How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Jacksonville, Florida

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How Not to Look Like a Tourist in Jacksonville, Florida

Sometimes not looking like a tourist is as simple as knowing what to wear, what restaurants to eat at, what touristy spots to avoid, and what time of the year is best to visit. However, not everyone puts the time in to better equip themselves with this knowledge, and therefore these beloved cities are overrun with tourists that stand out with ignorance. Here in this article, you will be equipped with proper knowledge on how to fit in like a local resident. Where to stay, where to eat, and facts that are essential to know before visiting Jacksonville, Florida. How not to look like a tourist is easy, and with the help of this article you will be welcomed by the city you are visiting like one of their own. Feel free to follow the links provided in this article to further plan your stay. On behalf of Jacksonville, thank you for doing your research on how to not look like a tourist. Safe travels.

Know Before You Go

Here are some great facts that you should know before you go. Apply this knowledge to not look like a tourist and to allow yourself the best visit possible. Not looking like a tourist isn’t always super easy, but in Jacksonville it’s not incredibly difficult to fit in and not draw unwanted attention. 

Best Time to Visit (Low Tourism, Better Prices)

March to May or September to November are the best times to visit. Usually, June through August is packed with tourists so make sure to avoid these months if you can. In these shoulder months you can expect highs of 80 degrees and lows of 70 degrees. 

Better Options of Stay (Rather than Hotels)

Airbnb is home to many great stay options. Ditch the average hotel experience if you wish to not look like a tourist in the city. Staying in a hotel in a popular area is a clear indication of a tourist, and if you wish to avoid that title at all I highly recommend branching out and seeing what your other options for staying are. Here are a couple unique and comfortable options on Airbnb in Jacksonville, Florida.


$73 a night 

Entire House

$105 a night

Feel free to check out these unique options and have a more local resident style of experience that hotels could never give you. 

Must Eat Places (Locals Favorite)

Eating is a huge staple in a great travel experience. Do we eat at the overpopulated restaurants that are swarming with tourists? No, we don’t. We dive deep and look for the restaurants that only the locals know about. For a more relaxing and better experience all together. Jacksonville is full of some local favorite restaurants and here is a list of a few of those that you must visit. Feel free to follow the links below.

The Fish Co

Seafood that warms the soul. For those who love fresh caught options and great atmosphere.

Bold Bean

Coffee for the caffeine lovers.

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