Our Favorite Way to Spend the Holiday Season Around Birmingham, AL

Birmingham. Whether you’re a visitor drafting travel plans, returning home during the season to see friends and family, or are a local looking for something to do, you’ll be delighted to see there is so much going on here during the holidays. Read on for some of our favorite ways to pass the holiday season here around Birmingham.

Wacky Tacky Christmas Light Tour

A family-friendly and community-centered event, the Wacky Tacky Christmas Light Tour is a great, inclusive way for visitors to celebrate all things ugly-sweater during the holidays! Don your tackiest holiday season clothing and hop onto one of many buses on a tour of the city’s most daring (or outlandish) light displays! This is a great option for groups, families, and couples to see so much of the Birmingham area in a relaxed and goofy manner.


Ice Skating in Railroad Park

The joys of ice skating during the frosty winter days is one known to generations throughout history, and indeed, Birmingham is no exception to this. If you were searching for a place to put on some skis and enjoy the ice with the family, the squad, or a special someone, look no further than the Railroad Park! Every year, an impressive ice skating rink is set up for all to enjoy, just south of the railways that run through Birmingham. Brace the winter air and enjoy this timeless classic here at Railroad Park.


ZooLight Safari

Celebrate the holidays with some of Birmingham’s most peculiar residents at the ZooLight Safari! Over one million lights honoring holiday season traditions such as Santa, gift giving, and candy canes, and also the zoo Itself! Aside from these, zoo exhibits, footpaths, the train itself, and the carousel also take on a festive look, as well as the staff of the zoo. Come visit sea lions, zebras, tigers, rhinos, elephants and so much more in this educational and immersive look into the lives of animals from around the world while engaging in the holiday activities here at the Birmingham Zoo’s ZooLight Safari.

The Reindeer Dash

The brave will enjoy this holiday season event, the Reindeer Dash! Follow in the footsteps of Santa’s trusted reindeer and dress up as one in this 5k run through the Birmingham suburb of Vestavia Hills. The holiday season provides for comfortable temperatures to run in, accompanied by the many visiting and local runners. This is a fun, low-stakes option for avid runners and fitness enthusiasts and for those just looking for a more adventurous option alike. 

This 5k path is also another good way to see a lot of everyday Birmingham, or even pass by a choice spot or two, for those who are only visiting the city. (You never know, a spot you pass on the 5k might end up being the perfect addition to your plans in the area!) So put on your running shoes and your antlers, and brave the Reindeer Dash!


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Our Favorite Festivals Around Birmingham, AL

Birmingham. Whether you’re a visitor drafting travel plans, returning home during the season to see friends and family, or are a local looking for something to do, you’ll be delighted to see there is so much going on here during autumn. Read on for some of our favorite autumn festivals here around Birmingham. 

Barber Vintage

One of Birmingham’s most famous residents is the Barber Motorsports Museum, known for its thrilling motorsport events throughout the year. During the second weekend of October, motorsport enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies alike come to Barber’s compound just outside of Birmingham, in a display of motorsport history, technology, and daring stunts. Some of these events here during Barber Vintage include motorcycle enthusiast meetings, workshops, museum tours, famous stuntmen autographs, the opportunity to ride on a number of demo bikes from brands such as BMW, Enfield, Indian and Yamaha, and last but not least, the captivating ‘Wall of Death’ where the daring ride along a 30-foot diameter cylinder! Aside from these events, there are also plenty of dining and camping options for parties of all sizes and ages. If you’re in Birmingham, we highly recommend catching this action-packed event if you can.



SliceFest is Birmingham’s proud local tradition of live musical performance and gastronomy, where visitors can feast their ears and mouths on endless talent all weekend long. Some of the performers that have appeared at SliceFest over the years include Bailey Ingles, the Stooges Brass Band, Big Gigantic, Too Many Zooz, and the Original Wailers. Aside from the live music, the Slice Pizza & Brewhouse has endless pies and brews to add to the mix, a delicious dining option to feed your party all day and night long. Come to SliceFest, and enjoy Birmingham’s biggest block party.



Fiesta is a celebration of Birmingham’s strong Hispanic community, of the heritages and cultures of over 22 nations and their art, music, dance, and cuisines. Visitors of all backgrounds are all welcomed, as one of the main missions of Birmingham Fiesta is to share the beauty of Latin American culture with all. Visitors can watch live dance and music performances of Rumba, Salsa, Cumbia, Bachata, Tango, and Mexican Baile Folclorico, sample dishes such as arepas, pupusas, empanadas, and tacos, and learn about Latin American culture in spoken word performances, stories, speeches, and workshops. There are also a number of vendors selling crafts and clothes, and interactive events for families and groups alike. Come embrace Latin American culture in an immersive and memorable way here at Fiesta.


Moss Rock Festival

Enjoy both Birmingham’s love for the outdoors and its love for the arts, here at Moss Rock Reserve. Every autumn, the Moss Rock Festival this side of Birmingham brings hundreds of artists and craftsmen to offer their works, dishes, and wares in a colorful community event. Aside from the local vendors, there are also family events and hiking activities, given the location among some three hundred forty-nine acres of forests, streams, and outcroppings. 


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4-5 Fun Things to Do with Kids in Birmingham

If you’re looking for your next great family adventure, or someplace different to take the kids, we have you covered. Spending a day out with the kids is a great way to recapture your own childlike curiosity and love of play, so we’ve included plenty of options that will make the adults as happy as the kids. Below are some of the best, most unique, and most beloved things to do with your kids in Birmingham.

Birmingham Children’s Theatre

The spot for a fun night out with the kids. The live performances at BCT are always creative and often include music, new animal friends, and special holiday-themed shows. If your kids are fans of puppetry, BCT also features a cardboard puppet theatre. Beyond performances, you can sign your kids up for camps or workshops with the theater company.

Red Mountain Park

Red Mountain Park is a 1,500-acre park surrounding Red Mountain itself. The park is a perfect place to take an adventurous hike through the forest or go for a bike ride under the canopy of the trees. But one of the best things to be found at Red Mountain Park is the Aerial Adventure Tours. These tours feature treetop obstacle courses, a climbing tower, and ziplines. Purchase tickets in advance for the best experience.

Oak Mountain Demonstration Farm

Oak Mountain State Park offers a variety of amazing activities and experiences. A visit to the park itself is a great way to spend the day with the family. You can enjoy swimming, fishing, horseback riding and more. But one of the best-hidden gems at the park is the Demonstration Farm, where you and the kids can play with, pet, and feed sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs, Shetland ponies, chickens, and even a peacock!

Birmingham Zoo

A trip to the zoo is always a family favorite. Kids will love the Red Diamond Express Train and carousel. You can choose to wander the zoo yourselves, marveling at all the animals, or take part in one of several special experiences offered by the zoo. Try feeding the giraffes or learn everything you can on the “Goat Walk”. Whatever adventure you choose, the kids are sure to have fun while learning about the world around them.

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Aquariums around Birmingham, AL

Whether coming back home for a while, making travel plans, or looking for something to do in your neighborhood, Birmingham also boasts a variety of experiences with aquatic life as it does in the outdoors, the arts, and gastronomy. Read on about some of our favorite Aquariums in Birmingham. 

McWane Science Center

Among its array of educational exhibits, is also one of Birmingham’s better secrets: the collection of aquariums and aquatic habitats at the McWane Science Center. Located on the lower level, a diversity of aquatic flora and fauna reside between the Shark & Ray TouchTank, the River Journey, and the Ocean Journey. 

The Ocean Journey is a display of saltwater ecosystems from all over the world, a look into the surroundings and lifestyles of some of McWane Science Center’s most esteemed residents. These include the iconic clownfish, mesmerizing moon jellyfish, and the green moray eel, spurring the imaginations of some of our most feared monsters of science fiction horror. (Ask about their jaws.) 

The Cahaba River Tank is with respect to Alabama’s local wealth of wildlife along the Cahaba River, a great way to learn about the wildlife and habitats of Alabama. The Lake Tank features fish endemic to reservoirs and lakes of Alabama; both the Lake Tank and Cahaba River Tank are highly recommended for those with an interest in the nature and outdoors of Alabama. The Coral Tank is the final stop on McWane’s Ocean and River Journeys, into the Coral world of the Indo-Pacific, where visitors can witness brightly colored examples of mutualism.

The Shark & Ray Tank is where the more imposing habitants of the McWane Science Center reside. These include the epaulette sharks and their ‘uniform’ imported from Australia and New Guinea, the white-spotted bamboo sharks and their mysterious, nocturnal ways, the charming southern stingrays and their electrosensitive abilities, and the cow nose rays. 


Birmingham Zoo

Despite its name, the Birmingham Zoo also should not be ignored for its attention to aquatic life, with a proud community of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles local and exotic. Some of these remarkable icons include the African bullfrog, bumblebee dart frog, Aldabra giant tortoise, diamondback terrapin, alligator snapping turtle, radiated tortoise, American alligator, and peacock eel. Aside from this diversity, there are also a number of unique and memorable experiences visitors can book in advance. These include a trip through the Zoo Labs, the elusive ‘Zookeeper for a Day’ experience, Photography classes with the residents of Birmingham Zoo, and overnight stays to see what the animals get up to at night! 

Birmingham Area Parks and Nature

In accordance with Birmingham’s proud appreciation of nature and education in the responsibilities that come with maintaining it, the Birmingham area also has a number of beautiful parks and reserves. Visitors who want to take their experience and inspiration outside of the exhibits can appreciate the beauty of Alabama’s nature in person at Hoover Inverness Nature Park, and Oak Mountain, among myriad streams, ponds, and lakes. 


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5 Quirky Date Night Destinations in Birmingham

Date night doesn’t have to be the same each time. While we all love cuddling up at the movies or trying new restaurants or embracing a bit of high culture at museums, every once in a while, date night needs to be shaken up. Each city has a hidden world of strange, quirky, and delightful things to do. Try any one of these on your next date night and embrace the weird, whimsical part of life.

Steel City Pops

The best adventure for summer nights – Steel City Pops takes the classic childhood treat and livens it up. Enjoy the evening breeze while sitting at their umbrella-covered tables and try a popsicle flavor unlike any other (or try them all!). The flavors change constantly but past options have included: Pineapple Jalapeno, Amaretto Cream, Blackberry, and Jasmine Green Tea.  

Atomic Vintage Bar

The Atomic Bar & Lounge may seem like your classic cocktail lounge, and with its décor reminiscent of cocktail bars from the 60’s, you may expect to be engulfed with the smoke of cigarettes while sultry jazz plays. But that is only one part of Atomic’s charm. There are several differently themed rooms to enjoy. However, the true, quirky joy of visiting Atomic can be found when you rent a costume. Yes, rent a costume. Atomic Bar & Lounge is big on theme and playing dress-up. You may find yourself or others in a shark costume or panda costume enjoying a Sex Panther cocktail (that comes with a tattoo) while playing Connect 4.

Slide the City

For one day every summer, the city of Birmingham hosts a block party with an unusual attraction that is sure to have you and your date screaming with joy and laughing raucously. Traditionally, the block party opens at 9 a.m. with music, food, and a 1,000 foot water slide. Slide the City is a party that is excellent for a fun, summer date. You can race down the waterslide from morning to early evening if you’d like or head to the slide after an early dinner out. Rather than dinner and a movie for date night, try dinner and a large waterslide on the streets of Birmingham.

Birmingham Oddities

Also known as the Museum of Weird, a tour through Birmingham Oddities is nothing like your typical trip to an Antique Shop or Flea Market. The owner, Adam Williams, has curated a wonderful collection of quirky, locally-made art as well as salvaged antiques of all unusual flavors. You may walk away with a voodoo doll, a giraffe skull, or a locally carved bone necklace. They are also starting to offer movie nights and classes for making bone jewelry or butterfly mounts. 

Sloss Furnaces

What was once a pig iron-producing blast furnace is now a National Historic Landmark offering guided and self-guided tours. The Furnace operated from 1882 to 1971 and is the only 20th century blast furnace site preserved. If you’re bored of traditional museums, then Sloss Furnaces is the perfect change of pace. Climb through this former industrial giant, an adventure and hike in and of itself, while learning about an important piece of Birmingham’s history.

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Our favorite ways to spend summer in Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Alabama- a historical hub for steel and iron, home of the infamous Southeastern Conference, over 200,000 people, and Vulcan, god of fire. If you are searching for a summer destination but want to avoid the commotion of a larger city, Birmingham might be a good choice. Read on for some of our highlights of Birmingham, Alabama.

Pizitz Food Hall

You’re exploring downtown Birmingham when that familiar predicament comes again- everybody is hungry, but nobody can decide on a place to dine. Somebody wants Mexican, another person wants Hawaiian, those two want Shawarma, he wants a hamburger and you just want to eat. Normally, this would mean the group is splitting up for this meal, or almost everyone is eating something they didn’t want. Thankfully, there is a place that has all of these options, and is within a ten-minute walk of most locations in Downtown Birmingham. 

At the Pizitz Food Hall, you can enjoy all of the aforementioned options and more; Cajun, Pies, Wings, Indian, Nepali, Vietnamese and craft cocktails also can be found here. So whether you have a group that can’t decide or if you just want to try a little of everything, come to Pizitz! ( Also of note: most of the menu items here are under fifteen dollars! )

Birmingham Zoo

Animal lovers and large parties look to the Birmingham Zoo where there are all kinds of experiences. Come and meet some of the more formidable residents of Birmingham, such as the African Elephant, the African Lion, the Giant River Otter, the Sumatran Orangutan, the Southern White Rhinoceros, the Ostrich, or the proud Red Panda. You also have the opportunity to get a bit closer and personally feed one of the taller habitants- the Reticulated Giraffe. If the size is a bit intimidating, there’s also the option to feed the colourful Rainbow Lorikeets instead. 

Barber Small Bore

Just a twenty-minute drive outside of Birmingham is an action-packed event that occurs every summer on-site at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum- the Barber Small Bore. Watch all sorts of motorsports including stunts, races, meets, auto shows, off-road and Motor-Soccer. ( Yes, Motor-Soccer is exactly what you are imagining. Rocket League Fans, don’t miss this opportunity. ) This two-day event provides all sorts of levels of engagement for the intense motocross enthusiast and the action fan alike. 

Magic City Brewfest

At the Magic City Brewfest, you can try a variety of small brews and listen to bands from Alabama and beyond. Magic City Brewfest is a Birmingham tradition for fourteen years running, taking place at the historic Sloss Furnaces. Come see the grassroots side of the brewing industry and the new, smaller steps into making beer from the Birmingham area and all over the nation. Whether you have a strong interest in beer, enjoy small businesses and small-town fairs, or just want to drink with live music, do it all at a designated national historic landmark. 

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5 Great Places to Have a Picnic in Birmingham, AL

When the weather cooperates, we all love to get outside and explore the world around us. There is nothing more refreshing and soothing to the soul than a picnic in the sun, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Every city in the United States has incredible locations for picnicking. Below are 5 Great Places to Picnic in Birmingham.

Avondale Park

This sprawling park is on 37 beautiful acres just East of Downtown Birmingham. It offers prime picnic locations for every type of picnicker. Plop down on a blanket or a bench beside the lake or enjoy a lunch on the steps of the Avondale Amphitheater. Avondale is also located next to Birmingham Public Library Avondale Branch, making it a perfect destination for anyone who wants to spend an entire day picnicking and reading beneath the shade of a tree.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

With 65 acres and more than 25 themed gardens, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a must see. There are Formal Rose Gardens, a Japanese Garden, camellias, ferns, wildflowers, and even a vegetable garden. Birmingham Botanical has everything you could want for a stroll through nature and is free to the public. Picnicking here is always an option in their gorgeous, designated picnic areas with views of the garden. Or you can visit during “Flicks Among the Flowers”, a summer program that hosts movies in the garden. All you need to do is bring a blanket or lawn chair.

Ruffner Mountain

Follow hiking trails to build up your hunger before stopping at the one of the many gorgeous overlooks at the top. The top of the Quarry Trail and the Overlook Trail offers phenomenal views of Talladega National Forest. This park is great for anyone who wants to feel as though they’ve escaped the city. As you walk the trails you find plenty of benches to stop and eat, or if you hike way to your way to the top, large rocks on the overlook make for excellent picnics. There are also plenty of picnic pavilions available for those who prefer table picnicking to on-the-ground blanket picnicking. 

Railroad Park

The classic downtown park, with long expanses of open, green grass for laying out the lunchtime spread. Railroad Park also features a lake, skatepark, and views of downtown Birmingham. In the summer, this park is also an extremely popular site for outdoor concerts. Head to Railroad early in the day to enjoy an afternoon meal and stay through the evening to enjoy some fantastic music. 

Vulcan Park

A park at the top of Red Mountain, Vulcan Park is a haven above the city of Birmingham. When you climb to the top, you’ll see Vulcan Statue after which the park received its name. It is a colossal cast iron statue – the largest in the world in fact. Beneath this monumental art piece are open lawns perfect for a picnic under the sun and lookout points with beautiful views of Birmingham. We love picnicking in this park because it is filled with rich history, incredible artistry, and more than enough verdant space for an afternoon meal.

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Fun Summer Things To Do In Birmingham, AL

Summer is finally here!  The kids are out of school, and backyard barbecues are taking place all over the nation.  After the year we had in 2020, and most people having chosen not to take a vacation, you can almost rest assured that families will be out in full force this year.

With this in mind, we thought we would offer a few great vacation ideas to help you plan, as well as some places that would be great for just a few days away.  We all need time to recharge and some well-deserved play in the sunshine.

Here are some of the best places to check out this summer!

Birmingham Zoo

2630 Cahaba Road, Birmingham, AL 35223

The Birmingham Zoo is a zoological park that opened in 1955 in Birmingham, Alabama. The Birmingham Zoo is an independent, not-for-profit, 501 organization and is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, participating in AZA Species Survival Plans. The Birmingham Zoo is the only AZA-accredited Zoo in the state of Alabama. Approximately 550 animals of 195 species call the Birmingham Zoo home, including sea lions, zebras, rhinos, and endangered species from six continents.

McWane Science Center

200 19th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203

The state-of-the-art science center, aquarium, and 280-seat IMAX Dome Theater are housed in the historic and refurbished Loveman’s department store. It opened to the public on July 11, 1998. There is The World of Water exhibit showcasing more than 50 species of marine and freshwater aquatic life on the lower level. In addition, there is a touch tank with different species of small sharks and rays. There are also shark teeth that can be observed under a microscope and other displays about water pollution.

Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure

4599 Splash Adventure Parkway Bessemer, AL 35022

Alabama Splash Adventure is a water park and amusement park located off Interstate 20/59 in Bessemer, Alabama, just west of Birmingham and east of Tuscaloosa. It is owned by Koch Family Parks, which consists of members of the family who formerly had minority ownership in Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Southern Museum of Flight

4343 73rd Street North, Birmingham, AL 35206

The Southern Museum of Flight is a civilian aviation museum in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The facility features nearly 100 aircraft and engines, models, artifacts, photographs, and paintings. In addition, the Southern Museum of Flight is home to the Alabama Aviation Hall of Fame, which presents Alabama Aviation History through collective biography.

Barber Motorsports Park and Museum

6040 Barber Motorsports Parkway, Birmingham, AL 35094

Barber Motorsports Park is an 880-acre multi-purpose racing facility located in Birmingham, Alabama. It was built by George W. Barber and included the 230,000-square-foot Barber Vintage Motorsport Museum. It has been the site of the IndyCar Series Grand Prix of Alabama since 2010. The Annual Barber Vintage Festival has taken place at the park each October since 2005. Barber Motorsports Park is also the home of the Porsche Track Experience. Barber Motorsports Park is classified as an FIA Grade Two circuit.

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Things to Do for the Fourth of July in Birmingham

Everyone’s favorite summer holiday is quickly approaching! Nothing says July 4th like BBQs, pool days, parades, and of course – fireworks! While last year most firework shows and celebrations had to be called off due to the pandemic, this year, some celebrations are able to return. Read on to see what’s happening around Birmingham this Independence Day and gather up some ideas for your Fourth of July weekend.

Thunder on the Mountain 2021

Birmingham’s traditional fireworks celebration returns this year on July 4th, at 9 pm! The Thunder on the Mountain show features spectacular fireworks atop Red Mountain, behind the city’s Vulcan statue. The firework show will be choreographed to popular and patriotic music. Make a day of it by visiting the Vulcan Park and Museum to learn more about the city’s roots in the iron industry.

Oak Mountain State Park

A laid-back day picnicking with family and friends is one of the best ways to spend the Fourth of July, and if you’re looking for a public park to enjoy, check out Oak Mountain State Park. Located just 20 miles south of Birmingham, this huge park (Alabama’s largest state park) covers almost 10,000 acres! Here you’ll find plenty of picnic tables and shady areas to spread a picnic blanket, as well as plenty of other activities the whole family can enjoy. For active families, there are 50 miles of hiking trails – including trails to the stunning waterfall, Peavine Falls. The park also has two sandy beaches where you can cool off in the lake! Other fun activities include visiting the Alabama Wildlife Center and treetop nature trail, trying BMX biking, fishing, and geocaching. If you’re athletic, there will also be a run taking place at the park on July 4 that you can sign up for.

Car Show

About 45 minutes from Birmingham in Brookwood Alabama, there will be a Car Show and Fourth of July Celebration fundraiser taking place. The event takes place on July 3rd at 3 pm and lasts until dark, at about 9 pm. Kids can enjoy activities like a bounce house and face painting, and there will also be vendors, a bake sale, and hot dogs and hamburgers to enjoy. Live music will be provided for entertainment, so bring a lawn chair. It all caps off with a firework show around 9 pm.

Public Pools

Cooling off in the pool is the perfect way to spend a sweltering Fourth of July, and Birmingham conveniently has plenty of public pools where you can easily do that! City pool hours are 12 to 6 pm and admission is only one dollar. While they’ve not yet announced if the pools will be opening as scheduled on Memorial Day this year (Birmingham pools were closed last summer due to the pandemic), you’ll want to bookmark this one in case they do!

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Arboretums and Botanical Gardens to Visit in Birmingham

When considering a vacation, or even just a day out with the family, why not consider visiting a local arboretum or botanical garden?  You can enjoy a delightful getaway with a visit to one of these beautiful gateways to all that nature has to offer.

Arboretums and botanical gardens work to promote a common respect and educate with a drive towards an appreciation of the world of gardening and the insects that work to pollinate our plants and flowers. 

These nature monuments are just waiting to be discovered and welcome all visitors for a day of tranquility, enjoying their peaceful beauty.  Make sure to check out one of the arboretums or botanical gardens listed below.

Aldridge Botanical Gardens

3530 Lorna Rd, Hoover, AL 35216

The Gardens host plant sales, art exhibits and shows, classes and seminars, bird walks, fishing days and more. Other features include an event venue and gallery in the couple’s former home, an education building, an outdoor pavilion, a five-acre lake, and a half-mile walking trail.

William Bartram Arboretum

2521 Fort Toulouse Rd, Wetumpka, AL 36093

The arboretum is a boardwalk and series of paths through wildflower fields, bogs, and forests from the visitor’s center to Fort Toulouse, then down to an overlook of the Tallapoosa River. Shrubs and flowers are identified. The arboretum is open from sunrise to sunset all year long.

Bellingrath Gardens and Home

12401 Bellingrath Gardens Rd, Theodore, AL 36582

Enjoy 65 acres of year-round floral wonder in a Southern estate garden.  Bellingrath Gardens and Home features blooms and beauty every day of the year.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

2612 Lane Park Rd, Birmingham, AL 35223

A cherished place of respite and inspiration for more than 55 years, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is open to all every day of the week, and we look forward to your visit.

Donald E Davis Arboretum

315 Roosevelt Concourse, Auburn University, Auburn, AL 36849

The Donald E. Davis Arboretum is a 13.5-acre botanic garden facility located in the heart of Auburn. Supported by the College of Sciences and Mathematics, it provides visitors with a place to enjoy a natural setting and experience Alabama’s native plants and habitats.

Mobile Botanical Gardens

5151 Museum Drive, Mobile, AL 36608

The gardens are situated on 100 acres (0.40 km2) and are a blend of cultivated areas and natural habitats, including the Rhododendron Garden, Camellia Wintergarden, Fern Glade, Fragrance and Texture Garden, Japanese Maple Garden, Herb garden, and a Longleaf Pine habitat of 40 acres.

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