Where To Eat And Drink At Birmingham Airport

Do you find yourself stuck, hungry and with nothing to do inside the four corners of the Birmingham Airport?

Relax. Here’s a list of where to eat and drink while you wait for your flight.

1. Frankie & Benny’s

Let Frankie & Benny’s serve as your go-to culinary stop at BHM. This restaurant is best visited when you have plenty of time to spare, i.e., when you’ve arrived early, had a delay or when meeting with friends or family. The place offers American classic fare such as pizzas, burgers, soda, shakes and more. You haven’t really eaten at Frankie & Benny’s until you’ve had the pasta. The lively, 50’s diner atmosphere really sets the mood for great conversation and relaxation.

2. Pret A Manger

Looking for a quick, quality bite before flying off to your next destination? Pret A Manger should be your top choice. You get a wide array of menu selections, from salads to freshly made sandwiches and hot, filling soup. Follow it up with sweet desserts such as muffins, cakes and brownies. Have a couple of minutes to spare? Down a hot cup of organic coffee to recharge.

3. All Bar One

All Bar One is one of the best places at Birmingham Airport that serve absolutely satisfying brunch meals. The Scrambled Egg Bagels & Smoked Salmon and Eggs Benedict is to die for! Luckily, you’ll be able to try it until 12pm or 1pm on weekends. Some people are actually timing it so they land or depart in the morning and have their fill. The blended coffee special will put an extra spring to your step. Kids can pick out their choices at the menu, which includes signature burgers, sharing plates and fried chicken.

4. Bottega Prosecco Bar

Spirits and liquor of all shapes and sizes can be had in this stylish joint located right at the Birmingham Airport’s Main Departure Lounge. Start with a glass of fine wine and fill up on delicious fare such as Seafood Open Sandwiches and Mezze Platter, or celebrate the end of a successful trip with fizzy champagne. Here, you can have a quiet chat with a loved one, or gaze at the decor while sipping your favorite drink. Sit back, unwind and experience the vibe at the Bottega Prosecco.

5. Wetherspoons

Treat your family to an old-fashioned, cheerful meal at the Wetherspoons for a fitting end to a fun vacation. Have them eat to their heart’s content with soul food such as pies, grilled meats, fries and shakes. Wetherspoons’ dessert menu is impressive as it is extensive- there’s something for everyone, even the fussiest eaters! The Belgian waffles with lots of butter and syrup should completely satisfy individuals who have a sweet tooth.

6. Giraffe

Giraffe is a quirky kid’s restaurant that’s sure to settle down tired kids and travel-weary teens. The breakfast menu offers massive servings at a good price. The staff are friendly and you can get recommendations based on food preferences. Adults can order hot, steaming coffee or opt for a beer or cocktail. Some of the notable food options include omelettes, porridge, gourmet sandwiches and giraffe dishes you’ve come to know and love.

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7 Things To Do in Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham is the largest city in the state of Alabama. Not only rich in history but also home to an array of enthralling things to see and activities to do, Birmingham has historical landmarks and museums, as well as cultural events and marketplaces. There are just so many things to discover and explore in this metropolis!

Visiting Birmingham sounds like a fun yet costly adventure, no? But, there’s really no reason to worry about your budget because most of the breathtaking sites and activities in this city are free and easy on the pocket. Now, if you’re considering Birmingham as your next tour destination, here is a list of great places to see and things to do in town!

1. Birmingham Civil Rights District

Birmingham is widely known for its active participation in the Civil Rights Movement back in the 1950s and 1960s. In this city lies the 58,000 square feet Birmingham Civil Rights Institute which houses galleries, temporary exhibits, archives, and meeting rooms.

You may also find along the Birmingham Civil Rights District the 16th Street Baptist Church, Bethel Baptist Church, and the Kelly Ingram Park. There’s just plenty of place to explore in this patch of land!

2. Birmingham Botanical Gardens

If you are a lover of nature, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens is the perfect tourist destination. The largest living museum in Alabama, it received the most visits from tourists among all the free attractions in the state. It contains over 10,000 plants, with two rose gardens and more than 30 sculptures around the area.

Aside from getting yourself lost in the beauty of this enchanting garden, there are also gift shops, cafes, and picnic tables.

3. Birmingham Museum of Art

There is no better way to spend your afternoon than by appreciating some of the most gorgeous European and American masterpieces of art at the Birmingham Museum of Art. With over 25,000 sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, and decorative arts from around the world housed within its walls, the Birmingham Museum of Art definitely has one of the largest art collections in the country.

If you’re traveling with kids, the museum has a hands-on area where children can practice their creativity. Don’t worry about the admission fee because entry to the museum is free.

4. The Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

The Sloss Furnaces is declared a historic landmark. It commemorates the early days of iron production that took place between 1882 and 1971. Your stay at Birmingham will not be complete without exploring this national monument. Visit this landmark to get a better understanding of why Birmingham has been widely referred to as the Iron City. Take a camera with you for some magnificent pictures. There are free public guided tours on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

5. Pepper Place Saturday Market

The Pepper Place Saturday Market was founded in 2000 and is usually open from April to December. Farmers from within 100 miles of the market come here to sell their farm-produced crops and goods to eager tourists and local buyers.

The marketplace offers a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, bread, meats, cheeses, berries, and other organic products. You may also indulge yourself to some delightful food and local delicacies offered in the area. This is indeed a haven for organic product lovers and certified foodies!

6. The Golden Flake Factory

Have you ever wondered how your favorite potato chips are being made? Well, wonder no more because paying the Golden Flake Factory in Birmingham a visit will surely satisfy your curiosity. There is a free 45-minute tour of its facilities where visitors learn how potato chips are being processed. Not only that, but tourists also have the chance to eat some hot and fresh chips from the factory line. Please note however the factory follows a strict tour timeline, so you will need to make reservations first before visiting the place.  

7. Attend a Show at the Shed Series

The Shed Series is a gorgeous and intimate venue that hosts local concerts and entertainment events. The site belongs to an Avondale couple who offered their backyard as a performance place to talented songwriters and singers. It’s a BYOB setting where songwriters and singers from all over the world can come to perform their private shows. Shows at the Shed Series are free so don’t ever miss the opportunity to visit this music place.

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