Sustainable Travel in Birmingham, Alabama

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Sustainable travel or also known as ecotourism, green travel, or eco-travel is the smartest and most green way of tourism in the world. The main goal of sustainable travel is to limit our carbon footprint and preserve the natural beauty of the cities we visit. Activities that give back to the cities we are visiting, means of travel within the city to limit environmental decline, and events we can plan out that leave the cities in their natural state. Why travel to these beautiful cities and add to the deterioration of their ecosystem when we can plan our trips out in a way that gives back to these cities in many different ways? The answer is simple. If we want to continue the growth and preserve the foundation of these cities for generations to come, then we must plan safe and sustainable activities along with our trips. Here in this article, we will be discussing the many ways we can give back to the city of Birmingham/Alabama when visiting and examining the options we have when it comes to limiting our carbon footprint when we travel. Here are some ways we can plan out our trip to Birmingham that will be not only a great experience for you but also a benefit to the city in some small and big ways. 

The most important thing to realize when visiting Birmingham/Alabama is that they are centered around entertainment, art, theatre, and just overall very involved with many creative ways of expression. So, the first stop on the list of green travel activities is none other than one of the city’s great art museums. Birmingham Museum of Art is the first stop when planning out our sustainable eco-friendly trip. 

Birmingham Museum of Art

These cities are much more than the natural beauty that we need to try and preserve, they have innovation, creativity, and knowledge that has been passed down for generations. When we visit the city of Birmingham Alabama, we think the first and most important thing we will realize is that this city is built on generations of knowledge and innovation, and preserving that will be our first priority on this list of green travel tips.

Visit the numerous exhibits within the art museum and let your mind soak in all the years of knowledge and art. While traveling green and contributing to the climate of these cities is our goal it is even more important to contribute to the city’s long history of art and creativity. With exhibits running all year round this destination is a clear winner when it comes to giving back to the city of Birmingham Alabama in a unique way that can also be considered sustainable. Grab your family and head down to the beautiful Birmingham Museum of Art and show this city your true appreciation for their creativity and innovation.

Our presence at the museum is a great way to give back to the city, but we are also encouraged to donate while at the museum. All donations go back to the city and are used to help the museum grow with new exhibits and more opportunities for local artists to show off their skills. 

For more information on how to plan your trip to this art museum make sure to check out the link below.

Farmers Markets

Sustainable travel hacks and trips are all around us when we can open our minds up to the possibilities of how we can travel smart and lessen our carbon footprint in the cities we visit. What better way to give back to the city of Birmingham Alabama than to support the local farmers and plan some days out of our trip to buy local produce and cook for ourselves instead of going out to eat. The local farmer’s markets are booming with eco-conscious individuals just like you that are seeking to continue the growth of the beautiful city they inhabit. So, as a smart and green traveler, we highly recommend supporting farmer’s markets whenever you travel. 

Here are some links to the most popular farmer’s markets in Birmingham Alabama. Feel free to check out their events and times. Your contributions to these destinations are greatly appreciated.  

The Farmers Market at Shades Valley Presbyterian 

Tucked away in the parking lot of Shades Valley Presbyterian Church. This local farmers market is open May-August every Wednesday 3 pm-6 pm.

East Lake Market

This local farmers market is located at the East Lake United Methodist Church and is open from May-October every Saturday from 8 am-Noon.

These are just a few options we have when it comes to giving back to the great city of Birmingham Alabama. On top of these two great destinations for local produce, there are many more that would also appreciate your support. Feel free to explore all options when it comes to supporting our local farmers and enjoy a fresh homemade meal while on your trip instead of continuously eating at restaurants. 

Aldridge Gardens

A free and green way of lessening our effect on climate change for this city of Birmingham Alabama. This scenic and free activity is a must-do when we visit this city. These gardens offer great hiking trails and endless natural green beauty throughout the park for all to see and enjoy. Grab your family and plan out a day to walk around the gardens to appreciate the beauty this city has to offer. Located in Hoover Alabama, which is just outside of Birmingham, this location for sustainable travel hacks and tips is a must for anyone attempting to give back to the land. Feel free to follow the link below and see all the events and hiking trails this park has to offer.

Sustainable travel habits and the ability to be eco-conscious are a choice. When visiting these cities to enjoy their beauty and environment we must begin to make choices that keep these cities alive and healthy. In today’s world, we have the technology and funding behind choices that allow every consumer and tourist to travel sustainably and give back to these cities. The world is our home, and we must take care of it if we want to continue traveling and enjoying the beauty of our most beloved cities. Travel green and plan your trips with an eco-conscious mind. The choice of sustainable travel is one that not only benefits you but the whole world.

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