7 Secrets when Traveling through Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

While flying enables us to travel with a lot more efficiency and ease, it can still be a very stressful experience, especially when you are traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which is currently the busiest airport in the world. Sitting on a plane with a cold drink and a window view might be one of the most relaxing things you can do, but the hustle and bustle in the airport leading up to this point can easily be overwhelming.

Therefore, to put your mind at rest, we have put together a list of seven travel secrets for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in order to help you have an easy time of it as much as possible during your time at the airport, and make the most out of your journey.

Clear Security in Minutes

It is not always possible for you to arrive at the airport with hours to spare, sometimes due to awkward timings or even unexpected traffic, you might arrive at the airport with very little time to get through security, but you arrive and the queue for security is an hour long and you start to panic as you realize that you are probably going to miss you flight. Unfortunately, being such a busy airport, wait times of being up to or exceeding an hour are not uncommon, so it is best to be prepared, and there are a few ways you can do this.

1) You can sign up for TSA PreCheck, it costs $85 for a five-year membership, and it ensures that you get priority and can make it through security in around five minutes.

After you apply online, you simply head to an appointment in person at one of their designated centers, and after a ten-minute background check, you will be given membership and peace of mind.

2) Using the biometric system known as CLEAR, Atlanta is one of the few airports that offer this service. Like with PreCheck, you have to pay, and this option is $15 a month. All registration is done online, with the final step taken at the airport. CLEAR uses scans of your fingerprints and eyes, once you have been scanned then off you go through security, the whole process takes only a few minutes, which is handy for the times you are in a rush.

3) Atlanta International have created their own program that you can sign up for, it is a free service that emails you if there are any changes to the security waiting times. After you have provided the departure time of your flight, you will be kept up to date of the approximate waiting times so that you can plan your arrival accordingly.

Parking Facilities

Despite there being roughly thirty thousand parking spaces at the airport, due to the sheer number of travelers, there are still times when certain parking lots are full, or construction work is going on causing temporary closures. Fortunately, Atlanta International keep track on which parking lots are closed or full and continually update their website. So, if you are planning on taking your car to the airport be sure to check in advance which areas are open so you don’t waste any time driving round in circles. It is also worth noting, that once you have parked, scan the QR code that you will find next to your space, so you can easily find your car again once you return. Parking prices are also listed on the same page. A better alternative to Atlanta airport parking is On Air Parking!

Service Dogs

If you are traveling with a service dog then Atlanta has made plenty of provisions for you and your companion. In the airport, there are a total of seven areas called ‘pet relief areas’, where your pet can use the facilities and drinking fountains. The airport provides an overhead hose and dog bags to make clean up easy. There is also an outdoor park that is open 24 hours a day, where your companion can spend some time off the lead before the journey ahead. These additions to the airport make traveling with a service animal far more comfortable for everyone.

Avoid Rush Hour

Unsurprisingly, Monday morning is the busiest time, you might be heading off on holiday, but thousands and thousands of people are heading off to another city or state for a new work week. But, if you are flying on a Monday morning, and you are taking a domestic flight, it is better to go through the International Terminal; here there will be fewer travelers, and once you pass through security, get to your terminal by hopping on the airport train. This is key to avoiding the Monday morning crowds.

Airport Tour

If you want to pass some time or are a lover of aviation, then take advantage of the airport tour, here you will get to see the ins and outs of the airport and how it functions or specific places such as the fire station or airfield. Tour times vary depending on which one you sign up for, but you must register for your tour at least three weeks in advance. There’s a lot to learn, and it’s a great way to take your mind off travel stress.

Where to Eat

There are an estimated 170 restaurants in the airport so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to food, and you certainly don’t need to worry about grabbing a bite to eat before you set off for the airport. While your preferences will be different so it would be no good us making too many recommendations, the restaurant called One Flew South that can be found in Concourse E has been named one of the best restaurants in an airport in the world many times. Aside from this, the other eateries range from the usual fast food all the way up to the more high-end type of restaurants, as well as coffee shops and kiosks.

Wifi Stations

There’s no need to wait at your gate not using your phone in case the battery runs out before your flight, phone charging stations are provided at all the gates so there is plenty for everyone to use. It should be clear where they are once you are at the gate, but just ask a staff member so they can show you the closest one.

Hopefully, after reading this information, you can start to feel a little better about making your way through such a busy airport, Atlanta International do their best to make everyone’s trip as comfortable as possible, and by following these tips, you will have a great visit.

7 Secrets when Traveling through Chicago O’Hare Airport

The excitement you might feel for your upcoming journey can easily be outweighed by the thought of traipsing through the airport, sitting around dealing with delays, or getting caught up in crowd after crowd of people; and the more popular the airport, the more likely you are to face these kinds of situations during your trip. Chicago O’Hare is one of the busiest airports in America, therefore, you should brace yourself for any possible problems.

However, there are things you can do to limit the chances of encountering certain problems or things you can do to stay as relaxed as possible as you journey through the airport, so we have compiled a list of seven travel secrets for Chicago O’Hare Airport, in order to help you get to your destination with as little stress as is needed.

Flight Time

If you are able to it is best to catch a flight as early as possible, as expected there will be a rush of travelers until about 7am, but after this time, not only are there fewer people, but you will also be less likely to encounter a delay. Due to the often windy weather, thick low clouds that engulf the airport, or snowstorms, flights start getting delayed, and these weather events more frequently happen later in the day rather than in the morning. If there is bad weather, delay after delay will occur, and by late afternoon, the backlog has increased substantially and so flights may start getting canceled altogether. It is a busy airport but they still have a lot of weather problems to deal with.

Fast Food

If you are in a hurry but want to eat before you board your flight so as to avoid the extortionate prices on the plane or the questionable choice of food options, then the restaurant Tortas Frontera has you covered. This Mexican restaurant has two service points in the airport, one in Terminal 1 and the other in Terminal 3. They have released an app called Tortas Frontera where you can place your order, pay ahead of time, and collect the food later. This is a great time saver if you are behind schedule or stuck in a queue somewhere.

Unwind with Yoga

Yoga is one of the most relaxing exercises you can take part in, and the perfect time to do it is at an airport. What better way to take the stress out of your mind, and clear your head for your upcoming flight than with a yoga or meditation session. The yoga room can be found in Terminal 3 close to the Urban Garden, it is open every day from 6am until 10pm, and the yoga mats are provided. While there is no instructor, they do provide a television screen on the wall which runs through different yoga techniques and positions as gentle music plays, it’s the ideal place to chill out before you head off.

Clear Security in Minutes

Getting caught up in security lines can be painfully frustrating, and as the time gets closer to your departure time, you can end up in a state of panic as you think about what you are going to do next now that your plane is leaving without you, and your following plans are ruined. Of course, it is always best to arrive at the airport with as much time to go as you can, but this is not always practical, life gets in the way and sometimes you end up at the airport with less than the recommended two hours. However, there are a couple of things you can do to help yourself out.

1) You can sign up for TSA PreCheck, it costs $85 for a five-year membership, and it ensures that you get priority and can make it through security in around five minutes.

After you apply online, you simply head to an appointment in person at one of their designated centers, and after a ten-minute background check, you will be given membership and peace of mind.

2) Download the app of whichever airline you are traveling on, this is kept continually updated, and you will have a good idea about the status of your flight time, this will help you schedule your day better, and can offer some hope if you are stuck in a line but you can clearly see your flight is delayed anyway.

Visit the Aeroponic Garden

Perhaps one of the first of its kind, in an airport at least, is O’Hare’s Aeroponic garden, which all travelers are invited to visit. This is a garden where the herbs, plants, and vegetables are not grown using soil, rather they are placed in towers and all periodically sprayed with a solution that is rich in nutrients. If you are a gardening enthusiast or want to take a look out of curiosity, then head to Terminal 3 and have a peek at everything that is grown there, it is almost certainly something that you won’t have seen before. As a bonus, the majority of restaurants in the airport use herbs and vegetables that are grown in the garden, so you can ensure the freshest tastes available.

Drive to the Airport

If you live at a reasonable distance to Chicago O’Hare, a distance that is possible to fly from, but it is also possible to drive for a few hours comfortably, then if you can it is always best to drive. As mentioned earlier in the article, delays and cancellations happen more frequently than at other airports due to the weather, which means flights due to land at O’Hare are also delayed or canceled more. Smaller regional flights are the first planes to be canceled, priority is given to larger planes, and planes with longer travel time, so it is better to not risk missing your connecting flight due to your first flight being rescheduled. Check out the best Chicago Airport parking prices!

Exercise between Flights

If you are going from one flight to another or have a long-distance flight coming up, using the health club in the Hilton Airport Hotel is the perfect way to stretch out your legs and let off some energy beforehand. You can reach the hotel by underground walkways that are in every domestic terminal, or you can use the airport’s transport system if you can coming from Terminal 5 (the international terminal). The Hilton offers day passes for a small rate, and with this, you have full use of their facilities including a gym, swimming pool, and locker rooms. If you tire yourself out before your flight, you might just be able to sleep well on board.

Sometimes things can go awry and they are completely out of your control, however, after reading through this article, you should hopefully now have a better idea of what you can do before your trip to the airport and during your stay in the airport in order to minimize any unnecessary stress.