Tips for Planning Your Next #adventure with Your Extra Time During Quarantine

Got extra time on your hands given how most activities are shut down at the moment? Craving a getaway as soon as borders open up? Why not use this time to prepare for your next trip (or two!)? If you want to get planning but don’t know where to begin, read on, because we’re walking you through some handy steps to help you get ready to pack your suitcase and go on an adventure!


You’ll need to decide how you’re getting around on your vacation. Some destinations are just made for a road trip, and of course, renting your own car will give you freedom to go wherever you want on your own schedule. You’ll need to check to make sure your driver’s license is valid in the location you’re going to, make sure you’re comfortable driving on the opposite side of the road if applicable, and study up on local road signs and traffic rules.

Don’t be afraid to take public transportation, either! Trains and buses are often a cheap and easy way to get from A to B. Just make sure you research whether or not you’ll need to buy fares in advance.


There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing where to stay on your next trip, and some of them depend on your transportation of choice. For example, if you’re renting a car, don’t forget to make sure that your lodging comes with parking! If you won’t have a car, you’ll either want to stay inside a city center close to public transportation, or be sure the country you’re visiting has apps like Uber.

If you’re looking to save a little money on your vacation, consider staying a bit away from the popular touristy spots. An added advantage is that you’ll also get a more authentic feel for the area and see how the locals live! Also, try to get a place with a kitchen or kitchenette. Preparing a few of your own meals will save you a lot of money.

Other Nuts and Bolts

There are a few very important things you need to check on for every trip. They may be less fun to research than local must-see sights and must-try flavors, but they’re nonetheless essential preparation:

·        Visa Requirements: Depending on where you’re going or how long, you may need to apply for a visa for entry. Check here for resources for American citizens.

·        Passport Requirements: Similarly, many countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months past the end of your trip. So, make sure you have plenty of time left on your passport!

·        Travel Insurance: Insurance has always been important for travelers, but the pandemic has really taught us just how essential it can be. Check here for more information on how to choose a smart plan for you.·        Vaccinations: Some destinations are going to require that you get certain shots so that you don’t get sick on your trip, and depending on what vaccination you require, you might need to start getting the shots at least six months in advance. Check out this page for more details!

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Here’s Your Update on How Top #Airlines are Currently Handling Health and Safety

It seems like things in the travel space are changing at a rapid-fire pace these days. Now that we’re 9 months into the Pandemic, the vaccine is beginning to be distributed, and we’re on the cusp of a New Year, it’s a good time to check in on airlines’ travel policies regarding the virus. Here are how the three biggest airlines in the US are handling the situation right now and going forward into the New Year.

American Airlines

·        Safety: American Airlines has a Clean Commitment policy which includes spraying planes weekly with electrostatic disinfectant, being the first airline to coat surfaces with SurfaceWise2 (which helps kill 99.9% of viruses on surfaces), providing Purell Hand Sanitizer in their lounges, and allowing for touchless check-in.

·        Flexibility: Change fees have been eliminated for most flights, excluding Basic Economy fares and long-distance international flights.

·        Requirements: Face coverings are required on flights for all passengers over the age of 2 (of course, the crew will be wearing them, too).

·        Other Things to Know: The airline has temporarily stopped checking large pets, but small pets, service animals, ESAs can still fly in the cabin.

Delta Air Lines

·        Safety: Delta has enacted the Delta CareStandard, meant to keep every step of the travel experience safe. This involves circulating all cabin air through a HEPA filter every 2-6 minutes, partnering with Lysol to disinfect surfaces, and getting the Mayo Clinic to review their service standards. Delta is one of the few airlines still blocking middle seats and limiting passengers aboard their flights (through March 30, 2021).

·        Flexibility: Peace-of-Mind-Purchasing which eliminates change and cancellation fees on tickets purchased between March 1, 2020 and March 30, 2021 and other benefits.

·        Requirements: Both customers and staff are required to wear face coverings on flights.

·        Other Things to Know: To reduce contact, flight attendants will no longer be proactively assisting customers with lifting carry-on baggage into overhead bins.

Southwest Airlines

·        Safety: The Southwest Promise for safety is threefold: enhanced cleaning (electrostatic disinfectant sprays, anti-microbial surface coatings, and overnight deep-cleans), air filtration onboard (with HEPA air filters), and physical distancing measures (like modified boarding procedures and plexiglass and counters).

·        Flexibility: Southwest already did not charge change and cancellation fees for their regular flights, but starting on September 8, 2020, they also started allowing travel credit from their nonrefundable Wanna Get Away® tickets to be used for up to one year from the original purchase date.

·        Requirements: Everyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask on flights, and there are no medical exemptions. You’re asked to download a mobile boarding pass prior to arriving at the airport to limit making pre-flight contact with others.·        Other Things to Know: Southwest is continually evaluating and adjusting its policies with advice from the following: Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, The International Air Transport Association (IATA), Boeing, U.S. Department of Defense’s U.S. Transportation Command, and medical professionals and infectious disease experts who have been retained for advice during the pandemic.

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3 Travel #bucketlist Activities You Can Do in the United States During the Travel Ban

It’s hard during this time of restricted travel not too long for far-flung adventures. But there’s no reason this should all be wasted time! There are many travel bucket list experiences you can have locally while you’re waiting for international travel to open back up. We’ve highlighted three of them below to get you started, but if there are other activities you’ve been dying to try, we encourage you to do a little research and see if you can make it happen somewhere near you!

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot balloons are a very unique way to experience a place from above, and you don’t have to go to France or Cappadocia to enjoy this travel bucket list item:

·        Napa Valley: Located only an hour north of the big cities of Oakland and San Francisco, California, Napa Valley is one of the best places in America for hot air balloon rides. And of course, you can make a long weekend of it by touring the many wineries in the area.

·        Willamette Valley: If you’re located near Portland, Oregon, you’re going to want to head 40 minutes south to Vista Balloons for an adventurous tour.

·        The Rockies: For a true thrill, journey an hour and a half from Denver, Colorado to Grand Adventure Balloon Tours. You might even get to see a bear (from the safe distance of your balloon).

Wildlife Encounter

There are many life-changing ways to have a wildlife encounter. Epic ideas that come to mind are a safari in Kenya, a journey around the Galapagos Islands, or a trip to Komodo Island in Indonesia. But for now, you should try:

·        Whale Watching: There are lots of places to get up close and personal with whales in the United States. Get started around Boston, Massachusetts with tours to see humpbacks leaving from Plymouth, or around Seattle, Washington with orca tours in the Puget Sound.

·        Dolphin Encounters: While swimming with dolphins isn’t always great for the dolphins, you can still get up-close and personal to these magical animals in underwater viewing pods on tours like this one in California.

Just make sure you do your research and find eco-friendly tours that are conducted in a way that promotes learning and conservation and minimizes disturbance to the animals.

Give Van Life a Try

You’ve probably seen the Instagram photos of folks who have converted an old van into their own personal paradise and park it in front of natural wonders for the best bedside view ever. If you want to try this adventure out for a bit, here are some ways to do that:

·        Trekker Vans is locally-owned and operates out of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

·        Escape Camper Vans rents vans brightly painted with artwork from many locations including New York City, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta, Denver, and Salt Lake City!

·        Peace Vans Rentals specializes in the Pacific Northwest, renting out of Seattle.·        Native Campervans offset the carbon footprint of their vans! You can rent them from Denver, Salt Lake City, or Las Vegas.

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Most Festive Christmas Towns in the United States to Visit for #familytravel

Travel is lovely any time of the year, but there is something extra special about finding yourself in a cute town that’s all dolled up for the holidays. If you’re thinking about taking your family somewhere special for the holidays, we’re here to help! Read on for four towns and cities in the United States that really get in the spirit of the season!

Alexandria, Virginia

Located only 20 minutes from Washington, DC, Alexandria transforms into a quaint town from a Hallmark movie during the holidays.  The Old Town will quickly make you forget you just came from the big city. You and your family can admire all the shop fronts covered in lights and decorations while you do a little holiday shopping along the King Street Mile. If your family includes kids, check out this guide for ideas of more fun things to do on your trip.

Boston, Massachusetts

Due to Boston’s roots, its Christmas decorations tend to be very traditional: think old houses on cobbled streets with red-ribboned wreaths and candles in the windows. You and your family can walk around neighborhoods like Beacon Hill while sipping hot chocolate and taking it all in! Public places like Faneuil Hall and the Boston Common also decorate with lots of lights and are stunning to explore at night.

To get away from the city, take an hour’s drive to Sturbridge, Massachusetts where Old Sturbridge Village is holding a Christmas festival. Your family can step back into the 19th century at this living history museum and enjoy activities like sitting by bonfires, taking horse-drawn sleigh rides, or watching demonstrations of traditional wreath-making and stocking knitting.

Frankenmuth, Michigan

Germany is known for its beautiful Christmas celebrations and markets, but of course, Americans can’t go to Europe to celebrate this year. Did you know, though, that just an hour and a half north of Detroit is Michigan’s Little Bavaria? Frankenmuth is a great place to celebrate Christmas all year long because it’s home to the world’s largest Christmas store –Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland. During the holiday season, you can also visit a German-style Christkindlmarkt, meet Santa at his Reindeer Farm, taste some Glühwein, or enjoy the entries in the House Decorating Contest around town.

New York, New York

Old-school charm and small towns aren’t for everyone, so if you’re looking for a little more excitement for your family Christmas vacation, New York City is your answer. While a lot is looking very different in the city right now due to the Pandemic, New York City is still one of the most decorated places in the US! And the good news is that the Winter Village at Bryant Park is still happening this year. Whether you’re checking out the opulent window displays along 5th Avenue and the massive tree and Rockefeller Center or heading across the bridge to stroll the beautifully decorated neighborhoods of Carroll Gardens and Dyker Heights, you’ll be having a very festive time.

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5 Best Bakeries for Holiday Treats in the US for #foodies

Baked goods and the holidays go hand-in-hand, and whether you’re visiting with family or staying in this year, you’ll want some treats to help make the holidays feel special. Of course, it’s also the busiest time of year, and not everyone has time to bake all of their holiday goodies from scratch!

To help save you some time, or enable you to try gourmet things you might not be able to bake yourself, we’ve put together this list of five of the best bakeries across the country for holiday baked goods.

Levain Bakery

Nothing says Christmas morning more than hot cinnamon buns. Ok, maybe presents. But if you want to impress everyone around your Christmas breakfast table with some comforting cinnamon buns, look no further than Levain Bakery. With locations in both New York City and Washington, DC, Levain’s cinnamon rolls have won awards and been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Local delivery and pickup are available.

Flour Bakery + Café

If your holiday plans this year involve bringing a dish to share for a brunch get-together, you’re going to want to check out Flour Bakery and Café.  They’re renowned for brunch favorites like coffee cake and sticky buns. And you’re bound to find a treat that everyone can enjoy here because this bakery has extensive nut-free and gluten-free menus. A nationally highly-rated bakery, Flour has multiple locations across both Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bakery Nouveau

Bakery Nouveau in Seattle is known for making rich chocolatey brownies, rainbow-colored macarons, and gelato. They’re a great choice for your holiday needs because they also make absolutely drool-worthy cookies so you can build a cookie plate for Santa or a cookie tin for your neighbors. Delectable flavors include snickerdoodles, sea salt chocolate chip, and ginger molasses. You can pick up cookies through Christmas Eve at one of their three Washington locations. All that’s left is to find some milk and a carrot for Rudolph!


If you’re in the Bay Area, you probably already know that you have to go to Tartine to satisfy your sweet tooth. This San Francisco bakery is world-famous for baking traditional recipes with modern flair and has earned particular renown for its bread. You can pre-order some holiday treats -like their beautifully glazed gingerbread tile- here in time for Christmas and pick them up on the 24th. And if you have any last-minute presents to get for that foodie in your life, they also sell gift items like cookbooks, aprons, and bread knives.

Seylou Bakery & Mill

Want warm baked goods without the guilt? Go to Seylou Bakery & Mill in Washington, DC. They bake with whole grains sourced locally from the mid-Atlantic region. Their whole-grain baking techniques were inspired by the owner’s trip to Senegal and he now uses them to bake all sorts of delicious croissants, pastries, cakes, and more. Currently, the bakery has Stollen, Christmas Cake, and cookie assortments available for the holidays. Or if you need a night off from cooking, you can order one of the most unique pizzas in DC!

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#Heathrow may soon be building another runway

Over the past couple of decades, you may have heard rumblings about London’s Heathrow Airport adding a new runway. There’s been a lot of back-and-forth about the proposed project, but a recent ruling has it back in the spotlight.

Long History

Discussions of building a third runway at Heathrow have been ongoing for quite a while. In fact, building the runway has been called “the longest takeoff in history.”

The expansion was first recommended back in 1993 by an airport commission, but it took the government ten years to endorse the plan. Then, another fifteen years later in 2018, Britain’s Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, finally approved the project. However, in February of this year, the Court of Appeals ruled that the project could not go forward because it didn’t sit with Great Britain’s obligations to the 2015 Paris Agreement.

Climate Controversy

The Paris Agreement of 2015 involved almost two hundred countries who collectively pledged to reduce their emissions to help combat climate change. Air travel is a huge (and rapidly growing) source of emissions and a key part of frequent travelers’ carbon footprints.

An additional runway at Heathrow will open up the airport to take on a lot more flights, increasing the collective emissions coming from the airport, and in turn, from the United Kingdom.  This has made the project pretty controversial. Boris Johnson has even told protesters that he’d, “lie down with you in front of those bulldozers and…stop the construction”.

Recent Ruling

On December 16th, the United Kingdom’s highest court -the British Supreme Court- overturned February’s appellate court ruling that banned building the third runway at Heathrow.

The court unanimously decided that Grayling did indeed take the Paris Agreement into account sufficiently. While emissions resulting from a third runway do not support the UK’s current carbon goals, the court made the decision on the grounds that when Grayling initially made the decision the rules were not as strict.

What it Means for Travelers

Heathrow is the world’s most internationally connected airport often serving as a gateway between the United States/Canada and Europe. So, if you travel frequently, chances are you’ve been to Heathrow at least once and are wondering the impact this might have on your travels.

Of course, in the short term, it could make navigating the airport a bit trickier while construction is going on. While in the long term, more flights going in and out of the airport offer up more travel options, or may make it easier to find a good deal on a flight to London.

Next Steps

Before you get too excited or disappointed about the recent decision though, it will likely still be a while before anything concrete happens. At this point, it’s possible that Heathrow will no longer want to move forward with the plan due to poor public perception and the hit that travel has taken during COVID-19. It’s hard to justify expanding an airport when so many flights are getting canceled left and right.

Finally, according to the BBC, a Climate Change Committee has advised Heathrow not to expand unless regional airports reduce their service, in order for aviation emissions across the UK to balance out.

So, despite the latest Supreme Court decision, this long take-off isn’t over yet!

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3 Compelling Reasons Why the Pandemic is the Perfect Time for You to Take Up #Hiking

If you’re like most people these days, your world has gone through a massive shift. Lately, we’re all working online, learning online, talking to our friends online, and even enjoying recreation online through virtual events and Netflix binges. Chances are, your brain and your eyeballs need a major break from being fixed on a screen!

Now, more than ever is a great time to take up hiking. If you’ve never tried it before or just aren’t sure if the great outdoors is really for you, here are three reasons why you should lace up some boots and head outside for a walk.

Physical Health

Many gyms are closed right now so a lot of people are having to get creative to stay in shape and avoid putting on that “COVID 15”. One great way to get a complete workout in is going on a hike. Walking quickly up steep, hilly trails is sure to get your heart pumping, and cardio exercise reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke. Hiking is also a weight-bearing activity -the more challenging the trail, the more you’ll work your lower body, build strength, and tone your muscles.

And in this world where we spend a lot of time indoors, hiking out in the sunshine will give you a much-needed boost of vitamin D. This is especially important right now as some studies have shown that patients admitted to hospitals for COVID-19 with vitamin D deficiencies were more likely to die of the disease.

Mental Health

Hiking is also wonderful for your mental health, something we could all use a boost of in these times of increased uncertainty. Any exercise will decrease your stress, and hiking does double-duty because just being out in nature has been shown to “reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase […] attention capacity, creativity, and […] ability to connect with other people.” That’s a lot of benefits!

Hiking can also benefit you by giving you some space to clear your head. If you, like many people, are quarantined with members of your household 24/7, it’s important to take a break and carve out some time for yourself. While you’re hiking, you also won’t be bombarded with the constant stream of information and data that you’re forced to process all day on the computer. This chance to clear your head will help you recover from decision fatigue, work out problems, and boost your creativity.

Safe Activity to Do with Friends

That meditative state you can reach when hiking alone is awesome, but it doesn’t mean you should always hike alone. If you’re trying to find safe ways to see your friends, hiking is a perfect option. As we all know, it’s not recommended right now to spend time indoors with people outside of your household, and with the cold weather of winter, it’s not enjoyable to meet your friends for a picnic or other sedentary outdoor activity. With hiking, you and your friends can get to see each other in person, safely, while moving to stay warm! It’s a win-win situation.

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8 Instagram Accounts You Should be Following for Inspiring #travelphotography Content

Fewer people are traveling right now due to the pandemic causing safety concerns and travel bans. If you’re one of them and you’re dreaming of future travel, you should check out some of the inspiring travel photography accounts on Instagram.

We’ve compiled a list of 8 different travel accounts you’ll definitely want to check out. There are accounts to suit every aesthetic taste and travel preference here that will provide lots of content for you to dream about for your future travel plans.

Alex Strohl @alexstrohl

Alex Strohl’s account is a mood. He specializes in “quiet moments of adventure,” which translates to Alpine and Nordic landscapes that capture a feeling of hygge and peacefulness. From wildflower-carpeted mountainsides to cozy cabins in the snow, to dusky skyscapes, you’ll be wanting to escape into these quiet moments.

Oneika Raymond @oneikatraveler

Oneika Raymond is a writer and travel expert who’s curated her account to be all about “empowerment, education & exploration through travel.” Her thoughtful captions explain the special challenges Black women face as solo travelers abroad while also taking into consideration important topics like cultural appropriation and environmental impact that other travel bloggers often bulldoze past.

Everchanging Horizon @everchanginghorizon

Account owner Quin’s motto is “It’s never too late to feel a little more alive.” And that theme is echoed throughout his account with frequent photos of people in the midst of some kind of epic adventure, like jumping into a cenote, standing on a tree limb high above the lens, paddle-boarding in front of breathtaking scenery, or hoverboarding along a beach.

Be My Travel Muse @bemytravelmuse

If you’re curious about how to start traveling solo as a female (or really as anyone!), Kristin Addis’s account is here for you. She is dedicated to using her eight years on the road to make “solo travel more attainable.” Along with gorgeous snapshots from her travels all over the world, she shares solo travel tips and musings in her captions.

Nomadic Boys @nomadicboys

Whether you’re an LGBTQIA+ person looking to “travel the world with pride” or just anyone looking for quality travel content, you need to visit the Instagram page of the Nomadic Boys. Stefan and Sebastien are a gay couple serving up loads of travel inspiration.

Travis Burke @travisburkephotography

Travis Burke is a photographer and “Dream Chaser” based out of San Diego, California. If you’re looking for close-to-home inspiration, this is the account for you. His photos highlight the wonders of the United States’ National Parks and camping.

Lauren Bath @laurenepbath

Lauren Bath is Australia’s first professional Instagrammer and co-founder of The Travel Bootcamp, where she teaches others to follow in her footsteps and make money through travel blogging. Her account is dreamy and loaded with rainbow colors that are sure to brighten your day. Lately, she’s been sharing travel photography tips, too!

Chelsea Y. @chelseakauai

Calling all adventure girls! This account is packed with inspiration for getting your hands a little dirty, but doing it in style. Account owner Chelsea was born in Hawaii and posts all sorts of adventurous photos of hikes, scuba diving, and more -and she somehow always manages to look put together in the process.

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5 Best Christmas Light Shows to Make Your #traveltuesday Extra Merry and Bright This Year!

Christmas 2020 is on a Friday, which means you have the entire week leading up to it to get festive! How about taking a mini-adventure on Christmas week’s #traveltuesday to see some beautiful holiday lights? It’s an activity the whole family will enjoy and, with drive-through light shows popping up all over due to COVID-19, many options are totally risk-free.

Here are the five best Christmas light shows across the United States to check out. Make sure to pack a thermos of hot, spiced cider and a playlist of your favorite holiday music to really set the mood!

GLOW Holiday Festival

Now through January 3, 2021

For a 40-minute drive-through holiday light experience near Minneapolis-St Paul, head to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. There, you’ll find “the great Minnesota holiday get-together” –GLOW Holiday Festival. The light show is presented by Hiway Credit Union and features over a million lights arranged along a mile-long drive. Tickets are $46/vehicle.

Illuminate SF Festival of Light

Now through January 23, 2021

If you’re in the Bay Area, you have to check out Illuminate SF in San Francisco. This Festival of Light involves glowing eco-friendly art installations. You can spend a lot of time taking it all in because there are over 40 installations across 17 neighborhoods! Just be prepared to get out of the car at some locations if want to see them all. Use this handy map to plan your route or follow this pre-made light trail. Pro tip: stop at Dandelion Chocolate for a no-contact, to-go hot chocolate as a pick-me-up!

Wild Lights

Now through January 10, 2021

Those in southeast Michigan are going to want to flock to the Detroit Zoo for Wild Lights. This trail winds through the front half of the zoo and incorporates over 5 million LED lights made into animal sculptures and other dazzling displays. It’s a perfect light show for kids! While you can’t drive through this exhibit, the Zoo has taken extra precautions to keep you safe this holiday season. These include limiting reservations, spacing them in 30-minute intervals to allow visitors to maintain physical distance, and requiring masks. Tickets cost $20 (kids under 2 get in free).

Atlanta Festival of Lights

Now through January 18, 2021

Atlantic Station is partnering with Atlanta Beer and Wine Festivals for the first-ever Festival of Lights. This drive-through event will take place at the Pinnacle Lot. There will be lots of holiday lights on display and holiday tunes playing. Admission is $25/vehicle on weeknights and $35 on weekends.

Rudolph’s Light Show

Now through January 3, 2021

Rudolph’s Light Show is Houston’s “original light show.” This Christmas drive-through features over one million lights across acres of land synced in time to holiday tunes. Attractions include drive-through light tunnels, giant decorated Christmas trees, snowmen, and more! Tickets are $30/vehicle if you buy online and you’re encouraged to book soon before they’re all sold out.

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Top 5 Media to Ignite Your Sense of #Wanderlust

Can’t get enough of travel and looking for new wanderlust-inducing content? Us too! So, we compiled a list of 5 different types of media that are putting out amazing travel content right now.

Book: Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

Sometimes what you need to get inspired is a good “best of” list. And with this list, you’ll never run out of amazing options, because Lonely Planet has compiled and ranked the best 500 destinations in the world into one beautiful coffee table book. Yes, 500! Each one has beautiful photos and reasons for visiting, so you can do all sorts of armchair traveling while the travel bans are still in place.

Magazine: Backpacker Magazine

Every traveler has opened up National Geographic or Condé Nast, but have you ever checked out Backpacker Magazine? This Colorado-based publication was started in 1973 and covers all things “wilderness hiking and adventure.” So, if you’re looking to get in touch with your wild side a bit more on your next trip, you need to give this magazine a try. They also have a website with all kinds of articles ranging from hardcore survival tips to local hikes and family content.

Blog: Nomadic Matt

If you’re looking to plan your next trip on a budget -and who isn’t these days?- you need to head on over to Nomadic Matt. Matt has traveled all over the world on a shoestring and is bringing his knowledge to you so that you can “travel smarter, cheaper, longer”. His website has blog articles that contain valuable travel tips, such as how to find cheap flights or avoid travel scams. Where his blog really stands out though, is in his travel guides. Select any country on his map of options and you’ll get a guide that not only highlights fun things to see and explains how to get around, but also breaks down typical daily accommodation and food costs to the dollar. He provides tips to help you cut down on expenses and outlines different budgets depending on the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Podcast: Out Travel the System

A great way to absorb info about travel is during your commute or while cooking and cleaning. That’s where travel podcasts come in! One travel podcast we have found extremely helpful is Out Travel the System. There are currently two seasons available, and episodes are all about giving you practical tips and tricks to help you plan better trips. Episodes zero in on specific topics like National Parks, shoulder seasons, ecotourism, and more.

Documentary: Down to Earth

Ok, yes, this docuseries is hosted by Zac Efron. But no matter what your feelings are about the High School Musical franchise, you’re bound to be able to get behind Down to Earth. The show is all about finding solutions to problems that currently contribute to global warming, and it does it through a traveler’s lens. In the episodes, Efron pairs with Darin Olien, a wellness expert, to travel all over the world and see what kind of different sustainable ways of living is practiced by other cultures. You can watch it on Netflix, now!

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