Best Coffee Shops in Jacksonville FL

If you are looking for the best coffee shops in Jacksonville, FL, then stop your search because you have come to the right place. In order to help you find your favorite coffee shop in the area, we have made a list below of the best ones so you don’t have to.

Social Grounds Coffee

Social Grounds Coffee was opened as a way to bring the community together ad help those in need. Owned by veterans, this coffee shop ensures they serve only the finest quality of coffee, sourcing their beans from the best farms in the world and roasting them on-site so you always get the perfect cup. By making your purchase at Social Grounds you are helping the veteran community an helping the homeless and unemployed. It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Address: 1712 Main St N

Jacksonville, FL 32206

Bold Bean Coffee Roasters – Riverside

Roasting, preparing and serving coffee the way it should be, this coffee shop is hugely popular in the area. Making a series of artisan hand-roasted coffees, which are brewed to perfection. Even if coffee isn’t your thing, they also have a selection of craft and local beers to choose from. The setting is lovely, being in a great location, and the inside is modern and comfortable. You can find out more about their story at the link below.

Address: 869 Stockton St

Ste1, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Southern Grounds

Like with the beginning of a lot of independent coffee shops, Southern Grounds was started as a way to bring people together over a simple cup of coffee and a conversation. Sitting and having a coffee in a warm and welcoming setting can have a big impact, and the owners wanted everyone to experience that feeling. As well as coffee, they also serve brunch items and meals that are all freshly prepared.

Address: 1671 Atlantic Blvd

Jacksonville, FL 32207


Good Dough

The only thing better than a decent cup of coffee is a decent cup of coffee and a mouthwatering donut. This coffee shop specializes in both and has perfected the art of coffee and donuts. The artisanal coffee is always the finest quality, and the donuts are so good that you will struggle to stay away. There is a huge choice of flavors with both the coffee and the donuts, and once you visit once we can guarantee that this will be a place that you add to your regular list.

Address: 1636 Hendricks Ave

Jacksonville, FL 32207



This coffee shop serves the top quality craft beer and coffee, with the coffee served being Metric Trade Coffee, so you know you will always receive an awesome cup. As well as their impeccable drinks, there is always a selection of freshly baked treats to order at any time of the day.

Address: 1024 Park St

Jacksonville, FL 32204

Watch the world go by as you sit in the sun with some of the best coffee in the area!

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Best Michelin Star Restaurants Near Jacksonville, Florida

Sitting on the banks of St. Johns River, Jacksonville has all the features of picture-perfect scenery, it is a beautiful city, with beautiful food; owing to the fact that Florida’s restaurants are not yet included in the Michelin star awards, you can’t find any Michelin star restaurants, but you can still easily find exquisite dining and the finest of food, as you will read below as we go through a few of the highest-rated restaurants near Jacksonville.

Cousins Maine Lobster

If you want lobster then look no further, as the name of this restaurant suggests, they specialize in lobster, and boy do they do it well. It is a relatively new restaurant, having been open for less than two years, but is already proving their worth by making it to the number one spot in such a short space of time. While they have a variety of lobster options on their menu such as lobster grilled cheese, lobster tots, or lobster bisque, which are all unbelievably delicious, they are especially known for their Maine lobster roll, and their Connecticut lobster roll, both of which are cooked to perfection, in warm rolls, with mayonnaise or lemon butter. It is a lobster paradise, and each item on the menu is a pleasure for your senses. As to be expected this place can get quite busy, so you may experience queues, but it is worth the wait. Check out more about this restaurant and their other locations on their website.

Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

The owners, who are originally from Brazil, have combined their 40 years of experience and cooking knowledge to produce the most authentic and great tasting Brazilian food possible. Their selection of meats, which are all flame-grilled to perfection, are juicy and tasty, you will ever get a bad meal. The portions are big meaning you never leave feeling hungry, and regardless of what you order, the flavors are explosive. Terra Gaucha pride themselves not only on the quality of their food but also their genuine desire to make sure all customers are looked after like they are family, you get a real sense of belonging when you are inside and the staff are constantly fantastic. This restaurant is so highly rated for a reason, and whatever your occasion, it is the place to go for the best Brazilian cuisine in town. Find out more and see their gallery of mouth-watering food here –


Orsay is a French American fusion that combines classic dishes with modern preparation, and a few of the chef’s favorites to create the perfect menu. Situated in the Avon Historic District, Orsay is a huge hit among locals, and tourists alike who come to experience the rich flavors and masterful cooking, in an environment that is elegant but not stuffy. While it may not have yet had the opportunity to become a Michelin star restaurant, Orsay is still an award-winning restaurant from numerous food and wine events in the industry, including a four-diamond award from the AAA. Orsay is a wonderful example of fine-dining and certainly deserves its reputation. You can find out more and book a table on their website.

Jacksonville is a joy to walk around with so many pretty sights, and the amount of top-quality restaurants in the city only adds to the joy you will experience.

Where To Eat And Drink At Jacksonville International Airport

Are you looking for the best meals and refreshments Jacksonville International Airport has to offer?

Don’t fret. Here’s a list of where to eat and drink at the Jacksonville International Airport:

1. J&C Crab

J&C Crab boasts the best Seafood Cajun Boil in and around JAX, and they very well may be right. The interior of the place is well-maintained, clean and sports a friendly vibe. You can order king crabs, snow crab legs or make up your own seafood combo. There are kid-friendly meals such as fried chicken tenders and shrimp baskets as well. Start off with an appetizer and finish it off with a cold Modelo, a Long Island or a Pina Colada. Serving size is generous and the staff are attentive. It’s a must-visit!

2. Marco Polo Chinese Restaurant & Mongolian BBQ

Are you hungry for some tasty, all-you-can-eat Mongolian BBQ for a decent price? You’ve come to the right place. The main star of the show is the restaurant meat (pork, chicken or beef) and the smorgasbord of shrimp, egg and vegetables on the side. Furthermore, there are various sauces and a guide on how you can add the right sauce according to your preference. The hot bar has a few types of soup, mein noodles, fried rice and dim sum you can pick out and try. The staff is a noteworthy mention- they’re efficient and know their menu well. Make sure you’re not in a hurry to really enjoy the food at Marco Polo.

3. Vino Volo

Vino Volo is a small and cozy place right at JAX Concourse C. The wine bar has an extensive wine list for even the most discerning adult. You can pair up a glass of wine along with several dainty dishes, including a cheese plate, some tapas and the usual sandwich and salad fare. What’s more, you can go on a mini wine-tasting tour with knowledgeable staff and without breaking the bank.

4. Fujiyama Japanese Steak & Sushi Restaurant

A local sushi spot that’s sure to please your palate. If you haven’t had Japanese steak before, head straight to City Station Dr. and try it ASAP. The menu is interestingly varied and worded simply, so you’ll have a general idea of what to expect when the food comes. The sashimi and sushi appetizer sets things off and acts as a gateway to soups, salads and more. The hand-rolled sushi tastes awesome, as is the habachi grill entrees. Price is a bit higher but the food experience is definitely worth it.

5. Black Sheep Restaurant

Black Sheep Restaurant features ingredients that come from regional and local farmers within a sustainable food platform. You get fresh dairy, seafood, produce and meat that came from markets and towns around the Georgia and Florida region. The Daily Specials is a good place to start if you’re new to the place. Otherwise, you can have your fill of Black Sheep staples and long-time favorites such as roasted oysters, the Catch of the Day, Berkshire pork chops, roasted duck breast, porchetta banh mi and others. Finish it off with a decadent dessert of choice or some signature cocktails that hits the spot just right.

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7 Things to Do in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a vibrant city known for its beautiful beaches, and romantic view of the famous St. John’s River. There are just so many things to see and discover in this regional business district, from historic museums to botanic gardens and zoos!

But what makes Jacksonville more compelling to visit is the fact that it’s among the most budget-friendly tourist destinations in the country. Visiting this city will give you have the chance to create memories without burning a hole in your pocket. If you’re still undecided about visiting this vibrant city, here’s a list of the seven things that you can do in Jacksonville, Florida.

1. The Riverside Arts Market

The Riverside Arts Market never fails to attract crowds every Saturday. Artists, farmers, producers, and vendors come here every weekend to showcase their works. You will have the opportunity to watch symphonic bands perform, walk in and out of the booths, and thoroughly entertain yourself at no cost or for little money. The venue has some shade and water for the little ones so don’t worry about bringing your kids along.

2. The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens

The Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens is an excellent destination if you want to get a better view of the St. John’s River while admiring the museum’s hundreds of collections on display. The works of art featured in the building’s gallery dates as far back as 2100 B.C. up to the present.

The museum’s collections are a mix of European and American paintings. It is considered an excellent place for kids to appreciate and learn the evolution of art. Also, there are 2.5 acres of land that has beautifully manicured gardens. The oldest of the gardens date back to 1903. Entry to the museum is free every first Saturday of each month.

3. Sunshine Park and Splash Pad

The Sunshine Park and Splash Pad is a popular water theme park in Jacksonville. Not only for enchanting little ones but it’s perfect for adults as well! It’s also an excellent place to go if you want to fight the summer heat.

The Sunshine Park and Splash Pad has designated areas for young kids, and teenagers. There is a sandy area where your little one can dig, play around, and enjoy the water features. The area is enclosed for added security and has clean bathrooms. Park tables are also available at your disposal if you want to have some picnic lunch with your family and friends.

4. The Museum of Science and History

The Museum of Science and History’s primary focus is on science and local history. It’s located on the well-known Southbank Riverwalk and is among the top attractions of Jacksonville. The museum teaches diverse topics like the human body, how water works, and the history of the city. They also have a thrilling display of the great fire of 1901. You can also watch cosmic concerts, productions, and live shows at the Alexander Brest Space Science Theatre. Sometimes they even host a series of community events and presentations.

5. Visit Jacksonville Beach

The Jacksonville Beach is a highly recommended tourist destination because of its accessibility to the public, flat sandy beaches, and ample free parking. While the beach is a favorite spot, it is not overcrowded. It’s large enough to accommodate the many different activities that you may want to do like swimming, building sandcastles, or surfing.

6. The Jax Ale Trail

Cheers! If you’re a beer lover, the Jax Ale Trail is the perfect destination for you. This tour will give you the opportunity to experience a unique adventure by taking a self-guided tour of the craft breweries within the area.

Play Harder Tours and Brew Bus Jacksonville are the two companies who run the tours. You’ll have the chance to visit bars and restaurants that brew their own beer. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample and taste the beer.

7. The Friendship Fountain

The Friendship Fountain is located right next to the Museum of Science and History. It was constructed in the 1960s and has more than 60 nozzles shooting water as high as 120 feet. If you want to see the fountain fully lit and watch it in its full glory, it is highly advisable to visit it at night. The park surrounding the fountain has benches and picnic tables where you can enjoy a snack.

With so many things to do and discover in Jacksonville, you probably don’t want to miss the opportunity to visit this city. However, we know how hard it is to look for a decent but reasonably priced parking space at the airport when you’re traveling. But, not anymore! We offer the most affordable airport parking in Jacksonville.

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