed, before considering the cost of parking at Harrisburg International Airport, you should probably consider first if you even need to park in the first place. For really quick pick ups, drop offs or if you have someone to take the car home for you, you may want to consider just stopping very quickly at the curbside in front of the airport. This is the designated area for these speedy drop offs and pick ups if the driver does not need to get out of the car to say ‘ goodbye ‘  or ‘ welcome ‘. Not only does this help save time and is incredibly efficient, but also puts your passengers much closer to the ticket counter if you’re tight for time. It is also completely free. 

Short term parking

For those visits where you do need to park the car but will not be staying for too long, parking for up to 30 minutes is only three dollars. This is great for those goodbyes you’d rather have further into the airport, or when needing to help your flyer check in and move luggage. Be wary of time however, since an additional five dollar charge is applied for the 31st minute to the 60th minute. 

Medium term parking 

For those slightly longer visits where you might need to help your flyers / visitors a little bit more at the desk or for a longer goodbye, the hourly rate becomes a lot more reasonable after the first hour. After the first 30 minutes ( 3 dollar total ) and the first hour ( 8 dollar total ), each subsequent hour is only two dollars. The daily maximum is 20 dollars for the garage parking, but you do not start to earn effectively ” free ” hours after seven hours of parking. It is unlikely you’ll need this much, so for most visits to the airport under one day, paying by the hour will still be the most economical option. 

Long term parking

For long term trips, there is actually a dedicated long term parking lot with a flat rate of 10 dollars for every 24 hours. There is no maximum limit to how long you can park in the long term parking lot, so whether it’s only for a few days or parking for a weeks long vacation, both are okay here at Harrisburg International Airport. The same charges also apply for this parking lot as for the first 30 minutes and same hour for the garage – therefore you actually get your money’s worth once you park for longer than 2 hours. For those visits that are only around a couple of hours long but not nearly a day long, this might be a slightly better option to save money instead of the garage. The only disadvantage : you’ll be taking a shuttle to and from this lot as opposed to easily walking to the airport. But a small disadvantage for those who really want to save anywhere possible. 

Very long term parking and alternatives 

For those extremely long trips, you may park at the long term parking, or if you really prioritise ease of access – parking in the garage since there is no maximum limit to how many days you may park there. However, 10 and 20 dollars a day can add up very quickly for those month or more long trips, so browsing for a third party option and shuttle may be much more economical. Apps and websites such as, Onairparking and SpotHero offer plenty of choice for those travellers who not only want to save big on their parking, but also seek specialised services. Through these apps, travellers can find parking services specialised in specific languages, parking locations with enhanced security, or just parking locations with incredibly low rates. They also have different integrations and other perks depending on the website you use, including packages for other rentals and insurance with, an abundance of spots and a google-maps-esque navigation system with spothero, and a vast collection of local gems and travel tips with onairparking. If you’ll be parking for a very long trip, we highly recommend browsing around third party websites – even a small difference in the daily rate can add up to a pretty significant saving. 

Extra Tips for parking at Harrisburg International Airport

Tip 1 : Take full advantage of the free services 

Unlike other airports where you might come back to an unfortunate last hurdle before finally getting home, Harrisburg International Airport provides a number of very convenient services ! These include jump starting batteries if your battery dies while you are gone, changing any flat tires, communication with local locksmiths if you had locked yourself out of your car, and most importantly, help locating your vehicle ! No need for a detailed memo or picture record of where you parked here at Harrisburg International Airport with this incredibly useful service. ( Although these definitely help make things easier ). 

Tip 2  : Enrolling in the XpressPark program

For those travellers who frequently fly out of the Harrisburg area, joining the Xpress Park program may be a great way to not only save on parking, but saving on parking to work towards the most advantageous spots ! This is a points – reward program that accumulates with every dollar spent on parking, really adding up quickly for those frequent travellers, and can be a major asset to your parking experience here at the Harrisburg International Airport. 

Tip 3 : Ignore parking with a ticket altogether 

For those who arrive with a bit more time before their flight or really do not mind showing up well before the flight, there is also an additional ticketless credit card payment method ! If travellers insert their credit card upon entry, they can actually forgo the need to take a ticket and can simply put their credit card back into the machine when leaving for a very quick and convenient exit. This is great for those who don’t want to worry about losing their ticket, those who really prioritise speed, or those travellers who like to minimise waste whenever they can, even if it’s the really small things. 

The Best Way to Park Your Car at the Washington Airport

The Best Way to Park Your Car at the Washington Airport

Washington Dulles International Airport. The bustling gateway to the capital, serving over 60,000 passengers daily from over 125 destinations and some 15 million total passengers in 2021, it can be a daunting task to navigate this airport – doubly so if you’re operating on a tight schedule and are unfamiliar with this airport. ( or both ! ) Thankfully, we’ve got you covered – read our guide to learn the best way to park your car at the Washington Dulles International Airport. 

If you should park

While this sounds a strange question, those first time flyers or those new to this airport should consider before anything, if they even need to park at all. If your purpose is solely to pick up or drop off with no need to accompany your passenger(s) inside the airport, unloading, hugs and goodbyes / greetings might be best done at the designated drop off / pick up curbside areas. This is not only to save everyone time, ( allowing for greater flexibility with traffic conditions, or just some extra sleep ) but also money, as the fees for parking can cost a bit, not to mention the added effort of even finding a parking space. If you’ll be travelling from inside Washington or even a number of nearby locations around the capital region, it might serve you better in time and money to actually get to the airport via the WMATA metro system. 

When you are parking

It’s good to consider when you are wanting to park – as it will help you plan and prepare accordingly. Those arriving very early for a red-eye flight will encounter the least busiest times in the garages, lots and roads leading to the airport, whereas those arriving towards the middle of the day should prepare to spend a bit longer in traffic and looking for a parking spot. If you’re coming on a peak day and especially at a peak hour of a peak day such as around 3 p. m. on a Friday, it might be best to consider other options to help streamline arrival to the gate or parking. One of these is the following, reservation ! 


For those travellers who prefer to plan far in advance or for those who are flying in peak flying season such as during Thanksgiving or Christmas, you may want to consider reserving a parking spot directly with the airport ! This not only guarantees you a parking spot and the payment process, but also eliminates the stress of being uncertain if there is still a spot available for your vehicle, as well as the nasty surprise of a full garage showing up the day of. Washington Dulles International Airport takes extra care to make sure that they do not overbook, but that does not mean parking during the busiest times of year isn’t extremely competitive. Get ahead of the curve and do a favour for future you on the day of departure and look into reserving a parking spot at any of Washington Dulles International Airport’s parking facilities. 

When to approach

Again, you may also want to reconsider your arrival time / time you leave the house depending on the situation. This is another very important skill in making sure you get to the airport with enough time to 1 ) pay for parking, 2 ) locate a parking space successfully,  3 ) unload and walk from your parking spot to the interior of the airport. Checking the live traffic data and also using the reservation website to gauge how full the garages are currently, these are two good steps to take before you’re even in your car to figure out how early you should start heading to the airport. Generally, for those flights near rush hour we recommend adding anywhere from 1.5 to even 2 hours ahead of the time you arrive at security. This is because traffic in the area can become quite intense. 

Where to approach 

Knowing the layout of the airport and the garage is also a very important step before parking. While the airport does provide on-site signage for which airlines are on which sides of the airport, it is better to know ahead of time the general direction you are headed instead of digesting and navigating with new information in real time. This is especially important for when the airport is at its busiest, where it might be difficult to safely / easily change lanes if you find yourself headed to the wrong part of the airport – you might find yourself at the mercy of dozens of other flyers who are also in a rush ! Specifically, those flyers with Delta, Allegiant, Southwest, Aer Lingus, Air India and British Airways would prefer parking in Garage 2 if possible, due to the proximity to their ticket counters. 

How to note your parking location 

Finally, a very important step in parking at Washington Dulles International Airport – remembering where you’ve parked ! This is especially pertinent for those who will be away on longer trips – as we’ve all had this familiar situation : You’re finally home after a very long and tiring plane ride, and you just want to get into your car, drive home, and take a shower. And upon arriving at the garage… you cannot remember where your car is. Some travellers prefer to take a picture, but depending on your location in the garage, a picture of your parking location may not be so useful depending on what is in frame. Especially so if your photo has no distinguishing characteristics that are not the cars – since those are subject to change before you return. For a faster solution, we recommend either using your phone to take a panoramic photo, a 360 – degree photo or to simply record a video of the area around your car very briefly to get a better idea of where your parking space is. This way, you’ll have a much easier way locating your vehicle even if you’re completely spent after a long flight home. 

Other services to consider 

However, if you are left with a want for some more options, here are some others to consider alongside parking at the airport’s garages directly. Applications and websites such as SpotHero, and On Air Parking can be great resources to consider as alternatives to simply using the airport website. These third party options come with a variety of different advantages. SpotHero has a big name presence over the internet for those wanting to check with other sources throughout their parking and booking process, while offers a great variety of integration with mobile devices for those travellers who prefer to travel paperless.

Onairparking stands out due to their varied collection of works on destinations domestic and worldwide. Using these websites to book at another location may provide more security, cheaper rates, specific language support beyond the capabilities of the airport, or even a more advantageous parking lot location relative to your residence in the capital region. Taking the stress out of navigating airport traffic and getting dropped off at one of the platforms for bus and shuttles directly in front of the airport may be a preferable start to your journey – allowing you more freedom to relax, enjoy your coffee or triple check your bags for everything on the way to the airport. 

Ohio Holiday Tips for Saving Money

Ohio Holiday Tips for Saving Money

Ohio. A place of idyllic nature, beautiful seasons, esteemed produce, sport, art and recently a curious arrival to humorous dialogues around the nation, this state holds so much to see, take in, tour and experience from Lake Erie to the Appalachian Mountains. Wherever your travels take you here in Ohio, you’ll probably wish to economise and save as much as possible. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to saving money around Ohio and some of our picks for any itinerary here around the Buckeye State. 

Tour Local Cuisine, Produce 

Ohio is an esteemed link in the national food chain and around the world not only for Apples, but also Tomatoes ( 3rd largest producer in the nation ) Corn, Hogs ( 8th largest producer in the nation ), Soybeans, Eggs ( 3rd largest producer in the nation ) and most of all, Swiss Cheese, as the top producer of this variety of cheese in the entire nation. With so much produce in abundance nearby and a strong tradition of agriculture throughout the state, Ohio is a great place to sample fresh, organic produce and dishes. Whether this is browsing many fresh-from-farm stalls and marketplaces or other community centres around Ohio, or visiting a farm yourself, enjoying and learning about the local produce and agriculture of Ohio is usually pretty affordable. Beyond this, there is also local fare, such as famously fresh Apple Pies, a long history of German – American dishes including the likes of Bratwurst, Mettwurst and Pretzels, as well as other regional specialities such as Goetta. Come explore Ohio with your sense of taste, and leave with a full wallet and a full stomach. 

Don’t count out smaller towns 

Ohio, while having a number of larger cities, is also notably less centralised in population compared to other states that might revolve very tightly around a single city or number of cities. There are many small towns all over the state that are hidden gems of local history, hospitality, rare sights, one-of-a-kind dishes and the charm of a smaller, more relaxed place. Whether you are making a Road Trip of the state, or will revolve around one region of Ohio during your stay, we recommend keeping small towns on the table for an addition to any itinerary, as small town Ohio has so much to offer ! Away from the bustle of places like Columbus and Cleveland, places like Bowling Green, Chagrin Falls, Athens, Yellow Springs and Oxford offer much more than meets the eye, with acclaimed local restaurant scenes, walkable and inviting downtowns, lively universities and tons of nature nearby. Whether just wanting to enjoy the good vibes of a small Ohio town, the activity of a college or lost in one of many national and state parks, small towns are just as much big attractions in themselves as are their bigger counterparts. And most importantly, they’re usually much more forgiving with parking and lodging costs, meaning you’re seeing Ohio for less money. 

Visit Amish Country

Ohio is also one of the states in the country with a proud and vibrant Amish population. A people revered in the region for fine craftsmanship, welcoming and friendly demeanour and prized dishes, any visit to an Amish stall, market or village is well worth the visit. These are visits to a rare community in most of the nation outside of the region, and another unique insight to the midwest and Ohio. With an emphasis on good ingredients, farm-fresh sources and food made with lots of care and attention, it’s no wonder locals rave over the baked and cooked goods sold by Amish where they are found. If you’ll be in Ohio for your holiday, be sure to consider any Amish markets or communities near you. 

Wild Ohio 

Ohio is also a terribly underrated state for natural beauty, spanning the vast expanse of Lake Erie’s shorefront, the heights of Ohio’s Appalachia, the mighty Cuyahoga being just some of the sights to behold here. Ohio’s vast system of national, state and local parks make for endless opportunities to camp, hike, bike, tube, canoe, kayak and on rare occasions, even surf ! Ohioans love the outdoors and benefit greatly from their surroundings, and making the most of this preserved wilderness is not only a great choice for your itinerary but also a very cost effective one, especially if packing and reusing your own equipment. The great outdoors and countless sites for enjoying nature are never too far away anywhere in the Buckeye State.

Local Sport

Tying in with Ohio’s love for the outdoors is also a thriving local tradition of sport, most famously exemplified in the face of Akron’s very own Lebron James. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey and more, these many sports make up important focal points for the community to get together and bond in competition and athleticism. In many of the smaller communities and suburbs, these games can be either quite cheap or completely free to spectate – a great opportunity to enjoy the thrills of sport with the local community, and get to know Ohio on a different level. 

Don’t be afraid to join the community

While you may only be visiting Ohio for a brief time, this also relates to the previous point – don’t write joining in any community events or community spaces ! Open-air farmers markets, artisan markets, art shows, drive in restaurants and drive in cinemas, while they all might be favorited and dominated by locals, never let that push you to look elsewhere during your holiday. Ohioans are famously warm and hospitable to people from all walks of life, and by joining in these events, you’ll be sure to run into a local welcome. Meeting local residents and joining on these activities is a great way to discover those truly local spots and secrets of towns big and small, as well as creating a lasting and more memorable time in Ohio. 

Browse local boards and forums

You don’t even have to wait until you are physically in Ohio to start learning from the locals – plenty of online forums and social media groups are great ways to learn about all the secrets, insider tricks and best local spots well before you’ve even left home. Not to mention, the possibility of making a local friend online is also there. And who better knows where to get the best deals than a local ?

Choose dynamic and diverse locations

If you will be travelling with a group that has markedly different interests, probably lean towards a place in Ohio that is quite diverse in activities. This is so that you are saving money on transport and not having to change location too much, as well as making yourself more eligible for longer term discounts on lodging as is common with platforms such as AirBnB.

Be open to different modes of transport to reach Ohio

Finally, Ohio has many modes of transport to embrace, from Rail to Boat to Car in addition to simply flying in. Seeing Ohio by road or rail or on the water can make the journey just as memorable as the destination, and is a great way to accidentally discover many gems of Ohio not as widely advertised. 

Best Less Crowded Family Destinations in Northern California 2023

Best Less Crowded Family Destinations in Northern California 2023

Northern California. Blessed with ancient, towering natural beauty, an engaging mix of activity between the arts, sport and innovation, all in a famously mild climate spanning over 100,000 square miles, there’s something for everyone here in this half of the Golden State. However, if your family favours those quieter spots away from the many crowds from in-state and beyond, and you’re not sure where to go – we’ve got you covered. Read on for our best kept secrets and hideaways from the riff raff and waves of tourists, and get ready to discover another California.

Eureka and Arcata

A globally renowned part of North America, between dramatic seaside views, cool weather, grey skies and the famous Redwoods, many seaside communities between the trees and the ocean here in Northern California are sleepy and charming escapes from the traffic and bustle of the Bay Area and larger cities. Eureka and nearby Samoa and Arcata are a stunning trifecta of tranquil beaches, dramatic cliffs and thick Redwood forest – a paradise for those travelling to Northern California. One of the greatest attractions of this part of the state is the natural beauty – and there is plenty here. Whether for camping, hiking, photography or just to marvel at the beauty of this area, this corner of Northern California is rarely packed as the other destinations such as Tahoe or the Golden Gate and still provides for groups of all sizes. Enjoy shopping personable boutiques, a bite at a local restaurant or cafe, and spend your day amid nature with endless options. The roads leading north towards further Redwood forests and Oregon are great alternatives to the scenic coastal routes, with a combination of soaring trees and hills that make for a truly otherworldly experience.

Overlooks in San Mateo county

A hilly and varied landscape of foggy mornings, drowsy neighbourhoods and quiet scenery here in the neighbouring south to San Francisco are the communities of San Mateo. Frequently overlooked for sights such as Pacifica and landmarks such as the San Francisco Airport, or the allure of Silicon Valley further to the south, San Mateo county has plenty to offer. With a number of cute towns, wilderness not too far away and the draw of the coast, one of the less appreciated and ( free ! ) activities here is simply to stop at one of the many overlooks and gaze at the surrounding area, whether at dawn, dusk, night or during the day. With this mix of calm, accessible and sights galore all in a small area with a notably slower pace than other parts of the Bay Area, wandering around San Mateo might be a good addition to your itinerary. 

Bridgeside, by the water at night

With many of the popular overlooks and vantage points around the bay, some of the less appreciated areas are the amazingly quiet and calm waterside areas both along the Bay and the Pacific. We aren’t talking about super frequented hotspots such as Ocean Beach or Santa Cruz, but instead those many smaller parks of lesser known cities around the Bay Area. Continue farther south of Pacifica for equally beautiful views with fewer people in places such as Moss Beach or Half Moon Bay, and consider the many parks of Foster City and the Palo Alto area for views of the bridges at night. These titans of the area don’t get nearly as much love as they deserve, and are quite pretty to look out at on a clear night. The best part about stopping by the water anywhere in the Bay Area ? You’re never too far from a tasty midnight snack at these spots. 

Giant Redwood Forests

While we did write about those seaside communities in Northern California’s far north, we would not be doing this list justice without giving the mighty Redwoods their due respect. This attraction of the state is fully deserving of all of the hype, if not more. Thankfully, due to their distribution and size around Northern California, finding a less crowded area or forest is not too difficult of a task, even during peak tourist season. We recommend heading North of Marin and Santa Rosa to the larger reserves and parks for more variety and space. The Redwoods south of San Francisco and especially those on the east side of the Bay are more accessible and thus see more traffic than those in the far north of the state. Not to mention, a longer drive means more scenic coastal roads to enjoy, as well as more of small town California to discover. Whether it’s a giant tree you’re able to drive through, feeling like an ant walking on a massive fallen Redwood or wandering among these wonders of nature, the Giant Redwood Forests are absolutely a must for all visitors to Northern California, and are thankfully so many that dodging the crowds is not too hard. 

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

While the Winchester Mystery House may be the object of popular intrigue in this region of the Bay Area, a lesser known gem is the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum, one of the most criminally underrated sights here. Whether in its stunning exterior and gardens, the immersive and enchanting Rock-cut tomb replica or the chance to see a number of rare artefacts and mummies, Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum is a trip into the ancient. Step away from the buzz of San Jose and the city and spend a while at one of many lesser known exhibits and museums of the area – starting with the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. 

Drive Big Sur

Farther south of Santa Cruz and Pacifica is the stretch of California known as Big Sur, a breathtaking and otherworldly landscape of steep cliffs, isolated beaches, and one-of-a-kind views. Whether as a trip in itself or as a way to reach another stop on your trip, the vast expanses of Big Sur are a great addition to any itinerary, and with its immense size, hard to pack up. Be sure to look out for the wilderness around Monterey and the coast by Bixby Creek Bridge, two points of interest along State Route 1. Even at peak tourist season, you’re never far from some of the less visited areas and views – don’t be afraid to go that extra bit further to get away from the crowds ! Also, be sure to pack well if you’ll make Big Sur a multi-day excursion due to the remoteness of certain locations, as well as the lack of restrooms and similar facilities in certain areas. 

Trinity Alps 

Out in far northern California is another quaint town – Weaverville ! A charming collection of small town hospitality at the foot of the mighty Trinity Alps Wilderness, this is your gateway to the shocking views of the Trinity Alps, with soaring granite peaks and forests around a series of some 55 alpine lakes. Those visitors who wish to escape to a quiet and lonely part of the sunshine state while getting a look at many of the state’s famous endemic wildlife can see it all here in the Weaverville area from American black bears to cougars, bobcats and black-tailed deer. With over 520 miles of hiking trails and various lines leading into other neighbouring towns and other trail systems, this is both easily accessible for those stopping through or the seasoned hiking veteran.