Best Places to Take Pictures around Seattle, WA

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Seattle. This verdant corner of the nation boasts pleasant temperatures, majestic peaks, evergreen forests all in a dynamic and independent city, and with more than plenty to do. Whether you’ve made this your getaway, are returning to see friends and family or are a curious local, you’ll be pleased at the variety of options when it comes to what Seattle has to offer. Read on for some of our favorite festivals and places to take pictures here around Seattle.

Pike Place Market

Indeed, one of Seattle’s most famed attractions makes yet another appearance, this bustling corner of the city with so much to see and happening! Your party will enjoy the photo opportunities galore, whether with your wacky find among the many unique and peculiar small vendors, a foodie’s heaven in one of the eateries, photographing some of the activities and shows that regularly take place here, or of the many views of the city. Not to mention, the market itself being an exceptional, dynamic and picturesque backdrop to your photo, a great and fun way to experience so much of what Washington has to offer, and mark your visit.

Seattle Space Needle

For views over Seattle and a stunning backdrop of the city from 600 feet above sea level, bring your party to the Seattle Space Needle! This is a great stop for cityscape photographers, those wanting a jaw-dropping background to their photos, and all visitors who want to get a truly great view over the city.

University of Washington

If visiting during early spring, we highly recommend your party to take a trip to the University of Washington, when the many cherry blossoms are in full bloom! This is one of Seattle’s most beautiful sights, and is both a remarkable subject on its own and a great backdrop for your photoshoot, whether for couple, family, groups or solo pictures alike. Not to mention, if visiting outside the early spring, the campus itself features a large number of grand buildings suitable for solo shoots and large groups, a very picturesque campus in proximity to many other attractions and dining / nightlife options in this part of Seattle.

Washington Park Arboretum

This sprawling urban park features wooded areas and colorful walkways, a getaway from the city in the city, and a great place for photographers of all interests to undergo their projects with a gorgeous collection of backdrops. 

Seattle Central Library

This landmark of Seattle features stunning views inside and around the building, and is again, a worthy subject of its own as it is a backdrop for a number of photoshoots. Photographers can get creative here with the ample amount of lighting and striking architecture around the library, featuring wide open spaces and narrow bookshelves alike.

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