Celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Seattle, WA

You will no doubt be familiar with Pride Month; a full month in which the equality and rights of members of the LGBT community are fought for and highlighted. June is Pride Month for many countries the world over, and for a huge number of cities around the globe, it is a fun and important time.

AS in many places, celebrating LGBT Pride Month in Seattle, WA, is a long-standing and large affair, where all people are welcomed and entertained. Check out the article below if you want to find out more about how it all began for Seattle, and what people do now to celebrate.


The first Pride March for the city happened in 1974, just for years after New York held the country’s first parade back in 1970. Four years may seem like a long time, but it was a controversial and fragile subject especially in the seventies, and as such, it took a fair few years for the Pride Marches to become the norm across the country.

Like with most of the Pride events that were happening in those days, it was a small gathering with less than fifty people said to have taken part in the first one for Seattle. However, times quickly changed, and by 1977 the Mayor declared it an official event. Nowadays, it is estimated that up to three hundred thousand people attend Pride events in the city every year.


It doesn’t matter what city you go to during June, you will find a heap of festivals, marches, and a lot of happy people; but below you will find some of the most common ways Seattle celebrates.


The nonprofit organization Seattle Out and Proud organizes and hosts most of the events that happen during the month, with the main one being the Pride Parade. This takes place on the final Sunday of June; it starts at 4th and Pike, continues along 4th Avenue, and ends at 2nd Avenue and Denny Way. At the finish of the parade, you will encounter the PrideFest.


To wrap up not only the Pride Parade but also the month’s celebrations as a whole, the city hosts the annual PrideFest at the Seattle Center. This festival is the perfect place to be with fifty thousand attendees all dancing the night away. As well as listening to music and dancing with your friends, there are also street vendors selling food, drinks, and souvenirs.


Regardless of your music taste or gender identity, Seattle is packed with LGBT bars and clubs that come even more alive during Pride. You may already have your own favorites in mind, but if you are new to the area and aren’t sure where to go, then check out some of the top recommendations below.


Whatever you end up doing, you will be surrounded by lively shows, jolly people, and an unforgettable atmosphere!

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Where to Buy Souvenirs Near Seattle WA

After you have made your way through the lush evergreen forests of Seattle, WA, explored the Pike Place Market, and spent some time along the waterfront staring over at the horizon, you will probably want to pick up some souvenirs so you never forget these moments. Well, to help you with this, we have compiled a list of the top places in Seattle, where you can buy the best souvenirs to do just that.

Made in Washington

For more than thirty-five years this family-run store has been selling the best handmade souvenirs and gifts that the state has to offer. From simple souvenirs such as ornaments, magnets, and little trinkets, to more unique items such as handmade chocolate and pottery. This place has a reputation that speaks for itself and is a great store to see what kind of things make the citizens of the state proud.

Address: Westlake Center

400 Pine St, Ste 134

Seattle, WA 98101

Seattle Shirt Company

Seattle Shirt Company is determined to help you find something special to help you remember your trip to this incredible city. Therefore, they have a huge range of stock so they can be sure there is something for everyone. They also sell t-shirts and hoodies all of which are high quality but incredibly cheap, where you can pick up two Seattle, WA, t-shirts for less than ten dollars. This place definitely deserves a place on our list, check them out at the address below.

Address: 103 Pike St

Seattle, WA 98101

b/t News Ln & 1st Ave


Simply Seattle

Simply Seattle is in a very convenient location being just up the street from the Pike Place Market, and it is open every day which is even better. This store has been run single-handedly for the last thirty years and has grown into what it is today due to the high demand for fantastic gifts and souvenirs that are available.

Address: 1600 1st Ave

Seattle, WA 98101

b/t Stewart St & Pine St


Essentially Seattle

Shirts, socks, hats, mugs, key chains, coins, bags, books, the list goes on. There are not many things that Essentially Seattle doesn’t sell, so we can guarantee that you will find whatever you are looking for in here. For friendly service, a wide choice of goods, and all at excellent prices then head to Essentially Seattle for all your souvenir shopping.

Address: 305 Harrison St

Seattle Ctr

Seattle, WA 98109

Lower Queen Anne

Seattle Shirt Company Pier 55

This store is a part of the previous Seattle Shirt Company store as listed above, but this one is on the waterfront, so if you are in that area of by the pier then this is in a better location for you. This one stocks all the same items as the other stores, maybe even a few more, and their prices are just as cheap.

Address: 1101 Alaskan Way

Seattle, WA 98101

b/t Spring St & Seneca St


This beautiful part of the country is certainly worth visiting and even more so worth remembering, so don’t forget to get your souvenirs before you head back home!

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Best Coffee Shops in Seattle WA

With almost three hundred coffee shops in Seattle, this city has one of the highest ratios for coffee shops per capita in the whole country. Obviously, this is a lot to choose from so we have narrowed down the top ones for you, to save you the headache of trying all nearly three hundred for yourself, with our list below of the best coffee shops in Seattle

Storyville Coffee Company

This coffee shop was opened as the owners had an obsession with crafting the perfect cup of coffee, and they have been serving such a masterpiece ever since its inception. As well as unbelievable coffee, you can also order specialty teas, and choose from their range of handmade sweet treats. This coffee shop is a great size with a lovely atmosphere. As a bonus, if the coffee is exactly what you wish you had every day, you can also buy the coffee beans they use, for your enjoyment at home.

Address: 94 Pike Street

Ste 34, Pike Place Market

Seattle, WA 98101

Website: storyville.com

Moore Coffee Shop

This family-owned coffee shop has some of the most highly ranked coffee and cakes in the city. Their reputation precedes them, and they have even been rated number 2 by the Food Network for their coffee a few years ago. Every day Moore Coffee Shop strives to deliver fresh products and excellent customer service, and the family element really shines through.

Address: 1930 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA 98101


Anchorhead Coffee

This bright and airy open space is the ideal environment to catch up with friends or use it as a working area. The drinks menu has a good range, and the coffee is always roasted perfectly, with them taking great pride in always roasting a flawless batch. As well as the drinks you can pick up a snack, including their infamous croiffle (a cross between a croissant and a waffle), which is a good way to try something completely new.

Address: 1600 7th Ave

Ste 105, Seattle, WA 98101


Capitol Coffee Works

This is a cute little gem to stumble across, it is not overly noticeable from the outside, but inside it is bright and full of character. This coffee shop has a wonderful cheery vibe to it and is a nice place to sit and relax. The coffee is second to none, and more importantly, Capitol Coffee Works insist on fairness along the bean chain, meaning all coffee served has come from fair trade farmers.

Address: 907 E Pike Street

Seattle, WA 98122

Website: capitolcoffeeworks.com


The inside doesn’t have the most inviting look, but what Milstead lacks in character, it makes up for in coffee and service. The customer service is top-notch, leaving you with a lovely feeling of being welcome, and the coffee is some of the best in the city. There are other drinks that can be ordered, but their coffees are their specialty, insisting on doing whatever it takes to serve only the best.

Address: 754 N 34th St

Seattle, WA 98103

Website: milsteadandco.com

Of course, if none of these take your fancy then there are a few hundred other places you could try, however, we are fairly confident that every cafe on this list has the potential to be your new go-to spot.

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