7 Things To Do in Tampa Bay, Florida

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Tampa Bay is a remarkable place to work, play, and live in. There is no shortage of fun when staying in this vast natural harbor on the west coast of Florida. With so many activities to do, there is always something for everyone in Tampa Bay.

Whether you are relocating or visiting with the whole family, this is a fun place to spend your free time. The city area is rich in both culture and history. It also features some lush green parks and white sand beaches. In addition to that, there are tons of affordable, as well as, free things to keep yourself busy with while in the area! Now, hold on to your hat as we take you around the best and cheapest things to do in Tampa Bay.

1. Walk along the stunning Bay Shore Boulevard

If you love walking along the shoreline, then you are in the right place. Bay Shore Boulevard is the world’s longest walkway. It stretches as far as 5 miles long. The beautiful scenery is filled with natural wonders and million-dollar homes. Additionally, you can also have a clear view of the various condominiums for only a few coins. The shore is pocket-friendly there is no reason to worry about your budget.

2. Satisfy your appetite on a budget

After a long day of moving around, now it’s time to quench your thirst and satisfy your cravings right in the Bern’s Steakhouse. This is one of the most popular culinary steakhouses in Tampa City. The best thing about this place is that the menu is affordable.

Also, if you grab a seat at the lounge area of the restaurant, you can order a steak sandwich for only $12 without any reservation costs. Remember, this item is not included in the menu. The only people who benefit from this secret menu are those who are used to the place. Right after dinner, you may then catch a guided tour free of charge of the lounge’s kitchen and the restaurant’s wine vault which is considered to be the largest in the world.

3. People watch

There is also fun in sight-seeing the Gasparilla Parade. If you happen to be in the right spot, you can have a clear view of the Centro Ybor. To maximize your excitement, it is highly advisable to visit the area during the festival seasons.

After the parade, there is a street party waiting for you right in the city center. If partying is not your thing, you may opt to go window-shopping at the Channel side and delight in all of the gorgeous art and paintings from around the world.

4. Feeling a little jazzy?

Are you a fan of jazz? You will be surprised that music is among the best things to enjoy in Tampa City. Imagine a free Jazzfest for three good days. Sounds incredible? The Jazzfest takes place annually every October at Clearwater next to the Coachman park. Here you can get to listen to the best jazz music for free.

5. Visit the historic forts

The historic Fort De Soto Park will let you enjoy your visit while learning the history of the place. The park has plenty of kids’ playgrounds, nature trails, and a dog park. Entry is free of charge.

6. Have a ride in the Largo Central Railroad

Kids too have something to enjoy while in Tampa. Take them to the miniature train in Largo Central Railroad and let them have fun to the fullest! The best time is during the first weekend of every month because admission is always free.

7. Catch the sea breeze

During the day, you can take a walk along Tampa Bay’s 35-mile stretch of white sand beaches. Have a glimpse of the sunset while the sand crabs nibble your toes. The sparkling blue water is enough to wash your heart away and make you don’t want to go home. You can also share some romantic moments with your significant other on the beach without spending anything.

Tampa Bay is indeed a beach lover’s perfect paradise. There are so many things to discover, and the coastline offers the perfect refuge after a long day of adventure. Do not waste your visit to Tampa Bay looking for a decent but reasonably priced parking space for your vehicle. We offer the most parking in town.

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