Top 5 Media to Ignite Your Sense of #Wanderlust

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Can’t get enough of travel and looking for new wanderlust-inducing content? Us too! So, we compiled a list of 5 different types of media that are putting out amazing travel content right now.

Book: Lonely Planet Ultimate Travel List

Sometimes what you need to get inspired is a good “best of” list. And with this list, you’ll never run out of amazing options, because Lonely Planet has compiled and ranked the best 500 destinations in the world into one beautiful coffee table book. Yes, 500! Each one has beautiful photos and reasons for visiting, so you can do all sorts of armchair traveling while the travel bans are still in place.

Magazine: Backpacker Magazine

Every traveler has opened up National Geographic or Condé Nast, but have you ever checked out Backpacker Magazine? This Colorado-based publication was started in 1973 and covers all things “wilderness hiking and adventure.” So, if you’re looking to get in touch with your wild side a bit more on your next trip, you need to give this magazine a try. They also have a website with all kinds of articles ranging from hardcore survival tips to local hikes and family content.

Blog: Nomadic Matt

If you’re looking to plan your next trip on a budget -and who isn’t these days?- you need to head on over to Nomadic Matt. Matt has traveled all over the world on a shoestring and is bringing his knowledge to you so that you can “travel smarter, cheaper, longer”. His website has blog articles that contain valuable travel tips, such as how to find cheap flights or avoid travel scams. Where his blog really stands out though, is in his travel guides. Select any country on his map of options and you’ll get a guide that not only highlights fun things to see and explains how to get around, but also breaks down typical daily accommodation and food costs to the dollar. He provides tips to help you cut down on expenses and outlines different budgets depending on the amount of money you’re willing to spend.

Podcast: Out Travel the System

A great way to absorb info about travel is during your commute or while cooking and cleaning. That’s where travel podcasts come in! One travel podcast we have found extremely helpful is Out Travel the System. There are currently two seasons available, and episodes are all about giving you practical tips and tricks to help you plan better trips. Episodes zero in on specific topics like National Parks, shoulder seasons, ecotourism, and more.

Documentary: Down to Earth

Ok, yes, this docuseries is hosted by Zac Efron. But no matter what your feelings are about the High School Musical franchise, you’re bound to be able to get behind Down to Earth. The show is all about finding solutions to problems that currently contribute to global warming, and it does it through a traveler’s lens. In the episodes, Efron pairs with Darin Olien, a wellness expert, to travel all over the world and see what kind of different sustainable ways of living is practiced by other cultures. You can watch it on Netflix, now!

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