The Connection Between Airport Parking and Airport Security

You might be wondering how airport parking and airport security are connected. One would reason that parking lots (especially airport parking lots) don’t need strict security – it’s just a parking lot, right? Wrong. People leave one of their most expensive, and possibly most valuable, possessions in a parking lot – their cars. People take the safety and security of their cars very seriously, as they should! So let’s take a look at airport parking and airport security, and how the two are connected.

Airport Parking

Airport parking is a fairly self-explanatory thing. Airport parking can refer to either on-site parking at the airport of your choice, or could refer to a third-party owned lot like the ones On Air Parking offers online reservations for. Several airports, big and small, offer on-site parking, although they are often quite expensive.

Take the on-site parking at Denver International Airport, for example. In 2021 alone, DEN reported that 28,625,137 passengers used their airport. Their statistics don’t expand on how many of those passengers parked their car at DEN, but one could assume it’d be a lot of them.

On-site parking at Denver International Airport starts in the garage, with a daily maximum fee of $30/day – each hour costing $7. Then we move onto Economy parking, which is a bit more financially accessible, maxing out at $18/day, dropping to $16/day for day four and beyond. It’s $6/hour. They offer Short-Term parking, maxing out at $168/day, $7/hour, and then there’s the pre-pay only parking option of their 61st and Pena parking, which is $7 a day. $5 gets you 12 hours at 61st and Pena. All of their parking lots are open 24/7.

DEN also offers their own, on-site shuttle service for $8/day.

In comparison, On Air Parking offers booking services for a third-party owned lot located near Denver International Airport. Even the shuttle offered by OAP differs from Denver International – OAP shuttles are free, available 24/7, and come by every 10 minutes. The parking starts at a low $3.75 a day, which is a wild comparison to DEN’s own on-site parking. This lot in particular offers complimentary free snacks, coffee, and a rose when you go into their lobby! This parking lot specifically also has wide and angled parking, so it can accommodate more vehicles than standard-issue parking space sizes and placement.

Taking a look at another popular airport – Jacksonville International Airport. Just like DEN, JAX has on-site parking. They have several options:

  • Hourly Garage: maximum rate of $24/day
  • Daily Garage: maximum rate of $20 day
  • Daily Surface Lot: maximum rate of $14/day
  • Economy Lot: maximum rate of $8/day
  • Economy Lot 2: maximum rate of $8/day
  • Economy Lot 3: maximum rate of $5/day

JAX also offers valet parking, charging $28 per 24-hour period, and charging $32 per 24-hour period for oversized vehicles.

Looking again to compare the cost of airport parking on-site versus OAP’s third-party owned lots, OAP offers parking at JAX starting at $3.90/day. There are two lots available, one located 1.9 miles away, the other located 3.5 miles away, both with a free shuttle service operating 24/7. 

Airport Security

We’ve talked a lot about airport parking. What about airport security?

Airport security can include airport parking lot security. Continuing our previous examples of Denver International Airport and Jacksonville International Airport, DEN states that their parking lots are well-lit, which eases worries of the dark hiding something or someone, and are monitored by parking employees. They go one step above just hiring their own security – their lots are patrolled frequently by the Denver Police Department.

As always, DEN recommends that passengers take their own measure of responsibility for collecting valuables and securing the vehicle with proper locks, and ensuring the vehicle has any applicable security alarm systems in place.

JAX specifically has the Jacksonville Aviation Authority Police Department, made up of law enforcement professionals who provide 24 hour service, seven days a week, to protect the traveling public. They don’t just service JAX, either – they include Cecil Airport, Jacksonville Executive Airport (JAXEX), and Herlong Recreational Airport in their patrols.

At the parking lot that’s closest to JAX on OAP’s website, they state they have a licensed, five-star valet facility with video surveillance cameras on-site and a security gate with monitored access. This ensures that your vehicle remains safe while it’s parked there.

Airport security has a huge impact on passenger’s trust with leaving their vehicle somewhere unattended for an extended period of time. Whether someone is parking their car in a lot for a short, three-day trip, or a long trip extending into a month or more, everyone deserves to feel like their vehicle is in the very best hands.

Airport security covers more than just parking lots. It encompasses all of the security necessary at an airport, from the front desk to the boarding gate. These measures are put into place to keep everyone safe, even if it makes people grouchy to have to take off their shoes for security.

Airport security also offers some services for vehicle issues like dead batteries, flat tires, or other issues. It can vary by the airport, but oftentimes these services are at no additional cost. Denver International Airport, for example, also includes helping you locate your vehicle and helping get your keys out of the car if you’ve locked yourself out. Jacksonville International Airport also offers services along those lines, like helping you locate your vehicle, recharging a battery gone bad, and inflating any tires that might have gotten low on air during your car’s stay in the lot.

The Connection

The connection is pretty obvious after looking at these examples of different parking lots, their safety protocols and measures, and how people navigate those experiences while also playing the endless juggling act of cost. Different levels of security come at different price tags, although with On Air Parking, you can often have the best of both worlds – cheap airport parking, and security measures along with other amenities like free shuttle services and sometimes even coffee!

Because there’s a difference between a secure airport, and a secure airport parking lot, airport security isn’t always tasked with the responsibility of also guarding their lots, but oftentimes, there’s some overlap between security in the airport and the security outside of it. Take Jacksonville International Airport – they have an entire squad of police dedicated to keeping airports safe, and that includes airport parking lots. And then there’s Denver International Airport, which has the Denver Police Department to patrol the parking lots and ensure each passenger’s vehicle is safe.

By booking your airport parking online, you guarantee you have the spot you need when you’re ready to park and fly – On Air Parking offers easy, painless, online bookings for all of their parking spots, not just the ones at Denver International Airport or Jacksonville International Airport. You can feel safe at a variety of airports by knowing that security patrols on-site and often offer courtesy services for your vehicle, if you choose to park on-site, like free air for your tires, battery jumps, and more.

On Air Parking offers four to five-star service, and their customer service is top-notch, available by calling 424-532-8940 anytime from 10am-7pm Eastern Standard Time. They are there for you if you need help in any part of your reservation process or even during your car’s stay in a secure lot.

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Exploring the Most Unique Airport Parking Options in the US

Stop right there – unique airport parking options are a thing? Yes! They are! You might be on the hunt for airport parking and want to find something that’s a little… Different. Look no further. On Air Parking offers bookings for third party owned airport parking lots, and there’s sure to be unique options in their listings.

Parking at LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

Looking to park at one of the busiest airports in New York? LaGuardia comes in third, with second and first busiest spots being held by Kennedy and Newark as of 2019 data. According to LaGuardia’s statistics page, in June of 2022, they had 1,367,226 passengers, which was a 78.15% increase from the previous year. That’s a lot of people! As a result of their high traffic, LaGuardia has a robust parking program directly, along with third-party options like the ones offered through On Air Parking.

So what makes parking at LaGuardia Airport unique? First, the number of parking lots available – LGA has 5 parking lots available for parking. Two of them are available only through reservations: their Prepaid Economy and Discount Parking lots.

The Discount Parking is available for $18 for the first 24 hours, and the price decreases to $9 over 24 hours, each 12 hours, or fractions thereof. For Prepaid Economy, the price is higher – $29 for the first 24 hours; $14.50 over 24 hours, each 12 hours, or fractions thereof. Both reservation lots require reservations to be placed at least 24 hours in advance.

Turning attention to the Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C parking costs:

  • Terminal A:
    • Half an hour: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, with a stay over three hours: $10
    • 24-hour maximum: $55
      • This states that the prebook rate (which is at least 24 hours in advance of parking) it drops the cost to $39
  • Terminal B:
    • Half an hour: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, with a stay over three hours: $10
    • 24-hour maximum: $60
      • Same rules as Terminal A, if you prebook at least 24 hours in advance the cost drops to $39
  • Terminal C:
    • Half hour: $6
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $6
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof with a stay over three hours: $12
    • 24-hour maximum: $70
      • This one is different; it states that if you prebook at least 24 hours in advance, the cost drops to $45

What makes this parking lot unique? Well, LaGuardia offers vehicle services, which include flat-tire assistance, lockout assistance, jumpstarts, and helping you find your car in any of their available lots. They also offer long-term parking but only by contacting ABM the day you arrive, and they define long-term parking as a parking solution longer than 30 days. They also offer electric vehicle charging stations, and also offer free motorcycle parking near Terminal A.

In comparison to the rather high fees from LGA directly, On Air Parking also offers bookings for parking at LaGuardia Airport. These are third-party owned lots, and OAP helps make the reservations for vehicles just like yours. Parking at LGA starts at a low $8.99/day, beating LGA’s rates by miles. Along with several lots, they also offer valet service, costing only $15.95. All but one of their parking lots include complimentary shuttles to and from the airport, and the one that doesn’t is 4 miles away from the airport, a short 11-minute ride.

Parking at Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL)

Looking to park at Atlanta International Airport? Just like LGA, they offer their own in-house parking. What makes ATL unique is that they offer both domestic and international parking, and offer parking specifically for oversized vehicles.

To get a rough idea of the cost for parking at ATL:

  • Hourly: $36
  • Daily: $19
  • Economy: $14
  • ATL West Deck: $16
  • ATL Select:
    • Uncovered: $10
    • Covered: $14
    • Oversized: $28
  • Parking Ride Lot C: $10
  • International Hourly: $36
  • International Park Ride: $14

ATL also has in-house parking services. They state that they have security on-site, monitoring their parking facilities, assisting customers with parking needs, and providing courtesy assistance at the entrance for various parking lots from 7am-6pm daily, and will direct traffic as needed. Additionally, they offer assistance services, like free jump-starts, air, flat tire repair, and vehicle location assistance. They also have emergency information telephone call boxes and parking information is available in real-time on the Airport radio station 830 AM.

What sets this in-house parking apart is that they have a whopping 275 Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations throughout their campus. To top the cake, they also have a cell phone lot that is free, well-lit, and easily accessible for visitors who are expected to use it for a brief period of time while waiting for arrivals.

Even still, On Air Parking offers their usual booking services for third-party owned lots, at much cheaper rates than the ones through Hartsfield-Jackson directly. There are four lots available for parking from OAP, and start at a rate of $3.25/day. The farthest lot is 4.6 miles from the airport, and all four include a free shuttle service running at various points throughout the day – one of which runs 24/7.

Parking at Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Taking a look at our third and final unique, expansive airport parking option, we look at Orlando International Airport. MCO not only offers parking, they also offer rental cars! Looking at their parking rates by day:

  • Parking Garage A: $19
  • Terminal Top Parking: $19
  • Parking Garage B: $19
  • Parking Garage C: $19
  • North Park Place Economy Lot: $10
  • South Park Place Economy Lot: $10
  • West Park Place Economy Lot: $10

MCO also offers hotel guest parking ($14) and valet hotel guest parking ($18); valet parking for their lots ($25); and car detailing, which really sets them apart ($30-$45). They also have two free cell phone lots (North and South). Being Florida, Orlando International Airport also has parking specifically for cars with an E-Pass/Sunpass, making it easier for travelers on the Turnpike to park there. They also have spots specifically for oversized vehicles available in the South Park Place parking lot.

In comparison to the daily rates from MCO directly, On Air Parking offers Orlando International Airport parking starting as low as $2.99/day! They also offer a valet parking option, $3.99/day, and both lots have free shuttles running to and from the airport so you’re not going to miss your flight.

What sets On Air Parking apart as a third-party booking service? Starting with their rates: they are leagues lower than the rates charged by the airports directly, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars – this is especially true if you’re planning a long-term parking stay, which can get very costly very quickly if you’re staying at the airport itself. Then you look at their reviews; they are a 4 to 5-star service, and offer cancellations right up to the start date of your reservation. Their online booking process is quick, painless, and ensures your car has a spot on the day you need to park your car. They offer both valet and self-park options, so you have what you need depending on your comfortability levels. They even offer a texting service for help, and their customer service is available Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm ET by calling 424-532-8940.

So no matter whether you’re looking for long-term or short-term parking, On Air Parking has got you covered.

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An Insider’s Guide to Parking at Small and Regional Airports

Are you looking to park at small airports and feeling a little lost, and feeling the same way about regional airports? No worries. We’ve got you covered in our guide for parking at both types.

Small Airport Parking

We need to take a look at the difference between small and regional airports. Small airports differ from large airports in a couple of different ways. First, small airports generally have less air traffic (actual flights arriving and departing) and don’t receive as many larger jets versus small propeller-driven airplanes. Small airports may also function as a Fixed Base Operator (FBO) in order to provide services like maintenance and fuel to aircrafts that pass through their airports. They also might offer flight training to their communities.

Des Moines International Airport, located in Iowa, is an example of a small airport. Total, they had 219,746 passengers in February 2023 according to their own traffic statistics, available here. As a result of being a smaller airport, they have limited parking availability. A quick check of their parking show these fees:

  • Hourly:
    • First 20 minutes are free
    • Max per 24 hours is $38/day.
  • Long Term Premium:
    • $1 every twenty minutes
    • Max per 24 hours is $28/day
  • Long Term: 
    • $1 every twenty minutes
    • Max per 24 hours is $18/day
  • Green Economy Lot:
    • $2 per hour
    • Max per 24 hours is $10/day
  • Blue Economy Lot:
    • $2 per hour
    • Max per 24 hours is $10/day
  • Red Economy Lot:
    • $2 per hour
    • Max per 24 hours is $8/day
  • Grey Economy Lot:
    • $2 per hour
    • Max per 24 hours is $7/day

They do offer an online parking tracker, which is helpful when planning when to park and what spaces will be available in their lots. Additionally, they have a Cell Phone Lot for free parking while you wait to pick up an arriving passenger. They also offer a free shuttle from their economy lots to the terminal. They allow vehicles to be parked for up to 60 consecutive days in any of their airport lots, but beyond that, it is considered an abandoned, unattended vehicle. You can call to arrange longer stays if you’re going to be away from your car for more than two months.

Another example of a small airport would be Huntsville International Airport, located in Alabama, which also has their passenger activity available online. According to their website, in February 2023, they had 96,531 total passengers. That’s not very many, even in comparison to Des Moines in Iowa, solidifying Huntsville International as a small airport. Even still, they offer their own on-site parking available at these rates:

  • Hourly Parking
    • Parking Deck Level 1: $24.00/day
    • Parking Deck Levels 2-6: $12/day
    • Economy Parking: $8/day
      • This is deck parking as well

They do note that all rates are $2 per hour up to the maximum per day and the first 30 m minutes of parking in any lot at HSV are free.

They also offer electronic car charging stations, available in the airport parking deck north face, opposite the elevator interface. Two units are located on the first floor, and four are located on the fifth floor.

Regional Airport Parking

Now that we’ve taken a look at small airport parking, now let’s look at regional airports. Regional airports are generally located in metropolitan areas and serve relatively large populations, with high levels of activity and some jets and multi-engine propeller aircrafts coming through the airport.

The first example of a regional airport we’ll look at is LGA – LaGuardia Airport in New York. Based on the statistics from January 2023, they had a total number of flights sitting at 25,853. Their monthly commercial passengers totaled 1,367,226 in July 2022. That is a big airport, and because of that, their parking lot solutions are very different than the ones we saw in small airports.

Based on the information available on their airport parking rates page, LaGuardia has three terminal lots (A, B, and C) and two economy lots by reservation only (Prepaid and Discount).

Their Terminal Parking fees are:

  • Terminal A
    • ½ hour: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, over three hours stay: $10
    • 24-hour maximum: $55
      • They offer a discounted prebooking rate (booking at least 24 hours in advance) of $39
  • Terminal B
    • ½ hour: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $5
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, over three hours stay: $10
    • 24-hour maximum: $60
      • They offer a discounted prebooking rate (booking at least 24 hours in advance) of $39
  • Terminal C
    • ½ hour: $6
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof: $6
    • Each additional half hour or fraction thereof, over three hours stay: $12
    • 24-hour maximum: $70
      • They offer a discounted prebooking rate (booking at least 24 hours in advance) of $45

They also offer the previously-mentioned, reservation-only lots: Prepaid Economy and Discount Parking. Prepaid Economy starts at $29 for the first 24 hours; after 24 hours, each 12 hours, or fractions thereof are $14.50.

It’s easy to see the difference between a parking situation like LGA, a regional airport that handles much higher traffic, than something like Des Moines, which has far less traffic and thus, less space available and cheaper rates.

We’re going to take a look at another regional airport that handles high traffic: Detroit Metro Airport. According to their year-end statistics in December 2022, they had 2,311,822 passengers. Detroit Metro Airport offers their own on-site parking, including short term parking, long term parking, electric vehicle parking and valet services.

They have two short term parking lots, McNamara Short-Term Parking and Big Blue Deck Short-Term Parking. Both have a maximum daily rate of $40, starting at $4.00 for half an hour of parking. Their valet parking has a maximum daily rate of $47, starting at $12 for up to 2 hours.

Taking a look at long term parking, there are, again, two lots: McNamara Long-Term Parking and Big Blue Deck Long-Term Parking. There’s a bit of a difference in the cost here; McNamara has a daily maximum rate of $28 and Big Blue Deck has a maximum daily rate of $20. There’s also Green Lots 1 & 2 which have a flat 24 hour daily rate of $17.00, which includes additional or partial dates.

Of course, Detroit Metro AIrport also offers EV parking stations in both the McNamara and Big Blue Deck parking lots, at no additional cost. They are only available in the Long-Term Parking portions of the lots.

Wrapping up our guide: it’s easy to confuse small and regional airports, since regional airports are often in your backyard or are otherwise very local. While small airports may be a bit of a trek away, advantages like a smaller staff, cheaper parking, and other amenities may appeal, whereas regional airports offer more variety, often have on-site dining options, and are prepared to handle long-term and short-term solutions for parking for their passengers.

On Air Parking Lots

With 4 to 5-star service, pain-free online reservations, and customer service available by calling 10am-7pm ET, Monday through Friday, On Air Parking has got you covered regardless of your parking situation, whether you’re looking for small airport parking or regional airport parking. Give them a call at 424-532-8940 if you have any questions about where you can park, or take a look at their complete online list.

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A Guide to Parking Options and Costs for Disabled Travelers and Major Airports

Whether you’re a frequent flier, or just someone who travels every once in a while, everyone enjoys leaving the house and going on vacation every now and then. While there are many things to consider when taking a vacation, one thing that should be considered is where you’re going to park, and how much that may cost. For the disabled, this can be especially challenging. Convenience matters more than anything else when parking if you’re a disabled traveler, although this does tend to come with some more expensive parking rates. Today, we’re going to have a look at the different parking options that major airports offer for the disabled, along with the parking rates that correspond with those specific parking spots. 

There are a couple of airports that we are going to use as examples so we can get an idea of the different parking options for the disabled. The first airport that we are going to point our attention towards is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. CLE is one of the country’s busiest airports, and offers a good reference for how major airports may operate in terms of parking. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport offers 5 different parking lots. The 5 different parking lots include the Brown Lot, the Orange Lot, the Blue Lot, the Red Lot, and the CLE Smart Parking Garage. Out of all of these parking lots, parking at the CLE Smart Parking Garage seems to be the best parking solution for those who are disabled. The CLE Smart Parking Garage is attached directly to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s terminal, providing easy access from the terminal to the parking lot via the skywalk. Parking at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport’s CLE Smart Parking Garage will cost you though, with the airport charging you $22.00 per day to park. 

The next airport that we are going to use as an example is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. PHX is one of the largest airports in the state of Arizona, and the airport offers numerous parking lots to choose from. These parking lots include the West Economy Parking Garage, the West Economy Park & Walk parking lot, the Terminal 3 Parking Garage, the Terminal 4 Parking Garage, the East Economy Parking Garage A, the East Economy Parking Garage B, the uncovered East Economy parking Lot, the 24th Street parking lot, and the Premium parking lot. As you can see, there are many different parking lots that the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport offers, but which one is best for the disabled? Out of all of these parking lots, we believe that both the Terminal 3 Parking Garage and the Terminal 4 Parking Garage are good parking options for the disabled. The reason that these two parking lots were chosen is because they are directly attached to the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport’s terminals. This will provide the easiest access to the terminals, allowing for those who are disabled to let go of worry and not have to hop on a shuttle to get to the airport. However, parking at either of these parking lots will cost you – parking at the Terminal 3 Parking Garage and the Terminal 4 Parking Garage will both cost you the same rate of $30.00 per day. 

Now that we have covered a couple of airport parking options for the disabled, let’s take a look to find out ways that will make parking at the airport a smoother experience for disabled folks. These tips will be applicable for other airports, not just CLE or PHX.

Discounted Parking 

One important tip to remember when looking to park at the airport as a disabled person is discounted parking. As you could see with both Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, the desirable parking for a disabled person can be very expensive. Many airports offer discounted parking for special needs guests. Simply look on the airport’s website before departure date and you may be pleasantly surprised at the deals that some airports are offering for their disabled guests. Some airports even offer free parking for those who are disabled. As long as you have the right permit and license plate, you’re eligible for discounted or even free rates, depending on the airport.

Airport Escorts 

One great option for disabled travelers is an airport escort. The process to request an airport escort is pretty easy: simply inform the airport staff of your disability and you will have access to an array of benefits, including an escort. The airport escorts make traveling alone a breeze, since the valets on staff will help carry your luggage and direct you around the airport. Many different airports offer this service, but be sure to call in advance to make sure these services are available as well as to let the staff know that you are in need of this kind of assistance. You can also often check the airport’s website for these services, to make sure you’re in the know before arriving at the airport for your flight.

Convenient Parking 

Of course, as a disabled person, one essential thing that you look for when parking anywhere is a close and convenient parking space. That’s why looking online at the airport’s map is crucial, so that you can find the most convenient parking that the airport is offering you. Unfortunately, these parking lots are often very expensive to park at, as we discovered when looking at the parking rates of the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport as well as the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. If you find yourself parking somewhere that offers a shuttle service to get to and from the airport, there are usually lifts that will help guests in wheelchairs get inside of the shuttles as well as other things designed to assist the disabled. You can find convenient parking at the airport itself, with a hefty price tag – or you can check On Air Parking, a reservation site for third-party owned lots that offer complimentary shuttle services at every one of their lots.

Parking Apps 

Another great option for the disabled when looking to park at the airport is parking apps. Apps such as Parking Mobility provide you with a way to locate the closest parking spots available. Other handy features of parking apps can include letting you know low-traffic times at airport parking, so you aren’t rushing through parking lots during peak times, and security features that sync to your parking spot with satellites, so you can keep an eye on your vehicle while you’re away. With apps like Parking Mobility and many others, you can be assured that you will find the closest and most convenient parking that is available at the airport as well as extra security over your vehicle. On Air Parking offers an app for both Apple and Android devices, so feel free to head over and download it from your app store and check out the features and capabilities that are built to help make traveling easier.

On Air Parking

The rates at on-site airport parking can be challenging, especially for disabled travelers who often have a restricted income and have to make more financially conscious decisions during travel. You can head over to On Air Parking and check any of their available airports to see if the airport you’re traveling from has a third-party lot available for reservation. If you’d rather talk to a person than look at a website or on the app, you can reach On Air Parking’s customer service from 10am-7pm ET, Monday through Friday, by calling 888-487-2754 or texting at 424-532-8940.

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A Comprehensive List of Parking Options and Prices at HOU Airport

One thing that most people share in common is the excitement that comes when booking your time away. When booking your vacation, there are many different things to consider and questions that you should be asking yourself. These questions include but are not limited to the following: “what is my budget for this trip?”, “how many people are joining me on this vacation?”, “where do I plan on staying once I am in my final destination?”, “how long do I plan on this vacation lasting?”, and so on. 

While all of these questions are very important, another important question is “which airport do I plan on flying out of for my vacation?”. While most people only have one or two options when looking for nearby airports, it does pay to look online and check out the different things that the airport has to offer. Things to look for when looking includes the specific airlines at said airport, that the airport can take you to your desired destination, the different restaurants and amenities that the terminal offers, and more. 

Today, we are going to be focusing on William P. Hobby Airport and more specifically, what this airport has to offer in terms of parking options. We will be taking a deep dive of the pros and cons of each parking lot, as well as the different parking rates that each parking lot offers at HOU. 

First, a little overview: William P. Hobby Airport is an airport located in the city of Houston, Texas. HOU is named after a former governor of the state of Texas, and is located just 7 miles from downtown Houston. Another benefit of the William P. Hobby Airport is that it’s cheaper than the George Bush Intercontinental Airport, and guests can expect to pay half the price to that of IAH. 

Before we get into the details of each lot, let’s take a look at the general scope of the parking situation. HOU offers 3 different parking lots, the first being the Red Parking Garage. The second parking lot is the Blue Parking Garage, and the third is their Ecopark economy parking. Now that we have the parking options laid out, we can take a look at the different pros and cons of each of these lots to find out which parking lot is best for you when parking at HOU.

Red and Blue Parking Garage 

When looking to park, the Red and Blue Parking Garages are a great option for you. The Red and Blue Parking Garage are terminal parking garages attached directly to the airport, ensuring that you have a quick trip from your parking space to your terminal, regardless of which terminal you need – these garages are attached to all of the airport’s terminals! This is especially beneficial if you’re a passenger that happens to be disabled. The Red Parking Garage also offers a valet service that can be there to take your vehicle from you upon your arrival and have your vehicle ready for you when you get back from your trip. When parking at HOU’s Red and Blue Parking Garages, you can reserve your parking in advance. This is perfect for those who are worried about a spot not being available and prefer having the peace of mind that their spot is secured. The William P. Hobby Airport’s Red and Blue Parking Garages also offer electric vehicle charging stations, so you can be sure that your car is charged up and ready to go for you upon your arrival. One thing that we have to mention as well is that these parking garages offer an automatic parking guidance system that allows for navigating through the Red and Blue Parking Garages with ease. 

Now that we have talked about all of the pros with parking at the William P. Hobby Airport’s Red and Blue Parking Garages, what are some of the cons? This list is significantly shorter than the benefits, but one major con are the parking rates themselves. These parking garages charge you $24.00 per day. This is a very high parking rate. Another issue with parking at the Red Parking Garage specifically is the price for valet parking. Of course the standard parking rate of $24.00 per day is expensive, but once you add valet parking into the mix, you are looking at a parking rate of $28.00 per day. This is downright expensive, however, to some, this may not be much of an issue. If you are disabled, you may be able to get a deal on parking at the William P. Hobby Airport, so be sure to look at their website when parking at either of these lots. 


It may be refreshing to know that there is a much more affordable parking option – the Ecopark economy parking lot. This lovely parking lot’s main benefit is the price. The Economy lot charges just $9.24 per day, making it almost 3 times cheaper than the parking rate from the Red and Blue garages. The Economy parking lot also offers a free shuttle that can take you to and from the airport between the hours of 5:30 am and midnight.

Of course, with such a good price, parking at the airport’s Ecopark economy parking lot does have its cons. One con is obvious, which is the convenience factor. Since you are not located right next to the airport’s terminal, you will have to use a shuttle to get to the airport, which may be a problem to some guests, especially those who are disabled. Another con with this lot is that you won’t have access to the many benefits that the Red and Blue Parking Garages have, like valet parking. If you are willing to look past these cons though, parking at HOU’s Ecopark economy parking lot may be worth it.

On Air Parking

Of course, you can also look for parking at HOU by looking on On Air Parking. With two lots available at HOU – one being a covered self-park, the other being premium 1st floor parking, both are within 5 miles of the airport and offer free shuttles. The covered self-park runs a shuttle every 7 minutes, and the premium 1st floor runs every 5 minutes. Both have the added perk of free cancellation, right up to the start date of your reservation. Starting at just $3.55/day to park, OAP’s parking is far cheaper than anything offered at HOU directly.

You can reach On Air Parking by calling 888-487-2754 or texting 424-532-8940 Monday through Friday, 10am-7pm ET. You can also download the app, available on Apple and Android devices, for an easy, painless reservation.

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A Guide to Parking Options and Costs at Denver International Airport

Denver: gateway to the mighty Rocky Mountains and an increasingly important crossroads between East and West on the continent for air travel. If you have to park your vehicle here before your trip to Los Angeles, Seattle, New York, Atlanta, or beyond, you might be unsure where to start with the sheer number of parking options. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Read on for our guide to parking options and costs at Denver International Airport. 

Airport Parking 

Your most straightforward option will be the parking at the garages and lots of the Denver International Airport itself. This provides for consistent parking with tons of available reviews, guides, and data online being the standard option, as well as heightened security features and unparalleled proximity to the airport, especially for the garages.

Garage East

Garage East is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the rate of $7/hour. However, your daily maximum rate is not $168, but a low $30. Garage East is also very advantageously situated – a short 5-10 minute walk to the Jeppesen Terminal. There are a total of five levels of parking, with accessible parking on all levels except level three. These are also designated hybrid vehicle parking spots, and electric vehicle charging stations available on level one, in rows E and F. Garage East is physically in three modules, with covered and uncovered spots of the garage. Garage East also accepts a wide number of payment options, from cash to American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA and even checks! 

Garage West 

Garage West is much like its counterpart on the opposite side of the Jeppesen terminal, at the rate of $7/hour with a daily maximum of $30  available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Garage West comprises four separate modules in covered and uncovered spaces across five levels. Accessible parking is available on all levels except level three. There are also a number of hybrid vehicle parking spots and electric vehicle charging stations on level one, in rows E and F. Of particular note for the electric vehicle charging stations is that a range of chargers are available, with some spots offering Level One Electric Vehicle Chargers and some spots offering Level Two Electric Vehicle Chargers. Again, Garage West also accepts a wide variety of payment methods including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, cash and check. 

Airport Economy Lots (East and West)

The economy lots are a little farther from the terminals, but live up to their name, being notably cheaper than the garage prices, with the trade-off being a slightly longer trip to arrive at the terminal, and being uncovered, thus being exposed to the elements. Both the East and West economy lots are open 24 hours a day, with a rate of $6/hour at a daily maximum of $18/day. However, the pricing model has a slight favor for longer trips – the daily rate falls to $16/day upon the start of the fourth day. This makes for larger and larger savings with longer and longer trips. There is a regular shuttle service arriving every 10 minutes, 24 hours a day, dropping off and picking up passengers at the DEN Transit Center. This may mean a slightly longer journey from car to terminal at 15-35 minutes, but is well worth the savings. 

Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot 

This is one of Denver International Airport’s cheaper options, at only eight dollars a day! There is no hourly rate at this lot, and it’s open 24 hours a day as well. The Pikes Peak Shuttle Lot also accepts a wide variety of payment methods, and offers free vehicle assistance on-site! These are mainly emergency essentials like helping passengers who are locked out of their vehicle, jump-starting dead batteries, tire care, and vehicle location assistance. Shuttles take travelers from the lot to the terminals every 7-10 minutes.

61st and Pena

This is Denver International Airport’s cheapest option, at $7/day or $5 for 12 hours. However, this option is prepay only! They only accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and VISA for this location, meaning you cannot pay via cash or check. There are a total of 800 spaces at this lot, but the majority of them are shaded under smart canopies that double as solar electric panels. There are also 11 electric vehicle charging stations, all with Level One charging capabilities. There is no shuttle at this location, but a convenient stop on the A-Line is here, costing $10.50 for an 11 minute ride to the airport. While this means getting to and from the airport costs 21 dollars, this is nothing compared to the huge savings at the rate from this lot. This is especially recommended for travelers going away on longer trips, to fully take advantage of the difference in daily rate. 

Short Term Parking

Finally, there is short term parking at Denver International Airport. While it might not be an option for those needing to fly out that day, this can be a useful option that is walkable to the terminal, but not breaking the bank nor overly time consuming. Short Term Parking has an East and West division and is a quick five minute walk to the terminal for those lengthier goodbyes or arrivals at the airport. Parking here costs $7/hour and is open 24 hours a day. Here, a wide variety of payment methods are accepted, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, VISA, cash and check. 

Off – site options 

In addition to the numerous parking facilities and plans at the Denver International Airport, there are also a number of parking options off-site with reputable and trusted partners. These might prove advantageous depending on your specific needs, location or itinerary.

Epic Mountain Express 

While not technically a parking garage, nor a lot, this shuttle service is of note for those staying or residing in the ski resort towns of Vail, Breckenridge, Beaver Creek, Keystone, Glenwood Springs, Edwards, Dillon, and Silverthorne, providing transportation to and from the airport to these locations. This means forgoing the drive to the airport entirely, or parking much closer to home, if not at home. 

AmericInn by Wyndham Denver Airport 

This is a highly rated hotel partner, allowing for free uncovered self parking on-site and a free shuttle to the airport, for short term parkers only. This is a huge travel tip for those on very short trips or only needing to go to the Denver Airport to see someone off or welcome someone back. You may also extend parking for $10/day, a very reasonable rate considering the proximity and shuttle service at all hours. 

Embassy Suites Denver Airport

The Embassy Suites is another viable option, less than four miles away from Denver International Airport at the cost of $6.99/day. The Embassy Suites also provides regular shuttle service to the terminals every thirty minutes. 

Aloft Denver Airport at Gateway Park

There is also the trendier Aloft series, slightly farther away but also at a somewhat cheaper price – this might be a preferred option for those much longer trips. Parking here is only $5.99/day, and includes shuttle service to and from the airport between 4 a.m. to 11:45 p.m. year-round. 

On Air Parking

This brings us to our final option, On Air Parking. On Air Parking offers reservations for third-party owned lots at DEN, starting at a low $3.75/day – far cheaper than anything offered from Denver International Airport themselves. With seamless online reservations, free cancellation up to the start date of your parking stay, a shuttle running every 10 minutes 24/7, and being only four miles away from the airport, nothing can beat parking with On Air Parking at the self-park outdoor lot. Complimentary free snacks, coffee, and a rose at the lobby only sweeten the deal. For anyone worried about sizing and parking ease, these spots are wider and angled, making it easier for a wider variety of vehicles to park.

You can reach On Air Parking’s customer service from 10am-7pm ET by calling 888-487-2754 or texting at 424-532-8940. You can also download the app, available for Android and Apple devices, for an even easier reservation process!

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The Pros and Cons of Using Airport Parking Apps for Reservations and Payments

Whether you prefer to park with a ticket and cash, or handle your reservations entirely online, one thing is for sure – airport parking applications open a brand new world of possibilities. With the rise of apps such as SpotHero, Way and ParkMobile, much debate has arisen if it’s even worth the move to applications. If you’re unsure, or on the fence about this new technology, read on for our guide to the pros and cons of using airport parking apps so you can park comfortably.


Paperless Technology

Using an airport parking application for reservations and payments comes with a major benefit: it’s entirely paperless! Going digital is highly convenient, as this reduces clutter in your car, wallet, bag, and backpack. This means no rummaging around for parking information while in traffic, at the lot, or in the frantic last minutes leaving home to make your flight. Paperless options mean one less thing to keep track of – and an important one, amid all of the other physical documents you may be handling during a trip like passports, boarding passes, itineraries and coupons. The possibility of technical issues and printer issues is also much lower with these streamlined application experiences. Sidestep printer errors, running out of ink or not even owning a printer. In recent years, the sophistication of mobile apps have given them a large advantage in ensuring your information is secure in comparison to paper format. Calendars can auto-sync to your parking reservation, making it easy for you to see your reservation number and related dates. Cloud technology can hold the information for you, so you don’t have to have anything in-hand other than your device. Finally, digital tools to find coupons can also sync to the applications, making it easy for you to find cheaper parking if it’s available.. This helps make for a more smooth, seamless, and organized trip. Working with paperless technology also allows for a smaller margin of error in comparison to physical formats, which can easily be misprinted or mislabeled. The last benefit? Paperless has a huge ecological benefit, reducing the carbon footprint you leave behind.

Ease of use

Travelers who are new to using third party parking services will also appreciate the amount of support and the intuitive designs available from many airport parking mobile apps, along with the developers’ focus on ease of use. Using websites come with a list of possible design issues and don’t always allow for mobility – important to consider for those who might need to make a last-minute change of plans. The real-time, live updates nature of mobile parking applications also allows for more convenience at every part of your parking experience. Many have integration for common map services such as Google Maps or Apple Maps, guiding you from your first step out the door all the way to your lot or garage! Some even have live tracking for parking availability and provide a guide inside the lot and garage itself, going the extra mile from your home to your reserved parking spot. This is definitely a faster approach than being personally directed by airport staff to a specified lot, or being directed to a free spot, perfect for those operating on tighter schedules. Applications also generally support a wider variety of payment methods, which works out well if you prefer to use a certain mobile wallet or card for your travels, whether for extra reward points or just convenience. They also provide a great way to look at parking history and transaction information all in one place, as opposed to having to browse through your emails or worse, physically file and store all your papers from trips! 

Many mobile parking applications also like to reward their loyal customers in many ways – a great advantage to consider if you are a frequent flier, whether for work, leisure, family or all of the above. These rewards can come in the form of exclusive access to promotional discounts, special offers, coupons or limited time specials only available through the app! This can make a huge difference in savings against competitors in web format or physical kiosks. Parking spots, garages, addresses and payment information can also be saved on mobile devices to make parking even faster – no more reading off your credit card digits and fumbling with your wallet to make a payment! Not to mention, the use is just faster overall, with many applications focused on maximizing efficiency. 


Airport parking providers that have branched out to applications typically also have more comprehensive support in the form of longer hours of availability and more mediums for contact, like phone, text, email, and live chat as opposed to just one or two of these options. On Air Parking, for example, has a text-friendly number, a number for phone calls, and an email address for customers to reach them at. Information is usually relayed a lot faster to the customer on a more efficient scale: consider the difference between a notification on your phone simply reading ‘Level Four parking full’ as opposed to your email with an entirely irrelevant headline and introduction text before filling you in on the actual update. Mobile applications frequently have translation integration and multilingual support, especially useful for those traveling abroad who might be dealing with a language barrier, or if you’re recommending a parking experience for someone visiting the United States who doesn’t know English. 


Technology reliant 

However, no one parking option is devoid of disadvantages – there will always be a trade off for any option you choose with traveling. One of the most immediate and obvious is that your parking, if done through the phone, will be very reliant on your device. This means if your phone is damaged to the point of being unable to function, runs out of battery or is low on signal, which is a rare, but possible event in some areas near airports, you may have difficulties parking. Many airports have designated Cell Lots you can take advantage of, but they can be difficult to navigate to, especially if your lot is on the opposite side from the Cell Lot. Granted, with the importance of mobile phones in this age being used for more than just communication, this may be an unlikely event, but it’s still a valid concern and a disadvantage compared to the permanence and infinite ‘battery life’ of a printed document. 

Regarding data, if you are traveling internationally and do not have a carrier that provides free international data, texting, and calling via their partners, you may spend additional money incurring roaming charges. These applications need connection to the internet to function, predominantly making use of mobile data. If you have a mobile phone carrier that doesn’t provide international coverage for travel, not even at reduced speeds, this may be an important point to consider. 

The range of phone models, particularly those phones running Android software, is so large that the application may have difficulties running on your device. Whether it’s displaying incorrectly, missing a feature, or not integrating well with another part of the phone, this is another big disadvantage. Typically, Apple users will have less of a risk due to the relatively smaller range of models and their consistency in design, but not every application is designed to work optimally with every phone model and software. 

Not to mention that technological errors can occur for whatever other reason – which could jeopardize parking and cause extra stress, and isn’t a concern when it comes to paper records and stubs.

Finally, being via application, you may not have the ability to pay with cash! This might be another point to consider if you are wanting to break a note for further use during your trip, or just prefer to have your transaction be handled in paper money in order to keep your bank accounts secure. 

Not as accessible for the non – tech savvy 

Especially for elderly travelers or those hard of vision, the same layout and experience that comes naturally to many travelers may be too difficult of a transition. The difference in layout, use, and smaller text sizes could prove to be too much of a hassle for an older traveler to learn, making the experience inconvenient and a cause for frustration in comparison to simply paying online or at a kiosk. For these travelers, it may be a much better option to remain with the parking method they are familiar with. 

Variety of layouts 

Related to our last point, the sheer variety of layouts is another learning curve that could be more challenging than it’s worth – and frankly speaking, some applications are not as well-designed as others. This may cause someone to choose the wrong feature by accident, be unable to find an important piece of information, or just be the cause of too much stress in a situation where there are already so many other moving parts to account for.  

Regardless of your choice for online reservations, or ones handled over the phone with a customer service agent, On Air Parking has got you covered. Customer service is available 10am-7pm EST, Monday through Friday, available by text at 424-532-8940, and available for calls at 888-487-2754. You can also email at if you prefer to have a paper trail behind your customer service experiences. Don’t miss out on using the OAP app, either, available on both Android and Apple devices now.

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The Impact of Ride-Sharing Services on Airport Parking Demand and Prices

Year round, many folks are flocking to airports in order to travel from point A to point B. Many people are traveling to the airport for different reasons – some may be traveling for a business trip, others for a much needed vacation, or some are traveling to visit family. Regardless of the reason you’re traveling, there are many different questions that you need to answer. Questions could include but are not limited to, “where do I plan on staying while on this trip?”, “how long do I plan on being gone?”, “what is my budget for this trip?”, “what should I pack for this trip?”, and so on. While all of these questions are important, one question that everyone has to ask themselves is, “where do I plan on leaving my vehicle during my trip?”. 

When looking to park at the airport specifically, there are pros and cons. One pro to parking at the airport is the convenience factor. When parking at the airport, you are able to utilize parking lots that are in close proximity to the airport itself, alleviating how much walking and time you will need to spend to get to the airport. Another pro to parking at an airport’s parking lot is taking advantage of features that will make your life easier, such as valet parking. While this all sounds nice and dandy, there are cons that come with parking at the airport. The biggest con is the price for parking at the on-site parking lot. More often than not, if you are parking at any airport parking lot, you will need to be ready to pay the steep parking rates. This is especially true if you find yourself wanting to utilize features such as valet parking. Oftentimes, you will find that daily parking at the airport can range from $20.00 per day all the way to $40.00 per day, and there are certainly better options.

One option for you that we should definitely mention that is a great alternative to parking at the airport are third-party owned parking lots. Off-site parking lots, booked by companies such as On Air Parking, provide you parking close to the airport that you plan on flying out of, at a significantly reduced cost. On Air Parking in particular offers cheap parking rates for many different parking lots throughout the United States and will most likely offer you a deal on a parking lot that is near the airport that you’re departing from. Another great benefit to utilizing off -site parking companies such as On Air Parking, is that, in On Air Parking’s case, they offer a free 24/7 shuttle service at many of their lots, which will take you to and from the airport whenever you deem it necessary. In order to schedule your parking with off-site lots such as On Air Parking, simply visit the company website, plug in the days that correspond with the duration of your trip, and hit search. After doing so, you will be shown a list of available lots near that specific airport, as well as rates that will have you shocked at the on-site parking rates in comparison.

Another good option that beats parking at the airport is utilizing rideshare services. There are many different ridesharing services that are offered on a variety of different smart devices. These rideshare apps, such as Uber and Lyft, give people an easy and intuitive way to order on-demand ground transportation. Simply download one of the rideshare apps and create an account. Once you have linked your debit card to your account, you are then able to have someone pick you up, often in a matter of minutes, from your current location. These services that rideshare apps provide are made possible by those who sign up to become a driver. Anyone can sign up to become a driver for these companies and they will utilize their own vehicles to pick you up. Once you order an Uber or Lyft, using your location, a driver will be sent to you and then you will receive a text message of that driver’s specific vehicle so that you know what vehicle is there for you. 

There are many benefits to using these rideshare services. One benefit is that it’s significantly cheaper to take an Uber to an airport and back than it is to leave your car parked at the airport. Another good benefit to utilizing rideshare services is that you have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe at home and not potentially being tampered with at an airport parking lot. The other benefit to utilizing services from companies such as Uber or Lyft is that it is very convenient, simply taking you from your doorstep to the airport’s terminal. 

Today, we are going to focus on how the ridesharing industry has impacted the demand for airport parking lots, as well as how this industry has influenced the prices for parking at these lots. 

Ground Transportation 

Without a doubt, one impact that ridesharing apps has had is with ground transportation available at airports themselves. With airports, especially larger ones, there are typically a few different ground transportation options that you can take advantage of in order to bring you to and from the airport. Services include traveling by bus, hailing a taxi cab to take you to the airport, and some even have transportation by train. While these services are still utilized today, the utilization of these services has dropped significantly. The problem this poses to airports is that any ground transportation service that the airport offers is becoming more and more irrelevant as the years go by. 

Airport Parking 

The biggest area where rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft have impacted airports throughout the world is airport parking. Parking at the airport used to be seen as a convenience, giving you a place to leave your vehicle while you’re out of town. Airports often would capitalize on this, which was reflected in steep prices that people would pay in order to park there. Today, things are different, so much so that airports are financially suffering due to the introduction of these rideshare companies. Many passengers have decided to do away with the hassle of parking at the airport and dealing with the hefty prices that the airports are charging, and have instead opted for using rideshare services. This has caused many airports to have to cancel any parking expansion plans, since the demand for ridesharing has been so high. Expanding parking lots would be seen as a financial loss to airports, since there’s no cars to park there and make them money. The other issue that this poses for airports is the fact that airport parking was one of the most significant streams of revenue that the airports pull in. With rideshare companies on the rise, and airport parking on the low, airports are now having to come up with different ways to achieve the same amount of profit that they were when parking at the airport was more popular.

Airport Parking Prices 

One strategy that many airports are adopting to try and counter the rideshare competition is adding more desirable parking rates. However, many airports are still having a hard time competing with the prices that off-site lots are offering. Even with the reduced parking rates that airports are adopting, airports are still struggling to retain the amount of passengers willing to pay and utilize the airport’s parking.

If you’re looking to avoid having to download the umpteenth app on your phone, you can always look for a cheap parking reservation on On Air Parking. With parking available for reservation from nationwide lots, On Air Parking offers low-cost parking even for long-term parking. You can reserve your spot online or give OAP a call at 888-487-2754 (or, even better, text them at 424-532-8940) or email them at for more information. Customer service is available Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm ET.

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How to Make the Most of Valet Parking Services at Major Airports

One of the most exciting things that you can do for yourself or your family is plan a vacation. When looking to enjoy a vacation, many people are often heading to the airport to embark on a flight to their destination. With this being said, there are people who do look to leave their car at the airport for the duration of their trip. If you are one of these people, you may want to opt for the valet parking services that the airport has to offer. In this article, we are going to be focusing our attention on how to make the most out of valet parking services at major airports. 

We do, however, want to take a look at a couple of airports that offer valet parking services in order to understand how they work and what kind of rates these airports are charging. The first airport we are going to focus our attention on is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the main hub when looking to fly out of the Cleveland area. CLE happens to offer a valet service. The Curbside Valet is perfect for those who do not have much time to waste or those who appreciate convenience. Located on the upper roadway by Door 1, one simply needs to pull up, hand the valet their keys, and step inside the airport. For the Curbside Valet service, the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will charge you $30.00 per day for parking on-site.

The next airport we are going to look at is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. One of the most frequently visited airports in the state, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport happens to offer a valet service as well. When taking advantage of the valet parking service that this airport offers, you will simply pull up to either the terminal 3 parking garage or the terminal 4 parking garage and wait for the valet. Once the valet has shown up, hand the valet your keys and walk right into the airport. At PHX, taking advantage of the valet parking service will cost you $12.00 for the first hour and $39.00 for a whole day of parking. 

Now that we have shown you some examples of different valet parking options for different airports, it’s time to discuss how to make the most of your valet parking experience. This will translate to all airports that offer this service, not just to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport or the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

Vehicle Prep 

One important tip that you should adopt when looking to take advantage of any airport’s valet parking service is preparing your vehicle for the valet. This means going through your vehicle’s interior and making sure that it’s clean and picked up, out of respect for the valet as well as to save you any embarrassment from a valet seeing your child’s spilled Cheerios in the backseat, or that unfortunate spill of receipts from your bag on the passenger floorboard. In addition to this, another good idea is to make sure that you do not leave anything valuable out in the open in your vehicle. While we’d like to think that you could trust any valet that enters your vehicle, this just makes good practice. As well as making sure that the inside of your vehicle is in tip top shape, taking your vehicle to through a car wash is an especially good idea, particularly if your vehicle is in a state of visual uncleanliness.

Know Your Vehicle 

While this may seem like a strange tip, knowing if your vehicle has a valet mode is a great idea for those with newer cars. The valet mode, available in some vehicles, allows for the valet to drive your vehicle without you having to give up your key. Many of these systems have you create a digital code that you’ll then give to the valet so they can input it into the vehicle’s information system. Not only does this allow for you to carry your key with you, but when your vehicle is in valet mode, it also limits how fast the valet is able to drive. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your valet cannot take your car on a joy ride while you are off on your trip – not that they would)! This mode also eliminates access to your vehicle’s trunk so that you know that whatever you left behind in your trunk is safely secured. 

Vehicle Drop Off 

When dropping off your vehicle to the valet, there are a couple things that you should know and try to adopt in order to ensure a seamless valet experience. A good idea when dropping your vehicle off to the valet is letting your valet know any quirks of your vehicle. This could be a faulty door hinge, a gauge cluster issue, and so on – just be sure you make the valet aware of any issues that may affect his brief trip from you to the parking lot. Another good thing to keep in mind is leaving your vehicle running for the valet in order to assure a smooth experience for both you and the valet. Make sure that you also hang onto your vehicle’s claim ticket in order to make vehicle pick up just as easy.

Vehicle Pick Up 

As with dropping off your vehicle to the valet, there are a couple of good tips to follow when picking up your vehicle from the valet. One thing to keep in mind when picking up your vehicle from the valet is calling ahead of time. Calling ahead will ensure you that your vehicle will be prepped and ready for you upon your arrival. This also allows for the valet to not feel rushed to get your vehicle to the drop-off zone. Be sure to be patient, as there will be potentially a line of people waiting to pick up their vehicles. Once the valet has brought your vehicle to the drop off zone, it’s very important that you inspect your vehicle both inside and out to sort out any potential damage that was not there before you dropped the vehicle off, as well as anything that could have been stolen from your vehicle. 

Tipping the Valet 

One thing that you have to remember when taking advantage of your airport’s valet parking service is providing a tip for the valet. You may be wondering how much is appropriate to tip. This is a great question, and it does depend on a couple of factors. These factors include the quality of service as well as where your valet service is located. In general though, the general rule of thumb is tipping your valet anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00. Valets do tend to expect a higher tip if you’re driving a luxury car or you live in a high-end area. Granted, if you are having to deal with a rather rude valet driver, do not feel bad about tipping the base $2.00 tip that we recommended.

If you’re looking for off-site parking and free shuttles to and from the airport, to avoid the valet situation, you can always check for parking from On Air Parking. With third-party owned lots available across the country, OAP offers a seamless reservation process, free cancellation up to the beginning date of your reservation, and cheap parking local to your airport of departure. 

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How to Find Safe and Secure Parking at Night at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport

Sometimes flights leave late, or there are unforeseen delays, and you need to find a safe place for you and your car in the middle of the night. Customer service doesn’t begin taking calls for another six hours, it’s cold and dark, and your immediate options for parking are either too expensive or too sketchy. In this kind of situation, it may be hard to know how to proceed to find safe, secure parking here in Cleveland, especially in the long and dark winter nights. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a list of options and tips to park your car, safe and sound even in the dead of night. Read on for our comprehensive guide and recommended options for nighttime parking around Cleveland Hopkins Airport. 

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Parking

One of your most secure options is also going to be one of the most accessible, albeit for a relative premium – the parking of the Cleveland Hopkins Airport itself! Cleveland Hopkins Airport provides five different on-site parking options, all available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with staff on location during all hours of operation. This is a huge benefit considering the difficult logistics of finding parking at nighttime, especially in the later hours between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., due to the lack of services generally available during those late night hours. 

One of your other options is the cutting-edge CLE Smart Parking Garage, at $6/hour and maxing out at $22/day, providing a seamless experience for travelers. This intelligent garage has some 5,000 parking spaces over multiple levels, and features an innovative and highly useful guidance system with electronic signage and LED occupancy lighting. Not only do these signs give a live report of available spaces on each floor, they also indicate the availability of spaces with a color-coded LED light system, highly visible and intuitive to existing color schemes. 

This greatly reduces the time you might have otherwise spent hunting for a parking spot, driving in winding paths up and down the rows of each level and engaging in tense standoffs to grab a parking spot as someone is pulling out to leave. Instead, simply drive to a level with spaces open, look out at the lights, and drive towards a green light to find a spot! Parking doesn’t get easier and is a breeze, saving you time, gas and most of all, preserving your patience by getting rid of one of the most daunting tasks for travelers.

In addition, being part of the airport, security measures are heightened, with dedicated security officers patrolling the smart parking garage at all times.

These high levels of security also extend to the surface Brown, Orange, Red and Blue lots, with ample lighting, camera coverage and security on-site as well as frequent stops by shuttles, which greatly reduces the risk of crime or vehicle damage. The surface lots are also notably more affordable, going from $20/day to $14/day depending on the lot. 

Valet Parking is also an option, for those who want personal care and attention to their vehicle, at $30 a day, providing the best in surveillance and convenience. 

Local off – site options 

In addition, there are a number of highly reviewed and trusted options in the area that charge lower rates through different parking services, for those who prefer not to park at the airport or have difficulties securing a spot with the airport during peak travel seasons. These options are also better for those planning in advance, and have an inevitable redeye flight they cannot miss, due to the ability to book in advance with these lots and garages through online reservations like the ones On Air Parking offers.

Travelodge Cleveland Airport 

This Travelodge is one of Cleveland Hopkins airport’s trusted partners, a well-established resource for travelers in the area. The Travelodge Cleveland Airport provides a well-lit, camera monitored and staffed location 24/7. There is a regular shuttle for travelers to make the short, two mile trip to the terminal, and also a complimentary continental breakfast served each morning! Parking is available by booking for up to 14 days, a better option for shorter trips. 

The Wyndham Cleveland Airport is another alternative, highly rated and also providing a speedy and punctual shuttle service every 30 minutes to the Cleveland Airport, with a fast five minute ride. All of the usual security features that come with a hotel also extend to your parking spot here. However, their shuttle runs from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., so this may not be an option for those who need to fly out in the late nighttime.

Doubletree by Hilton Cleveland Airport 

This is an economy option, costing extremely little compared to many other lots in the area, while providing the standard security of a hotel parking spot, at a low $4 a day. However, this extremely low price comes with a more no-frills model, and while space and security for your vehicle is provided, the shuttle service is temporarily suspended at the time of this article, meaning you might have to take a quick bus or Uber for the 10 miles to the terminal. This may seem to be an undue cost, but for a longer trip, the savings from the much lower daily rate adds up, and you’ll still come out spending a lot less including this extra trip. 

Park N Fly 

Park N Fly with Cleveland Hopkins Airport also comes with a range of plans, with the uncovered self-park being $12.95/day and their cheapest rate through the airport at $15/day. However, this option also comes with 24/7 access, a free car wash, luggage assistance and the luxury service of personally bringing your car to the airport when you arrive home, which is a very welcome extra feature rarely offered by airport parking services. They also provide a regular shuttle for travelers who are parking their vehicle for their departure, making it easy for you to get to the airport on time for your flight.

Tips for safe parking 

Finally, we have some additional tips specifically to help you have a safe parking experience. If security for you and your party, as well as the vehicle, is a priority, prioritize it in your search too! This means giving preference to garages and lots with lots of security options. Choosing a garage or lot that openly, forwardly, and transparently shows their security features is a great start. Hotels are a good general start, but garages and lots, and their performance, in this category vary wildly, so make sure to choose wisely. If you have any valuables you will not be taking with you on your trip, it’s highly recommended to conceal them. This could mean tucking them away, under something innocuous and ordinary looking, or hiding them. Leaving valuables out in the open can make for a more attractive target for thieves, and while security may be able to investigate, chase down a criminal, or record the incident, it is much better to avoid the risk entirely. 

Another step you can take is to park in a well-lit area. Most reputable garages and lots will provide ample lighting for this purpose, but not all spots are created the same – some have notably more light, and will thus be a less attractive target for crime than others. 

While parking your car or returning to your vehicle, it is also recommended to have your keys in your hand before you reach your vehicle. This is to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to get back into your vehicle, and get you inside locked doors quicker. Stopping to look into your bag or luggage for your keys greatly decreases your awareness of surroundings and makes you an easier target, especially if traveling alone at night. Photographing and noting the car’s surroundings is also another good step to take, not just to be aware of hiding points for criminals but also to help you quickly find your car after the trip. 

Finally, if traveling alone, don’t be afraid to ask for an escort! Whether it’s staff, a manager, or dedicated security personnel, you can request an escort, and this request will usually be granted. This also greatly reduces your risk of crime – nobody wants to target a traveler with police or security as an escort. Alternatively, the ‘car locating’ service many lots and garages offer is an indirect way to request this service, since most airports will aid your search on foot, therefore accompanying you physically. 

You can always look for off-site parking with On Air Parking, available across the nation with cheap parking, free shuttles, free cancellation up to the date of your reservation, and safe lots that keep you and your vehicle in mind.

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