Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Houston TX

The history of the gay rights movement can be traced back to what is now known as the first Pride March, originating at the Stonewall Inn in New York City. Not long after the Stonewall Riots, along came a group of gay rights organizations, such as the Gay Liberation Front (GLF). These groups were created, then progressed and evolved, and have become part of what we know now as the LGBT community.

Every year in June you can join in the festivities and support the LGBT community causes during Pride Month. Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Houston, TX, is a huge event, and below are some of the things the city has on offer for you.


The Houston Gay Pride Parade is the big feature of the gay pride festival in the city, which has been held every year since 1979. The festival usually takes place during the second to last Saturday of June, but of course, this can change. The Pride Parade is there to celebrate everyone in the community, including friends, family, and allies. Over half a million people join the parade making it the biggest and highest attended gay pride event in all of Texas and the Southwest region of the US.

Kick-off begins around 8 pm through the city ending around 11 pm which gives paraders a chance for a night time creative flair and dancing the night away with flashing banners, and rainbows flickering bright throughout downtown Houston.


A huge annual party that highlights every year exactly what pride month is all about; inclusivity, acceptance, and equality. You can enjoy some amazing acts, drag shows pageants and music. Admission is free and open to all ages, it is definitely one you don’t want to miss.


Reel Pride is the yearly film festival where the films that are showcased are there to highlight the issues faced in the past and present. The films are to educate the community, and also provide strength, support, and hope for a future of change. For just ten bucks you have all-day access to a range of films, documentaries, foreign films and more. Supporting local, national, and international members of the LGBT community, why not grab a bowl of popcorn and dive into Reel Pride.

Some other fantastic but smaller events you can enjoy are also detailed below.


Sway your hips and shake your booty at the Rumba with pride Crystal Nightclub. Pass the night away with Latin vibes, dancing the meringue, rumba, salsa, and a few tequilas.


At Hamburger Mary’s Houston, The Queens of the City show has a line up of some of the cities hottest and best drag acts.


And, finally, don’t miss THE pride pool party of the year over at Clé Houston, Midtown, where you can be part of an unforgettable day.

Houston really is one of the top cities to be in during Pride Month. There are many activities and events across the city, with something for everyone to enjoy and to show their support to the LGBT community!

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The Professional Sports Teams of Houston, TX

Like with other major cities in America, Houston, Texas, is crazy about sports. After all, America is the land of dreams, great food, and sport; sports, especially professional sports, are a huge part of American society and have created an important social bonding among its citizens throughout the years.

The professional sports teams of Houston, TX, are well known not only in the state but also around the country. In total, there are six major league sports teams in Houston – check out more information about them below.


The Astros are a professional baseball team that competes in the MLB. The team was created in 1962, and for the first three years was known as the Houston Colt .45s, before changing their name to the Astros in 1965. The name was changed when the team moved stadiums and started playing at the Houston Astrodome. The Astros have fared relatively well over the years winning various titles, including the World Series in 2017.


This may be a team you are less familiar with, but the Houston Dash is a women’s soccer team. In 2014, they joined the NWSL (National Women’s Soccer League), and have grown in popularity since. The team is owned by the same group that owns the Houston Dynamo, and therefore, the kit colors are similar for both teams.


This is the men’s professional soccer club of Houston with the team competing in the MLS (Major League Soccer). The Dynamo was created in 2005 and had success right from the start with them winning the 2006 and 2007 MLS Cups. The team often goes by the nickname of Orange Crush, or La Naranja due to their orange-colored kit. They share the BBVA Stadium with Huston Dash.


The Houston Rockets are a professional team in the NBA (National Basketball Association), playing at the Toyota Center in Downtown Houston. The team was established in 1967 and was originally based in San Diego, however, in 1971 the team was moved to Houston after Texas Sports invested money in them. Over the years, the team has won 13 titles including two Championships.


The SaberCats are newcomers having only been formed in 2017, and they are probably the least well-known major team in the city for most people. The SaberCats competes in the MLR (Major League Rugby), although they are yet to win any titles. They play their home games at the Aveva Stadium which is a rugby stadium with the capacity to hold around four thousand people.


The Houston Texans represent Houston when it comes to the NFL (National Football League), and they play their home games at the NRG Stadium. They are the youngest team to be playing in the NFL having only been formed in 2002 as an expansion group. It wasn’t until 2011 that they finally won their first Championship, and have won a further five Championships since.

Whether it is watching them or playing them, sports are very important to a lot of people. But if you do prefer to watch rather than play yourself, then the sports teams of Houston, TX, certainly give you a lot of choices!

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