Fun Summer Things To Do In Seattle, WA

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Summer is finally here!  The kids are out of school, and backyard barbecues are taking place all over the nation.  After the year we had in 2020, and most people having chosen not to take a vacation, you can almost rest assured that families will be out in full force this year.

With this in mind, we thought we would offer a few great vacation ideas to help you plan, as well as some places that would be great for just a few days away.  We all need time to recharge and some well-deserved play in the sunshine.

Here are some of the best places to check out this summer!

Space Needle

400 Broad St, Seattle, WA 98109

The Space Needle is an observation tower that has been designated a Seattle landmark. Located in the Lower Queen Anne neighborhood, it was built in the Seattle Center for the 1962 World’s Fair, which drew over 2.3 million visitors. Nearly 20,000 people a day used its elevators during the event. The Space Needle was once the tallest structure west of the Mississippi River, standing at 605 ft. The tower is 138 ft wide, weighs 9,550 short tons, and is built to withstand winds of up to 200 mph and earthquakes of up to 9.0 magnitude, as strong as the 1700 Cascadia earthquake. It also has 25 lightning rods. The Space Needle features an observation deck 520 ft above ground, providing views of the downtown Seattle skyline, the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Mount Rainier, Mount Baker, Elliott Bay, and various islands in Puget Sound. Visitors can reach the top of the Space Needle by elevators that travel at ten mph, completing the ascent in 41 seconds. On April 19, 1999, the city’s Landmarks Preservation Board designated the tower a historic landmark.

Pike Place Market

85 Pike Street Room 500, Seattle, WA 98101

Pike Place Market is a unique community within the heart of Seattle’s downtown. More than the city’s beloved public market, Pike Place Market is a vibrant neighborhood comprised of hundreds of farmers, craftspeople, small businesses, and residents. Each group is an important and vital makeup of the Pike Place Neighborhood. In addition to preserving and protecting the historic buildings and character of the nine-acre historic district and serving as an incubator and supporter of farmers, artisans, and small businesses, the Pike Place Market was chartered by the City of Seattle to provide services for low-income individuals. The Pike Place Market community looks after its own through a dynamic web of organizations, social services, residential advocates, and by providing affordable and low-income housing, which creates a safety net for those in our community who are the most vulnerable—low-income seniors, the disabled and the homeless. 

The Museum of Flight

9404 E Marginal Way South, Seattle, WA 98108

The Museum of Flight is the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world! With over 175 aircraft and spacecraft, tens of thousands of artifacts, millions of rare photographs, dozens of exhibits and experiences, and a world-class library, the Museum and its people bring humanity’s incredible history of flight to life.

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