Luxurious Experiences in Birmingham, Alabama

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Hello my fellow traveler! Your travels have brought you many sights and happiness, but have they all been luxurious? Have you been to the nicest restaurants in Birmingham that offer much more than quality food? Have you splurged in the luxuries of the city? Have you broken out those fancy clothes and sipped wine like royalty? If you haven’t experienced Birmingham like this then you are in the right place. Here in this article, we will be examining and listing all things to do and events to plan that shine of luxury while in the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham is a city of culture, food, and great city life. Let’s make sure we do this trip right and experience the city like never before. Pack fancy clothes for a planned luxury dinner and make sure to bring some good walking shoes because the city of Birmingham is a perfect spot to walk and enjoy the city from the street.

Luxurious Hotels in Birmingham, Alabama

First line of business is to reserve a room in a hotel that offers comfort and luxuriousness that exceeds all expectations. Why travel to these cities and settle for averageness when we can explore the many options that take traveling to the next level? The answer is simple. Birmingham offers some amazing city life and what better way to experience the city than to make sure our stay is full of luxury and high standards.

The Tutwiler by Hampton Inn

Our first hotel on the list of luxurious hotels in Birmingham is The Tutwiler by Hampton Inn. Located in the heart of Downtown Birmingham is the beautiful hotel The Tutwiler. Full of fancy renovations that preserve the historic energy of the building and offer some great food experiences with their very own Century Restaurant and Bar. Enjoy the city for the day and be closely connected to all things happening in Birmingham. To upgrade your stay, make sure to reserve the King Bedroom Suite with a Fireplace. The room is spacious and offers a more comfortable feel than your house. 

Elyton Hotel

Modern elegance and rich sophistication all in one. There really isn’t a more beautiful stay in Birmingham compared to this hotel. Enjoy the elegant structure of the building that has tall ceilings, marble walls, bronze fixtures, and huge windows that provide natural lighting to bring a beautiful ambiance to the scene. The hotel comes with its own restaurant, The Yard. Providing a southern menu with locally sourced food. To upgrade the stay, make sure to reserve the Presidential Suite that is spacious and beyond luxurious with some amazing features. 

Deluxe Restaurants in Birmingham 

Our next item on the agenda of all things luxurious in Birmingham is to find some of the best eateries in the city that offer top of the line food and delightfully high standards. Food is a huge factor in our travels, and it can make or break a trip very easily. Let’s discover some of the best places to eat in Birmingham that are luxurious. I hope you brought some fancy clothes because you will need them for these restaurants. Grab your date and have the night of your life. 

Galley and Garden

The historic white-columned Merritt House situated in Highland Avenue is the perfect spot for a fancy night out with your significant other. The restaurant is full of white walls that bring elegance to life, a marble topped bar that literally radiates fine dining, and private dining areas that allow privacy and luxuriousness for those seeking to dine like royalty. The Galley and Garden has been coined the most romantic restaurant in Alabama and rightfully holds this title. Enjoy some of their world class wine and order the Lobster Ravioli to really enjoy the fine dining experience to the fullest. 

Ocean in Five Points District Birmingham, Alabama

Welcome to the seafood experience of a lifetime in Birmingham. Given the title of best restaurant and their chef has been awarded AAA Four Diamond award for the past 12 years. This restaurant is the perfect getaway eatery that offers high class and even better tastes of the sea and many more options. Start the night off with a seafood tower that includes all your favorite bites from the ocean. For the main course I highly recommend ordering the Grilled Wester Ross Salmon that will be sure to leave your taste buds overflowing with flavor. Sip on an Ocean Martini and finish the night off with some delicious baklava ice cream. 

The city of Birmingham Alabama. Full of delights and splendor that will bring you luxury and happiness beyond belief. Travel with class and make sure to check out some of these amazingly luxurious events and destinations next time your travels bring you to Birmingham, Alabama. Dine like royalty at some of the fanciest restaurants in Birmingham and live lavishly in some of the city’s most decorated hotels. No need to settle for the average here. Follow the links provided to continue your planning for the trip of a lifetime within the city of Birmingham, Alabama. 

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