Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Dallas, Texas

The Lone Star State knows more than most when it comes to good food; with the city of Dallas being a key hub for all things food, and we want you to be able to experience the best restaurants possible in the area. Unfortunately, we can’t list restaurants that hold Michelin star awards, as the Michelin guide doesn’t yet cover the state of Texas in this category, we can, however, give you an insight into the best-rated restaurants near Dallas based on Yelp, so read on for more.

Empa Mundo

Hitting up the top spot is Empa Mundo, serving up a delightful feast of Argentinian empanadas, in the form of a dozen different flavors. All the empanadas are handmade, with fresh ingredients and sealed and cooked on the day, ensuring you get nothing but the tastiest empanadas in the state. Empanadas are not just food to Empa Mundo, they are a passion, which shines through in the authentic deep flavors that will keep you coming back for more. It is not necessary to book a table, but it is a popular place at all times, so it is better to call ahead and check, you can find their information on their website –

Tranky’s Tacos

This restaurant is the real deal when it comes to Mexican food, so often Mexican food is grouped into the category of fast food, and this simply isn’t the case; find the right Mexican restaurant and you will be astonished at what true Mexican cuisine is. Fortunately, Tranky’s provides the perfect example of authentic and traditional food, which gives you a delicious hit of flavor every time you take a bite. The ingredients are fresh, and your plate comes out full of color just asking to be devoured. The best part is you get tantalizing food, at extremely reasonable prices, you couldn’t ask for more from Tranky’s so be sure to take the time to pop into this family-owned business as soon as you get the chance. Find out more about the restaurant and their story here on the website –

Ephesus Mediterranean Grill

It is a great find to discover a restaurant in the states that provides a bona fide taste of the Mediterranean, well look no further than Ephesus; they hit the spot with their flavorsome and moreish menu serving you the best hummus, babaganoush, baklava, falafel; honestly, the list goes on and on, even the bread is warm and crunchy. The chef does a smashing job as always cooking each dish to perfection, and making sure you never have a bad visit. The dining area is a good size so you don’t feel too close to other diners, and the decor is traditional but not dated. As a bonus, Ephesus has a bring your own booze policy, so don’t forget to take advantage of that if you want alcohol with your food. Check out all you need to know about this Mediterranean gem on their website –

Dallas has a fine selection of places to eat, you certainly cannot go hungry in this city; many of which will undoubtedly be award winners one day, when they are given the opportunity.

7 Things To Do In Dallas Fort Worth, Texas

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is a great example of that!

The largest inland metropolitan area in the U.S., with a population of more than 7,500,000 people, the region is one of the most diverse in the south, with a large Hispanic and African American presence.

Dallas itself is one of the most vibrant cities in the country, and there’s someone for everyone, from fine dining to history to sports.

1. Dallas is known for its professional sports teams, and while the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and MLB’s Texas Rangers are wildly popular, the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys franchise is the sporting face of the city. The Cowboys haven’t won the Super Bowl since Super Bowl XXX, but they have had 33 playoff appearances since 1966. The Cowboys are known as “America’s Team” and play their home games at the 80,000-seater AT&T Stadium located in nearby Arlington. It is said that the stadium, including one of the world’s largest high-definition video screens, uses more energy than the African country of Liberia.

2. The city has over 406 public parks sitting on 21,000 acres of parkland. However, only one, Klyde Warren Park, can claim to be built over an operational freeway. It is located in the heart of uptown Dallas and connects the city’s Arts District with other parts of the city. The 5.2-acre facility is home to a performance pavilion, jogging trails, dog parks, and a children’s playground. It also hosts events such as swing nights, Zumba classes, and outdoor movie screenings.

3. If you are an aviation buff, the Vintage Flying Museum might be of interest to you. The museum, located in Fort Worth, pays tribute to America’s pioneering role in heavier-than-air flight and contains vintage aircraft of every size, from the single-seater Flea Triplane to the World War II-era B-29 Superfortress “Fifi”. The Vintage Flying Museum also throws a Big Band Hangar Dance every September, the proceeds of which go to the maintenance of the museum’s aircraft collection.

4. Standing 561 feet above street level, the Reunion Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Dallas and might be considered a symbol of the city and the metroplex as a whole. The globe at the top of the tower is lit by 259 LED fixtures and changes color depending on the occasion; for example, for St. Patrick’s Day, the globe goes green, while it is illuminated in red, white, and blue for the Fourth of July. Just below the globe lies a rotating restaurant run by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, featuring some of the finest Asian cuisine in the Southwest.

5. If you’re in Dallas to shop, Highland Park Village is the place to be seen in. The place was America’s first self-contained shopping center and still maintains its upscale character. Among the designer brands that have taken up residence at Highland Park Village are Hermes, Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Christian Louboutin. The culinary scene isn’t too shoddy, either, with Dallas institutions Café Pacific and Fachini among the center’s mainstays.

6. Are you looking for a book? Half Price Books would probably have it. After all, their motto is “We buy and sell anything printed or recorded except yesterday’s newspaper”. The flagship store, located along E Northwest Highway, contains miles upon miles of bookshelves bearing used books, music, and movies. The clearance section also features children’s books at $1 apiece.

7. If you’re looking for timeless entertainment, Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament places you right in the middle of the action. Feast yourselves on a sumptuous royal banquet while watching knights engaging in a battle of skills, with the winner taking the hand of the princess! Of course, the banquet isn’t exactly medieval fare, and the knights are character actors, but the action is fast and the plot is fun anyway. All in all, Medieval Times is good clean fun for the entire family.

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