Best Picnic Spots Near Denver CO

When the sun comes out, it is in our nature to want to be outside, where we can bask in the sun, breathe in some fresh air, and give ourselves the rest we deserve. One of the best ways to do this is with a picnic, and all across America, there are thousands of parks and recreational grounds that are the ideal location for a picnic in the sun. Denver is no exception to this, so, below we have put together a list of the best picnic spots near Dever, CO, so you can easily plan a great day out.


In Denver, you don’t even need to leave the city as there are some excellent picnic spots right in the center, with City Park being one of the top choices. Despite it being in the city, you will still find lots of fresh air and can escape the city noise for the day. Inside you will find picnic tables, and open lawns, as well as hiking areas, expansive open spaces, a golf course, museum, and even Denver Zoo. You are spoilt for choice with activities in this park, and having a picnic here will no doubt be a highlight of your week, so bring the whole family and make some beautiful memories.


Head on over to the second-largest park in Denver, and spend the day sprawling out in the sunshine, all the while having fun. The picnic spots in this park are plentiful and beautiful, surrounded by awesome scenery and lots of wildlife. If you fancy joining some activities, there are jogging and hiking paths, as well as a boating lake for the water lovers among you. It can get busy at times but don’t worry as there is enough room for everyone to have their own privacy.


Washington Park is incredibly popular among the locals as the huge open green spaces, and impressive views are exactly what most people are looking for. You won’t find many places as relaxing as this park, and there is even a little pond for boating and fishing. There are also tennis courts that anyone can use, and lots of space for dogs; Washington Park has everyone’s needs covered and is wonderfully idyllic wherever you go.


This park features a looped trail around the lake, a play area for kids, and sports grounds including baseball and softball. This park is full of fun, and you can choose to set up your picnic at the tables or along the lake as you unwind to the sounds of the water.


The Centennial Gardens are more simple than other parks and gardens, however, that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a visit. This place is well maintained and has a lot of beautiful flora especially when it is in bloom; it’s an ideal setting for a quiet picnic away from the city noise.

There is no better feeling than sending the day outside in nature with the ones you love, so the next time the sun comes out, head out to one of the spots on our list, and have a fun-filled day!

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Best Picnic Spots Near Chicago IL

When the sunshine finally hits Chicago it is best to take advantage and get outside before it leaves as quickly as it came. One of the most fun ways to enjoy the sun is by grabbing your picnic basket and spending the day partaking in some alfresco dining in some of the best picnic spots in the city. Therefore, check out the article below for some of our top recommendations for the best picnic spots near Chicago, IL, so you can have a great time every time.


This little man made peninsula located in Burnham Park has been around for around ninety years and attracts tourists and locals alike due to its stunning views and scenic atmosphere. This point extends into Lake Michigan giving you beautiful scenery from every angle. There are a few amenities here, and it is ideal for a walk and a picnic, rarely in the city will you find a place this idyllic no matter what time of year you come.


One of the best views of the Chicago skyline can be seen from this park, the vistas here are breathtaking, and it quickly becomes a favorite spot for anyone who visits. As well as the views, there are also scenic paths, fountains, dog-friendly areas, and picnic locations. At Milton Lee Olive Park you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of the city without having to travel too far.


As the name suggests, the Irene C. Hernandez Family Picnic Grove was made with picnics in mind. Here you will find a large picnic shelter in among a tree-lined field with more than enough space for everyone even during busy times. As a bonus, there are also toilets that are well maintained and plenty of luscious greenery to ease your mind.


Featuring more than two hundred acres of trees, open grass lawns, lakes, and other nature spots, Humboldt Park is easily one of the best picnic spots in the city. It is so big that having privacy during your picnic is never a problem, and regardless of where you set up, you’ll be surrounded by awesome views. Humboldt Park is the perfect way to get away from the city noise and breathe in some fresh air, and the best part is that it is less than a fifteen-minute drive from the center of Chicago!


This park is smaller than some of the others near the city but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a visit. In fact, Millennium Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Chicago, so while it is a fantastic place to stop for a picnic and check out the attractions, including the infamous Bean sculpture, you should bear in mind that it is not particularly peaceful here.

There is so much more to Chicago than high rise buildings and the parks of the area truly display just how much flora there is in this city!

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Best Picnic Spots Near Houston TX

With just over two hundred days per year of sunshine, Houston fairs pretty well on the weather front compared to other cities across the country. So, if you are near Houston then make sure you take advantage of the frequent warm weather and get outside as much as possible. One of the best ways to do this is with a picnic in a beautiful setting. Therefore, to help you find your favorite picnic area, we have detailed below the best picnic spots near Houston, TX.


Discovery Green is a little different for your usual park typesetting, as this urban park is full of outdoor activities and restaurants. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great place to come for a picnic. There is enough room to set up your picnic on the various open spaces, or you can pick up some food to take away from one of the park’s restaurants. In Discovery Green, there are also playgrounds for kids, you can join in exercise classes or kayak on the pond. And if you’re lucky, you’ll get to listen in on the live music during the different events that are organized here. Discovery Green isn’t always the quietest of places, but it is still a wonderful picnic day out.


The name of this place sums up pretty well what this area is all about. This space is more unique than other parks as it has been designed specifically with kids and picnics in mind. In fact, it’s our top choice of picnic spots if you are bringing kids. There is a huge kid’s play area, and skate part, various picnic spots, and you also get stunning views of the city. The background and foreground views in this park are impressive, and it is easy to see why this area is so popular with the locals.


Menil Park is thirty acres worth of open green lawns, huge oak trees proving shaded areas, walking trails, and sculptures throughout. Menil Park has everything you could need for a relaxing day out with your favorite food and favorite people and is an excellent choice of places to come to switch off from city life for the day.


Encompassing around five hundred acres, you certainly won’t be able to explore all of the Terry Hershey Park in one visit. However, this does give you a great excuse to come back time and again, any time you want to get your picnic fix. The scenery here is beautiful and provides a wonderful atmosphere for your alfresco dining experience. There are also biking and hiking trails that go on for a few miles that are worth exploring.

Living near a big city doesn’t mean you have to miss out on being in nature, and fortunately, the areas surrounding Houston have more than their fair share of gorgeous landscapes, and parks for you to discover with all your friends and family.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Dallas TX

Nearly three quarters of the year, Dallas, TX, has great weather; in fact, it’s often the perfect weather to spend some time outside with a picnic. If you are in the area, then read on below for the best picnic spots near Dallas, TX, so that you can take advantage of these sunny days and take a break from daily life with a picnic in the beaming sunshine.


Lakeside Park is a popular favorite with locals as it has everything you need to have a relaxing day out. There are walking paths to take your dogs, a play area for kids, picnic benches for you to sit back and relax, statues, bridges with creeks, and a never-ending amount of luscious greenery in all four directions. This is a top spot to come because it is so easy to not only unwind but also keep everyone entertained for a great day out; it is nice when you know that the whole family is welcome!


White Rock Lake Park is a little gem in the area, designed for maximum enjoyment for everyone. In the park, there is an artificial lake that attracts all kinds of wonderful wildlife and is perfect for setting up a picnic as you listen to the ripples of the water. You can use the water for kayaking, or have a wander round on one of the hiking paths. There is plenty of space in White Rock, as well as lots of beautiful views and stunning greenery.


Set up high on a hilltop but still within the city, Flag Pole Hill Park offers great views of the canopies and trees and the park’s lake. You will find endless beauty in the nature in this park and can spend hours exploring every corner. There are huge open green lawns for your picnic or you can use the picnic shelters if you prefer. The amount of open space here is one of the top reasons why it is so popular.


Lakewood Park is an excellent choice to bring your kids as there are playgrounds, and basketball courts to keep the kids occupied while you relax in the sun. There are picnic benches dotted all around the park with lots of lovely views from the river that runs through or the flora in every corner.


Unsurprisingly, the top feature of this park is the lake; here, people can fish, or paddle in the freshwater end, it is also a great place for your dogs to cool off. As well as the lake, this park has various paths for walking, biking, or hiking so you can really see every part of this pretty area. Stop off at the benches or on the grass when you want to tuck into your lunch and unwind as you breathe in the fresh air.

Everyone knows how important it is to get outside as much as possible, and going to a beauty spot with a picnic is the perfect way to do that. So, the next time the sun is shining, pack up a lunch and grab some of your favorite people, or even a book instead, and head to one of the areas listed above for a wonderful day out.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Cincinnati OH

Spending a relaxing day in the park with the sun shining, a packed picnic, and your favorite people is one of the highlights of the summer. Being outside in the fresh warm air and taking a break from the stresses of daily life is important for us all, and a picnic is the ideal excuse to take such a break. And it’s good news if you are in Cincinnati because we have compiled a list of the best picnic spots near Cincinnati, OH, to help you know exactly where to go when you want to get out in the open air for your perfect picnic.


Ault Park is huge, one of the biggest in the city, in fact, and it also gives you some of the best views for miles around. When you go for a picnic, for many it is important that there is beautiful scenery, perhaps a few activities, and plenty of space, and Ault Park has it all. There are picnic tables, and shaded areas where you can pitch up, there are hiking and cycling trails for you to easier explore the park, and the views of the Little Miami River valley from the hilltops are breathtaking. Even within the park, there is beauty all around you, and if you manage to go during the cherry blossom season, you won’t want to leave.


Fernbank Park is a highlight for those who want to go fishing alongside their picnic. This park has a river specifically for fishing where you can spend hours sitting back with your lunch and watching the world go by. As well as fishing there are biking and hiking trails, as well as playgrounds for kids. If you are not interested in fishing, don’t worry because there are separate picnic benches and shelters, where you can still enjoy everything else this park has to offer.


Alms Park is one of the favorites for locals, the enormous space gives everyone lots of room, and the views of the Ohio River and the surrounding valleys are extraordinary. Although there are nearly a hundred acres to this park, there are not too many picnic tables, so on days where it is busy, you should expect to find a spot on the grass rather than at a bench.


Mt. Echo Park is set upon a hilltop in Price Hill which means that whatever part of the park you visit, you will see awesome views of downtown Cincinnati. There is also a pavilion here, play areas for kids, and hiking trails going all around the park. Undoubtedly, you can spend the whole day here and still want to come back over and over again.

The best way to truly see the skyline of Cincinnati is from a distance and every top park in near the city provides impressive views of the city as well as the river and valleys. Whichever park you choose, you can’t go wrong as they are all as good as the previous one.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Port of Jacksonville FL

Florida isn’t called the Sunshine State for no reason, and with most cities in Florida having more than two hundred and fifty days of sunshine a year, what better place to head outside as often as you can for a relaxing picnic in a beautiful setting. In the article below, we have compiled a list of the best picnic spots near the Port of Jacksonville, FL, so you can be ready to go the next time you fancy a picnic in the sun.


With picnic benches, grill stations, playgrounds, and a softball section, Jacksonville Drew Park is one of the best in the area. The picnic areas are beneath a canopy of trees that offer much-needed shade all year round, and despite this location being quite popular among locals, there is more than enough space for everyone to feel like they have a little privacy. This park is clean, and well maintained, and combines both the relaxing element and entertainment for the younger ones.


Jacksonville Arboretum and Gardens is a botanical garden and one of the top-rated picnic sports in the Port of Jacksonville area. Not only does it have breathtaking beauty wherever you go, but there are also walking paths and hiking trails so you can explore before you head home. There are few places in the area that offer as much tranquility for a picnic than in these gardens, they are definitely worth a visit even if you go alone.


The name comes from the fact that this park is full of treaty oak trees making a wonderful setting for your picnic. These trees are beautiful to look at, so much so, that this is a popular photo shoot location. This park is quite unique and is the ideal place to come and unwind with your favorite people and spend some time away from the realities of life. It is a gem that should not be missed if you are nearby.


It will come as no surprise that Fort Family Park is one of the best picnic spots to go to if you have kids with you. In the park, there are not only plenty of picnic benches with great views but also activities for the kids including playgrounds and sports areas complete with bleachers so you can ey an eye on them. With lots of room and even clean toilets, this is the perfect place to spend the day as a family.


Riverside Park gives you everything you could ask for; stunning views, a much-needed breeze coming off the water, plenty of shade to keep you cool, areas for dogs to run, and for children to play. Overall, Riverside Park ticks all the boxes of a solid picnic spot.

The Port of Jacksonville provides a beautiful backdrop for a picnic wherever you go, so even if you don’t end up at one of the recommendations above, we know you will not be disappointed.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Atlanta GA

Grab your favorite people, and your favorite food and head to one of the best picnic spots near Atlanta, GA, as detailed in the article below. There is no better way to pass a summer’s day than with good food and good company in a beautiful setting, and Atlanta has plenty of places to experience such a thing.


This park is one of the highest-rated in the area, and as such, it can get busy at times, so you might not always be able to grab a picnic bench, however, there are lots of wide-open spaces and other areas in the park where you can set up a picnic if this happens. This park is in a great location, and full of beautiful areas providing lasting memories of your day out. As a bonus, there are also walking paths and trails that you can follow and have a little adventure around the park before you leave.


Piedmont Park is only around a mile from downtown Atlanta, meaning it is extremely convenient if you want to escape the city noise fo a picnic but you don’t want to go too far away. It has a vast amount of space for you to set up your picnic for the day, as well as outdoor activities such as tennis and swimming. This is great for if you have kids because you can be sure that they can have just as much fun playing as you can with relaxing.


Set in a gorgeous Victorian neighborhood, Grant Park is the oldest park in Atlanta City. It is just as popular now as it was when it w first constructed, and is a favorite picnic spot among the locals. Head on over to Grant Park and spend the day soaking up the sunshine and enjoying an alfresco lunch. There are also sports areas in the park, and the park is surrounded by shops, cafes, and even Atlanta zoo.


This is a very special place indeed, with stunning scenery, shaded picnic areas, biking trails, walking routes, grilling stations, fishing spots, and even a forty-eight mile-long river for boating. There is nothing you could want from a day out for a picnic that you can’t find here, this is a real gem of the area.


For something a little different, head on over to theCentennial Olympic Park, home of the 1996 summer Olympics. Here you get all the benefits of a wonderful picnic place, with benches, great views, and plenty of relaxing nature, but it is also cool to explore what is leftover from 1996. It is interesting to learn a few bits along the way and get some great pictures.

There are so many luscious green areas and wide-open spaces that it is hard to choose the best picnic spots near Atlanta, GA, as there are just too many options. However, this does mean that it doesn’t matter where you end up, you will not be disappointed.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Los Angeles, CA

One of the many benefits of living in Los Angeles is the year-round sunshine, very rarely is the sun not beaming over the whole city, meaning that most days it is the perfect weather for a picnic. A picnic is a great way to give yourself a break from daily life and relax surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Therefore, we have put together a list of the best picnic spots near Los Angeles, CA, in order for you to be able to do just that.


From downtown Los Angeles, you can get to the Vista Hermosa Natural Park in less than ten minutes by car. It is an incredibly short journey for such a huge reward. As the name suggests, it is absolutely beautiful in this park and takes our number one spot for picnic areas. The luscious green open lawns stretch off into the distance wherever you are, and there are shaded areas under the trees where you can pitch up and completely switch off from the outside world. From here you can also get some of the best views of the city, and there’s even a waterfall to explore before you go home. As far as picnic spots go, this one is without a doubt perfect and is a great place for everyone including the kids as they have a playground to keep themselves entertained.


Griffith Park covers more than four thousand acres and is one of the largest parks in the country. This fact alone makes it a great picnic spot as no matter how busy it gets, you know that there will always be enough room to have a picnic with privacy. You can feel the fresh air in all corners of the park, and still, get the benefit of being able to gaze over the city.


If you fancy a bit of a hike before or after your picnic, then pack your bags and head to Buena Vista Meadow Picnic Area where you can spend as little or as long as you want following the various hiking trails and checking out the view of the city from all angles. Their picnic area is a perfect spot which is shaded and close to toilets, all the while being very secluded and peaceful.


At Crystal Springs Picnic Area you can combine your picnic with playtime; with a baseball diamond for the adults, and a playground for the kids, everyone is covered. As well as shaded picnic tables, there are also BBQ pits and lots of stunning scenery to provide the backdrop for your day out.

It is well known that Los Angeles is surrounded by some really heavenly nature, whether it be the mountains, the ocean, or the acres upon acres of trees, you are sure to find something beautiful wherever you turn. There are a huge number of picnic spots near L.A, so be sure to explore as many as you can.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Seattle WA

When the warm weather finally comes to Seattle, there is no better feeling than being able to be outside in the warm fresh air, forgetting the realities of life, even if just for a fleeting moment. Well, a picnic is a perfect way to experience that feeling, therefore, we have put together a list of some of the best picnic spots near Seattle, WA, so you can give yourself the break you deserve while the sun is still shining.


Golden Gardens Park takes our number one spot for a few reasons, firstly there are more than enough picnic benches, meaning there is usually room for everyone no matter how busy it is. Additionally, there is a range of activities in this park that you can do after your picnic to make it an even better day out including wetlands, hiking trails, BBQ areas, playgrounds, and beaches. This park is also the favorite among the locals as it is the perfect place to watch the sunset; what better way to end your picnic than by watching the sun disappear over the horizon.


With more than two hundred acres of wetlands, forests, creeks, beaches, and meadows, you won’t find it hard to find space for you and your group. The park is completely surrounded by stunning nature that will leave you in awe over every inch of the park. This is also another great place to watch the sunset, and as it is a little less known than Golden Gardens Park, perhaps this one will be your number one instead. Set up a picnic in any part of the park and get ready for a full day of relaxation.


This kid and dog-friendly park means the whole family can join in the picnic fun. There are running areas for dogs, and playgrounds for the kids, so you can be sure that everyone will have fun. You can also use the outdoor sports facilities and play tennis, use the pool, hit a few balls in the baseball fields, or just soak up the sun on the beach. You can never fail to have an idyllic day out at Greenlake Park.


Discovery Park provides the most gorgeous views, especially on a clear day, giving you an awesome backdrop for your picnic. If you want to squeeze in some exercise during your trip, you can follow one of the hiking trails – or run it if you’re good enough -and explore as much of the park as possible, or you can even have a dip in the sea. To end the day in style, you can sit back on the beach and watch the sun go down over the canopy of trees.

Seattle might not always be the warmest place, but there are certainly some of the most beautiful parks in the country that you can experience when the sun is out. These are just our recommendations, so be sure to get outside and find your favorites too.

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Best Picnic Spots Near Sacramento CA

Partaking in a bit of alfresco dining by way of a picnic is one of the true joys you can have during the summer months, wherever you are. Well, if you are near Sacramento, you are luckier than most as you have blissful sunshine for most of the year, meaning you have plenty of time to discover some really great picnic spots in the area. However, to make it easier for you, in the article below we have detailed some of the best picnic spots near Sacramento, CA, to help you find some beautiful places.


You may hear of this park being called just Land Park and is one of the largest parks in the city. One of the advantages of visiting a park as big as this one is that you will always be able to have some privacy during your picnic, you will also be able to have some peace and quiet as you unwind. As well as space for picnics, there are also kids play areas, sports sections, and a never ending supply of trees to keep you cool in the Californian sun.


For the nature lovers among you, this park is one of the best in the area. McKinley Park is full of wildflowers, it also has a rose garden and a duck pond that attracts an array of birds. This park is also packed with activities from tennis courts, a baseball diamond, and a seasonal pool. And of course, play areas for kids which is a bonus if you are coming as a family.


Even though East Portal Part has designated picnic benches, the bright green grassy knolls are extremely inviting for anyone who prefers to picnic on the ground. It’s a large area where both kids and dogs can run around, with an additional play are for kids. If you fancy a game of softball after lunch then you can use the park’s softball field, or if you prefer you can relax under the shade of the trees.


Discovery Park has everything you could want when planning for a picnic day out. The ark is more than three hundred acres with masses of space for you to sprawl out, and for anyone who wants to include activities into their day, there is a thirty-two-mile bike path around the park as well as ball fields, an archery range, fishing spots, and boat launches. Not every picnic has to be lying around for the whole day, although of course there is nothing wrong with doing this, however, Discovery Park makes sure that you will be completely entertained all day no matter what you want to do.

Coming home from a great day out with friends and family, or even spending some time outside alone is a wonderful feeling that can leave you energized and ready for another day, so if you are near Sacramento, take advantage of the picnic spots near you, and give yourself a break from the daily stresses of life.

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