Our favorite ways to spend summer in Birmingham, AL

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Birmingham, Alabama- a historical hub for steel and iron, home of the infamous Southeastern Conference, over 200,000 people, and Vulcan, god of fire. If you are searching for a summer destination but want to avoid the commotion of a larger city, Birmingham might be a good choice. Read on for some of our highlights of Birmingham, Alabama.

Pizitz Food Hall

You’re exploring downtown Birmingham when that familiar predicament comes again- everybody is hungry, but nobody can decide on a place to dine. Somebody wants Mexican, another person wants Hawaiian, those two want Shawarma, he wants a hamburger and you just want to eat. Normally, this would mean the group is splitting up for this meal, or almost everyone is eating something they didn’t want. Thankfully, there is a place that has all of these options, and is within a ten-minute walk of most locations in Downtown Birmingham. 

At the Pizitz Food Hall, you can enjoy all of the aforementioned options and more; Cajun, Pies, Wings, Indian, Nepali, Vietnamese and craft cocktails also can be found here. So whether you have a group that can’t decide or if you just want to try a little of everything, come to Pizitz! ( Also of note: most of the menu items here are under fifteen dollars! )

Birmingham Zoo

Animal lovers and large parties look to the Birmingham Zoo where there are all kinds of experiences. Come and meet some of the more formidable residents of Birmingham, such as the African Elephant, the African Lion, the Giant River Otter, the Sumatran Orangutan, the Southern White Rhinoceros, the Ostrich, or the proud Red Panda. You also have the opportunity to get a bit closer and personally feed one of the taller habitants- the Reticulated Giraffe. If the size is a bit intimidating, there’s also the option to feed the colourful Rainbow Lorikeets instead. 

Barber Small Bore

Just a twenty-minute drive outside of Birmingham is an action-packed event that occurs every summer on-site at the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum- the Barber Small Bore. Watch all sorts of motorsports including stunts, races, meets, auto shows, off-road and Motor-Soccer. ( Yes, Motor-Soccer is exactly what you are imagining. Rocket League Fans, don’t miss this opportunity. ) This two-day event provides all sorts of levels of engagement for the intense motocross enthusiast and the action fan alike. 

Magic City Brewfest

At the Magic City Brewfest, you can try a variety of small brews and listen to bands from Alabama and beyond. Magic City Brewfest is a Birmingham tradition for fourteen years running, taking place at the historic Sloss Furnaces. Come see the grassroots side of the brewing industry and the new, smaller steps into making beer from the Birmingham area and all over the nation. Whether you have a strong interest in beer, enjoy small businesses and small-town fairs, or just want to drink with live music, do it all at a designated national historic landmark. 

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