Mother’s Day Around Birmingham, AL

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Mother’s Day Around Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Alabama, a historical hub for steel and iron, home of the infamous Southeastern Conference, over 200,000 people and Vulcan, god of fire. If you are searching for a destination but want to avoid the commotion of a larger city, Birmingham might be a good choice. Read on for our favorite highlights of Birmingham, and the best in celebrating this Mother’s Day between gorgeous Alabama nature, southern cuisine, hospitality, and everything else that sets Birmingham apart.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

Take the family out to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens the Saturday night before this Mother’s Day, and enjoy some of the best in nature here in the Birmingham area! The spectacular annual Birmingham Rose Show, azaleas, ferns, rhododendrons and wildflowers are in near-peak bloom at this time of year, a great way to enjoy the Alabama sun and May weather!

Arlington Historic Home and Gardens

Enjoy tea and Southern comfort food this Mother’s Day at the grand Arlington Historic Home and Gardens, one of the most impressive sights of intricate gardens, landscaping and Greek Revival architecture. Aside from the tea, the rest of the Arlington Historic Home and Gardens also serves as a decorative arts museum, with a collection of antebellum, post-war and historic furniture, textiles, works, crafts, and paintings. This is a great way to kick off your Mother’s Day in elegance and enjoy some of the most esteemed in Alabama heritage.

Picnicking at Avondale Park

Make the most of the May weather and sunshine in a delightful picnic this Mother’s Day. Our recommendation is the expansive and beautiful Avondale Park, featuring the grand Avondale Library, outdoor amphitheater, duck pond, and wooded areas. This park has entertained generations of Alabamans and Birmingham families with its bountiful grounds, and is a great place for larger parties and families to stretch out and enjoy the May weather.

Brunch around Birmingham

Of course, this being Mother’s Day, we couldn’t forget one of the most memorable staples: brunch! With a number of upscale eateries and hotel restaurants to the wealth of local comfort food kitchens, there are more than plenty of options for every palate here in Birmingham. Brio Tuscan Grille offers picturesque French toast and sweet brunch fare, while Galley & Garden is a showcase of some of the most innovative in American fine dining, or tour the Birmingham Museum of Art at Oscar’s Cafe.

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