How to Make the Most of Valet Parking Services at Major Airports

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One of the most exciting things that you can do for yourself or your family is plan a vacation. When looking to enjoy a vacation, many people are often heading to the airport to embark on a flight to their destination. With this being said, there are people who do look to leave their car at the airport for the duration of their trip. If you are one of these people, you may want to opt for the valet parking services that the airport has to offer. In this article, we are going to be focusing our attention on how to make the most out of valet parking services at major airports. 

We do, however, want to take a look at a couple of airports that offer valet parking services in order to understand how they work and what kind of rates these airports are charging. The first airport we are going to focus our attention on is the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. The Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is the main hub when looking to fly out of the Cleveland area. CLE happens to offer a valet service. The Curbside Valet is perfect for those who do not have much time to waste or those who appreciate convenience. Located on the upper roadway by Door 1, one simply needs to pull up, hand the valet their keys, and step inside the airport. For the Curbside Valet service, the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will charge you $30.00 per day for parking on-site.

The next airport we are going to look at is Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. One of the most frequently visited airports in the state, the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport happens to offer a valet service as well. When taking advantage of the valet parking service that this airport offers, you will simply pull up to either the terminal 3 parking garage or the terminal 4 parking garage and wait for the valet. Once the valet has shown up, hand the valet your keys and walk right into the airport. At PHX, taking advantage of the valet parking service will cost you $12.00 for the first hour and $39.00 for a whole day of parking. 

Now that we have shown you some examples of different valet parking options for different airports, it’s time to discuss how to make the most of your valet parking experience. This will translate to all airports that offer this service, not just to the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport or the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. 

Vehicle Prep 

One important tip that you should adopt when looking to take advantage of any airport’s valet parking service is preparing your vehicle for the valet. This means going through your vehicle’s interior and making sure that it’s clean and picked up, out of respect for the valet as well as to save you any embarrassment from a valet seeing your child’s spilled Cheerios in the backseat, or that unfortunate spill of receipts from your bag on the passenger floorboard. In addition to this, another good idea is to make sure that you do not leave anything valuable out in the open in your vehicle. While we’d like to think that you could trust any valet that enters your vehicle, this just makes good practice. As well as making sure that the inside of your vehicle is in tip top shape, taking your vehicle to through a car wash is an especially good idea, particularly if your vehicle is in a state of visual uncleanliness.

Know Your Vehicle 

While this may seem like a strange tip, knowing if your vehicle has a valet mode is a great idea for those with newer cars. The valet mode, available in some vehicles, allows for the valet to drive your vehicle without you having to give up your key. Many of these systems have you create a digital code that you’ll then give to the valet so they can input it into the vehicle’s information system. Not only does this allow for you to carry your key with you, but when your vehicle is in valet mode, it also limits how fast the valet is able to drive. This will give you peace of mind knowing that your valet cannot take your car on a joy ride while you are off on your trip – not that they would)! This mode also eliminates access to your vehicle’s trunk so that you know that whatever you left behind in your trunk is safely secured. 

Vehicle Drop Off 

When dropping off your vehicle to the valet, there are a couple things that you should know and try to adopt in order to ensure a seamless valet experience. A good idea when dropping your vehicle off to the valet is letting your valet know any quirks of your vehicle. This could be a faulty door hinge, a gauge cluster issue, and so on – just be sure you make the valet aware of any issues that may affect his brief trip from you to the parking lot. Another good thing to keep in mind is leaving your vehicle running for the valet in order to assure a smooth experience for both you and the valet. Make sure that you also hang onto your vehicle’s claim ticket in order to make vehicle pick up just as easy.

Vehicle Pick Up 

As with dropping off your vehicle to the valet, there are a couple of good tips to follow when picking up your vehicle from the valet. One thing to keep in mind when picking up your vehicle from the valet is calling ahead of time. Calling ahead will ensure you that your vehicle will be prepped and ready for you upon your arrival. This also allows for the valet to not feel rushed to get your vehicle to the drop-off zone. Be sure to be patient, as there will be potentially a line of people waiting to pick up their vehicles. Once the valet has brought your vehicle to the drop off zone, it’s very important that you inspect your vehicle both inside and out to sort out any potential damage that was not there before you dropped the vehicle off, as well as anything that could have been stolen from your vehicle. 

Tipping the Valet 

One thing that you have to remember when taking advantage of your airport’s valet parking service is providing a tip for the valet. You may be wondering how much is appropriate to tip. This is a great question, and it does depend on a couple of factors. These factors include the quality of service as well as where your valet service is located. In general though, the general rule of thumb is tipping your valet anywhere from $2.00 to $5.00. Valets do tend to expect a higher tip if you’re driving a luxury car or you live in a high-end area. Granted, if you are having to deal with a rather rude valet driver, do not feel bad about tipping the base $2.00 tip that we recommended.

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