5 Quirky Date Night Destinations in Seattle

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Date night doesn’t have to be the same each time. While we all love cuddling up at the movies or trying new restaurants or embracing a bit of high culture at museums, every once in a while, date night needs to be shaken up. Each city has a hidden world of strange, quirky, and delightful things to do. Try any one of these on your next date night and embrace the weird, whimsical part of life.

Blade and Timber Axe Throwing

Axe-throwing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, especially for couples who are tired of classic date nights (dinner and a movie). Axe-throwing is perfect for active couples, those looking for a little competition, and those who want adventure. Any trip to Blade and Timber will begin with safety and instructions before getting to the good stuff – throwing an axe at a wooden target and reveling in the satisfying thud when it hits the board. Walk-ins are accepted, but it is usually best to book in advance. Drinks and snacks are available for purchase.

Lake Union Hot Tub Boats

Fancy a boat-trip on Seattle’s famous Lake Union, but looking for something that will spice up your day on the water? Then, sink into a wood-fired hot tub boat and relax with breathtaking views of Seattle’s skyline and the mountains in the distance. You’ll enjoy time on the lake while in the water of a hot tub that is always a perfect 104 degree temperature. Bluetooth speakers are available on the boats, and you are allowed to bring your own snacks and drinks. Date night on the lake just got a little more exciting with these rentals. 

Seattle Underground Tours

If you and your date enjoy history but are looking for a guided tour outside the norm, then Seattle Underground Tour is a must-do. Climb down to the hidden world of subterranean storefronts and sidewalks of a buried city. After the Great Fire of 1889, Seattle rebuilt itself on top of the former city and the result is a wonderous underground world full of rich history. The tours are humorous with charming and riotous anecdotes about the earliest settlers in the area.

The Pink Door

Dinner and a show is a classic date night idea, but The Pink Door puts its own spin on that. The Pink Door is an Italian restaurant, serving farm-to-table meals, alongside live trapeze performances and burlesque shows. Sundays are the best days to visit when the aerial show takes off. The show and the food are sure to dazzle you and, perhaps, inspire you and your date to run away to the circus. 

Whirlyball Seattle

Take an evening off from romance and simply go play. Whirlyball is a truly quirky game, but it is also loads of fun. The sport combines lacrosse, basketball, hockey, and bumper cars. You’ll crash into each other, accidentally throw the ball near your date’s head, and laugh until your stomach hurts. In between games, take a break and grab some beer, pizza, or chicken wings at the restaurant next to the court. 

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