7 Things To Do in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is notoriously known for being the “Entertainment Capital of the World.” While this city has also earned the nickname “Sin City” for its luxurious hotels and strips of casinos and gambling hubs, Las Vegas actually has a lot more to offer tourists.

Not convinced yet? Here’s a quick list of seven things to do in Las Vegas!

1. Eat All The Chocolate You Want

If you have a penchant for sweet chocolates, head over to Ethel M, a local chocolatier shop, and treat yourself to delectable free chocolate samples. Next, pay the M&M’s World a visit to see some of its candy-and-chocolate inspired creations, or just watch a 3D movie featuring Yellow and Red.

Las Vegas is also home to the Hershey’s Chocolate World which features a chocolate Statue of Liberty. Eat all the chocolate you want, and don’t forget to bring back some for your friends and family!

2. Test Your Pinball Skills

Instead of slot machines, why not waste your quarters playing retro arcade pinball? The Pinball Hall of Fame is a place where you can admire, enjoy, and experience everything about pinball. The facility houses more than 150 fully functional pinball machines that range from old-school to modern electronic wonders. An afternoon might not be enough to try them all out!

3. Go For A Nature Hike

Las Vegas is quite famous for picturesque hiking trails that feature some natural wildlife and scenery. The Red Rock National Conservation Area is a perfect spot for you to stretch your limbs and look at something that’s non-electric or neon for a change. You may also experience the best of what the trail has to offer during winter with the lovely gullies and routes showing intricate rock details. In the summer, go for Mt. Charleston, and you’ll be treated to expansive valley sights and bristlecone pine forests.

4. Gape At The World’s Biggest Gold Nugget

Check out the largest gold nugget at the lobby of the Gold Tower. The specimen, found during the 80’s in Australia, was sold to The Golden Nugget for an astounding sum of one million dollars. The 61-pound gold nugget was named “Hand of Faith” and is available for everyone to see.

5. Watch The Dancing Fountains

Some of the best fountain shows can be found at the super-sized Italian villa-inspired resort, the Bellagio. The 1,200 fountain geysers are spread out across more than 8 acres of lake area, displayed right in front of the resort. Watch the dancing fountains play in sync with the music every 15 minutes starting from evening up until midnight.

6. Explore Outdoor Art

In 2013, the Life is Beautiful Festival began to feature the paintings made by international muralists and street artists plastered on the city walls. Each year, new art pieces are added, and old ones are replaced or refreshed. Stroll around and marvel at the huge gallery for free!

7. Experience The Stratosphere

Visit Nevada’s tallest building and dare to take on rides like the Insanity, X-Scream, or the Big Shot. You can also try a free-fall experience from a height of 829 feet via the SkyJump. The Stratosphere also has standard entertainment facilities like the state-of-the-art recreational deck and a pool for swimming in.

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7 Things To Do in Journal Square, New Jersey

Journal Square is a well-known area in Jersey City, New Jersey, widely famous for being a business district, residential area, and transportation spot. Don’t underestimate this small urban place because spending just one whole day in this part of the city offers a lot of memorable experiences.

Sometimes reminiscent of a European city because of its size, busy streets, and exceptional charm typical of waterfront cities, Jersey City is considered the 2nd largest city in New Jersey and has started to make urban developments by completely renovating neighborhoods within Journal Square.

Also, between Jersey City and New York lies the PATH Journal Square which makes it easy for people to reach Jersey City from the Big Apple.

The PATH metro network connects New Jersey to the heart of Manhattan with two systems: one joins the One World Trade Center in New York to Newark and Hoboken, and the other connects 33rd Street in New York to Hoboken and Journal Square in New Jersey. With PATH, you will not only have easy access to Journal Square but New York as well.

Wondering what other things to do and discover in Journal Square? Here’s a list to guide you in your tour!

1. A walk in the historic district of Downtown

The large rows of townhouses in the historic district of Downtown will surely take you back to the 19th century. This area is situated between Van Vorst Park and Hamilton Park which are both particularly charming.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Grove Street and 1st Street for a glimpse of the city’s cultural and ethnic diversity. You will find a series of shops, boutiques, and restaurants on site. The good news is that in Jersey City, almost everything is done on foot, making it a favorite place for families with young children.

2. A picnic at Liberty State Park

The Liberty State Park is one of Jersey City’s jewels. This green patch of land located near the New York Harbor is one of the most visited parks in the United States. Many Manhattan residents prefer to unwind and recharge at Liberty State Park on weekends instead of whiling away their time at the crowded Central Park.

If you are not a fan of walking you may take the shuttle that connects several points of the park or just take the PATH which is just nearby. On-site, you can enjoy fishing, boating, cycling, tennis or a picnic.

You can also rent a boat to enjoy the sunny days on the Hudson River. At the first car park of Morris Pesin Drive, a boat ramp is open all year round and offers access to the river, the Upper New York Bay, and the Atlantic Ocean. Be warned though because access to these boating amenities is not free of charge from April to October.

If you’re a nature lover, you will find happiness by following the Freedom Way, a real path of greenery. Of course, you can take the ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty and even Ellis Island as well.

3. Street art

Art is everywhere on the streets of Jersey City. The city is exceptionally well-known for hosting renowned street art artists such as Mr. Ability, Sean 0 Luog, and Mr. Mustart. These local artists are famous for using vibrant colors and shapes that beautifully changed the city’s urban landscape.

4. A little trip to the Philippines

With more than 16,000 Filipinos living in Jersey City, the city is an ideal place to discover or immerse yourself in the culture of the Philippine archipelago. Little Manila is located around Newark Avenue and Manila Street and includes a wide variety of Filipino restaurants, bakeries, typical shops, and even doctors.

If you’re looking for a sumptuous meal, stop by Max’s of Manila for a taste of its famous fried chicken whose recipe is almost a hundred years old. If you want more fun experiences, stop by the Phil Am Food Market located just a few blocks from Max’s. It’s the largest Philippine grocery store on the east coast of the United States. Now, if you want to end your day on a sweet note, don’t forget to visit the Philippine Bread House and have a taste of their colorful cakes.

5. Shopping session

The Jersey City is home to numerous malls and store outlets, including the Jersey Gardens Mall. Dubbed as a city within the city, the mall has restaurants and more than 200 brand shops that offer their products at reasonable prices. Among its hundreds of shops are Levi’s, Converse, Rip Curl, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger.

If you are a non-American passport holder, you will get a booklet of discounts that can be added on top of the discounts already offered in the stores. Jersey City is a true paradise for shoppers!

6. A little tour of the museum

The Afro-American Historical Society Museum is located in the Greenville Public Library. This free for all museum traces the history and heritage of the African Americans in New Jersey. Visitors are handed valuable coins and objects, some of which came from destroyed African-American churches or relics from the turbulent civil rights period. You literally have a piece of America’s history in your hands.

7. Special for families with small children

The first destination for young children is the Liberty Science Center. Entirely dedicated to science, technology, and games, the center offers little ones an easy to navigate Touch Tunnel where they can play with lots of animations. An IMAX cinema where you can watch movies is available in the area as well. There is also a special section for 2 to 5-year old kids to hang out with.

You may also head over to the Barrow Mansion for a live performance at the Children’s Theatre in Jersey City. The shows are particularly suitable for children ages 3 and above. You should also try the ferry ride on the Hudson River. You’ll board at Paulus Hook, heading for Manhattan, or even the Jersey coast!

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7 Things To Do in Miami, Florida

Miami is the financial, cultural, and economic center of Florida. The seat of Miami-Dade County, Florida’s most populous county, Miami is world-famous for its long stretch of beach and coastline. We’re sure you’ll never run out of enjoyable things to do in this waterfront city. If you are still having a hard time deciding what activities to try, here’s a list to help guide you in your planning.

1. Enjoy the Beaches

Miami’s beaches will undoubtedly provide you with excellent opportunities to get some workout done or just relax and enjoy the sun. The beaches tend to be quieter during off-peak season and offer a magnificent view of the city’s modernist architecture.

2. Experience an Outdoor Aquarium

The Miami Seaquarium which is located in the center of the city’s tourist location along the causeway between Key Biscayne and downtown Miami exhibits a modernly designed aquarium that can be viewed by visitors. Entry to the place is affordable, enabling tourists an excellent view of some of the rare sea creatures that frequent the site like the manatees, sea turtles, and dolphins.

3. Explore the Newest Top-Notch Urban Development Situated at Brickell

Brickell is not only the financial center of the city of Miami, but also the central hub of glimmering high-rise condos, elegant luxury hotels, and shopping areas as well. While on your Miami trip, consider visiting the famous Brickell City Center which is home to an ultra-trendy boutique hotel.

4. Go to Frost Science Museum

If you’re a nature science enthusiast, visiting the Frost Science Museum will surely open your mind to new information and science facts. There are just so many new things to try in this place. The museum houses a one-of-a-kind multi-leveled aquarium, open bird aviaries, and a 250-seater planetarium.

5. Take your Kids to Miami Children Museum

If you’ll be touring the city with your kids, do not hesitate to take them to the Miami Children’s Museum. This museum hosts a wide array of interactive exhibits which allow kids to explore different things, ranging from a television studio to a supermarket where they can pick up worthy teachings along the way.

6. Explore a One-of-a-Kind Garden

The eccentric Coral Castle is a monument that contributes to the uniqueness of the city of Miami. The castle was created by Ed Leedskalnin as a gift to his lover. It took Leedskalnin 28 long years to complete this 1,100-ton coral modelling and introduce it to the world. Though it is a somewhat a long trip from Miami downtown, it is well worth your time.

7. Visit a European-Styled Mansion Located at Vizcaya

No trip to Miami, Florida is considered complete without visiting the historical 50-acre Vizcaya Gardens and Museum. This European-styled mansion provides a momentary view of the sprawling, flawlessly manicured gardens, as well as, a house full of classical European antiques. The place also is a trendy locale for weddings, galas, as well as, other entertainment events.

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7 Things To Do in Tampa Bay, Florida

Tampa Bay is a remarkable place to work, play, and live in. There is no shortage of fun when staying in this vast natural harbor on the west coast of Florida. With so many activities to do, there is always something for everyone in Tampa Bay.

Whether you are relocating or visiting with the whole family, this is a fun place to spend your free time. The city area is rich in both culture and history. It also features some lush green parks and white sand beaches. In addition to that, there are tons of affordable, as well as, free things to keep yourself busy with while in the area! Now, hold on to your hat as we take you around the best and cheapest things to do in Tampa Bay.

1. Walk along the stunning Bay Shore Boulevard

If you love walking along the shoreline, then you are in the right place. Bay Shore Boulevard is the world’s longest walkway. It stretches as far as 5 miles long. The beautiful scenery is filled with natural wonders and million-dollar homes. Additionally, you can also have a clear view of the various condominiums for only a few coins. The shore is pocket-friendly there is no reason to worry about your budget.

2. Satisfy your appetite on a budget

After a long day of moving around, now it’s time to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings right in the Bern’s Steakhouse. This is one of the most popular culinary steakhouses in Tampa City. The best thing about this place is that the menu is affordable.

Also, if you grab a seat at the lounge area of the restaurant, you can order a steak sandwich for only $12 without any reservation costs. Remember, this item is not included in the menu. The only people who benefit from this secret menu are those who are used to the place. Right after dinner, you may then catch a guided tour free of charge of the lounge’s kitchen and the restaurant’s wine vault which is considered to be the largest in the world.

3. People watch

There is also fun in sight-seeing the Gasparilla Parade. If you happen to be in the right spot, you can have a clear view of the Centro Ybor. To maximize your excitement, it is highly advisable to visit the area during the festival seasons.

After the parade, there is a street party waiting for you right in the city center. If partying is not your thing, you may opt to go window-shopping at the Channel side and delight in all of the gorgeous art and paintings from around the world.

4. Feeling a little jazzy?

Are you a fan of jazz? You will be surprised that music is among the best things to enjoy in Tampa City. Imagine a free Jazzfest for three good days. Sounds incredible? The Jazzfest takes place annually every October at Clearwater next to the Coachman park. Here you can get to listen to the best jazz music for free.

5. Visit the historic forts

The historic Fort De Soto Park will let you enjoy your visit while learning the history of the place. The park has plenty of kids’ playgrounds, nature trails, and a dog park. Entry is free of charge.

6. Have a ride in the Largo Central Railroad

Kids too have something to enjoy while in Tampa. Take them to the miniature train in Largo Central Railroad and let them have fun to the fullest! The best time is during the first weekend of every month because admission is always free.

7. Catch the sea breeze

During the day, you can take a walk along Tampa Bay’s 35-mile stretch of white sand beaches. Have a glimpse of the sunset while the sand crabs nibble your toes. The sparkling blue water is enough to wash your heart away and make you don’t want to go home. You can also share some romantic moments with your significant other on the beach without spending anything.

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7 Things To Do in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama. Not only rich in history but also home to an array of enthralling things to see and activities to do, Birmingham has historical landmarks and museums, as well as cultural events and marketplaces. There are just so many things to discover and explore in this metropolis!

Visiting Birmingham sounds like a fun yet costly adventure, no? But, there’s really no reason to worry about your budget because most of the breathtaking sites and activities in this city are free and easy on the pocket. Now, if you’re considering Birmingham as your next tour destination, here is a list of great places to see and things to do in town!

1. Birmingham Civil Rights District

Birmingham is widely known for its active participation in the Civil Rights Movement back in the 1950s and 1960s. In this city lies the 58,000 square feet Birmingham Civil Rights Institute which houses galleries, temporary exhibits, archives, and meeting rooms.

You may also find along the Birmingham Civil Rights District the 16th Street Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, and the Kelly Ingram Park. There’s just plenty of place to explore in this patch of land!

2. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

If you are a lover of nature, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is the perfect tourist destination. The largest living museum in Alabama, it received the most visits from tourists among all the free attractions in the state. It contains over 10,000 plants, with two rose gardens and more than 30 sculptures around the area.

Aside from getting yourself lost in the beauty of this enchanting garden, there are also gift shops, cafes, and picnic tables.

3. Birmingham Museum of Art

There is no better way to spend your afternoon than by appreciating some of the most gorgeous European and American masterpieces of art at the Birmingham Museum of Art. With over 25,000 sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, and decorative arts from around the world housed within its walls, the Birmingham Museum of Art definitely has one of the largest art collections in the country.

If you’re traveling with kids, the museum has a hands-on area where children can practice their creativity. Don’t worry about the admission fee because entry to the museum is free.

4. The Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

The Sloss Furnaces is declared a historic landmark. It commemorates the early days of iron production that took place between 1882 and 1971. Your stay at Birmingham will not be complete without exploring this national monument. Visit this landmark to get a better understanding of why Birmingham has been widely referred to as the Iron City. Take a camera with you for some magnificent pictures. There are free public guided tours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

5. Pepper Place Saturday Market

The Pepper Place Saturday Market was founded in 2000 and is usually open from April to December. Farmers from within 100 miles of the market come here to sell their farm-produced crops and goods to eager tourists and local buyers.

The marketplace offers a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread, meats, cheeses, berries, and other organic products. You may also indulge yourself to some delightful food and local delicacies offered in the area. This is indeed a haven for organic product lovers and certified foodies!

6. The Golden Flake Factory

Have you ever wondered how your favorite potato chips are being made? Well, wonder no more because paying the Golden Flake Factory in Birmingham a visit will surely satisfy your curiosity. There is a free 45-minute tour of its facilities where visitors learn how potato chips are being processed. Not only that, but tourists also have the chance to eat some hot and fresh chips from the factory line. Please note however the factory follows a strict tour timeline, so you will need to make reservations first before visiting the place.  

7. Attend a Show at the Shed Series

The Shed Series is a gorgeous and intimate venue that hosts local concerts and entertainment events. The site belongs to an Avondale couple who offered their backyard as a performance place to talented songwriters and singers. It’s a BYOB setting where songwriters and singers from all over the world can come to perform their private shows. Shows at the Shed Series are free so don’t ever miss the opportunity to visit this music place.

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7 Things To Do in Orlando, Florida

The central city of Florida, Orlando is home to numerous world-renowned theme parks and tourist destinations. Among its many popular tourist attractions are the Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Universal Orlando.

However, Orlando has more to offer aside from these theme parks. Not convinced? Here’s a short list of the activities that you can try and places to explore while visiting the city!

1. Watch The Famous Car Cruise

Visit Kissimmee’s Old Town Amusement Park for a day of family fun, dining options, and great shopping. This walking district features a stunning recreation of a Florida town in all its classic glory. But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. Check-in on a Saturday night and you and your friends will be treated to a classic car show cruise featuring some of the world’s vintage cars. Entrance is absolutely free!

2. Stop By Charles Homer Morse Museum of American Art

The Charles Homer Museum houses one of the most impressive collections of Tiffany glass in various art forms. Louis Tiffany, a 19th-century designer, was the mastermind behind these masterpieces which include paintings, jewelry, pottery, and lamps crafted in intricate details. Step inside and marvel at the artifacts for free every Friday night from November through April.

3. Listen To Street Artists At The Disney Boardwalk

Take to the streets at night if you want to be treated to a street performance at the Disney Boardwalk. The quarter-mile promenade has an Atlantic, 1930s coastal village theme, complete with live street musicians, bars, and dining spots.

4. Hike The Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and see nature’s wonders, the Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve is the perfect destination for you. The 440-acre preserve has six trails that can cater to people of all ages. It gives visitors a glimpse of the diverse scenery and wildlife Florida has to offer. Keep an eye out for animals like bobcats, gopher tortoises, and the occasional bald eagle.

5. Marvel At The Manatees

Ever wanted to see a manatee up close and personal? Orlando’s Blue Spring State Park is famous for being a manatee habitat, producing live manatee shows during winter months. You may also beat the heat during the summer by heading over to the area located west of Orange County. Participate in outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, swimming, and wildlife watching.

6. Go Mini-Golfing At The Pirate’s Cove

Premier mini-golfing doesn’t get any better than this. The Pirate’s Cove features a couple of 18-hole golf courses that are perfect for a relaxing, fun-filled afternoon. The shaded, pirate-themed course is scenic, and you can spend a few hours playing mini-golf around the tropical landscapes, waterfalls, and a pirate ship or two. The rates in this destination are quite affordable, and if you’re lucky, you may even get a discount coupon in your hotel’s lobby.

7. Ride A Bike Along Lake Baldwin Trail

Located just a few miles in downtown Orlando, Baldwin Park is a relatively new, upscale area with plenty of beautiful landscapes, homes, and a 2-mile bike trail. The trail wraps itself around the natural contours of the lake, making it a nice place to ride your bike or do a quick stroll in the morning. Also, this trail is not too crowded, the ground is even, and the park is very peaceful.

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7 Things To Do in Queens, New York

Manhattan has always been the most talked about city in New York. Most people believe that New York’s finest offerings are only limited to this city. So if you’re one of those folks who haven’t been to Queens, you’re missing out! Located on Long Island just across the East River from Manhattan, Queens is the largest of the five boroughs of New York City.

Queens is home to dazzling beaches, lush green parks, and many other tourist attractions. If you’re planning to visit the area, here’s a list of seven things that you can do in Queens.

1. Head to the beach

Out of all the fun stuff you can do in Queens, visiting the famed Rockaway Beach should be on top of your list. It’s free and there are various transportation options you can choose from if you want to go there. There’s the subway train, the beach shuttle bus, and even ferries if you want to avoid traffic.

The Rockaway Beach also offers plenty of affordable food and beverages to keep your hunger at bay. There are food trucks, shops, and bars to keep your party spirit going all day long!

2. House gawking

If you love architecture, there is indeed a lot to discover in Queens. You can start by viewing the historic homes in Broad Channel or in the Forest Hills Gardens which showcase an abundance of “historical modernity.” Queens’ ethnic and cultural heritage is also one of the most diverse in the world as reflected in its wide-ranging architectural designs.

3. Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The Flushing Meadows Corona Park situated between Meadows and Corona in Queens is one of the biggest in New York City. It has a rich history after serving as host to the World’s Fairs twice, in 1939-40 and 1964-65. Thousands visit the park on weekends for festivals, strolls, picnics, and soccer games among other activities. The Queens Museum of Art and the Queens Zoo are also found in this park.

4. Louis Armstrong’s home and the Queens Jazz Trail

Queens was also home to Louis Armstrong, the world-renowned jazz trumpeter. His home has been turned into a town landmark and museum where visitors are taken on guided tours. Aside from learning a lot about the great Louis Armstrong, you will also get an opportunity to appreciate the late jazz musician’s home décor. Other famous musicians who lived in Queens include James Brown and Ella Fitzgerald who were both part of the Queens Jazz Trail.

5. Sample the great food

In addition to its rich diversity, the variety of international dining options found in Queens made it one of the top food destinations in the world. Flushing is now considered a larger Chinatown compared to downtown Manhattan. In Corona, you will find countless Mexican restaurants while Jackson Heights is the place to visit if you’re craving for some Indian food. On the other hand, Greek, Japanese, and Egyptian restaurants are found in Astoria.

6. US Open Qualifying Tournament

If you’re not aware of it, the qualifying rounds of the US Open happen a week before the tournament proper in Queens. What’s even more amazing is that it’s free to watch the games. In addition to the amazing views, you may also get an opportunity to see potential future tennis stars. Looking for a similar but family activity? The Arthur Ashe Kids Day runs concurrently with the US Open, and it’s also free of charge!

7. Biking

If you love biking – bicycle or motorcycle – you may want to ride along the Little Neck Bay and Cross Island Parkway all the way up to Fort Totten. The Vanderbilt Part between Alley Pond Park and Cunningham Park is another great location for bikers. You can also choose to bike in the neighborhood within Queens if you’re feeling more adventurous.

There’s no better place than Queens when you’re exploring the easternmost region of New York City. It’s highly advisable to make the most out of your time while in the area. Do not waste your visit to Queens looking for a decent but reasonably priced parking space for your vehicle. We offer the most affordable airport parking in town.

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7 Things To Do Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh is one of the most livable cities in the United States. The low crime rates and low cost of living make it suitable for young families and retirees. Also known as the City of Bridges or the City of Champions, Pittsburgh has plenty of exciting activities, both for solo travelers and families traveling with their kids.

You and your family will surely have a fun time, with sporting events held throughout the year. You may also come and see the animals at the city’s zoo and aquarium. There are just so many things to do in this remarkable city. We put together some of the best activities to do! Check them out below:

1. PNC Park

Located in North Side district of Pittsburgh, PNC Park is a beautiful baseball park. This is the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates! Catch a sporting event or enjoy the local hot dogs, craft beers, and pierogis, which is a kind of savory dumpling, here at the park.

Most visitors are attracted to the stadium because of the scenic views it offers, especially on a fireworks night. From the beautiful street scene, tons of bars, and entertainment to sidewalk cafes, and beer trucks, PNC Park is a must-visit destination for fun-seekers!

2. Carnegie Science Center

The Carnegie Science Center is another excellent place to visit while in Pittsburgh. It’s a favorite destination of families with children who want to experience some of the wonders of physics and science. This science center and museum is home to many weather exhibits, such as: a planetarium, a naval submarine, and an exploration station where visitors can learn different science information. Within the museum, you can enjoy a kiosk game show and learn about energy, interact with robots, play sports physics, and experience the zero-gravity climbing wall.

3. The Strip District

Located near the Golden Triangle, the Strip District, which was formerly occupied by railroad installations and warehouses, is now one of the main tourist attractions in the city. It offers a wide range of things to do throughout the day like dining, shopping, and discovering markets that provide many different products.

4. The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium

The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium have 5 unique habitats and a beautiful aquarium that houses a wide variety of animals. The PPG Aquarium houses different marine animals, from sharks to seahorses, including penguins that wonder and play during the cold season. So, if you are a nature lover and want to see polar bears among other animals, this zoo is a must-visit place.

5. Cathedral of Learning

No, you’re not in Harry Potter! Situated in the University of Pittsburgh, this beautiful and historical skyscraper is a significant tourist destination. It is 535-feet tall and listed as the second tallest university building in the world. You can visit this one-of-a-kind building to explore its impressive interior.

6. Andy Warhol Museum

Located near PNC Park, the Andy Warhol Museum is actually the biggest single-artist museum in North America. Currently located in a rebuilt warehouse, the museum holds an extensive collection of art. It also has reproductions, installations, and educational exhibits dedicated to one of Pittsburgh’s most iconic artist, Andy Warhol.

Find impressive works of art like the Elvis Presley Painting and the Brillo Boxes sculpture among other exhibits and artifacts. You will also get to learn more about Warhol’s colorful life.

7. Amazing Cuisines

You will also find some fantastic and world-class hotels to relax into after your fun-filled adventure in Pittsburgh. There are also excellent cuisines and drinks that you can indulge yourself with while in this beautiful place.

Pittsburgh is an exceptional North American city to visit. We want you to make the most out of your time. Don’t waste your time here looking for a decent but reasonably priced parking space at the airport. We offer the most affordable airport parking in town.

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7 Things To Do in Warwick, Rhode Island

Whether your curiosity lies in exploring ancient America, boating or beach activities, Warwick City in Rhode Island is a great place to start. With a population of more than 100,000 people, it’s also the second largest city in the state.

Main recreational activities include the many outstanding restaurants, beautiful beaches full of nature and seabirds, rich history as well as family fun. Whatever you choose to do in Warwick entirely depends on your mood. You can tailor your next trip with the following activities!

1.  Autumn game dinner

If you love hunting and fishing, this is for you! This tradition started long ago from the time America was founded. It supplemented the diet of the colonies. If you’re curious to have a taste of game dishes, then this autumn game dinner will serve you better. This also goes to fans of meat game. There is more than plenty for you to satisfy your pangs.

2.  Get your best vintage collection at the Warwick Flea Market

One of such open market is the Warwick Flea located in the South Water. The market is open for the public on every Sunday of the week. This eclectic flea market features the finest vintage collections such as jewelry, crafts, collectibles, furniture, books among many others. There are also plenty of live music and food trucks. To get the best, ensure you arrive early since it is opened exactly at 10:00 am.

3.  Visit the Arcade for definitive and stylish city shopping

This is the best place if you need to satisfy your dining and shopping needs. However, it’s not all as you think. The Arcade was built in the year 1828 and serves as the ancient indoor shopping center. In addition to that, the mall is surrounded by the embellishing 19th-century architecture which is the core of urban elegance. There are tons of stores inside with each offering trendy gifts, clothing and jewelry. There are also lots of affordable eateries to grab a cup of coffee or lunch.

4.  Smell nature at Swan Point Cemetery

After a bustling day, you need to be somewhere peaceful to refresh your mind. Believe it or not, and as morbid as it looks, the footpaths and gardens in this place offer the most serene walks. The Swan Point sits in a 200 acre of land with well-trimmed lawns which border the Seekonk River. It is also full of azaleas, laurel, and other blossoming flowers. Even a minute walk in Swan Point is surprisingly calming. The gardens are home to plenty of rare and lovely plants with plaques for easy classification. The cemetery provides a resting place for former state politicians and ex-soldiers.

5. Pick fresh fruits at Barden Family Orchard

Go and pick pumpkins, apples, and peaches at the orchard. You will be given a chance to roam freely inside the orchard during your visit. The best time to visit is from September all the way to November. In September, there are plenty of yellow and white peaches to be picked. You will also find nine varieties of apples. During the October season, there are abundant pumpkins and apples. Just enjoy fresh pickings in the orchard!

6. One-Stop Shopping

Have you ever shopped ’til you drop? If you haven’t, then you are about to do so. Pay a visit to the busy Route 2 in the city and there you will see it all. There are mainly two large shopping malls with anything that you want from shopping, dining, and entertainment.

7. Enjoy all waves of fun

With 39 miles of coastline, you will definitely love the cool waters here. There are numerous attractive beaches where you can go sightseeing the ocean waves and seabirds. The place is also full of marine services and boat slips as compared to any other ocean state.

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7 Things to Do in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches, and romantic view of the famous St. John’s River. There are just so many things to see and discover in this regional business district, from historic museums to botanic gardens and zoos!

But what makes Jacksonville more compelling to visit is the fact that it’s among the most budget-friendly tourist destinations in the country. Visiting this city will give you have the chance to create memories without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re still undecided about visiting this vibrant city, here’s a list of the seven things that you can do in Jacksonville, Florida.

1. The Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market never fails to attract crowds every Saturday. Artists, farmers, producers, and vendors come here every weekend to showcase their works. You will have the opportunity to watch symphonic bands perform, walk in and out of the booths, and thoroughly entertain yourself at no cost or for little money. The venue has some shade and water for the little ones so don’t worry about bringing your kids along.

2. The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is an excellent destination if you want to get a better view of the St. John’s River while admiring the museum’s hundreds of collections on display. The works of art featured in the building’s gallery dates as far back as 2100 B.C. up to the present.

The museum’s collections are a mix of European and American paintings. It is considered an excellent place for kids to appreciate and learn the evolution of art. Also, there are 2.5 acres of land that has beautifully manicured gardens. The oldest of the gardens date back to 1903. Entry to the museum is free every first Saturday of each month.

3. Sunshine Park and Splash Pad

The Sunshine Park and Splash Pad is a popular water theme park in Jacksonville. Not only for enchanting little ones but it’s perfect for adults as well! It’s also an excellent place to go if you want to fight the summer heat.

The Sunshine Park and Splash Pad has designated areas for young kids, and teenagers. There is a sandy area where your little one can dig, play around, and enjoy the water features. The area is enclosed for added security and has clean bathrooms. Park tables are also available at your disposal if you want to have some picnic lunch with your family and friends.

4. The Museum of Science and History

The Museum of Science and History’s primary focus is on science and local history. It’s located on the well-known Southbank Riverwalk and is among the top attractions of Jacksonville. The museum teaches diverse topics like the human body, how water works, and the history of the city. They also have a thrilling display of the great fire of 1901. You can also watch cosmic concerts, productions, and live shows at the Alexander Brest Space Science Theatre. Sometimes they even host a series of community events and presentations.

5. Visit Jacksonville Beach

The Jacksonville Beach is a highly recommended tourist destination because of its accessibility to the public, flat sandy beaches, and ample free parking. While the beach is a favorite spot, it is not overcrowded. It’s large enough to accommodate the many different activities that you may want to do like swimming, building sandcastles, or surfing.

6. The Jax Ale Trail

Cheers! If you’re a beer lover, the Jax Ale Trail is the perfect destination for you. This tour will give you the opportunity to experience a unique adventure by taking a self-guided tour of the craft breweries within the area.

Play Harder Tours and Brew Bus Jacksonville are the two companies who run the tours. You’ll have the chance to visit bars and restaurants that brew their own beer. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample and taste the beer.

7. The Friendship Fountain

The Friendship Fountain is located right next to the Museum of Science and History. It was constructed in the 1960s and has more than 60 nozzles shooting water as high as 120 feet. If you want to see the fountain fully lit and watch it in its full glory, it is highly advisable to visit it at night. The park surrounding the fountain has benches and picnic tables where you can enjoy a snack.

With so many things to do and discover in Jacksonville, you probably don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit this city. However, we know how hard it is to look for a decent but reasonably priced parking space at the airport when you’re traveling. But, not anymore! We offer the most affordable airport parking in Jacksonville.

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