Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Seattle, WA

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Seattle. This verdant corner of the nation boasts pleasant temperatures, majestic peaks, evergreen forests all in a dynamic and independent city, and with more than plenty to do. Whether you’ve made this your getaway, are returning to see friends and family or are a curious local, you’ll be pleased at the variety of options when it comes to what Seattle has to offer. Read on for some of our favorite festivals and places to sleep under the stars and enjoy the great outdoors here around Seattle.

Mount Rainier National Park

Featuring one of the continent’s most iconic mountains, over nine hundred square kilometers of protected line and trails touring subalpine meadows, old-growth forests, valleys, waterfalls, glaciers, rainforests, and lakes, Mount Rainier is understandably one of the Pacific Northwest’s most celebrated and popular attractions, and with good reason! For those wanting to enjoy some of the best natural beauty and outdoors recreation that is famous in this corner of the nation, Mount Rainier continues to be an unrivaled giant. Aside from the classic camping options, a number of nearby inns and lodges including the iconic Mount Rainier’s National Park Inn provide for a more comfortable experience for those travelers who want to spend a while here in the Washington wilderness, but with some of the familiar amenities from home. If you will be in the Seattle area, Mount Rainier is truly an attraction that is hard to pass up.

Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest

Another one of the premier camping and outdoors destinations for all things hiking, nature walks, photography and stargazing is the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest, spanning nearly seven thousand square kilometers! Here, visitors can enjoy gentle meadows, soaring peaks, thick forests, glaciers, and streams, all within easy access of both the Seattle metropolitan area and Vancouver. For those who are visiting the Seattle area and want to spend multiple days camping in the wilderness with so much to see and explore, Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest is yet another great option here in Washington state. 

Bainbridge Island

Enjoy the wilderness and otherworldly environment of Puget Sound on Bainbridge Island, a quieter and pristine location for those visiting the Seattle area. Those who want to enjoy the wilderness of the Seattle area and wish to avoid the crowds at the two more celebrated locations will enjoy the “off-the-beaten-path” and wild nature of Bainbridge Island, famously devoted to keeping the island open and green. The island is also accessible via ferry from downtown Seattle, a convenient location for those otherwise staying around the city in their itinerary.

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