Where to see Christmas Lights in Seattle, WA

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Seattle. A beautiful city known for its deep roots in coffee culture, grunge music, the headquarters of multiple massive tech companies, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Seattle is a city that exudes excitement! During the Christmas season, enjoying the different displays of Christmas lights is something that everyone enjoys! With this being said, Seattle boasts multiple options to feast your eyes on one of the season’s most popular things to do, enjoying the pretty light displays of Christmas! Let’s explore what the city of Seattle has to offer!

Downtown Seattle

Downtown Seattle is a wonderful place to spend time year-round, with its beautiful skyscrapers, its shopping centers, and restaurants. During the Christmas season, this is especially a good time to spend time in downtown Seattle. During the Christmas season, downtown Seattle is decorated in beautiful Christmas lights, with one hundred thirty five thousand glowing lights. Walk through downtown Seattle and experience the Christmas spirit with massive displays of presents, ornaments, gorgeous arches, and much more! Of course, all of these displays are Christmas themed and family friendly, which means that if you take your friends and family to downtown Seattle during this Christmas season, you will walk away with wonderful memories that will be shared for years to come!


If you are looking for a place to see spectacular Christmas lights but don’t want to spend the time walking around to enjoy them, Stanwood’s Lights of Christmas has you covered! Stanwood’s Lights of Christmas is a drive-thru Christmas lights show that allows you to see eye-catching Christmas lights, without having to step out of your vehicle. If you are in a hurry, this is a perfect option, or if you simply just want to stay comfortable in your car while gaining Christmas cheer, Stanwood’s Lights of Christmas makes this possible. There are thousands of Christmas lights and hundreds of different displays throughout the Stanwood’s Lights of Christmas. Be sure to wave to Mr. and Mrs. Claus from the comfort of your car as they wave to you and wish you a Merry Christmas. Buckle up, turn on your favorite Christmas songs, and come to Stanwood’s Lights of Christmas for some Christmas cheer!

Woodland Park Zoo WildLanterns

During the Christmas season, when you think of going to see Christmas lights, the zoo seems to come into everyone’s mind. The Woodland Park Zoo WildLanterns is no exception and if you want to enjoy spectacular Christmas lights this season, you owe it to yourself to check out what the Woodland Park Zoo is displaying this Christmas season. The Woodland Park Zoo WildLanterns is sure to amaze visitors with their spectacular lights. Visit the Woodland Park Zoo WildLanterns and feast your eyes upon a gorgeous winter wonderland. With hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights, hundreds of various displays, and performances throughout the Woodland Park Zoo. While strolling through this beautiful zoo, guests can enjoy the sounds of their favorite Christmas toons and enjoy seasonal treats and beverages but for those who wish to stay inside the comfort of their own vehicle, the Woodland Park Zoo has you covered! Treat your family this Christmas season and visit the zoo lights at the Woodland Park Zoo WildLanterns!

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