Sustainable Travel in Seattle, Washington

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Home of the iconic attraction, the Seattle Space Needle, where you have most certainly seen pictures posted by your friends and family with this attraction. Seattle has both a busy city to walk and explore, with endless attractions and sights to see and the beautiful and natural outdoors you can enjoy and adventure. With weather that almost always expects light rain and cloudy skies, you must pack a raincoat and some warmer clothing. Do not make the mistake of being the tourist that is under packs and is dressed in a short-sleeve T-shirt in the rain! You will stand out like a sore thumb and the locals will shame you for your poor clothing decisions. The climate is the perfect setting for outdoor adventures since the surrounding lands are supplied with ample water, so make sure to bring an umbrella and some amazing hiking shoes so that you can explore with no worries. Also, ditch the car for this travel destination because the streets of Seattle are perfect for walking and seeing the city. Not taking your car will not only lessen the traffic for the already busy city, but it will also help out the environment and keep your carbon footprint low. Within Seattle are some great sustainable attractions and businesses to support that leave you feeling rewarded and warm. Here in this article, there will be multiple tips and tricks to implement into your travels to Seattle Washington that are eco-friendly and sustainable for the city and environment. Feel free to follow the links provided below each tip and trick to find out more information on how to schedule your sustainable trip. 

Green Ways to See the City

Ditch the car and bring some good walking shoes because Seattle is full of pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods and districts. The car is very unnecessary and may even hinder your experience while venturing into the city. Lower your carbon footprint and choose to take the greener route of walking or riding one of the many bike trails they have throughout the city. The city is full of bike-share programs that are as easy as downloading an app and hopping on a bike to see the city from the streets. Choose to travel green and give back to the city and planet in a very simple and effective manner. Follow the link below to see the options for bike share programs and amazing bike trails in Seattle.

Bike Share Info:

Bike Trails Info:

Sustainable Choices for Food and Drinks

One of the most important choices for eco-tourism is to find businesses that not only supply quality food and drinks but also provide sustainable tactics of operations that allow the customers to feel like they are contributing to the city and environment. I don’t know about you, but for me finding reliable food spots is my number one concern while visiting any city. Eating while traveling is the precursor to a great trip or a bad one. Choose to eat sustainably and choose businesses that choose to lower their carbon footprint and have a mission to keep their impact on the city and environment low. Here is a list of businesses that offer much more than food and offer sustainable eating for the whole city of Seattle.

Homegrown Sandwich Shop

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat while walking the streets make sure to stop by the downtown location of Homegrown. Where the sandwiches are full of locally sourced ingredients that support local farmers, and the menu includes vegan-friendly choices for those who have altered their eating habits. Their mission is to change the name of the food game and provide harmony between the Earth and its people. For more information about this amazing sandwich shop please follow the link below.

Oddfellows Café and Bar

Need some coffee to rejuvenate your energy levels, or maybe you are looking for a fancy cocktail and some quality American foods to take the edge off of the day. Oddfellows is the perfect destination for sustainable food and drink options. They locally source their ingredients and have made their restaurant from salvaged materials to lower their impact on the environment. They also compost all of their coffee cups and recycled materials for the sake of keeping their impact as low as possible. There is no better choice for quality foods and an opportunity to support a business that supports the health of the city and planet. For more information about Oddfellows please follow the link below.

Outdoor Attractions for the Nature Lovers

Get outside and enjoy the fresh air for a day or two while visiting the city of Seattle. Sometimes supporting the eco-friendly lifestyle is as simple as choosing to walk in a park or visit an attraction that has been preserved for the enjoyment of those seeking simple adventures that have zero impact on the planet. Put those walking shoes on and bundle up nice and warm because here is a list of outdoor events that are a must-see while touring the city of Seattle.

Sea tours and Orca Whales

Take a tour with the amazing sea tour company Island adventures and get to see some amazing marine life from on top of the waters. Orcas and whales can be seen from the boat and the excitement that is sparked in your heart will be a memory that will never die. The experience of a lifetime and the opportunity to give your appreciation to the wildlife that shares this world with you goes beyond anything you can plan while in the city of Seattle. The whales are spotted without any harm done to them at all and it is truly a heartwarming experience to see these animals thriving in their natural habitat. Seeing these animals gives the viewer a sense of urgency to keep the ocean clean and optimal for the animals’ continued survival. For more information on how to plan a boat tour with Island Adventures please follow the link below.

For more outdoor adventures please check out these destinations linked below.

Sunset at Hurricane Hill

About a half an hour drive to Olympic Park outside of Seattle and a 10-minute walk up the hill. The sunset experience of a lifetime where you can have a romantic getaway with your significant other or the perfect destination to relieve some pent-up stress and worries.

Seattle Washington is a beautiful town full of endless city life and abundant choices for sustainable traveling. It is our choice as sustainable travelers to plan our trips accordingly and make sure our travels are adding back to the city and environment we are visiting. Eat at local restaurants that do much more than just serve food and give your appreciation to the natural wildlife that surrounds the city. The options are always available, and the rewards are always refreshing. The planet needs our help and through sustainable travel tips and tricks, we can begin to heal the world and keep these cities healthy and alive.  The city of Seattle awaits your arrival and contribution to the environment. Travel smart and use your travels as a way to give back to the planet.  

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