Our Favorite Places to Sleep Under the Stars Around Birmingham, AL

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Birmingham, Alabama. A historical hub for steel and iron, home of the (in)famous Southeastern Conference, over 200,000 people, and Vulcan, god of fire. If you are searching for a destination but want to avoid the commotion of a larger city, Birmingham might be a good choice. And here in the Jones Valley, Birmingham is uniquely endowed with endless nature and outdoors activity hotspots, at this confluence of the Appalachians, Alabama forests, and a number of creeks and rivers. Read on for some of our favorite spots to enjoy the great outdoors and sleep under the stars here around Birmingham, Alabama.

Little River Canyon National Preserve

For those travelers wanting to do and see it all over a longer stay at one of the many state and national parks and preserves near Birmingham, may we suggest the Little River Canyon National Preserve, a destination with few rivals for its beauty and scope of activity. Just a ninety minute drive out of Birmingham, this is both a solid day’s plan and a destination for those multi-day excursions, offering climbing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, camping, photography, animal watching, and stargazing, all amid a dramatic and stunning variety of scenes. The most celebrated attractions of this location are the series of waterfalls, a perfect addition to any travel album or postcard.

Airbnb and Cabins around Birmingham

Of course, for those travelers who want the comforts of home but the pristine skies and woods of nature, we have a great compromise, the many homes, lodges, cabins and listings for rental around the Birmingham area! This is a great way for your party to stretch out with all the amenities of home while still being quite close to nature. And given the small size of the Birmingham metropolitan area, one need not look far to find a booking free and far from the light pollution of the city. Here, it is all the convenience of stargazing and enjoying the outdoors as if it were your own backyard, but with the added benefit of sleeping in a bed instead of a bag or hammock. Of course, if the camping experience is your preference, these many listings also tend not to stray too far from proper campsites, so there are plenty of options to choose from. 

Tannehill State Park

Over 1,500 acres for your party to enjoy hiking, camping, crafts, photography, stargazing and all kinds of sports in one place, Tannehill State Park! Our highlight of this state park are the exhilarating bike trails, for both the casual cyclist and those adrenaline junkies who love the rush and thrill of the forest terrain. 

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