Our Favorite Festivals Around Seattle, WA

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Seattle. This verdant corner of the nation boasts pleasant temperatures, majestic peaks, evergreen forests all in a dynamic and independent city, and with more than plenty to do. Whether you’ve made this your autumn getaway, are returning to see friends and family, or are a curious local, you’ll be pleased with the variety of options when it comes to what Seattle has to offer. Read on for some of our favorite festivals and events here in the Seattle autumntime.


A year-round staple of Seattle is Festal, a series of events open to the city dedicated to sharing the cultures of the people of Seattle. During autumn, this includes festivals celebrating Korean, Hawaiian, Latin American, Italian, Croatian, South Asian, Turkish, and Hmong culture, each a great opportunity to enjoy the diversity of Seattle and get to know the city. Because of the recurring nature of this series, this is something sure to pop up for any traveler here in Seattle throughout the autumn. Whether as a group, as a couple, or as a solo traveler, embrace the identities of Seattle here at Festal.


PAX West

In line with the city’s reputation with technology giant Microsoft, Seattle is one of the lucky cities to host PAX, a massive festival of all things gaming, whether it be tabletop, arcade, mobile, console, or computer. Here, exciting premieres and previews of the latest in gaming and gaming technology are revealed to fervent crowds. This is a must for any gamers and techies traveling to Seattle. Aside from the exhibitions by tech companies, game developers, and gaming teams, this is also a congregation of gamers and gaming culture from around the world. The brave can participate firsthand in freeplay by different platforms, various eSports tournaments, and LAN parties, or visitors can just enjoy trying out the newest in gaming. Panels, interviews, signings, and Q&As are also available for those closely following gaming and technology, as well as concerts. For the cool and rare sights alone, we recommend catching PAX if you’re in Seattle.


Freakout Festival

Freakout Festival is one of the biggest parties in the Northwest, bringing famous faces across various genres and bigger crowds each year. Light shows, multiple stages, and an intense atmosphere gather around names such as Liz Cooper, Big Business, Death Valley Girls, Elephant Stone Worn-Tin, Carrion Kids, Triptides, and more! For any visitors to Seattle who love a concert dialed to eleven, Freakout Festival is definitely something to add to your list. 


Lake Union Wooden Boat Festival

This display of craftsmanship and community along Lake Union is a great way to enjoy a laid-back day with the people of Seattle. Admire the works of sailors and wooden boats in a colorful and relaxing getaway to this corner of Seattle. For those wanting to step away from bustle or excitement, this is a great low-stakes option where you can unwind into a charming corner of Seattle’s heritage. 


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