Spring Break in Birmingham, Alabama

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The season of blossoming, warmth, and beautiful spring colors has arrived once more. Your travels have brought you to Birmingham, Alabama and you are searching for some spring break activities. From adventuring out to the Red Mountain Park to zip line, hike, or sightsee to playing some Top Golf with the friends and family. You have come to the perfect destination for all your spring break activities and adventures in the great city of Birmingham, Alabama. Pack your bags accordingly. Comfortable clothes for those lazy park days under a tree with some picnic food and energy. Great walking shoes to venture the city with no problems. A camera to capture all the unforgettable memories. Most importantly make sure to bring with you a fresh and unworried mind. Spring break is a time of blossoming and growing, so make sure to take full advantage of the season of growth and let yourself grow out of old stress into newfound happiness. Feel free to follow the links provided under each option to further your planning for your visit to Birmingham, Alabama. Safe travels.

Spring Break Ideas 

The springtime is perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying the best weather of the year. Whether its spending time adventuring some vast green parks or planning a trip to the glorious botanical gardens you can’t really go wrong with getting outside during the spring. If you have spent enough time outdoors and need to find some modern fun and relaxation in the city, then I highly recommend checking out the top golf destination. Here in this section of the article we will be exploring some of the best, must visit destinations in Birmingham for spring break. Feel free to follow the links provided below each option to further your planning. 

Botanical Gardens

The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a must-see destination during the springtime. Grab your camera, your best relaxed, but with a taste of class outfit, and go experience some of the most beautiful plant life you will ever have the pleasure to see. Admission is free and the memories are priceless. 


Red Mountain Park

For some more outdoor activities we have the Red Mountain Park with some truly incredible opportunities for fun. Explore the 1,500 acres of preserved forests, zip line, tree houses, and some amazing city overlook views. For more information and pricing information please follow the link below.

Top Golf

For some easy and comfortable fun take a night with the family, friends, or anyone who is down for a good time. Top Golf is the pinnacle of relaxed and competitive fun. Grab your friends, have a couple drinks, and hit some golf balls off a tall building as the night fades away into laughter and memories. Located on 1111 24th St N.


Birmingham has been explored and your perfect spring break vacation has been made easy to plan. Just a few clicks away from planning one of the best spring breaks you’ve ever experienced.

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