Flower Gardens near Birmingham, AL

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Birmingham. Known as the Magic City, Birmingham is a beautiful city also known for its history and contribution in the iron and steel industry. Birmingham’s soil contained all of the necessary components in producing iron which is limestone, coal, and iron ore. Birmingham was founded in 1871 and has been striving ever since. A wonderful idea while you are exploring the city during the seasons of spring and summer is escaping the urban environment and surrounding yourself with the beautiful colors and smells of the season by visiting the city’s flower gardens. With that said, Birmingham offers numerous garden centers that will help you make a seamless transition into the warmer seasons of the year. Let’s explore the city of Birmingham and find out the best flower gardens that you should check out. 

Birmingham Botanical Gardens 

One of the most impressive flower gardens in all of Alabama is the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens sits in 67.5 acres of land and is a truly impressive space that will allow you to transition into the warmer seasons with ease. When visiting the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, you will slip into a world of peace and serenity as you walk through its trail, gazing upon the beauty of all of the different plants and flowers, all while taking in the beautiful smells of spring! The Birmingham Botanical Gardens boasts more than 12,000 different plants which can be explored throughout the Birmingham Botanical Garden’s many different gardens, such

as the wildflower garden, the rose gardens, the Japanese Garden, and more. There are also many different events that are hosted at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens throughout the year, making the Birmingham Botanical Gardens a must visit for those looking to celebrate the warmer months of the year or those looking to enjoy the peacefulness that the park brings. Visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens and soak in what makes the spring season so special. 


Aldridge Gardens 

When looking to truly escape, the Aldridge Gardens is the place to be. Aldridge Gardens boasts thirty acres of space that feature woodland gardens, a lake, walking trails, and hydrangeas. Not only does the Aldridge Gardens allow visitors to connect with nature and clear their heads, but Aldridge Gardens also offers many different events such as bird walks, pet days, art classes, and more. Visit Aldridge Gardens and engulf yourself around the beauty of nature. 


Bellingrath Gardens and Home When looking for more natural flower displays, Bellingrath Gardens and Home is an excellent choice. Bellingrath Gardens and Home sprawls across sixty five acres of land that sits along the Fowl River that is naturally decorated with the blooming flowers of the spring that provide gorgeous scenery that is nothing short of color. Bellingrath Gardens and Home also hosts events such as car shows and concerts, making Bellingrath Gardens and Home a perfect idea for your romantic weekend getaway or for fun with the family.


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