How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Seattle, Washington

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How to Not Look Like a Tourist in Seattle, Washington 

Being a tourist isn’t a bad thing, for you only wish to travel to places you have never been and who can really shame you for wanting adventure. However, looking like a tourist is certainly something you want to avoid. Locals of many cities simply don’t enjoy high influxes of tourists because it most often impacts their everyday lives. Many travelers decide to travel with little to no pre-learned knowledge of the city they are visiting and because of this act of neglect they have chosen to stick out like a sore thumb, or in this case a tourist. Here in this article, we will be covering how to not look like a tourist in Seattle, Washington. Learn valuable information that will help you travel with the comfort of knowing you don’t look like a tourist. Visit must see locations and hidden gem establishments that only the locals know about. Here is your one stop shop for everything you need to know in order to not look like a tourist in Seattle, Washington. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article so you can further your planning. 

Travel Tips 

Know these facts, tips, and tricks to help you look like a seasoned traveler that has been to Seattle more than once. Fit in with the locals by implementing this knowledge into your next travel expenditure. 

Getting Around Town

Ditch the car. Instead, bring some great walking shoes and an open mind. Seattle has some of the worst traffic and does not need any more cars blocking the already overcrowded roads. To not look like a tourist, you should plan on walking or biking around the city.


The city of Seattle experiences some great amounts of rain throughout the year, so make sure to pack some raincoats and do not use an umbrella. Although the rain is pretty frequent in this city the residents do not use umbrellas and instead just dress according to the weather. Plan ahead and plan for rain even during the summer.


Seattle still experiences mild summers, so make sure to pack some warmer clothes. You can easily spot a tourist when they are under prepared and underdressed. Plan for cooler weather during the nights and early mornings.

Pike Place Market

A great destination for an afternoon stroll and adventure. Buy from local markets and fit in like one of the locals at this spot. The Pike Place Market is swarming with locals that love and adore this spot. Pick up some fresh foods, merchandise, and support the city through your purchases. For more information, please follow the link below.


Seattle is a cold destination more often than not, so the residents and city goes wild for a great cup of hot coffee. Don’t be like every other tourist and go to Starbucks. Instead, buy some great coffee from one of these local establishments. Follow the links below.

Lighthouse Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters

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