Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Jacksonville, FL

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Cinco de Mayo Celebrations in Jacksonville, FL 

Jacksonville. A beautiful city known for being the largest city in all of Florida, the city’s stunning beaches, a large amount of exciting attractions, and its wide array of things to do, the city of Jacksonville is a city that exudes excitement! After the spring season has arrived, people all over the globe look forward to the exciting holiday of Cinco de Mayo and all of the events that come along with this wonderful holiday. With that being said, the city of Jacksonville offers numerous opportunities to join the fun and celebration of Cinco de Mayo! Let’s explore the city of Jacksonville and find out how this city celebrates this beloved holiday! 

Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana 

One thing that comes to mind when people think about celebrating the special holiday of Cinco de Mayo is margaritas. A perfect place to enjoy some tasty margaritas in the city of Jacksonville is definitely Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana. Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana is a Mexican restaurant in the city of Jacksonville that is known for their amazing margaritas. Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana is a local favorite and offers not only amazing margaritas but also mouth watering food. The food at Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana includes burritos, chimichangas, fajitas, and seafood. This is a perfect place to start your Cinco de Mayo by having lunch at Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana before signing up for a bar crawl downtown

or just simply to grab a bite to eat while enjoying the restaurant’s refreshing drinks. Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana’s drink menu is extensive and they even offer drink specials that are encouraged to be taken advantage of! Visit Salsa’s Cocina Mexicana and jump start your Cinco de Mayo celebration with praised margaritas and delicious food! 

904 Tacos 

Another wonderful thing to do on Cinco de Mayo is celebrating this exciting holiday with tasty Mexican cuisine. You might have wondered, where is a good place to indulge in tasty Mexican food during this year’s Cinco de Mayo in the city of Jacksonville? 904 Tacos is your answer! 904 Tacos is a Mexican restaurant in Jacksonville that exudes the spirit of Cinco de Mayo. 904 Tacos provides delicious foods and allows guests to choose to be shaded from the sun with indoor dining or to be out in the fresh air with the outdoor seating options. 904 Tacos is known for having amazing food, properly representing how Mexican cuisine should be prepared and taste. The menu at 904 Tacos is extensive, both food and drink. The drink menu displays an impressive array of margarita options including 18 different options so that everyone will find something that they will enjoy. A local favorite is 904 Tacos Jalapeno Margarita that consists of fresh Jalapeno, Reposado Tequila, and lime juice and is a perfect choice for those who are feeling a little ambitious. When in Jacksonville Florida during the weekend of Cinco de Mayo, you owe it to yourself to check out 904 Tacos!

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